The strongest villain system
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Chapter 23: Dominating the Martial World, Wielding the Sword for Self-Castration

9880words in this chapter2023-12-30

Two intermediate draws yielded nothing promising,and by the third attempt,Su Xin was losing confidence.

However,luck is not a matter of skill,so Su Xin gritted his teeth and went for the third draw.

The roulette spun slowly and pleasantly landed on martial arts this time.On the large screen appeared a young swordsman.

Clad in a bright red robe,tall and handsome with clear eyes,he seemed like a beautiful young man at first glance.

However,a closer look revealed his gracefully curved sword-like eyebrows and unusually delicate skin for a man,carrying a hint of femininity.

Moreover,the young swordsman's eyes held a sinister and desperate madness,giving off a chilling feeling.

"Congratulations,Host,you've drawn the character Lin Pingzhi,who comes with the martial art technique'Evil Expelling Sword Manual.'No need for further draws.Martial art level rating:two and a half stars."

After hearing the system's announcement,Su Xin almost blacked out,nearly spitting out blood.

A martial art with two and a half stars was exactly what Su Xin needed,but what was the prerequisite for cultivating the Evil Expelling Sword Manual?

Establish dominance in the martial world by castrating oneself with a sword!

For any man,few would be willing to practice such a technique.

If Su Xin were to present it to the Grand Zhou Imperial Palace,those eunuchs would probably find it very interesting.

After three consecutive failed intermediate draws,Su Xin finally decided to give up.

He still had one more intermediate draw left,kept for emergencies.

Moreover,the 200 villain points were even less usable now.

Whether in selecting martial arts after drawing a character or opening the store later on,villain points were solid currency.It was a waste to use them for draws now.

Just as Su Xin casually tossed the Evil Expelling Sword Manual into a corner of the system,preparing to exit the space,the system issued another mainline mission.

"Activate mainline mission'Majestic Ambition(2)'.Mission explanation:Since you have the means,strive for power.Become one of the leaders in the Flying Eagle Gang(Hall Master level)within one year.

Failure consequences:Randomly abolish one of your own martial techniques and drop one minor realm.

Mission rewards:50%completion-One specified category draw permission(Two stars or above,below three stars).

100%completion-Reward:Purple Mist Divine Art(Comprehensive rating:two and a half stars),800 villain points,two intermediate draws."

"They really don't give people any rest.One mainline mission after another."

Exiting the space,Su Xin shook his head and sighed.Today,his luck was abysmal.Out of three intermediate draws,apart from the useful Spirit Opening Elixir,the other two were mediocre at best.

And this newly released mainline mission wasn't an easy one.

To become one of the leaders in the Flying Eagle Gang,at least at the Hall Master level,within a year was an extremely demanding condition.

Before meeting Sha Feiying and the three Hall Masters,he didn't think so.But now,seeing the real deal,these gang leaders who founded the Flying Eagle Gang were undoubtedly much stronger than him.

Of course,while the task conditions were stringent,the rewards were indeed generous.A martial art like Purple Mist Divine Art,rated two and a half stars,was exceptionally tempting.

Furthermore,at 50%completion,he could already claim a reward.It seemed the system recognized the task's extensive scope and provided some benefits in advance.

Su Xin also noticed that,compared to martial techniques,the probability of drawing internal martial arts like this was much lower.

If relying solely on draws,he wondered how many lifetimes it would take to draw a decent internal martial art.The rewards for this mission were indeed enticing.

With a one-year time limit,Su Xin could only make the most of his time to cultivate himself and develop his influence.

Taking out the Spirit Opening Elixir,Su Xin took a bit and swallowed it,immediately feeling a cool sensation spreading throughout his body.

Su Xin could clearly sense that,under the effect of the Spirit Opening Elixir,his true qi and blood were flowing three times faster than before,rushing through his acupoints.

However,although the Spirit Opening Elixir had a rating of two stars,its efficacy wasn't enough to directly break through an acupoint.

Su Xin spent more than a month opening thirty-six acupoints.It might seem fast,but the speed would inevitably slow down later.

The human body has 108 acupoints,and the more one progressed,the slower the pace of opening acupoints.The first thirty-six acupoints were just an appetizer.

While under the influence of the Spirit Opening Elixir,Su Xin went to the courtyard,lifted two stone locks totaling three hundred kilograms,and swiftly moved them around,accelerating the circulation of his qi and blood.

In the realm of acquired strength,merely sitting in meditation was foolish.Martial practitioners cultivate the martial path,a process of unlocking one's inner potential.

Acquired to forge the body,innate to refine qi.

Innate'refining'involves meditation.

Acquired'forging'is tempering the body as if it were an iron embryo,refining it through a thousand blows,only then can a divine weapon reveal its sharpness.

One word difference,but it speaks volumes about the essence of two major realms.

Early the next morning,Su Xin had breakfast with Xiner and headed directly to Happy Forest.

After more than a month of development,Happy Forest was now ten times more prosperous than it was initially.Even during broad daylight,the streets were bustling with people.If one didn't look at other places in Changle Alley,they might think this was the center of Changning Prefecture.

"Suleader,congratulations!"Liu,the boss of Zuiyuelou,said with a smile,holding a folding fan.

Su Xin raised an eyebrow,"Oh?What's there to congratulate?"

With a'swish,'Liu opened the folding fan and praised,"Suleader,everyone knows about your bold act in assassinating Dai Chong for your brothers.You're indeed a resolute man.Although the Flying Eagle Gang didn't reward you this time,your position within the gang has become more stable."

Su Xin looked at Liu with surprise.He saw through things quite clearly.

This time,Su Xin not only passed the immediate crisis but also won the hearts of the people.

No need to mention the subordinates in Happy Forest.Now,Su Xin,placed among the nearly ten thousand members of the Flying Eagle Gang,was no unknown figure.

Anyone mentioning Su Xin would think,"Oh,that's the hero who went to assassinate the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang for revenge."

This kind of invisible status,although not very apparent on the surface,represented Su Xin being officially recognized by the Flying Eagle Gang.

Just like Liu Sandao before.Although he was also a minor leader,his position was not secure,and Su Xin easily dealt with him.Now,probably no one would remember such a person.

And now,if someone wanted to make a move against Su Xin,it wouldn't be that simple.Even if the gang leader wanted to take him down,Su Xin would require a good reason;otherwise,other gang members would feel uneasy.

"Hehe,I,Su,don't seek any rewards,just a clear conscience.But I find it quite strange,Liu Boss,why are you here to congratulate me?I thought everyone in Happy Forest was hoping for my death.That way,no one would come to claim your dividends,"Su Xin said with a half-smile.

Liu's expression changed slightly as he put away the folding fan and whispered,"Su leader,rest assured,I,Liu Kun,am not shortsighted.I don't know what others think,but I will always support you,Su leader.You taking charge of Happy Forest only costs us a portion of the dividends,and in return,we get a stable environment.If someone else from the Flying Eagle Gang takes over,well,we would be like a bunch of fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered."

Here,Liu showed a faint smirk."I know the character of the bosses in other places.They give their subordinates less and less monthly money.Those gang members who want to make extra money can only target us.Today they squeeze a bit,tomorrow they squeeze a bit more.Money is one thing,but they've caused quite a delay in our business.Those short-sighted folks in Happy Forest might think that changing the person in charge will make dividends the same as before,but they don't know that the dividends can only increase,not decrease."

Su Xin smiled and patted Liu Kun's shoulder,"Liu Boss is indeed a wise person.They all think I'm cutting into their share when I take the dividends,but if someone else takes over,it's not just cutting;it might involve bleeding."

After exchanging a few more pleasantries,Liu Kun,who had expressed his loyalty to Su Xin,left,fanning himself.With his handsome and refined appearance,he seemed even more charismatic than the talented officials in the Changning Prefecture.Unfortunately,he was still a businessman in the flesh trade.

Huang Bingcheng walked out from the hall and,seeing Liu's figure,asked,"Boss,what are those businessmen up to again?"

Su Xin shook his head,"They didn't dare before,and now they dare even less.Liu Boss is a clever person;he won't do such things.On the contrary,he'll stop some not-so-smart guys."

Huang Bingcheng wasn't stupid.Hearing Su Xin's explanation,he understood what was going on.It seemed these people came to pledge their loyalty to the boss.The recruiter had quite a good eye.

"Go and call Li Huai.We need to discuss some matters,"Su Xin instructed.

Huang Bingcheng nodded and hurried off to find Li Huai.

Li Huai was a cold person,always looking displeased.When he was under Su Xin,everyone was a bit afraid of him,partly due to his personality and partly because of his strength.

When he was under Tiger Third,Li Huai was already quite famous,but it was mostly for his notorious behavior.

It seemed like he had a tendency for violence.Once he started,it was either death or serious injury,even against fellow gang members.However,after joining Su Xin in the mission to assassinate Dai Chong,people's perceptions of him improved.They felt that this guy might have a cold exterior,but for his brothers,he was not ambiguous.

Although Li Huai joined Su Xin to assassinate Dai Chong purely for the thrill of combat and excitement,after that incident,people's opinion of him improved.They found him to be a person with a cold exterior but a warm heart for his brothers.

Accustomed to cold interactions with others,Li Huai now felt a bit uneasy with the newfound friendliness.In the morning,as he was about to go to the courtyard behind the hall for practice,he was surrounded by a few young gang members with admiration in their eyes.

"Brother Li,tell us how you and the boss managed to take down Dai Chong."

"Yeah,Li Big Brother,heard that Dai Chong was eight feet tall with an eight-foot waist.Is that true?"

Li Huai's head was sweating,and he stammered,unable to find the words.

Making him kill someone was easy,but making him communicate with these young gang members was too difficult.

Just then,Huang Bingcheng ran over and scolded,"What are you all doing here?Early in the morning,instead of going to toughen your bones and exercise your fists and feet,you want to know how to take down Dai Chong with your mouths?!"

Chased away by a few gang members,Huang Bingcheng turned to Li Huai,"Li Huai,the boss is looking for you.Go over."

Li Huai wiped his sweat,nodded at Huang Bingcheng,and revealed a hint of discomfort in his eyes.