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Chapter 22: Intrigues and Lotteries

8277words in this chapter2023-12-30

On the way back,Li Shiyie learned the details of the meeting inside the main hall from Third Master Hu.He couldn't help but pat his thigh in amazement.

Su Xin's move was quite clever;he turned the judgment meeting into an internal power struggle within the Flying Eagle Gang.From the beginning,Su Xin didn't bother to defend himself.Instead,he positioned himself as a hero who violated the gang rules for the sake of his brothers,daring to confront the Green Bamboo Gang head-on.

Although some people might find this story unbelievable,as long as Lin Fuhu,a straightforward and simple-minded leader,believed it,he would naturally support Su Xin.

From the moment Lin Fuhu spoke up,the matter shifted from being about Su Xin to an internal dispute among the three main hall masters.

Lin Fuhu had a grudge against Dong Chengwu,and anything Dong Chengwu opposed,he would support.As for Zhang Li,he obstructed Zhuang Li's financial path,so Zhuang Li,without considering right or wrong,would also stand against Dong Chengwu.

A simple act turned into a plot involving all three main hall masters of the Flying Eagle Gang.Li Shiyie thought the plot was ingenious and couldn't help applauding silently.

However,seeing the gloomy expression on his benefactor,Third Master Hu,Li Shiyie knew he had made a misstep.

He vaguely felt that Third Master had played a wrong move.Supporting a talented young man like Su Xin,with the identity of a foster father,would bring benefits in the future.However,Third Master chose to suppress him,making it more difficult.

At the same time,Huang Bingcheng,who returned to Happy Forest with Su Xin,was sweating coldly.He hadn't witnessed the internal conflict in the main hall,but just listening to Su Xin's description made him feel uneasy.If he were in Su Xin's position,he probably would have been scared stiff,let alone confidently narrate the whole story.

"Boss,your courage is extraordinary!You dared to perform in front of the gang leader and three main hall masters.What if the gang leader sees through it?"Huang Bingcheng expressed his concern with a frightened expression.

Su Xin shook his head."It's not a matter of'what if.'The gang leader has already seen through it.I'm confident in my acting skills,but I certainly can't deceive Sand Feiying,who founded the Flying Eagle Gang,or the cunning Zhuang Li and Dong Chengwu."

Huang Bingcheng stared in disbelief."Seen through?Then why did the gang leader speak in your favor?"

"Let me correct you.The gang leader isn't speaking in my favor but addressing Lin Fuhu,"Su Xin explained."Lin Fuhu and Dong Chengwu had a dispute,and Zhuang Li was adding fuel to the fire.As the gang leader,he had to choose a side.If he took a neutral stance,it would only invite dissatisfaction from both parties."

"What if the gang leader was actually siding with Dong Chengwu?"Huang Bingcheng questioned.

"That won't happen.The gang leader will definitely support Lin Fuhu."


"Because among the three main hall masters,only Lin Fuhu is the gang leader's right-hand man!"

Su Xin said in a deep voice,"Why can Lin Fuhu control the strongest War Hall in the gang?Not because he is the best fighter,but because he has the simplest mind among the three.Although his abilities are not the strongest,Sand Feiying trusts him the most because he is the easiest to control."

Huang Bingcheng was dumbfounded.Despite being the informant of the Flying Eagle Gang,he was hearing these insights from Su Xin for the first time.

"As the most powerful force in the Flying Eagle Gang,the importance of the War Hall is self-evident.Therefore,the War Hall must be managed by a reliable person.Among the three main hall masters,Zhuang Li is slippery,and the gang leader wouldn't trust him.Although Dong Chengwu appears stern,his true thoughts are unknown.Only Lin Fuhu is a typical straightforward person."

"He may not be the strongest,but Sand Feiying is most at ease with him,as compared to the other two."

"You once mentioned that Dong Chengwu publicly disabled a War Hall disciple who violated gang rules,and the gang leader didn't intervene.It indicated that he initially sided with Dong Chengwu.In this conflict again,if the gang leader supported Dong Chengwu,it would make Lin Fuhu feel disappointed.So,this time,he must stand on Lin Fuhu's side."

Huang Bingcheng was left speechless.He realized that Su Boss's brilliance didn't lie in martial arts but in understanding human nature.

However,Su Xin didn't mention one thing:all these calculations were based on having strength.Even with the cleverest plans,without the strength to back them up,they would be in vain.

If Su Xin had failed to kill Dai Chong and returned with excuses,it wouldn't have mattered how many tricks he played.On the contrary,by eliminating Dai Chong,he weakened the Green Bamboo Gang significantly.If the Green Bamboo Gang decided to wage war against the Flying Eagle Gang,they wouldn't be on equal footing anymore but at a disadvantage.

So,Su Xin's actions didn't bring as much trouble to the gang as Ji Gang and others had imagined.The focus was now on whether Su Xin had violated the gang rules and deserved punishment.

This made things much simpler.A little acting resolved everything.

However,there were downsides.Gang leader Sand Feiying and Dong Chengwu would undoubtedly remember Su Xin.If he tried to play another act in the future,passing scrutiny wouldn't be as easy.

Back in Happy Forest,the news of Su Xin's safety prompted cheers from his gang members.

After this incident,the cohesion among Su Xin's followers greatly increased.

It's not easy to follow a generous leader,and it's even harder to follow one who stands up for his subordinates.

So,when everyone saw Su Xin return safely,they were delighted,excluding Ji Gang,of course.

Su Xin ignored him.

Ji Gang was Third Master Hu's man,and since Su Xin hadn't severed ties with Third Master Hu yet,as long as Ji Gang didn't go too far,Su Xin wouldn't bother with him.

Taking advantage of the joyous atmosphere,Su Xin threw out a hundred taels of silver,and together with everyone,he rented a restaurant and drank until nightfall.

But as soon as he entered the door,Su Xin was pushed out by Xiner.

"Brother,you smell so bad.Why are you drinking so much?Go take a bath first.Don't come in without cleaning up!"Xiner pinched her nose,looking disgusted.

"Alright,alright,I'll go now."Su Xin could only smile wryly and head for a bath.

When they lived in the dilapidated house in Changle Alley,Xiner didn't have so many complaints.Now,in the new home,her cleanliness habits became more evident.

If there was a little stain on Su Xin's clothes,she would forcefully take them off.

After heating the water and pouring it into the tub,Su Xin jumped in with a satisfied hum.

Although he didn't fight anyone that day,spending the whole day acting with the old guys from the Flying Eagle Gang was mentally exhausting.People like Lin Fuhu,with simple minds,were rare.These old guys who had lived for decades weren't any worse than his scheming bosses from his past life.A wrong word could be seized upon.

While soaking,Su Xin's spirit entered the system space.

Initially,Su Xin planned to accumulate more lottery chances and draw them all at once or save up for an advanced draw.However,after the battle with Dai Chong,he felt a significant lack in his strength.Accumulating for three months to exchange for an advanced draw seemed impractical now,considering unpredictable events.

In the misty system space,Su Xin asked,"How many lottery chances do I have now?"

The system replied,"Host currently has 35 chances for basic draws and 1 chance for an intermediate draw."

"Exchange them for three intermediate draws."

"Exchange successful.Would the host like to conduct the draws now?"

"Yes,draw,remove the empty options."

The roulette on the large screen began to turn again.This time,as Su Xin had hoped,it landed on the category of martial arts.

A middle-aged beggar in ragged clothes appeared on the screen.

Although his clothes were torn,they were exceptionally clean,and his appearance was refined and scholarly.He didn't look like a beggar but more like a literate scholar.

"Congratulations,Host,you've drawn the character Quangqing,who comes with the martial art technique'Broken Dog Beating Staff Method.'No need for further draws.Martial art level rating:half a star."

Su Xin almost spat out old blood.

Drawing a martial art technique with only half a star in an intermediate draw?What's going on?

If this was just bad luck,fine,but Quangqing was still an elder of the Beggars'Sect.Wasn't he worth more than half a star?

Su Xin was about to protest,but he held his tongue.

Jinpai martial arts were already considered low-level,and Quangqing mostly relied on tricks and schemes.His martial arts were indeed quite shabby.

However,Su Xin couldn't accept the broken aspect of the'Dog Beating Staff Method.'He immediately raised his objection.

The system explained,"The Dog Beating Staff Method is a unique skill of the Beggars'Sect.Even ordinary disciples learn it,but Quangqing,despite being an elder,still doesn't have the qualification to learn the complete version.So,what you got is the broken version."

This situation applies to other martial arts as well.For example,the genuine Nine Yin Manual,with a level rating of four stars,if the host were to draw Ouyang Feng,he would only get the inverted practice version of the Nine Yin Manual,rated three stars."

Su Xin sighed.The rules set by the system were indeed flawless,leaving no room for exploitation.