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Chapter 235: Dong Master, You're in Deep Trouble!

9297words in this chapter2024-01-25

Su Xin's words immediately made Dong Buyi laugh loudly,but it was a laughter born out of anger.

"Is my Nian Bang facing a great disaster?Kid,do you know what you're talking about?In the martial arts world,who has the qualification to bring calamity to my Nian Bang?"Dong Buyi's response was not arrogance but confidence.

As one of the seven major gangs in the world,Nian Bang was a top force in the martial arts world.To completely overthrow Nian Bang,neither the Shaolin Temple nor the leading Daoist sect,Taiyi Dao Men,could achieve it.Even the rising force of Zao Hua Dao Men couldn't.

The entire Great Zhou Dynasty could theoretically do it,but unless the Emperor of Great Zhou went insane,he wouldn't lay hands on Nian Bang.It would cause a stir in the Central Plains martial arts community and potentially lead to attacks from neighboring countries like Dong Jin and the Golden Horde.

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Sorry,I misspoke.The great disaster is not for Nian Bang but for your Nian Bang Qiu Tan."

Dong Buyi's expression turned cold,and he looked at Su Xin with a stern gaze."Kid,what do you mean by that?Are you saying that if I don't hand over the canal transport taxes and the supervisory power of the Six Gates,you will bring a disaster upon me?"

"It's not me bringing disaster upon you;it's the Six Gates that will bring disaster upon you!"

Su Xin stood up and said solemnly,"Dong Master,you should be aware of the situation in Jiangnan from the recent Jiangnan Club events.The actions of the remnants of the Wu Kingdom in Jiangnan have completely angered the court.Even Iron Battle,one of the Four Great Divine Captains,has personally come.

This time,the court is prepared to completely reorganize Jiangnan,and as you may have seen,the Xiao family is now under the guard of Gu Donglai.They dare not make any moves.How does your Nian Bang Qiu Tan compare to the Xiao family?"

Dong Buyi's face darkened slightly.He had indeed heard about the Xiao family's situation.Now,under Gu Donglai's supervision,both sides were on edge.In the end,the Xiao family compromised,and the martial artists above the Spiritual Energy Realm stayed quietly within the Xiao family.

Su Xin continued,"If you claim that the Xiao family is completely unaware of the Jiangnan Club incident,no one would believe it.That's why the court is so furious this time.Nian Bang Qiu Tan is the same.The court has turned a blind eye to the taxes owed and what you've transported all these years.But if you still refuse to release the canal transport,what are your intentions,Dong Master?Could there be something unsavory in those ships outside?"

"How dare you!"Dong Buyi angrily shouted,his aura like a volcano about to erupt.

Facing Dong Buyi's wrath,Su Xin remained calm."Dong Master,you should know that my words are not baseless.I am telling you this now,but if you remain obstinate,someone else might say it in the future.The court does not intend to act against Nian Bang,but for a Qiu Tan,I believe the Six Gates can handle it on their own."

Changing the topic,Su Xin spoke with a lowered voice,"Moreover,what the Six Gates really need to deal with is not Qiu Tan,but you,Dong Master.It's you who refuses to hand over the canal transport taxes,obstructs the Six Gates'supervision,and ends up tearing the face apart.Do you think Nian Bang will stand with you against the court?

I believe there are those who would uphold the prestige and interests of Nian Bang,but many others would take advantage of the situation and keep an eye on your current position.Although Nian Bang has several deputy gang leaders,everyone knows that the real lucrative position is the leader of the Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter Halls!

Dong Master,imagine if something happened to you.With Qiu Tan leaderless,how would the other deputy gang leaders of Nian Bang think?What about those under your command?"

Dong Buyi's expression remained impassive,but the powerful aura he exuded had already been retracted,making him seem like an ordinary farmer.

Su Xin silently watched Dong Buyi,his words a mix of truth and falsehood,using the trust Dong Buyi had in Nian Bang as the gamble.Any large martial arts force couldn't avoid internal conflicts,even the Shaolin Temple and the seemingly serene Taiyi Dao Men.

For a powerhouse like Nian Bang,the internal struggles were intense,especially with their decentralized system,making their internal strife even fiercer than other top forces.

After a moment of silence,Dong Buyi spoke,"If what you say is true,and the court indeed intends to reorganize Jiangnan,why did the Six Gates send you to be the Chief Constable of Jiangnan?The gap between the Spiritual Energy Realm and the Primordial Spirit Realm is vast,like heaven and earth.Sending you to be the Chief Constable in Jiangnan gives off a vibe of insufficient confidence,like trying desperate measures."

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Sometimes,the realm of strength does not represent everything."

Dong Buyi stood up,shook his fist,and said,"But most of the time,the fist can prove everything.If you can withstand my three moves,I will believe what you say.I will repay the court's taxes,and you can send people to supervise the canal transport."

Dong Buyi's voice suddenly turned cold,"But if you can't handle it,I'll kill you on the spot today!It's been a long time since anyone dared to play tricks in front of me,Dong Buyi.Even if the Iron Family of the Six Gates comes to seek justice,I,Dong Buyi,won't be afraid.But you,do you dare?"

A faint smile appeared on Su Xin's face,"Why wouldn't I dare?"

Suddenly,Dong Buyi stood up,and his aura was like the five great mountains descending from the sky.The tremendous pressure even made the tables and chairs in the hall creak,as if they were about to shatter in the next moment.

"The first move!"

As the words fell,Dong Buyi had already made his move.He formed a seal with both hands,as if holding a small mountain in his grasp,smashing it down towards Su Xin!

The entire hall rumbled in an instant.The tables and chairs in front of Dong Buyi completely shattered,and the floor of the hall began to crack as if it couldn't withstand his power.

Between Dong Buyi's hands,it seemed as if he was holding a massive mountain.The true energy and the power of heaven and earth converged,forming a shadow of a deep blue snow-capped mountain.It was icy and heavy,and at the moment of his strike,the momentum soared.

Su Xin had carefully studied Dong Buyi and naturally knew the power of Dong Buyi's renowned technique,the Nine Mountain God Seal.

This martial technique was a rare form of seal art,transforming into a mountain god.Dong Buyi formed the Nine Mountain God Seal,condensing the power of nine mountains to press down on his opponent.The might was incredibly powerful,fierce,and relentless.

Moreover,each mountain and each seal in the Nine Mountain God Seal was stronger than the previous one.Among those at the same level,very few could withstand Dong Buyi's nine seals.

Su Xin remained composed.His left hand gripped the sword hilt,and the character"mountain"circulated wildly.Behind Su Xin,a blood moon appeared,radiant and dazzling.

A hint of surprise flashed in Dong Buyi's eyes,but the innate was still innate.However mystical the technique,it still required one's own strength to support it.So,Dong Buyi didn't hesitate to unleash the Nine Mountain God Seal.The imposing force was earth-shattering.

Facing the incoming giant mountain,Su Xin made his move,drew his sword,and the blood moon reversed,causing blood waves to surge!

In an instant,the entire hall was dyed in a blood-red hue.This was Su Xin's full-force sword strike,the most powerful one he had unleashed since reaching the Divine Palace Realm!

The clash between the blood waves and the giant mountain,with the reflected brilliance of the blood moon,made the entire hall tremble three times.

The noise of their confrontation was too loud,causing some Nian Bang martial artists outside the hall to rush over to see what was happening.

However,as soon as they reached the door,what they witnessed was the collision of blood waves and the giant mountain.The terrifying spectacle tore through the surrounding land,and not a single one of those martial artists dared to enter,afraid of being accidentally harmed by the violent true energy.

Some recognized Su Xin and were astonished,their mouths gaping wide.Could it be that Su Xin,with the strength of the Divine Palace Realm,was really clashing with their gang leader,Dong Buyi,who was at the pinnacle of the Nascent Soul Realm?Did they see it correctly?

The reality was before their eyes;Su Xin had indeed exchanged blows with Dong Buyi and wasn't falling behind.

However,the true situation was not as it seemed.Su Xin's full-force sword strike was already struggling to withstand the attack.

Dong Buyi's Nine Mountain God Seal was overwhelmingly powerful,almost tearing through Su Xin's blood river with a single seal.

But the Shan Hai Jing had its own mystical properties.The blood moon behind Su Xin continued to resist Dong Buyi's force.

Even so,Su Xin's strengthened physique from the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Art was being compressed to the point of creaking.If Dong Buyi's strength increased a bit more,Su Xin wouldn't be able to hold on.

Fortunately,Dong Buyi had exhausted the power of his first mountain god seal,allowing Su Xin to breathe a sigh of relief.

However,this was just the beginning.Everyone knew that Dong Buyi's Nine Mountain God Seal became stronger with each seal.This was only the start,and two more seals were yet to come.

Dong Buyi raised an eyebrow,"Very good,I underestimated you.It seems the Six Gates didn't send you as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan for nothing.However,there are still two seals left,and I won't hold back!"

With Dong Buyi's words,he formed another seal,and this time,a crimson mountain shadow appeared behind him,resembling a flaming volcano on the verge of eruption,brewing an extremely powerful force,waiting to explode with earth-shattering momentum!

Snowy mountains and fiery volcanoes,this second mountain god seal was the Volcano Seal!

Su Xin's expression remained unchanged,but he knew that he couldn't handle this seal no matter what.

When Su Xin fought with Jue Yan before,even though Jue Yan and Dong Buyi were both in the Nascent Soul Realm,Su Xin could at least contend with Jue Yan for a few moves using the Wind God's Kick.

However,when facing the Nine Mountain God Dong Buyi,Su Xin had to go all out.If he didn't,he would be directly blasted into a puddle of flesh in the next moment!

So,without any hesitation,Su Xin immediately entered the system and exchanged for a consumable item.Under the pressure of the Mountain God Seal,Su Xin had no choice but to use a consumable item to withstand the remaining two seals.