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Chapter 61: "Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong"

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Su Xin had a total of six chances to draw lots,and the first five times didn't yield anything good.Based on Su Xin's understanding of the system,there might be some surprises in this last draw.

As the final draw began,the roulette wheel kept spinning incessantly.This time,the spinning duration was longer than the previous five times,and the pointer finally stopped at the column of martial arts.

On the large screen,the figure of a tantric monk appeared,wielding a giant golden wheel with remarkable momentum.

"Congratulations,host,on drawing the character'Golden Wheel King.'It comes with four martial arts:'Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,''Five****Revolutions,''Yoga Secret Riding,'and'Tantric Seal Technique.'Character rating is three and a half stars,martial arts ratings range from two and a half to four stars.The host can choose to randomly draw,or spend 3200 antagonist points for a specified selection."

"Lucky break!"

This was Su Xin's first time drawing a character with three stars or above,and unexpectedly,it turned out to be one of the most famous antagonists in"The Legend of the Condor Heroes."

In his prime,the Golden Wheel King could rival one of the Five Greats,Huang Yaoshi.Judging by the martial arts he possessed,even the weakest among them was at the level of two and a half stars.

What caught Su Xin's attention the most was undoubtedly the'Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,'boasting the title of the supreme tantric body-refining technique.

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong had a total of thirteen layers,each endowed with the power of a dragon and an elephant.When all thirteen layers were perfected,there would be thirteen dragons and thirteen elephants of power.

Of course,this was somewhat exaggerated.In the early stages,the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong definitely didn't have such strength.However,as one progressed in the cultivation of this technique,its power would multiply.

The Golden Wheel King,a rare talent,had cultivated the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong to the tenth layer.At this level,it could rival techniques like Yang Guo's'Melancholic Palm'and'Dragon-subduing Eighteen Palms,'with a single strike possessing the force of a thousand catties.If he truly reached the thirteenth layer,it might indeed have legendary power.

"Let's proceed with the draw."

Currently,Su Xin lacked enough antagonist points,so he had to rely on luck.Even if he couldn't draw the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,he wouldn't be at a loss,as the weakest among the other martial arts was still at the level of two and a half stars.

"Congratulations,host,on successfully drawing the'Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,'with a rating of four stars."

"It's actually the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong!"

Su Xin was ecstatic;a four-star martial art would undoubtedly lead to a substantial increase in his strength.The initial 5%proficiency immediately caused changes in Su Xin's body strength,as if he had gained several tens of kilograms of strength out of nowhere.

A book made of silk appeared in front of Su Xin,covered in Sanskrit.Due to the system,Su Xin could directly understand the text on it.

Reading the entire Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong in the system,Su Xin couldn't help but wear a bitter smile.He had underestimated the complexity of the technique.While it was undoubtedly a powerful martial art,the increase in his strength wasn't as significant as he had imagined.

The cultivation of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong required a gradual process with no shortcuts.Although someone might reach the thirteenth layer and possess the power of thirteen dragons and thirteen elephants,most practitioners in the tantric sect struggled to reach the seventh or eighth layer before their lifespan ended.

Only the Golden Wheel King,with exceptional talent,reached the tenth layer.The critical juncture of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong was precisely at the tenth layer,where the power would dramatically increase.The combined evaluation of the first ten layers would be similar to a three-star martial art.

However,these drawbacks were surmountable for Su Xin.In the original work,"The Legend of the Condor Heroes,"even reaching the level of the Five Greats was considered extraordinary,and a lifespan of a hundred years was the limit.

In this new world Su Xin found himself in,innate martial artists had abundant vitality,making it not difficult to live beyond a hundred years.Beyond the innate realm,there was the realm of grandmasters,which was even more powerful,and lifespans exceeding two hundred years were not rare.

Moreover,in the world of the Condor Heroes,the cultivation of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong involved accumulating internal energy gradually.But here,various elixirs were available.As long as Su Xin didn't take overly aggressive pills and stuck to ones with mild effects,like Qi-nourishing pills,he wouldn't have to worry about the risk of demonic deviation.

Putting away the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,Su Xin left the system space and began running his internal energy according to the technique,refining his physique.

Despite being essentially a body-refining technique,the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong offered minimal assistance in increasing internal energy.However,in the postnatal realm,it could accelerate the operation speed of other internal techniques,facilitating faster breakthroughs.

Body refining in the postnatal realm involved using internal energy to stimulate the circulation of true Qi in the body,strengthening vitality,and opening up acupuncture points one by one.

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,being a formidable body-refining technique,was particularly effective in tempering the body's vitality and making the obstruction to breaking through acupuncture points very small.

Su Xin had already broken through seventy-two acupuncture points,but in a single day,with the assistance of elixirs and the formidable vitality brought by the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,he directly broke through eight more acupuncture points.

Su Xin's proficiency in the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong was only at 5%,not yet reaching the first layer.Su Xin estimated that after breaking through to the first layer of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,he would be able to make a breakthrough to the postnatal realm.

While Su Xin was making significant progress with the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,someone else felt that they were getting older,and their strength was regressing.This person was Sha Feiying.

Sha Feiying had long surpassed seventy years of age.Even with the strength of the postnatal realm,he began to feel that his physical strength was declining.With one hundred and eight acupuncture points in his body,he could currently exert the power of only one hundred acupuncture points,which was already considered decent.

Because of this,Sha Feiying felt a strong sense of crisis.In his later years,the Flying Eagle Gang must be passed on intact to Sha Yuandong.He absolutely couldn't let his son become a puppet,as the Qingzhu Gang had done!

"If Yuandong had half the cunning of that kid Su Xin,I could let go with peace of mind,"Sha Feiying sighed.

His requirements were low;he didn't expect Sha Yuandong to have the same strength as Su Xin,just half of his cunning.With the reputation Sha Feiying had built up in the Flying Eagle Gang,he wasn't worried that Sha Yuandong would be overshadowed by the subordinates and bosses.

However,Sha Yuandong was not Su Xin.In the current Flying Eagle Gang,Sha Yuandong would definitely not be able to sustain it.

Sha Feiying now felt that the Flying Eagle Gang was gradually slipping out of his control.Except for Lin Fuhu,three out of the four hall masters had ulterior motives.Even Lin Fuhu couldn't guarantee absolute loyalty.

These three hall masters–Zhuang Li,Dong Chengwu,and Su Xin's disciple Lin Fuhu–each had their strengths.Zhuang Li was wealthy,Dong Chengwu had power,and Su Xin's martial arts hall had gained the support of numerous gang members in just a few days.All of this made Sha Feiying uneasy.

And among Sha Feiying's subordinates,apart from the deceased Hou Tong and those who had retired,there were still thirteen big bosses left.These thirteen big bosses had too much autonomy;some didn't even acknowledge Sha Feiying as the gang leader,only recognizing the big bosses.

Similar to Su Xin's core team,if Su Xin were to turn against Sha Feiying,these people would undoubtedly stand by his side.This was too dangerous!

When Sha Feiying initially granted such extensive powers to these big bosses,he now regretted it.When the Flying Eagle Gang was first established,Sha Feiying decisively eliminated big bosses who could pose a threat to him.

To appease the remaining ones,he gave them significant autonomy to ease their concerns.Unexpectedly,this led to an uncontrollable situation.The combined influence of the big bosses below was even greater than that of the gang leader himself.

"The power you hold is given by me,and now,they still belong to me!"

A cold look appeared on Sha Feiying's face.If he didn't act decisively now while his influence and strength were still present,it would be chaotic.Fortunately,he still had power.If anyone dared to oppose,he would kill them!

In the end,he had already killed a group of people over a decade ago.Now,he didn't mind doing it again.

As for whether such actions would affect the strength of the Flying Eagle Gang,he didn't care.In his and Sha Yuandong's hands,the real Flying Eagle Gang was the true Flying Eagle Gang!

The next day,Su Xin received a letter from the main hall,stating that all hall masters and big bosses were required to attend a meeting at the main hall.

Huang Bingcheng scratched his head and wondered,"Nothing major has happened recently.Why are we having a meeting?"

"You'll know when you get there."

He couldn't guess what Sha Feiying was up to again,but he had to go.Whether he liked it or not,he would face whatever came his way.

Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,arrived at the main hall.Other big bosses had already gathered.Everyone greeted Su Xin politely,expressing both gratitude for the help he had provided and admiration for his abilities.

During this period,Su Xin had helped them a lot.On one hand,they owed Su Xin favors,and on the other hand,they had witnessed Su Xin's capabilities.Now,they admired Su Xin greatly.

Liu Shengming came over and asked,"Boss Su,has anything significant happened in the gang recently?Why did the gang leader call us for a meeting again?"

Some big bosses looked at Su Xin with strange eyes.Recently,the gang had held several general meetings,and each time,it was because of Su Xin's involvement.

Su Xin shook his head and said,"I don't know either.We'll find out when the other three hall masters and the gang leader arrive."

After a while,Dong Chengwu and the other two entered,but there was no sign of the gang leader.This immediately puzzled everyone.

In the past,when the gang held meetings,the gang leader would discuss matters with the three hall masters beforehand,and they would come together.Now,why were only the three hall masters present,with no sign of the gang leader?

In fact,Dong Chengwu and the other two were also puzzled.This gang meeting was very sudden;the gang leader didn't discuss anything with them beforehand.They were only informed to come for a meeting.This made Lin Fuhu,who had the most nerves among the three,feel that something was amiss.