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Chapter 62:Power Struggle

8860words in this chapter2024-01-03

The gates of the hall were pushed open,and Sha Feiying entered with four black-clothed gang members,followed by Sha Yuandong.This unusual move immediately sent a chill through everyone present.

The four black-clothed gang members were individuals specifically cultivated by Sha Feiying,considered his semi-disciples and the true core members under his command.These individuals numbered more than thirty,each having received instruction from Sha Feiying in internal energy and martial arts.Some had even reached the early stages of the postnatal realm,surpassing many of the big bosses present.The presence of these individuals was known to Dong Chengwu and the other big bosses.After all,Sha Feiying was the gang leader,and it was expected that he held some trump cards.However,today,Sha Feiying not only brought them to the meeting hall but also had Sha Yuandong with him,making the situation even more peculiar.Sha Yuandong had never participated in gang meetings before.Today,Sha Feiying brought his beloved son along–what did it signify?Zhuang Li,the most cunning among the three hall masters,showed a changed expression.Su Xin also guessed something,but he wore an elusive smile on his face.

After everyone took their seats,Sha Feiying spoke solemnly,"Gentlemen,I've called you all here today to discuss the future plans of our Flying Eagle Gang!As you've seen,our situation in Changning Prefecture is not favorable.Although we are recognized as one of the three gangs and four societies,in reality,we are at the bottom.The four societies are too strong,and the three gangs are too weak.Combined with the Green Bamboo Gang and the River Yang Gang,our territory doesn't even match the Three Heroes Society.Therefore,if we want to develop,if we want to be on par with the Three Heroes Society,Flying Eagle Gang must undergo reforms!"

Many big bosses showed expressions of surprise.They wondered if the gang leader had taken the wrong medicine.Given the current state of Flying Eagle Gang,reforms wouldn't be enough to rise to the top.The Three Heroes Society rose to power because they had three postnatal masters.If Flying Eagle Gang had such masters,there would be no need for reforms;they could compete with the Three Heroes Society without them.However,upon hearing the word"reform,"Zhuang Li's expression changed,and Dong Chengwu seemed to have guessed something,his face growing darker.

Sha Feiying continued,"Our previous system in Flying Eagle Gang is too outdated.During gang battles,all the big bosses lead their own men in a chaotic manner without any order.The logistical management of the gang is too decentralized and lacks unity.Therefore,from now on,we will implement a centralized system in the gang!The four hall masters will transfer all their powers to the gang,retaining only supervisory rights.The territories and manpower controlled by other big bosses will also be transferred to the gang.Monthly dues will no longer be collected by individual bosses;it will be managed by the gang,with a portion set aside as monthly allowances."

As soon as these words were spoken,everyone in the hall changed color.What did Sha Feiying want to do?He seemed to want to take back all their rights!This so-called centralized system was clearly an attempt to strip them of their power!

"Gang leader,you can't do this!You promised us brothers that all the territories we won would be ours to handle!"

"Yeah,gang leader,if we lose our territories and manpower,what's the point of being a big boss?We'd be no different from ordinary lackeys!"

The big bosses erupted,loudly expressing strong opposition.However,Dong Chengwu and the others remained silent,their faces growing darker.These guys thought their protests would work?Since the gang leader dared to say such things,he must have anticipated their reactions.

"Shut up!"Sha Feiying scanned the entire meeting hall with a cold and icy gaze."Do you still have the face to speak?Over these years,what have you all been doing?Don't think I'm unaware!Embezzling funds meant for the gang,engaging in deceit.During gang battles,you're only interested in your own gains.The territories and people of Flying Eagle Gang in your hands are bound to decay sooner or later!If anyone opposes again,I'll settle all the accounts from these years!"

Feeling the icy killing intent in Sha Feiying's tone,the big bosses fell silent.Over the years,they had profited quite a bit.If Sha Feiying was ready to settle scores,none of them could escape.Moreover,they hadn't forgotten who Sha Feiying was.Just like over a decade ago,even without a valid reason,he could wield his butcher's knife and kill people.Not to mention now.

Seeing many big bosses submit,Sha Feiying turned his gaze to Su Xin and the four hall masters."Do any of you have objections?"Dong Chengwu and the others all looked at Su Xin.Of course,they had objections,but they didn't dare to voice them.As Sha Feiying had said,everything they had was given by him.If Sha Feiying was truly determined to take away their rights,even if the three hall masters joined forces,they wouldn't be a match for Sha Feiying.Now,the only person in Flying Eagle Gang who could negotiate conditions with Sha Feiying was Su Xin.Su Xin's rise had nothing to do with Sha Feiying.Although Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai were big bosses,they were loyal only to Su Xin.Additionally,the nearly five hundred core gang members under Su Xin were meticulously trained by him,and no one could take them away.Combined with Su Xin's ability to defeat Li Zhonghe,he was the only person in Flying Eagle Gang who could oppose Sha Feiying.

In the past, Dong Chengwu didn't get along with Su Xin, and he hated Su Xin deeply, but now he is eager for Su Xin to stand up and oppose him.

As long as Su Xin doesn't surrender the territories and rights he holds,why should Sha Feiying demand the same from them?Su Xin has now become the only hope for Dong Chengwu and the others to retain their own rights,which is quite ironic.

Sha Feiying is also staring at Su Xin.As long as Su Xin dares to oppose,even if it means both parties suffering,Sha Feiying is determined to take Su Xin down!Su Xin's influence is entirely beyond his control,and Su Xin's personal strength is the strongest among the three hall masters.However,Sha Feiying is not afraid.

There is a significant gap between the postnatal realm and the later stages of the postnatal realm.Even if Su Xin can defeat Li Zhonghe,Sha Feiying is confident he can subdue Su Xin.As for the power Su Xin holds,since it can't be used for my benefit,it's fortunate that I destroy it!

After a moment of silence,Su Xin slowly spoke,"I agree with the gang leader's decision.However,considering that we are all hall masters and big bosses,it wouldn't be fair to have no subordinates or territories left.I can give up Yongle Lane,territories,and the newly recruited gang members.I will also surrender the Transfer Skill Hall.I only want Happy Forest and my old comrades."

A faint smile appeared on Sha Feiying's lips.In the end,Su Xin compromised,as he had anticipated.Although Su Xin added a few conditions,Sha Feiying didn't find them too objectionable.

The monthly dividends from Happy Forest were substantial,but Sha Feiying,as the gang leader,didn't value them.Su Xin's nearly five hundred gang members were his loyal followers,and Sha Feiying had no way to bring them under his control.Even after Su Xin killed Meng Chong,they chose to stay.These people couldn't be easily influenced by a gang leader's orders,luckily for him.

"No problem,follow Su Hall Master's arrangements.As for others,I,Sha Feiying,am not an unreasonable person.Each of you can retain some subordinates and a small piece of territory.The people under the Punishment Hall won't be touched,but from now on,the Punishment Hall will only have supervisory rights,and any punishments must be reported to the gang for approval.The same goes for the Virtue Hall;any financial income or expenditure needs gang approval before execution.The War Hall's mobilization requires simultaneous approval from me and Hall Master Lin to take effect.As for other big bosses,each can retain ten subordinates and a street of territory,while the rest will be reclaimed by the gang."

Sha Feiying announced the decision directly,making everyone's faces extremely unpleasant,especially Zhuang Li and Dong Chengwu.Although Sha Feiying didn't take away all their subordinates,he reclaimed their rights.

The Punishment Hall lost its right to punish;it could only talk tough.What kind of Punishment Hall was that?Virtue Hall was directly sidelined,and they wouldn't be able to pocket a single penny without gang approval.Su Xin's compromise surprised Dong Chengwu and the others.Initially,they thought Su Xin,given his personality,would surely confront Sha Feiying.Unexpectedly,he yielded at this critical moment,willingly giving up the vast Yongle Lane.

Su Xin's compromise caught them off guard.The strongest among the four hall masters had finally given in.What else could they stubbornly resist?They could only obediently surrender their rights.

Sha Feiying was in a great mood.He hadn't expected things to go so smoothly.He had prepared himself for a tough fight,even considering a drastic and bloody resolution.Now that he successfully reclaimed his rights,it was time to push his son to the forefront.

Sha Feiying asked Sha Yuandong to step forward and said,"Yuandong has grown up before all of you.In the future,Flying Eagle Gang will naturally be entrusted to him.So,I've decided to let Yuandong take early control of the gang.Shunyi Lane and Punishment Hall will be handed over to Yuandong for management."

At this moment,Sha Yuandong suddenly spoke,"Dad,I want to manage Yongle Lane and Transfer Skill Hall."

Sha Feiying's brow furrowed.Both Yongle Lane and Transfer Skill Hall were originally Su Xin's territories.Now that he had just handed over his territories and hall leadership,Sha Feiying was turning them over to his son.This was a bit too much.Would this provoke Su Xin to anger,leading to a direct confrontation?Sha Feiying,who had managed to reclaim all his rights without resorting to violence,was worried that his son's unexpected move might stir up trouble with Su Xin.