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Chapter 172: Entering the Tomb

8528words in this chapter2024-01-09

All nine leaders of the Huayin Mountain strongholds possess the strength of the Innate Spirit Realm.Although these bandits may not be formidable,they still wield the power of the Spirit Realm.

However,Su Xin effortlessly killed one with just a single sword strike,a terrifying display of power that caught everyone's attention.Xiao Moyun's'No Second Slash'had a similar one-hit kill effect,but it was his trump card.How many times could he use it?Judging from Su Xin's recent sword strike,it appeared he hadn't exerted much force.

Xie Zhuyan calmly remarked,"Anyone wants to test if I qualify to enter this tomb?"

Silence ensued;Xie Zhuyan ranked thirty-first on the ranking list,a symbol of her strength.Moreover,she had previously killed a warrior in the Divine Palace Realm with her Innate Qi Sea Realm strength,crossing two realms to achieve such a feat.Now,having reached the Spirit Realm,her power was even more formidable.

"Since no one wants to take action,stop standing there.Otherwise,we won't even get a sip of soup when Lord Shangguan's family members arrive,"Su Xin casually stated.

Upon this revelation,the others were startled.Shangguan Yanqing had actually brought skilled individuals from his family.The crowd became alert,urging each other to inspect the tomb of the'Sword Master'Luo Yun.

Ca Zheng'an shot a glance at Han Guang,making him realize the situation.Han Guang immediately led his men to the location where they had been excavating the tomb.

Luo Yun's burial site was deeply hidden in the Huayin Mountains and was likely to be of considerable size.Several disciples,currently excavating at the back,were surprised by the sudden influx of people.Han Guang coldly harrumphed,"What are you looking at?Continue digging!Everyone,join in,and we might completely uncover the tomb in about an hour."

"It's almost open,"one disciple quickly added.

"Then what are you waiting for?"Han Guang sneered.Over ten followers immediately picked up their tools and started digging.Soon,a stone door to a tomb passage was revealed.

"Open it,"Han Guang ordered.

Although these followers didn't know what was inside,they could guess it must be dangerous.Under Han Guang's stern gaze,they reluctantly opened the stone door cautiously.Luckily,there was no danger inside,just a glaring light.

Han Guang stared coldly at Shangguan Yanqing,realizing he had been deceived from the beginning.Shangguan had spoken of a sword aura that would kill anyone upon opening the door,yet there was no such thing.

Shangguan Yanqing,however,was indifferent,leading his group into the tomb.Others,afraid of being left behind,followed suit with their subordinates.Four groups,each with over five hundred warriors,clearly had no intention of engaging in one-on-one battles for treasures.

Xie Zhuyan tilted her head,looking at Su Xin curiously."Aren't you anxious?"

"What's the use of being anxious?As long as we haven't left this tomb,everything inside is ownerless.Whether you take something from the tomb or snatch it from someone else's hands,what's the difference?"Su Xin replied.

A smile appeared on Xie Zhuyan's lips."You're quite confident.How about we form an alliance?"

"What do you want?"Su Xin asked.

Since they were forming an alliance,they needed to distribute the benefits.Xie Zhuyan replied,"I only want the sword pill left by the'Sword Master'Luo Yun.Everything else is yours."

"What's the background of this'Sword Master'Luo Yun?What might be inside his tomb?I only know he was a powerful practitioner in the Divine Sun Realm;I don't have detailed information,"Su Xin inquired.

Xie Zhuyan explained,"This'Sword Master'Luo Yun was a renowned swordsman eight hundred years ago.Despite being a wanderer,he ranked first on the Earth Ranking,just a step away from reaching the True Martial Realm and becoming a grandmaster in martial arts.

As for what Luo Yun might have left in his tomb,I can't say for sure.However,there will undoubtedly be the sword pill I desire.The sword pill is the essence condensed from a swordsman's accumulated sword intent after their normal demise.By merging with the sword pill,one can passively comprehend the former'Sword Master's'sword intent.This is highly beneficial for a swordsman's cultivation.

As for other items,I can guarantee there's only the'Sword Master's'personal sword,the Heaven-tier Nine Sky Dragon Song Sword.The main difference between Heaven-tier and Earth-tier weapons is that Heaven-tier weapons possess a trace of spirituality.However,after hundreds of years without the nourishment of a warrior's true energy,the slight spirituality has likely dissipated,reducing it to an Earth-tier weapon."

Su Xin's eyes lit up.A Earth-tier weapon would be a significant upgrade for him.Currently wielding the Yellow-tier Wandering Dragon Sword,obtaining an Earth-tier weapon could potentially increase his combat power several times over.

After learning about the details of the'Sword Master'Luo Yun,Su Xin and Xie Zhuyan descended into the tomb.Contrary to their expectations of a grand and magnificent scene,the tomb was covered in a vast expanse of white,illuminated by the night pearls on the tomb walls overhead and the broken swords protruding from the ground.

Thousands of shattered long swords densely filled the entire tomb,creating a maze-like effect with the surrounding gray stone walls enveloping the burial chamber.At this point,the figures of Shangguan Yanqing and others were no longer visible,indicating that they had entered the labyrinth.

"What should we do?Should we also enter the maze and search slowly?"Su Xin asked.

Xie Zhuyan shook her head and said,"No need,I have a way."With that,she drew the slender sword from her waist.By channeling her true energy,the long sword emitted a melodious sound,pleasing to the ear.

"Here,"Xie Zhuyan pointed to a direction within the maze.Curious,Su Xin asked,"What technique is this?"

"It's just a simple method using my sword to sense the positions of the sword fragments in the tomb.It's a straightforward technique,but the only requirement is that you must be a pure sword cultivator to feel the resonance produced by the sword fragments,"Xie Zhuyan explained.

Su Xin rubbed his nose,realizing that this was a skill he couldn't learn.Although he also used a sword,he was not a pure sword cultivator,as he had his own martial arts.

Due to this,he had no objections to entrusting Luo Yun's sword fragments to Xie Zhuyan.The sword might be the Heaven-tier Nine Sky Dragon Song Sword,making it even more crucial.

Traditionally,those of royal blood constructing tombs would set up various powerful traps within to prevent tomb raiders.Some formidable martial artists also adopted this practice.However,the'Sword Master'Luo Yun seemed to lack such precautions.

As they progressed through the tomb,besides the maze formed by the broken swords and the bluish-gray stone passages,there were no unusual occurrences.With Xie Zhuyan as their human compass,Su Xin and his companions might have entered the tomb later than Shangguan Yanqing's group,but they were the first to arrive at Luo Yun's burial site.

The'Sword Master'Luo Yun was not buried in a coffin but sat on a central platform in the tomb.Although his entire body had turned into bones,they radiated a brilliant white sharpness,as if the figure before them was not skeletal remains but an unsheathed sword.

In front of the'Sword Master'Luo Yun,a golden pill floated in mid-air,emitting boundless sword intent.This was the sword pill left behind by Luo Yun,encapsulating his lifetime martial arts essence.

Glancing at the sword master's side,Su Xin and Xie Zhuyan noticed his right hand gripping a scabbard,but the sword within had vanished,leaving both of them puzzled.

"The sword was taken by someone!"Su Xin exclaimed.

For a sword practitioner,their sword was an extension of their life,and they wouldn't discard it unless they perished.Observing Luo Yun's posture,it was evident he held a weapon during his demise.However,the weapon had mysteriously disappeared.

They had been watching closely,and there were no signs of the tomb being tampered with.If someone took Luo Yun's sword,why didn't they take anything else?

Although the sword pill had limited use for Su Xin,who primarily practiced a different martial art,it could significantly enhance Xie Zhuyan's strength as a pure sword cultivator.

Despite the absence of the Nine Sky Dragon Song Sword,Su Xin didn't hesitate to fulfill their previous agreement.He picked up a small bag he had found near Luo Yun and asked,"What's this?"

Surprised,Xie Zhuyan said,"It's a mustard seed bag,quite a useful item.If you ever need to store large items in the future,just put them in the mustard seed bag.It's very convenient."

"Is this a spatial artifact?"Su Xin asked.

Shaking her head,Xie Zhuyan replied,"Certainly not.True spatial artifacts are accessible only to True Martial Realm experts.This mustard seed bag is merely a bag with runes inscribed by a powerful individual,meant for the convenience of their disciples during travels.It can compress items inside,making them smaller,but the storage capacity is limited.Mustard seed bags are now rare,as there are few martial arts grandmasters who know how to make them.If put up for auction,they would be highly sought after."

Su Xin examined the mustard seed bag,finding over a dozen bottles inside.He took one out,then placed the Wandering Dragon Sword into the mustard seed bag.Estimating its capacity,Su Xin figured it could hold items with a diameter of about three zhang,not very large,but quite useful in critical moments.

The system could only store items obtained directly from itself,so anything acquired in this world could not be placed inside.