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Chapter 262:Establishing Rules

8553words in this chapter2024-02-01

The new rules proposed by Su Xin intrigued many martial forces present.However,before Wen Mingyu and others could agree,a representative from the Nine Profound Sword Sect stepped forward and coldly declared,"I disagree!"

All eyes turned to the martial artist from the Nine Profound Sword Sect in the Divine Palace Realm.Those who were about to nod in agreement with Su Xin closed their mouths.Three major top-tier forces had dominated Jiangnan for centuries,accumulating immense power.

Despite Su Xin's disruption of the established rules,the onlookers still held a certain level of fear for these forces.Hearing the opposition,the crowd fell silent.

The representative from the Nine Profound Sword Sect continued,"The martial world of Jiangnan is naturally our responsibility.We will decide our own rules.The hands of the Six Sects are reaching too far,aren't they?"

A cold smile appeared on Su Xin's face."Reaching too far?Under the sky,is there any place in Jiangnan that the Six Sects have no authority over?Of course,you are free to disregard the rules I set,but the consequence of not following the rules is death!"

As he spoke,Su Xin pointed his sword,and a mighty sword aura burst forth from his fingertip.It was formless,silent,and the purest essence of sword energy.

The Divine Palace Realm martial artist from the Nine Profound Sword Sect did not expect Su Xin to be so domineering.He hastily drew his long sword from his waist to resist.

The sword techniques of the Nine Profound Sword Sect were profound and complex.He swung his long sword,creating endless sword qi to block the invisible and formless sword energy before him.However,he could sense the astonishing sword intent within the invisible sword energy.

In the clash,his long sword shattered,and the sword energy penetrated his meridians,causing a violent explosion.He spat out blood and was sent flying.

Witnessing this scene,the entire audience was shocked,especially those who were skilled in swordsmanship.They stared at Su Xin with incredulous eyes.

Su Xin's nickname was the Blood Sword Godfinger,and many knew he was skilled with a sword.Still,no one expected him to comprehend sword techniques to such a degree.

In the martial world,many people were adept at using sword qi and sword aura.However,in their perception,Su Xin's sword energy was exceptionally pure.It was as if Su Xin himself were a scabbard,harboring countless terrifying sword energies.

Satisfied with the power of his innate invisible sword energy,Su Xin looked at the heavily injured Divine Palace Realm martial artist.This was just the beginning,and Su Xin had only just begun to explore the first level of the innate invisible sword energy.

Even the application of the first level was not a mere display;dozens of sword energies would crisscross in a real battle,creating a genuine innate invisible sword energy.

By the time he reached the fifth level,the overwhelming aura would cover the entire space.This level of power approached the realm of gods and demons.

"I set the rules.If you don't want to abide by them,let the spokesperson from the Nine Profound Sword Sect discuss it with me.Someone sent to gather information dared to confront me.Is that appropriate?"Su Xin's cold voice reached the Fallen Feather Mountain Villa and the Gongyang Clan,causing those who were preparing to protest to immediately shrink back.

Su Xin was right.As the chief apprehender of Jiangnan,the legitimate spokespersons for dialogue were the Divine Palace Realm representatives of first-class forces,not those sent to gather information.Although their sects dispatched them,they knew they were here merely to gather information.Su Xin's statement was enough for them to return and repeat it to their sects.

Su Xin knocked on the table."Alright,let's talk about the rules I just established.Who agrees,and who disagrees?"

The representatives of many forces shook their heads.The rules had no harm to them,so why object?As long as the one overseeing the life-and-death arena remained impartial,they had no objections.

Seeing no objections,Su Xin nodded.Apart from harming the interests of the three major top-tier forces,these rules were beneficial to other second and third-tier sects.

Su Xin's goal in Jiangnan was to restore the reputation of the Six Sects.He did not want to destroy Jiangnan,so there was no need to continue provoking and escalating conflicts,leading to constant warfare.

Moreover,if the conflicts persisted,there might be the emergence of several new top-tier forces in Jiangnan.When everyone's strength reached a balance,the result would be no more wars.Faced with several top-tier forces,it would be challenging for Jiangnan to find an opportunity to act.

Seeing everyone's agreement,Su Xin continued,"Since that's the case,let's move on to the second rule.I intend to assign a Six Sects constable to each major sect for constant supervision.Recently,there have been disturbances in Jiangnan,with remnants from the Wu Kingdom stirring up trouble.They even incited some martial forces to oppose our Great Zhou,committing acts of hostility.I don't want to witness such scenes again."

Speaking,Su Xin also revealed a sorrowful expression,causing the corners of Wen Mingyu and others'mouths to twitch uncontrollably.

"The sects you annihilated were clearly labeled as conspirators with remnants of the Wu Kingdom by you at will.Those remnants of the Wu Kingdom had long disappeared.They wanted to conspire,but where could they be found?"Su Xin's expression became serious."So,establishing the Six Doors of Supervision and Arrest in various major sects is for your own good.This way,it can prevent the infiltration of those remnants of the Wu Kingdom.With these inspectors in place,it can also prove your innocence."

As soon as these words were spoken,all the heads of the martial arts forces shook their heads in opposition.The entire hall seemed to explode with disagreement.

Every martial arts sect has its own secrets.How could they allow others to casually take a look?Moreover,this person is from the Six Doors.

Nian Bang allowed the Six Doors to station inspectors because transportation of goods is highly sensitive.If Nian Bang wants to survive within the Great Zhou Dynasty,they must adhere to this rule.The inspectors from Nian Bang only monitor transportation and won't interfere elsewhere.

However,it's different for them.Why should they let inspectors into their sects?What's so appealing inside their sects that inspectors must be sent?

So,no one agreed with this,not even Wen Mingyu and others who were somewhat resistant.

Watching the crowd in the hall getting excited,Su Xin knocked on the table and coldly exclaimed,"Silence!"

"It seems that some of you are dissatisfied with the rules I've set."Su Xin looked around and said lightly.

A head of a second-rate force stood up,arched his hand,and said,"Lord Su,it's not that we disagree,but this is really inconvenient.As you know,there are some taboos in our martial arts that cannot be seen by outsiders.If you send inspectors to my sect,and if they forcefully want to see these things,should we allow them or not?Also,some of our martial skills are passed down secretly.We have to disperse outsiders when teaching our disciples.If these inspectors see them,what should we do?There are just too many inconveniences."

When this head spoke,others in charge of martial arts forces followed suit,even during the peak period of the Six Doors,there was never a case of directly stationing inspectors inside their sects.

Su Xin knocked on the table and said,"I indeed overlooked this point.In that case,the inspectors from the Six Doors will not enter your sects.They will only inspect outside your sects.If there is anything wrong,they will ask for your cooperation.I,Su Xin,am a trustworthy person.As long as you follow my rules,I will handle things according to my rules.You can rest assured that the inspectors from the Six Doors are only for supervision and will not do anything excessive."

Seeing that Su Xin was so accommodating,everyone was delighted,and they quickly said it was no problem.However,when they sat down,they felt that something was wrong.A wry smile appeared on their faces.

After all calculations,they were still played by Su Xin.

Apparently,Su Xin never expected to directly station inspectors inside their sects for supervision.He just hoped to restore the original supervision authority.

When the Six Doors of the Jiangnan Road were at their weakest,they even lost this basic supervision authority.

Inspectors from the Six Doors came to inspect news from various major martial arts forces,and if resisted,they were expelled or even beaten.Zhao Yiming's subordinates had encountered such situations,but at that time,the Six Doors were weak,so they could only endure it.

Now that the authority of the Six Doors has been established,the original rights should naturally be reclaimed.

If you don't allow inspection inside the sect,I compromise.If you still don't allow inspection outside the sect,that would be slapping my face,and you should weigh the consequences.

No one in the room was foolish.Su Xin's move was not new,so after a little thought,they understood.But no one dared to oppose.

With the influence of the Six Doors growing stronger,the prestige increasing,the original rights would be taken back sooner or later.Even if they resisted,it was useless now.It was considered giving Su Xin face.

A slight smile appeared on Su Xin's face."Gentlemen,the new rules announced by the Six Doors are just these two.I don't want to constrain you too much.The Jiangnan Road belongs not only to all of you but also to my Six Doors and,likewise,to the court.Let's work together to govern it well.This is what everyone wants to see."

After delivering a bureaucratic speech,Su Xin waved his hand to dismiss the guests.This made the people from the martial arts forces breathe a sigh of relief,and they hurriedly bid farewell.