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Chapter 261:No Order,No Harmony

8164words in this chapter2024-02-01

Sun Qian and Gongyang Wusuan both cast their gaze upon Ji Wukong.Since he had prepared this plan,he should have already found the person they were looking for.

Ji Wukong nodded,saying,"I've indeed found the person.Do you remember the Cold Moon Hall that was once destroyed by Su Xin?"

Sun Qian and Gongyang Wusuan nodded;it had only been a few days,and how could they forget.

Ji Wukong continued,"Lian Mingshan of Cold Moon Hall was quite a figure.In his generation,he had two disciples with decent talents.One was snatched from the Iron Sword Sect,and the other was his son,Lian Yuehai.

Lian Mingshan was quite bold;his son had better talent than the disciple he stole,yet he didn't keep him by his side.Instead,he had his son join the Seven Heroes School among the World's Seven Factions.Now,his son has broken through to the Divine Palace realm and become a chief disciple of the Seven Heroes School.On the second day after the destruction of Cold Moon Hall,I sent someone to inform him,and now Lian Yuehai is in our Falling Feather Mountain Villa."

Sun Qian and Gongyang Wusuan looked deeply at Ji Wukong,feeling a sense of vigilance rising within them.

Ji Wukong's schemes were too numerous,and the most crucial point was that he was calculating all this behind their backs.Even when the three of them from top-tier forces joined hands,Ji Wukong still had so many calculations.Not to mention what Ji Wukong or Falling Feather Mountain Villa might be doing behind their backs at other times.

At the same time,Huang Bingcheng began sending invitations throughout Jiangnan Province.This time,the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan Province dared not disrespect Su Xin.Seeing Huang Bingcheng delivering invitations,their attitude was almost as if they were treating him like an ancestor.

The entire martial arts community in Jiangnan Province realized that if the Xiao family didn't want to intervene,the three major top-tier forces wouldn't be able to suppress Su Xin.With the current strength of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province,they could almost destroy any second-rate sect they wanted.

Although the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province currently lacked experts in the Yuanying realm,figures like Wen Mingyu and Guan Jiansong had made it clear that they were cooperating with Su Xin.

Therefore,ten days later,representatives from various martial arts forces in Jiangnan Province came to Jiangnan Prefecture for a meeting.Even the leaders of some third-rate forces came in person to show sincerity.

There were quite a few people sent by these martial arts forces,but only representatives from second-rate forces were qualified to sit in the hall;those from third-rate forces had to listen outside.

After waiting for a moment,Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and others,walked in from behind the hall.The heads of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province were also standing by,guarding the side.

"Greetings,Lord Su."Representatives from various martial arts forces stood up and saluted,and even some strongmen in the Nascent Soul realm did not show any dissatisfaction on their faces.

Seeing this scene,the original catchers of the Six Gates,such as Lu Xu,couldn't help but sigh in their hearts.In their memories,the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province had such a magnificent scene only during the time of their grandfathers.When the Great Zhou Dynasty captured Jiangnan Province and was about to completely establish its dominance over the Central Plains,that was when such majesty was displayed.

However,this scene that hadn't been seen for decades was achieved by Su Xin in just over a month,making Lu Xu and others couldn't help but admire that they had indeed chosen the right person.

However,the heads and representatives of those martial arts forces also felt a bit awkward at this moment.

In the past,they didn't even put Su Xin in their eyes.They looked at the invitations sent by Su Xin with a dismissive attitude.Now,they had to come forward and pay respects to Su Xin in person.

Su Xin was dressed in a black and red official uniform of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province.He waved his hand,asking everyone to sit down,and he also took a seat at the main seat.The imposing aura on him was not inferior to those martial artists in the Nascent Soul realm.This aura was not based on strength but on his state of mind.

Su Xin believed that he was not much worse than those Nascent Soul realm martial artists,so he could show this kind of aura.It wasn't arrogance but confidence.Moreover,with Su Xin's current record,he had the qualification to be confident.

"Everyone,the reason for gathering you here today is simple.In our Jiangnan Province,we should have some rules."Su Xin looked around and said,"As the saying goes,without rules,there is no order.The martial arts in Jiangnan are vast,and everyone attacking each other makes it chaotic.This is not a good thing."

Hearing Su Xin utter such shameless words,the heads of many forces cursed in their hearts.Wasn't this scene in Jiangnan Province caused by you,Su Xin?Now you're talking about attacking each other,causing chaos—wasn't this exactly what you,the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province,wanted?

At this moment,Wen Mingyu,seated at the front,smiled and asked,"I wonder,Lord Su,what rules do you want to establish?"

In the eyes of these martial artists,Wen Mingyu was already equated with a lackey of the court.Although they might make the same choice if they were in his position,it didn't stop them from cursing Wen Mingyu to show their own strength and unyielding spirit.

Wen Mingyu was well aware of this,so he quickly followed Su Xin's lead.As long as the Six Sects of Jiangnan Dao existed,the Wen family would not decline.

Therefore,when Su Xin spoke,Wen Mingyu immediately took over the conversation.Others,such as Guan Jiankong of the Iron Sword Sect,also echoed Su Xin's words and asked.

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"My rule is simple:restore order to Jiangnan Dao as quickly as possible,but without excessively restricting everyone.The fiery tempers here are intense.If a conclusive result comes out from the constant fighting,it's fine.However,if both sides are evenly matched,it turns into a stalemate,leading to mutual damage."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,everyone nodded.This was indeed a significant problem they had observed in recent days.

After the explosion of the entire martial world in Jiangnan Dao,grievances were aired,vendettas were settled,and some were waging wars for immediate benefits.While some successfully absorbed surrounding forces and significantly increased their strength,many martial factions engaged in protracted battles,consuming each other's disciples and resources without achieving complete victory,resulting in mutual losses.

Such a situation only occurred when the martial world in Jiangnan Dao had been suppressed for too long.In other regions,conflicts between martial forces would typically simmer for a while until one side had enough certainty before taking action.

Jiangnan Dao's martial world had been suppressed for too long,causing them to skip the usual steps and directly engage in relentless conflict,leading to mutual damage.

The leaders of major martial factions were not fools.Except for a few individuals who had become blindly bloodthirsty,most martial forces had already started to slow down their attacks.

However,if they truly gave up,they would be unwilling.Hatreds had grown,many disciples had died,and suddenly stopping now would be unacceptable for anyone.

Su Xin looked at the crowd below and said loudly,"Because of this,I have come up with a solution.If disciples are evenly matched and cannot determine a winner but are unwilling to end it like this,they can engage in a life-and-death challenge under the supervision of the Six Sects."

Su Xin explained the details of the life-and-death challenge,allowing the factions to decide the scale and participants themselves.Young generations,core members of sects,and even powerful individuals at the Nascent Soul realm could participate.The outcome would be a decisive victory or defeat.

The bets would be submitted to the Six Sects beforehand,and after the challenge,the Six Sects would hand over the winnings to the victorious sect.Given the Six Sects'credibility,the bets would be safe in their hands.

As the various factions looked at each other,they found Su Xin's proposal quite reasonable.Though there might be casualties in a life-and-death challenge,it would put an end to the endless warfare and result in gaining the opponent's bets,which was a smaller loss than continuous battles.

While other martial factions silently agreed in their minds,representatives sent by the three major factions were anxiously deliberating internally.This time,the three major forces had sent representatives,but not Nascent Soul realm martial artists,only those at the Divine Palace realm.

Sending Divine Palace realm martial artists implied underestimating Su Xin.They were not like Wen Mingyu and others,who would personally attend such meetings.Su Xin's decision seemed to benefit Jiangnan Dao's martial forces,but in reality,it aimed to firmly establish the influence of the Six Sects in the hearts of the martial world,surpassing the prestige of the three major forces.

What used to be the unseen influence belonged to the Xiao family and the three major forces,but now it was going to be claimed by the Six Sects.

In essence,Su Xin's actions were a step towards surpassing the three major forces,and they couldn't agree to it so easily.