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Chapter 100: Exposure of the Truth

9169words in this chapter2024-01-05

For the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin did feel a twinge of reluctance.After all,this was the first force he meticulously established in this world.

However,even if he was reluctant,under the formidable pressure from the Qingcheng Sword Sect,he had to escape,and the farther,the better.

Su Xin said in a deep voice,"The Flying Eagle Gang has gradually become more standardized now.As long as the development direction remains unchanged,it is still one of the largest gangs within Changning Prefecture.After I leave,Li Huai will become the gang leader,but in reality,the matters within the gang will still be managed by you,Lao Huang."

In fact,it was quite fitting for Lao Huang to be the gang leader,but the rules in the martial world were like this—the powerful were the rulers.

Huang Bingcheng nodded,well aware of this principle.The leaders of other gangs in Changning Prefecture were all martial experts at the innate realm.He,a weakling who hadn't even reached the early innate stage,would only be ridiculed if he took over.His expertise lay in handling miscellaneous matters behind a strong leader.

Moreover,given his relationship with Li Huai,even if Li Huai became the leader,he wouldn't restrict Huang Bingcheng's authority.On the contrary,he would delegate all the gang affairs to him.Even if he wasn't the leader,he would be doing the leader's work.

Su Xin continued,turning to Li Qing,"Li Qing,although you started practicing martial arts a bit late,you have talent and determination.After I leave,you will be the deputy hall master of the War Hall.With you and Lao Huang,it's enough to support Li Huai in sustaining the Flying Eagle Gang."

"Gang leader,rest assured.As long as I,Li Qing,am alive,I will never betray you and the Flying Eagle Gang!"Li Qing vowed.

The other gang members revered Su Xin more than they felt grateful,but Li Qing was an exception.Su Xin had avenged his brother,Chen San'er,who was killed by members of the Qingzhu Gang.Su Xin had risked his life to assassinate the leader of the Qingzhu Gang,Dai Chong.Li Qing had always kept this favor in his heart.

Su Xin nodded.If Li Qing were a petty person,he wouldn't have invested so much effort in nurturing him.

Finally,Su Xin took out a bottle of Qi-enhancing Pill and handed it to Li Huai.It was left over from his last cultivation session,and there were less than ten pills left.

"Now that you are approaching the late innate stage,with this pill,you can break through within ten days.With the power of your Evil Expelling Sword Art at the late innate stage,you can intimidate other gangs,ensuring the continued existence of the Flying Eagle Gang."

Li Huai nodded,accepting the pill.He said in a deep voice,"As long as I'm here,the Flying Eagle Gang will endure!"

He wouldn't make an excited oath like Li Qing,but with this statement,as long as he remained alive,the Flying Eagle Gang would continue to exist.

After arranging the future of the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin immediately turned and left.Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng wanted to see him off,but Su Xin pressed them back.

Seeing Huang Bingcheng's eyes turning somewhat red,Su Xin laughed,"Alright,don't make such childish expressions.I'm not gone forever.When I was in Changning Prefecture,many wanted to kill me,but did I not survive and build the Flying Eagle Gang into the largest gang in Changning Prefecture?What about the Qingcheng Sword Sect?It still can't deal with me!"

With that,Su Xin directly mounted the fast horse he had prepared the day before and galloped away from Changning Prefecture.

Watching Su Xin's disappearing figure,Huang Bingcheng couldn't help but ask,"Will our boss be okay?"

Li Huai said in a deep voice,"Remove the word'should.'Our boss will definitely be fine."

Although Su Xin had provoked some exceptionally strong enemies this time,even to the point where they could only look up,Li Huai and the others still believed that Su Xin could overcome this crisis.

At this moment,Houpai and others from the Qingcheng Sword Sect were still unaware that Su Xin had already escaped.

They were staying comfortably in an inn.Su Xin had chosen the most luxurious inn in Huoqiaolin for them,paying for ten days in advance and ensuring that the innkeeper treated them like ancestors.

So,these people stayed inside the inn,not going out.In their eyes,there was nothing worth seeing in Changning Prefecture,a dilapidated provincial city.They just needed to wait patiently for their martial uncle.

This continued until noon the next day.They estimated that their martial uncle should be arriving,so they went out to greet him at the city gate.

After about a quarter of an hour,a Daoist in a three-colored Daoist robe,carrying four swords on his back,appeared before them,slowly walking toward them.

Although the Daoist's pace was extremely slow,each step covered several yards,almost faster than a galloping horse.From a distance,it looked as if he were shrinking inches at a time,a strange and mystical sight.

This Daoist appeared to be around forty years old,with a handsome and square face.Three strands of beautiful beard hung from his chin,giving him an ethereal and Daoist appearance.

This Daoist was naturally their martial uncle,Wu Daoyuan of the'Four Spirit Swords.'

Seeing Wu Daoyuan approaching,they immediately straightened their postures,assuming a respectful posture.

Despite Wu Daoyuan's elegant and Daoist appearance,his temper was extremely fiery.If ordinary disciples made even a slight mistake,they would receive a severe reprimand.

Moreover,Wu Daoyuan's strength was formidable.Ten years ago,he had already reached the Divine Palace realm.Now,he was at the peak of the Divine Palace realm,relying on his own true spirit.

As long as he integrates his primordial spirit with his foundation and comprehends the power of heaven and earth,he can smoothly advance to the Primordial Spirit realm and become a martial arts master.By then,they should no longer address Wu Daoyuan as martial uncle but rather as Elder Wu.

Hou Ming led the group to greet him respectfully,saying,"Senior Wu,we have prepared the inn's top rooms in Changning Prefecture for you.Please rest for a while."

Wu Daoyuan snorted,"Did I travel all the way to Changning Prefecture just to rest?Tell me,what happened to the treasure of the fierce lion Du Yuansheng?Give me a detailed account of the situation."

Sensing Wu Daoyuan's displeasure,Hou Ming shrank his neck but had to bravely say,"Senior Martial Uncle,he...he is dead."

"What!?Fang Dongting is dead?"Wu Daoyuan glared at Hou Ming,resembling a ferocious beast about to devour its prey.

A powerful aura burst forth from him,as if Mount Tai were pressing down on them.It nearly frightened Hou Ming to his knees,despite both being at the innate realm.The disparity between someone at the Qi Sea realm and another at the peak of the Divine Palace realm,on the verge of the Primordial Spirit realm,was like night and day.

"What exactly happened,speak!"Wu Daoyuan squeezed these words through his teeth.

Hou Ming quickly recounted the entire incident without withholding any details."Hmph!Take me to see the bodies!"Wu Daoyuan coldly ordered,letting Hou Ming lead the way.

Unlike Hou Ming,Wu Daoyuan had no reason to fear the punishment of Elder Fang Rui.Moreover,his status would soon be on par with Fang Rui's.Yet,for Fang Dongting,the legitimate disciple of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,his death was incomprehensible.

Although he had only heard Hou Ming's account,his instincts,honed through years of navigating the martial world's intricacies,told him that something was amiss.Hou Ming and his group hurriedly took Wu Daoyuan to the Yizhuang in Changning Prefecture.

Several disciples of the Qingcheng Sword Sect had the bodies moved in front of Wu Daoyuan.Upon seeing the sword wounds on the three bodies,Wu Daoyuan's expression gradually darkened.

"Hou Ming,come here,"Wu Daoyuan coldly instructed.

Hou Ming cautiously approached."Senior Martial Uncle,what do you command..."

"Smack!"Before he could finish his sentence,Wu Daoyuan slapped him across the face,the tremendous force even causing him to spin in place.

"Idiot!"Wu Daoyuan squeezed out these words through his teeth.Hou Ming covered his face,looking at Wu Daoyuan in confusion,not understanding where he had erred.

"Did that gang leader,Su Xin,tell you that Fang Dongting perished along with Gong Qingfeng after Ah Qi's death?"Hou Ming quickly nodded,"Yes,we carefully checked the wounds,and it indeed seemed like all three perished together."

Wu Daoyuan glared at Hou Ming,his eyes furious."Have you ever considered,with Fang Dongting's character,would he choose to die alongside Gong Qingfeng after a servant like Ah Qi died?"A bead of cold sweat instantly slid down Hou Ming's forehead.

Upon Wu Daoyuan's reminder,he finally realized where things went wrong.He knew his junior brother's character well–arrogant and selfish.If Fang Dongting died first,Ah Qi would probably have fought to the death with Gong Qingfeng.But if it were the other way around,it was inconceivable that Fang Dongting would choose to die alongside a servant,a decision that required no contemplation.

"That bastard dared to deceive me!"Hou Ming's gaze turned cold.

Wu Daoyuan snorted,"There is probably more to this than meets the eye."He then bent down,gently pressing on Gong Qingfeng's body.His inner force permeated the body,causing the blood vessels on Gong Qingfeng's surface to burst.The entire corpse turned into something resembling a bloody figure.

Hou Ming and the others were shocked by this gruesome sight and quickly stepped back.However,Wu Daoyuan,seemingly unperturbed by the horrifying scene,continued to investigate Fang Dongting's body.Eventually,he spoke coldly,"Gong Qingfeng died from someone shattering his meridians using a powerful martial technique.Fang Dongting was severely injured with a certain fingertip technique before dying under a sword.Someone is concealing the true cause of their deaths.Quite audacious and scheming!"

Sword wounds were visible,and normal people,after seeing external injuries,would never think to investigate if there were other internal injuries.This was a preconceived habit,especially for novices like Hou Ming.

Su Xin took advantage of this to deceive Hou Ming.If Wu Daoyuan hadn't harbored suspicions about Su Xin's fabricated account from the beginning,he wouldn't have considered using true Qi to examine the bodies.

Having realized he had been played for a fool,Hou Ming shouted,"Su Xin!He's the one behind all this!Daring to kill members of our Qingcheng Sword Sect and trying to fool us!I'll tear him into pieces!"