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Chapter 99: Settling Affairs

8802words in this chapter2024-01-05

The four members of the Qingcheng Sword Sect went to inspect the corpses,but Su Xin,standing in the rear,took no action at all.

Although he had arranged the three bodies,there were still many suspicions.As long as they encountered an experienced martial artist,they wouldn't be able to conceal the truth.

However,Su Xin was prepared.He kept his mental focus on Hou Ming and the others.If they sensed something amiss,he would immediately exchange martial arts consumables and escape.Yes,it was not about confrontation but escaping for his life.Currently,there were four innate martial artists,and even if the martial arts consumables were powerful,Su Xin wasn't confident in killing them all.

Fortunately,Hou Ming and the others did not notice anything wrong.They only casually examined the wounds and considered the inspection complete.In their view,these three bodies did indeed die in mutual combat,matching Su Xin's description.

After inspecting,Hou Ming said,"Move these three bodies back.We'll report to Senior Wu when he arrives."The remaining three nodded and carried the bodies out.Su Xin felt tense during this process.

The meridians in Gong Qingfeng's body were completely shattered.If forcefully touched,his meridians would disintegrate,turning him into a bloody mess.Even a fool could see that something was not right here.

Fortunately,the members of the Qingcheng Sword Sect carried the bodies out without any acts of revenge.After they left,Hou Ming instructed Su Xin,"Prepare some good inns for us.When Senior Wu arrives tomorrow,we need to report to him.Only then can the matter in Changning Prefecture be considered truly resolved."

Su Xin hurriedly replied,"I've already arranged for the largest inn in Joyful Forest.You can go there directly now."

Hou Ming nodded in satisfaction.After sending Hou Ming and the others away,Su Xin immediately turned and rushed back to Golden Moon Lane.

The situation was not yet concluded.Surprisingly,another person from the Qingcheng Sword Sect,a senior of Hou Ming,had come.Given his title as Senior Uncle by Hou Ming,his strength and age were self-evident.His martial arts experience was not something Hou Ming and the others could compare with.

Even Hou Ming,as his nephew,didn't notice Su Xin's actions.The meridians in Gong Qingfeng's body would change after a long period,but whether it took one or two days or three or four days,no one knew.When people saw the body turning into a blood man,it might not necessarily be caused by Fang Dongting's sword wound.

Following the investigation,there would be no doubt that Su Xin was behind it.So,they absolutely couldn't stay in Changning Prefecture.They had to leave before the arrival of Senior Wu from the Qingcheng Sword Sect.

Returning to Golden Moon Lane,Su Xin summoned Xiner from the private school.

Seeing her brother coming to find her at this time,Xiner asked in confusion,"Brother,is there something wrong at home?"

Su Xin patted Xiner's head and said,"No,let's go see Sister Xie first."

Xiner obediently nodded.

Along the way,leading Xiner to Xie Zhiyan's inn,they found her supervising Little Seven and the others practicing swordsmanship.

After Su Xin entered,he said solemnly,"Miss Xie,may I speak with you alone?"

Xie Zhiyan nodded and asked Little Seven and the others to leave.

After everyone had left,Su Xin said,"I killed Gong Qingfeng,Fang Dongting,and Aqi."

Xie Zhiyan didn't say anything,but her eyes showed a hint of shock.She had already suspected the cause of Fang Dongting's death because he was not the type to fight desperately against Gong Qingfeng.In normal circumstances,if Fang Dongting were killed by Gong Qingfeng while trying to escape,it would be considered normal.However,the fact that Fang Dongting and Gong Qingfeng died together made Xie Zhiyan suspicious.

But she never expected that Su Xin could also kill Gong Qingfeng.This leader of a seemingly ordinary gang in Changning Prefecture was not as simple as he appeared.

"You've successfully deceived Hou Ming and the others.Aren't you planning to escape?Hou Ming's Senior Uncle,who is coming this time,is most likely a martial artist at the Divine Palace level,Wu Daoyuan of the'Four Spirits Sword.'He has already chosen his divine sense foundation and is only one step away from entering the Divine Sense Realm,reaching the realm of a grandmaster.

Even if you can kill Gong Qingfeng,you won't escape three moves from Wu Daoyuan.Moreover,what you've done is unlikely to escape Wu Daoyuan's notice."

It was another encounter with someone he knew.Xie Zhiyan kindly reminded Su Xin.

Su Xin nodded and said,"I know all of this.However,I came this time to ask Miss Xie for one thing."

Xie Zhiyan thought for a moment and said,"You've helped me a lot this time.As long as I can help you,just ask.But I can't help you deal with Wu Daoyuan.He is a senior in the martial world.Even though I'm a disciple of the Yijianmen Sect Master,he won't pay attention to me."

Su Xin shook his head and said,"I understand that.I want to entrust Xiner to you,asking her to join the Yijianmen Sect.I killed the son of an elder of the Qingcheng Sword Sect and even framed Hou Ming and the others.The Qingcheng Sword Sect won't let me go.I can't let Xiner wander around with me,being chased and killed by others."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,tears welled up in Xiner's eyes as she nestled in his arms."Wuwuwu!Brother,you don't want me anymore?It's okay,Xiner is not afraid of hardship.As long as I can be with my brother,Xiner is not afraid of anything!Mother has already left,and Xiner cannot leave my brother!Brother,please,don't leave Xiner,okay?Xiner will definitely study hard,just please don't leave."

Su Xin felt a pang in his nose,but he still wiped away the tears on Xiner's face,saying softly,"Xiner,be good.Brother won't leave you.When there's a chance,I will come to see you.Remember when you said you want to learn swordsmanship to protect brother in the future?This time,go learn swordsmanship with Sister Xie.When you become strong,you can protect brother,and then we won't have to be apart."

Although Su Xin said this,Xiner still cried heartbreakingly,unable to be comforted.

Sighing,Xie Zhiyan said,"Even if you didn't say it,I would never let Xiner be harmed.Moreover,you're not asking for my help;you're giving me a great gift.Xiner has a natural talent for swordsmanship.Any disciple from the five major sword sects who meets her will surely want to take her as their disciple.Allowing Xiner to join the Yijianmen Sect is like you doing me a favor."

Su Xin replied,"Okay,I have one more unfavorable request.I want you to take care of the Flying Eagle Gang for me.If I leave now,when the Qingcheng Sword Sect people discover the truth,they might implicate the Flying Eagle Gang.These brothers have followed me for a long time,and I can't bear to see them slaughtered by the Qingcheng Sword Sect because of me."

Xie Zhiyan nodded,"That's a small matter,no problem."

If she had to protect Su Xin,the mastermind behind Fang Dongting's death,she couldn't do it.The Qingcheng Sword Sect wouldn't grant her that favor.However,just saving a small gang in Changning Prefecture was a different story.

After getting Xie Zhiyan's promise,Su Xin turned and pushed open the door,leaving behind a tearful Xiner.

Xie Zhiyan sighed,squatting down to wipe away the tears on Xiner's small face.

This was how the martial world operated,full of debts,grudges,and emotions.The Qingcheng Sword Sect only knew that Su Xin killed Fang Dongting but wouldn't question why he did it.They only looked at the results,not the process.This wasn't just the Qingcheng Sword Sect's way;in fact,most martial arts sects operated in a similar manner.

Su Xin was just an unknown figure,but he dared to kill the Qingcheng Sword Sect's direct disciple and the son of an elder.If the Qingcheng Sword Sect didn't take his head,they would lose face.

So,Xie Zhiyan could imagine the intensity of the pursuit Su Xin would face next.

"If you survive this time,you won't be an unknown pawn in the martial world anymore."

Xie Zhiyan sighed and gently tapped Xiner's neck,causing her to fall into a deep sleep.

Su Xin didn't hurry to leave.Instead,he called Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and Li Qing.

These three were the ones Su Xin had invested the most effort in cultivating within the Flying Eagle Gang,and they were his true confidants.

As soon as Huang Bingcheng entered the room,he excitedly asked,"Boss,are we planning to attack the territory of the Divine Wind Sect?Since Gong Qingfeng's death,the Divine Wind Sect has been leaderless,in complete chaos.We should act quickly,or the Iron Knife Gang and the Three Heroes Gang might beat us to it."

Su Xin calmly said,"I'm leaving Changning Prefecture."

The three were instantly stunned.Huang Bingcheng exclaimed,"Boss,what are you talking about?Why would you leave Changning Prefecture?"

Su Xin spoke in a deep voice,"In the underground palace,I killed Qingcheng Sword Sect's Fang Dongting.Currently,I've managed to deceive Hou Ming,but this won't be concealed forever.Experts from the Qingcheng Sword Sect will come tomorrow,and I'll likely face a full-scale pursuit by the Qingcheng Sword Sect."

The three felt a chill running down their spines.Even Li Huai,who had always been the calmest,was alarmed.Before,in Changning Prefecture,they were like frogs at the bottom of a well,unaware of the strength of martial artists in the outside world.However,with the arrival of disciples from major sects,they realized the vast gap in strength.

Those disciples from prominent sects were in their twenties or thirties but had already broken through to the innate realm.In contrast,after half a lifetime of martial arts training,they hadn't even touched the edges of the innate realm.This was just the younger generation of those major sects;the true core strength of those sects was even more terrifying.Huang Bingcheng and the others didn't dare to imagine it.

Now,their boss was about to be chased by the formidable Qingcheng Sword Sect,and even the usually composed Li Huai couldn't help but feel a sense of shock.