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Chapter 97: Fabricating the Scene

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Enlightenment is a profound state,accessible to everyone,even those unfamiliar with martial arts.The notion of achieving enlightenment in a single move and ascending during daylight might be an exaggerated myth,but for an individual,it is an elusive yet remarkably progressive experience.

For ordinary people,enlightenment may come from understanding certain aspects of life,but for martial practitioners,it is specifically related to the martial path.Regardless of one's existing strength,entering the state of enlightenment brings about a renewed understanding of martial arts,leading to a significant increase in power.

Moreover,enlightenment yields endless benefits for subsequent martial cultivation.Progress in learning various martial skills and techniques is faster compared to others,among other advantages.Some benefits,such as enhancing a martial artist's hidden potential,remain unseen.

Once a sect discovers a disciple entering the state of enlightenment,even if they were previously considered mediocre,they are immediately elevated to elite status and meticulously nurtured.

Fang Dongting had once yearned intensely to reach the state of enlightenment.However,such matters depend on fate,and the more one desires it,the more elusive it becomes.

Yet,this rustic fellow from the Southern Barbarian region,what gave him the right to enter the state of enlightenment?Moreover,he achieved it during their battle,which filled Fang Dongting with a profound sense of humiliation.


Fang Dongting roared in anger as powerful true energy burst forth.The water and fire energies on his pine-patterned iron sword disappeared,replaced by a hazy force of thunder.His sword movements were like a thunderous dash,each strike faster than the last.

"Dao Sword:Thunderous Charge!"

A sound resembling thunderous roars resonated,completely jolting Su Xin from his state of enlightenment,leaving him infuriated.If only he could have stayed in that state a bit longer,he might have comprehended even more.

Seeing Su Xin interrupted from his state of enlightenment,Fang Dongting smirked,"Entering enlightenment in the face of an enemy?Utterly ignorant!"

Indeed,the mind of a person in the state of enlightenment hovers in a trance,and actions become subconscious.In a combat situation,entering enlightenment either empowers one to overpower the opponent or exposes them to a potential sneak attack.

Fortunately,Su Xin,even in the state of enlightenment,belonged to the former.Although enlightened,his hands never stopped moving.

However,this state of enlightenment was not invulnerable to disturbance.Fang Dongting,utilizing the Thunderous Charge Dao Sword,disrupted Su Xin's previous tactics,immediately snapping him out of enlightenment.

"You're the one who doesn't know the severity of the situation.Since you're so eager to die,I'll grant your wish,"Su Xin said,staring at Fang Dongting as if he were a dead man.

Both being in the Qi Sea realm,Fang Dongting's strength was like comparing heaven and earth to Xie Zhiyan and Gong Qingfeng.It was often said that a warrior's strength couldn't be measured solely by their level.Even the rankings on the Martial Arts List were based on achievements rather than so-called realm strength.

Before reaching enlightenment,Su Xin had no fear of Fang Dongting,and now that he had achieved enlightenment,he still had a killer move yet to be employed.

The Qingcheng Sword Sect's Dao Sword technique involved channeling the natural essence of all things into the sword.While Fang Dongting was most proficient in his Water-Fire Dao Sword,he hadn't fully mastered the might of the Thunderous Charge Dao Sword he was currently using.

Feeling somewhat desperate,he resorted to this move with gritted teeth.

In Su Xin's eyes,however,this move resembled a sieve full of loopholes.

The Wandering Dragon Sword moved effortlessly,blocking the assault of the Thunderous Charge Dao Sword.The counterforce was absorbed by the small ball in his hand,and the only nuisance was a trace of thunderous power in the sword,which tingled Su Xin slightly.

The Dao Sword technique could incorporate any force into the sword's qi.Although Fang Dongting hadn't truly comprehended the Thunderous Charge Dao Sword,the thunderous power simulated by his innate Qi Sea realm still possessed some efficacy.

However,it was only a slight impact.The True Qi cultivated through Su Xin's Violet Mist Divine Art swiftly neutralized this thunderous power.

Su Xin blocked with his left hand and suddenly extended a single finger,the index finger.

In an instant,a torrent of finger force,swift as a rainstorm and thunderous in demeanor.

The 24 Solar Terms Shocking God Finger-Spring Thunder!

In the 24 Solar Terms,Spring Thunder represents thunder,and Fang Dongting,shocked and horrified,hurriedly blocked with his sword horizontally.However,the finger force of the Shocking God Finger was terrifying.The finger wind struck the sword,producing a thunderous explosion.


Fang Dongting spewed out blood.Under the relentless assault of the Shocking God Finger's storm-like attack,one of his Qi Sea points and a Dantian acupoint were struck,causing his meridians to suffer severe damage.


The Wandering Dragon Sword,carrying a peculiar frequency,swept across Fang Dongting's throat.Though it seemed slow,its speed was,in fact,as swift as the wind.

Now Su Xin's sword seems less mysterious and ruthless than before,but the speed of his strikes has increased by three points.This is Su Xin's own fast sword,straightforward and fast to the point where you can't resist.

Fang Dongting fell to the ground,clutching his throat in unwillingness.Su Xin said indifferently,"I said before,strength doesn't represent everything."

The innate realm is indeed powerful.Even the weakest innate Qi Hai realm has a total amount of true Qi several times greater than that of the postnatal complete realm.However,if you can't fully unleash the power of these forces,no matter how profound your true Qi is,it will be in vain.

Xie Zhiyan and Gong Qingfeng are both people who can fully unleash ten or even twelve points of their strength.Fang Dongting,with his strength,can at most unleash five points.

Su Xin was able to kill Fang Dongting only after his strength greatly improved following his enlightenment,plus the addition of the 24 solar terms shocking divine finger.

If he had such strength when facing Senior Brother Chen Zhao in front of Meng Changhe,he wouldn't have needed to waste a precious Flame Blade and could have directly killed him.

After killing Fang Dongting,the system's voice echoed in Su Xin's mind:"Congratulations to the host for killing the righteous person Fang Dongting,completing part of the side quest,reward 200 points of villain value."

"Killing a warrior in the innate Qi Hai realm only adds 200 points of villain value?If I need to collect 1000 points of villain value,does that mean I have to kill five people?"

Su Xin immediately understood that this'enemy of the righteous path'mission was not meant to be completed with opponents as weak as Fang Dongting every time.He won't always encounter innate warriors with such low strength.

After resting for a while and recovering some inner energy,Su Xin felt that things were getting tricky.The people from the Qingcheng Sword Sect were already in Xiangnan and could reach Changning Prefecture in half a day.

If Fang Dongting died here,even if he escaped the pursuit in Jiangling,he couldn't avoid the Qingcheng Sword Sect's pursuit.Although no one saw him kill Fang Dongting,the people from the Qingcheng Sword Sect were not fools.With careful analysis,they could definitely infer who the culprit was.

So,Su Xin needed time to fabricate the scene of the battle.He brought Fang Dongting's body to where Gong Qingfeng and A-Qi's bodies were,placing them together to create a scene of three people killing each other.

A-Qi's death was easy to explain.He was killed by Su Xin's Qi Shocking Finger,and Su Xin added a sword to his neck,making it look like a throat-cutting move.

Although Fang Dongting was seriously injured before being killed by Su Xin's Shocking Divine Finger,as long as the body wasn't dissected,it wouldn't be apparent.The only challenging part was Gong Qingfeng.

Gong Qingfeng's meridians were shattered by Su Xin's exchanged technique,and if Su Xin made a too significant wound on him,all his blood would instantly drain.This kind of condition,even a fool could tell,couldn't be caused by a warrior from the Qingcheng Sword Sect.Therefore,Su Xin had to carefully use Fang Dongting's sword to cut Gong Qingfeng's trachea without touching any meridians.

This created a scene where Gong Qingfeng killed A-Qi,and then Fang Dongting and Gong Qingfeng died together.

Though there were many doubts,Su Xin had no other choice at the moment.

After arranging the scene,Su Xin picked up the long sword in Gong Qingfeng's hand and stabbed it into his own side.Fresh blood gushed out,and Su Xin's face turned pale.

Pulling out the sword,Su Xin staggered back and saw He Tian and Meng Changhe lying on the ground.Although they were seriously injured by Gong Qingfeng,they hadn't died because most of Gong Qingfeng's power was focused on Fang Dongting and A-Qi.

Meng Changhe was still unconscious,but He Tian had struggled to get up.Seeing Su Xin walking over while clutching his side,He Tian quickly asked,"Leader Su,what happened to Gong Qingfeng?"

Su Xin's expression darkened,"He's dead.Fang Dongting and his follower A-Qi were both innate warriors.Although they fought hard and killed Gong Qingfeng,they also died."

He Tian breathed a sigh of relief,as long as Gong Qingfeng was dead.As for Fang Dongting,the martial arts master from a major sect,who cared whether he lived or died?

Seeing He Tian's relieved expression,Su Xin sneered,"Don't relax too soon.Don't forget that there's still the God Palace realm Jiang Ling here.Facing him,even at our peak,we're not his match,let alone in our current injured state."

Thinking about this,He Tian's face turned pale,and he sighed,"There's no way,we can only wait here to die."

Su Xin said,"Go to the entrance and wait.If Xie Zhiyan can hold on for an hour in Jiang Ling,or if she gets lost in this fog,we might still have a glimmer of hope.I tested it just now;it's easy to get lost in this fog if you don't mark your way."