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Chapter 96: Only the Dead Can Keep Secrets

8563words in this chapter2024-01-05

At this moment,what is Su Xin doing?Unfortunately,he found himself lost.

The mist in the underground palace was thick,and he had run for kilometers before,but when he ran towards Xie Zhiyan and Jiang Ling,he found himself running for a minute without seeing their figures.

Initially,Su Xin thought Xie Zhiyan had escaped,but there were no signs of a struggle on the ground.He realized he was the one who got lost.

With no other options,Su Xin had to make marks on the ground and cautiously explore other areas,hoping to encounter Xie Zhiyan.

In this dense mist,visibility was less than three steps,and the sense of direction was almost nonexistent,leaving him to rely on luck.

After walking for about fifteen minutes,the thick fog ahead gradually thinned,and several warehouses appeared before Su Xin.

There were more than ten of these warehouses,with labels such as gold and silver,weapons,medicinal materials,martial arts,indicating that these were various resources plundered by Mad Lion Du Yuansheng when he followed the Great Zhou in attacking East Jin!

Unexpectedly,Su Xin stumbled upon this place while wandering around.

However,these treasure rooms also had five key marks,indicating that they required the five keys to open.

Suddenly,a laughter came from behind him,"Hahaha!I didn't expect the treasure of Mad Lion Du Yuansheng to really exist.Once I escape,I'll immediately inform the person in charge of the Qingcheng Sword Sect in southern Xiangnan.This treasure should belong to our Qingcheng Sword Sect!"

Fang Dongting emerged from the mist and,seeing Su Xin,exclaimed,"You're not dead?What about Ah Qi?"

Su Xin replied indifferently,"He's dead,and Gong Qingfeng is dead too."

Fang Dongting shrugged,"Gong Qingfeng's death is good.With Xie Zhiyan delaying Jiang Ling,they probably won't find their way here anytime soon."

Seeing Fang Dongting's indifferent attitude,Su Xin couldn't help but ask,"Ah Qi risked his life for you.Do you have no feelings for him at all?"

Fang Dongting sneered,"He's just a dog raised by my Fang family.If it weren't for my father saving him back then,he would have been eaten by wild dogs in the forest long ago.We raised him,taught him martial arts,and now it's time for him to repay."

Su Xin looked at Fang Dongting with cold eyes,questioning the coldness of this disciple from a reputable sect.

However,Ah Qi also had his faults,blindly loyal to such a person,his death was deserved.

Fang Dongting drew his patterned long sword from his waist,sneering,"Su Xin,last time you dared to offend me for that woman Xie Zhiyan.I said that we would settle the score sooner or later.Today,you've seen things you shouldn't have,and now it's time to settle that score."

"Things I shouldn't have seen?"Su Xin looked at the warehouse containing the treasure and asked,"Are you talking about Mad Lion Du Yuansheng's treasure?You're thinking too much.There's still an enemy like Jiang Ling outside.Do you want to turn on each other so soon?"

Fang Dongting sneered,"Jiang Ling is still entangled with Xie Zhiyan.It will take some time for them to find their way here.I have a follower outside.If he notices my long absence,he'll notify my senior brothers and senior uncles.By then,the entire Qingcheng Sword Sect in southern Xiangnan will mobilize,and this treasure will be ours!So,anyone who knows the location of the treasure must die!Oh,by the way,it seems that the people from the Feiying Gang outside also know the location of the treasure,so sorry,they have to die too!"

Su Xin's heart sank,realizing he had underestimated the heroes of the world.

Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng's plan was not too clever,but everyone thought that Mad Lion Du Yuansheng had completely disappeared,and the Three Lakes Martial Alliance had long since fallen apart.No one suspected these two remnants.

Even Su Xin,with just a hint of a clue,felt something was off.However,the Qingcheng Sword Sect was cautious;they had even ambushed many innate realm martial artists in southern Xiangnan.

If Fang Dongting were to go out and kill everyone who knew the location of Du Yuansheng's treasure,the Qingcheng Sword Sect could monopolize all the treasures.

Looking at Su Xin's changing expression,Fang Dongting's mouth revealed a playful smile,"Now that you know so much,you can go in peace.If you had chosen to help me back then,I could have spared your life.Unfortunately,you chose that woman Xie Zhiyan.Remember,make the right choice when standing on the next side,or people will die."

Fang Dongting really wanted to see Su Xin's regret and fear,but unfortunately,Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.He responded with a question,"If I had chosen you initially,would you really spare my life?Only the dead can keep secrets.I believe many would agree with that statement."

Su Xin certainly wouldn't believe Fang Dongting's nonsense.A person with such a cold nature always prioritizes their own interests.How could Fang Dongting risk revealing the location of the treasure just because Su Xin sided with him?

Fang Dongting was merely saying this on purpose,wanting to see Su Xin embarrassed before killing him.

Unfortunately,Su Xin never regretted his actions.

Right is right,wrong is wrong.What's the use of regret?Learn the lesson,don't repeat the mistake—that's what matters.

Fang Dongting,whose intentions were exposed by Su Xin,felt very displeased.Fortunately,he no longer wasted words with Su Xin and directly attacked with his sword.

His pine-patterned iron sword carried two different kinds of true energy,fire and water.When the two forces clashed,the pine-patterned iron sword displayed a faint hue of both fiery red and icy blue.

The Qingcheng Sword Sect's combination of fire and water in their sword technique was indeed peculiar.Different forces merged naturally,guided by the sword,making it the epitome of an alternative sword technique.

However,Fang Dongting's personal strength was insufficient to fully unleash the power of this sword technique.He had the strength,but he never understood the true meaning of this sword technique!

As Su Xin watched the water and fire sword coming at him,inexplicably,scenes from the past surfaced in his mind.He remembered when Xie Zhiyan used the chess sword divination technique to confront Fang Dongting.

At that time,Su Xin felt that Xie Zhiyan hadn't used much strength but had still suppressed Fang Dongting.Each move anticipated the opponent,preventing Fang Dongting from launching a real offensive.

Su Xin couldn't perform the chess sword divination technique,but his sword had one advantage:speed!

The Wandering Dragon Sword swept out with a strange frequency,slashing onto Fang Dongting's pine-patterned iron sword,producing a long,resonating sound.

Although Fang Dongting used his strength to deflect Su Xin's Wandering Dragon Sword,his sword's momentum stalled,making him extremely uncomfortable.

Meanwhile,Su Xin's fast sword struck continuously,not aiming to kill but to block Fang Dongting's attacks.After dozens of moves,both sides seemed to be exchanging moves,but neither managed to harm the other.

If there were onlookers,they would definitely find the current scene familiar.It strangely resembled the battle when Xie Zhiyan used the chess sword divination technique against Fang Dongting.

At this moment,Su Xin entered a mysterious state.

Fang Dongting's sword,his own sword,the sword technique's true energy,and his internal power all seemed to transform into points,forming lines continually appearing before his eyes.

It seemed chaotic,but upon careful consideration,a unique meaning could be sensed among them—this was the essence of the sword technique!

Previously,when Su Xin fought,he only pursued three words:fast,accurate,and ruthless.

Of course,this was also related to his lack of encounters with formidable opponents.Dealing with the people of Changning Prefecture mostly required his fast sword,and he never had the strength or opportunity to truly engage in martial arts.

It wasn't until the arrival of Xie Zhiyan and Fang Dongting that Su Xin truly understood what powerful martial arts in the outside world looked like.He witnessed what real martial arts were.

A frog at the bottom of a well cannot understand the true meaning of the world.Only by leaping out of the well can one experience the vastness of the sky.Su Xin had done just that.

The system had mentioned before that the 5%proficiency it provided was just to help Su Xin quickly familiarize himself with this martial art.To truly unleash the power of this martial technique,Su Xin needed to comprehend it himself.

Jing Wuming's fast sword was only Jing Wuming's fast sword.Even if Su Xin obtained the fast sword,he couldn't replicate another Jing Wuming.

Of course,Su Xin didn't need to become another Jing Wuming.He just needed to be himself.His fast sword wasn't Jing Wuming's fast sword;it was Su Xin's fast sword!

Originally,Su Xin's proficiency in the fast sword had stalled at 50%.However,in the short time of a few dozen moves,his proficiency skyrocketed to 90%!

Su Xin's sword became faster and faster,but it was different from the previous pursuit of ruthlessness.It now carried a certain rhythm—a sword at its extreme,a kind of Tao!

On the other hand,Fang Dongting became more and more frightened as the fight progressed.

His strength was clearly dozens of times greater than Su Xin's,but Su Xin held his own for dozens of moves.

At the beginning,he could suppress Su Xin,but as they continued,he felt that Su Xin was starting to turn the tables and suppress him!

Su Xin's strength remained unchanged;the only change was the variety in his sword techniques.

A feeling of frustration emerged,and Fang Dongting,looking at Su Xin's current state,suddenly realized something and shouted in horror,"Enlightenment!You've actually entered the state of enlightenment!"