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Chapter 243: For the Sake of Interests

9026words in this chapter2024-01-27

Most of those who can stay by Su Xin's side are relatively young among the thieves,and their pursuit of martial arts far exceeds their pursuit of power.Only such individuals can be selected and stay by Su Xin's side.

Gu Sheng,also known as Su Xin's second-in-command,had some impression when he was questioned by Han Qian.His original name was Gu Sheng,probably around thirty years old,with strength in the innate Qi Sea realm.After knowing the treatment he could receive by staying with Su Xin,he actively requested to stay here.

Now,hearing his boss's question,Gu Sheng hesitated.He was indeed promoted by Han Qian,but under Han Qian's command,he had little authority.Moreover,he started practicing martial arts late and didn't have any advanced techniques.Despite his good talent among ordinary warriors,he only broke through to the innate Qi Sea realm when he was nearly thirty.

During his time at the headquarters of the Six Gates,he saw the martial arts collected by the Six Gates.As long as your merits are enough,you qualify for exchange.Moreover,being with Su Xin could mean receiving personal guidance from Su Xin,a renowned expert listed on the People Ranking.All these attracted Gu Sheng.

Looking at his shiny black and red official uniform,Gu Sheng hesitated for a moment and then decisively shook his head,saying,"Sorry,Master Han,I don't want to go back.I want to stay by Mr.Su's side."

Upon hearing Gu Sheng's words,the other warriors who were only in the acquired realm also nodded to Han Qian,saying,"Master Han,we appreciate the favor you've shown us in the past,but we prefer to stay with the Six Gates."

Hearing their words,Han Qian almost spewed out blood,glaring at them with fiery eyes.For them,going back with Han Qian to continue being thieves might at most lead to becoming a leader among thieves.However,staying with Su Xin in the Six Gates,even though they were just small constables for now,could lead to becoming constable heads,heads of the province,or even higher positions.Choosing between being an official and a bandit was an obvious decision.

The warriors who were loudly proclaiming their status in the Divine Palace realm also felt a sinking feeling.What they were most worried about was their livelihood.Even if they wanted to go back with their subordinates to establish a bandit stronghold,few would be willing to follow them now because there was no future.

Pointing at Gu Sheng and others,Han Qian angrily exclaimed,"Fine,fine,you are all very good!A group of people who are greedy and forget their loyalty!"

Han Qian was somewhat rational.This was Jiangnan Prefecture,and if he dared to take action against Gu Sheng and the others,Su Xin would definitely not spare him.So Han Qian could only angrily scold them and turn away.

However,as he turned around,the Dragon Sword in Su Xin's hand had already unsheathed.The blood-red sword aura traversed the sky,and before Han Qian could react,a surge of qi rose on his iron gloves,trying to block this sword.

But under Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword,the torrential sword aura instantly shattered his iron gloves,and the residual sword energy crashed into his chest,killing him with a single stroke!

The other Divine Palace realm warriors looked at Su Xin in horror.Han Qian was about to leave,why did he have to kill him?

Su Xin sheathed his sword,calmly saying,"Taking off the uniform of my Six Gates and committing robbery is an unforgivable act.For such people,I naturally have to kill them."

The onlookers shivered at these words,and after witnessing these two events,none of them dared to protest.

"Everyone,joining my Six Gates means following the rules of my Six Gates.If you obey the rules,the benefits will not be lacking.On the contrary,if you go against them,you have seen the consequences."

Su Xin extended three fingers,saying,"I don't know about the rules in other places,but in my Six Gates in Jiangnan Prefecture,you only need to do three things:obey,obey,and obey!"

Su Xin's eyes scanned the crowd,making everyone shiver again.

"I don't dislike greedy people,but I do dislike those who are insatiable.Within the Six Gates,you obey me,and what you deserve will not be less for you.I have already advanced one month's salary for you in advance.You should be able to see that what you will get is much more than when you were bandits.Especially some specially crafted elixirs,which you haven't seen before."

The crowd fell silent.Su Xin had handled this matter quite skillfully.Each person had received one month's salary in advance,and the cultivation resources were more than what they had accumulated in several months as bandits.They were quite satisfied with the treatment of the Six Gates.They had only come this time because they were angry that Su Xin had dispersed their power.

Su Xin continued,"So,there is gain and loss.What you get will definitely be more than what you lose,and what you can get in the future will be even more.If someone is still insatiable,wanting more,then don't blame me,Su Xin,for being ruthless."

The numerous Divine Palace realm warriors immediately bowed to Su Xin,saying,"Yes,sir!"

Whether they would have problems in the future was unknown,but at least for now,these people had no intention of opposing Su Xin.After everyone left,6 Xu hesitated and said,"Sir,today you forced them to see the situation clearly.Although they seem obedient on the surface,I suspect there are many who secretly resist.This could be a hidden danger in the future."

Su Xin looked at 6 Xu.He was indeed a good subordinate,not the kind who only knew how to flatter and fawn over others.

However,Huang Bing and Li Huaicheng would not ask such questions because they had 100%confidence in Su Xin,believing that their boss would never make a mistake.

Su Xin asked 6 Xu,"Do you know what kind of people are the most loyal?"

"People raised from childhood?"6 Xu thought for a moment and replied.

Su Xin shook his head and said,"No,it's those who protect their own interests.They are loyal not to me but to their interests.Being the Chief Constable of the province in the Six Gates,even though they carry the title of the imperial hound on their backs and are destined to have conflicts with major martial forces,it is still much better than being the universally condemned bandits.Moreover,the benefits they can gain are also much greater than before.Because of this,they will use their utmost strength to protect their interests.After a while,even if I let them go,they won't leave.Instead,they will fiercely guard the Six Gates of Jiangnan Province because their interests are here."

The world revolves around interests,and Su Xin has always believed that only interests can bind a person.Otherwise,no matter how many slogans and brainwashing efforts there are,some people will develop ulterior motives.

"Old Huang,when you went to inform the martial sects to come to the provincial office in Jiangnan Prefecture for a meeting last time,did anyone come?"Su Xin asked.

Huang Bingcheng smiled bitterly and shook his head,"Not a single force showed up.This time,I was even thrown out without even seeing their leaders."

"Alright,give them another invitation,"Su Xin said.

"Another one?"Huang Bingcheng's face instantly fell.Not only did he not see the leaders the second time,but now he had to send a third invitation.Wasn't this purely seeking discomfort?

"Three attempts.We should give them a third chance,"Su Xin said casually.

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Huang Bingcheng had no choice but to start sending invitations to those martial sects for the third time.

Receiving these invitations,the representatives of these martial sects were somewhat surprised.The first time Su Xin sent an invitation,they thought Su Xin was arrogant and ignorant.The second time,they thought Su Xin was persistent and overestimated himself.However,the third time was a bit puzzling.Could Su Xin really be an idiot?Almost all the major sects in Jiangnan Province did not take him seriously,yet he persistently sent invitations.

However,some people felt that something was off.Judging from Su Xin's actions since he came to Jiangnan Province,whether it was single-handedly reclaiming the tax and supervision rights of Jiangnan Province's transportation from the Nian Gang,or ruthlessly eliminating dissidents,or recently recruiting bandits in Jiangnan Province,these actions indicated that Su Xin was not a foolish person.He might even be a courageous and resourceful person with high-level skills.

However,what he was doing now was something only an arrogant fool could do.Something didn't add up.

But no one thought too much about it.In any case,the strength of their major factions was here.Even if Su Xin recruited so many bandits,it would have no effect on them.

The forces in Jiangnan were deeply intertwined,and for Su Xin to deal with one sect,he would face the resistance of all martial forces in Jiangnan Province.Therefore,unless he could eliminate all the martial forces in Jiangnan Province in one fell swoop,he was destined to be unable to break through in this province.

For the third time,Su Xin gave them ten days,but when the deadline arrived,not a single person appeared.In the spacious meeting hall,only Su Xin and others were awkwardly waiting.

"I didn't expect the martial sects in Jiangnan Province to be so united,"Su Xin said with a smile on his face.

Su Xin's face showed no embarrassment at all.Instead,he revealed a hint of amusement.

After recruiting those bandits,the strength of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province,excluding the martial practitioners in the Nascent Soul realm,was comparable to top second-rate forces.This strength was enough to easily eliminate some third-rate forces.However,even with the invitations,no one came.It was evident that even those third-rate forces had confidence when facing Su Xin.

These martial forces in Jiangnan Province were practically impenetrable from the outside.Unless Su Xin could directly annihilate the entire martial world in Jiangnan Province,he would be unable to change the situation here.

"By the way,Old Huang,the sect you were thrown out from last time,is it called the Xunfeng Sword Sect?"Su Xin suddenly asked.

Huang Bingcheng was stunned for a moment,then nodded.

Su Xin waved his hand and said,"Alright,you don't need to worry about that matter anymore.In the meantime,you guys will be responsible for watching those new warriors who joined the Six Gates.Teach them the rules and responsibilities of the Six Gates and make sure they don't cause any trouble."