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Chapter 33: Formidable Foe - Luo Zhen

7455words in this chapter2024-01-02

After slaying Chen Laoda with a single sword stroke,the members of the Qingzhu Gang immediately began to retreat.

Not being soldiers in a war,and with their leader defeated so swiftly,the members of the Qingzhu Gang questioned the purpose of continuing the fight.

Su Xin didn't order a pursuit of the fleeing Qingzhu Gang members.Instead,he arranged for his men to take over the territories they had conquered.

Although Chen Laoda's influence in Yongle Alley was not extensive,it accounted for one-third of the entire area.

Wiping the blood off his sword with a piece of cloth,Su Xin called Huang Bingcheng and asked,"What's the casualty count?"

"Fifty-plus brothers sustained injuries,mostly superficial,and eight brothers lost their lives,"Huang Bingcheng answered cautiously.

To be honest,he was now somewhat fearful of this leader.Su Xin had intentionally refrained from intervening earlier to toughen his men.If he had acted sooner,the casualties might not have been so high.

Su Xin looked at Huang Bingcheng and asked,"Are you afraid of me?"

"No,not at all!"Huang Bingcheng hastily shook his head.

Su Xin patted his shoulder,saying,"Old Huang,remember,benevolence can't control an army.If I always shield them,they'll never grow.I cultivate them not out of kindness but because I need them to be a sharp tool in my hands.Don't worry;you're the first one to join me.As long as you don't betray me,I won't mistreat you."

Huang Bingcheng quickly swore,"Boss,I'm devoted to you.Without you,I wouldn't be as influential as I am now."

"Alright,Old Huang,don't be so sensitive.Calculate tonight's achievements,and rewards will be distributed in the morning,"Su Xin said,patting Huang Bingcheng's shoulder before leaving.

Su Xin was somewhat satisfied with Huang Bingcheng.He entrusted him with all sorts of tasks,and he handled them efficiently.While he might not be effective in direct combat,his logistical support was indispensable.

Maintaining the relationship with his subordinates required two things:providing sufficient benefits and instilling a sense of awe.Su Xin believed these were crucial.

The next morning,Su Xin personally carried boxes of silver and handed them to his gang members."I,Su Xin,keep my promises.This silver is just a warm-up!Once we conquer Yongle Alley,more silver awaits you!"

The gang members below were stimulated by the sight of the silver,and their grief over the loss of eight brothers was overshadowed.

With the silver in their possession,all they thought about was using their lives to secure wealth.

The battle between the Qingzhu Gang and the Feiying Gang wasn't going to end in a day.On the second night,Su Xin continued to encroach on Yongle Alley.

With over fifty casualties,and excluding those severely injured,Su Xin had about 160 men left in the fight.Considering the need to guard the conquered territory,the numbers were becoming less favorable.

Su Xin instructed Huang Bingcheng to continue recruiting in Changle Alley while employing a cautious strategy in the ongoing battle.He had time on his side;the gang war wouldn't end so easily,and he wasn't worried about recruiting more members.

Due to the ongoing gang war,even if he recruited more people,Tiger San Ye would find it hard to object.Moreover,with the significant achievements of the first day,killing a prominent figure from the Qingzhu Gang and capturing one-third of Yongle Alley,Su Xin felt confident in recruiting more members.

Su Xin refrained from participating in the subsequent battles.He would only intervene if formidable opponents appeared on the opposing side.

His gang members,having experienced life-and-death struggles,had become much stronger.Their combat effectiveness had multiplied,and they could handle a one-on-three situation without falling behind.

After two consecutive nights of battle,Su Xin had devoured almost half of Yongle Alley.

However,on the third night,things took an unexpected turn.

In the center of the main street,a middle-aged man with a scar on his face stood proudly,wielding an iron spear.

Behind him stood densely packed members of the Qingzhu Gang,numbering at least seven or eight hundred.

Huang Bingcheng's face turned pale."It's Luozhen,the leader of the Qingzhu Gang.But he should be guarding Shunyi Alley against Tiger San Ye.Why did he bring all his men here?Doesn't he want this half of Yongle Alley anymore?"

Su Xin sighed,"We've been tricked,tricked by my adoptive father.In two days,he didn't even attack Yongle Alley.His message is clear:he wants to force Luozhen into coming to me!"

Blame it on Su Xin's carelessness.He was too engrossed in the success on his side of the battle,failing to gather intelligence on Tiger San Ye's movements.

Currently,almost the entire Feiying Gang was engaged in the gang war.It was unusual for Tiger San Ye,one of the top leaders,not to make a move with a single soldier.

If Su Xin had known this information earlier,he would have been more cautious.

Within these two days,Tiger San Ye probably grasped Luozhen's intentions.If Tiger San Ye didn't act,Su Xin would gradually conquer Yongle Alley.In the end,Tiger San Ye would join forces with Su Xin to take over and merge Yongle Alley.

Therefore,Luozhen had no choice but to swallow Su Xin.Even if he lost half of Yongle Alley,Luozhen could reclaim the other half occupied by Su Xin.

"Boss,we might need to retreat.Luozhen used to be a mercenary,and his martial arts skills are formidable.He has a reputation in the Qingzhu Gang,even greater than Daichong!"Huang Bingcheng advised.

Su Xin remained silent,but Luozhen on the opposite side shouted,"Feiying Gang youngsters,don't you have the guts to come out for a fight?I have a lot of men,and your little gang members are not weak either.Fighting with them won't gain you any advantages.Let's settle this one-on-one.Do you dare?"

Su Xin chuckled and walked out with his heavy sword.

Luozhen laughed heartily,"You're not bad,much stronger than your adoptive father,that turtle who used to hide.Tiger San Ye was ruthless in his younger days,but damn,he got cowardly as he aged!"

"How shall we fight?To the death or just for victory?"Su Xin asked.

Luozhen waved his hand,"Of course,it's for victory.I'm not a lackey of that Daichong.Why should I fight to the death for him?The brothers behind me trust me.I won't let them fight to the death for Wei Feng's nonsense.I won't let my brothers sacrifice for him."

Su Xin smiled,finding Luozhen quite interesting.

On the first day of the battle,Su Xin intentionally refrained from intervening,letting his men get injured or even killed to enhance their combat abilities.On the other hand,Luozhen was willing to challenge Su Xin,even when he was at a disadvantage,to protect his underlings.

Currently,if Luozhen ordered an attack,Su Xin's 100-plus men wouldn't be able to withstand it.Although their strength had improved significantly since the first day,Luozhen had more people,and he was a skilled martial artist.

"Alright,let's battle then."

Su Xin gripped his heavy sword and swiftly moved towards Luozhen!

Luozhen lifted his wrought-iron spear,and his imposing aura soared instantly.A fierce sensation swept through the air as the spear,as tall as a person,thrust forward like a sea dragon,exceptionally fast.

Su Xin dodged to the side,but Luozhen changed the thrust to a sweep,viciously striking towards Su Xin!

Retreating after raising his sword,Su Xin managed to block the force of the iron spear with three swift slashes.However,he was still pushed back three steps!

"Early-stage Houtian!"

Su Xin squinted;his opponent was also an early-stage Houtian warrior,someone who had opened more than 36 acupoints.Su Xin had opened 47 acupoints,but in terms of strength,he was at a disadvantage.

Luozhen said,"You're also in the early-stage Houtian.Young people nowadays are impressive.When I was your age,I was still practicing with a big spear in a horse stance."

Luozhen sighed,but his wrought-iron spear didn't pause.Stabbing,piercing,chopping,and sweeping,his unparalleled momentum forced Su Xin to step back continuously.

In the rear,Huang Bingcheng asked Li Huai,"Why does it feel like our boss is at a disadvantage?"

Li Huai replied calmly,"It's not just your feeling;the boss is indeed at a disadvantage now."

"Damn!Luozhen is almost fifty,right?How can he be so strong?"

"It's not that Luozhen is too strong;it's that his weapon is advantageous.An inch longer,an inch stronger!As Su Xin is finding out,Luozhen's use of the wrought-iron spear is restraining him effectively.Su Xin can't get close to Luozhen within three steps."