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Chapter 32: Attacking the Green Bamboo Gang

10034words in this chapter2024-01-02

Inside the main hall of the Feiying Gang,the gang leader Sha Feiying and the three hall masters were stunned when they heard that Wei Feng had been attacked.

"Who the hell sent the person!?"Sha Feiying's gaze swept over Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li and landed on Lin Fuhu.

Among these three,he was the most impulsive and didn't consider the overall situation when making decisions.Moreover,only the members of his combat hall had the strength to go alone and assassinate Wei Feng.

"It's a misunderstanding,Boss!It really wasn't my people!Although those brats from the Qingzhu Gang went too far,I know the importance of the situation.How could I send someone for revenge at this time?"Lin Fuhu appeared quite aggrieved.

Sha Feiying glanced at him without further inquiry.Lin Fuhu was straightforward and not good at hiding things.If he said it wasn't his people,then it probably wasn't.

Zhuang Li said,"Boss,there's no point in investigating who sent the person now.Anyway,the Qingzhu Gang has lost face this time.The gang leader almost died at the hands of an assassin.We have to fight back,and we must make them pay for it."

Sha Feiying nodded,"Right,we have to fight,but if we do,we can't afford to lose.Inform everyone below,Feiying Gang is on full alert,ready to attack at any time!We can't afford to lose this time!"


The three nodded and left the main hall.

Back in the punishment hall,Dong Chengwu summoned a gang member and asked,"I asked you to keep an eye on Su Xin these past few days.Did he do anything unusual?"

The gang member replied,"Su Xin's routine is very regular.Besides patrolling the Happy Forest in the morning and evening,he stays at home during other times."

"Are you sure he didn't leave the Happy Forest today?"

"Definitely not.We followed your orders and stationed people at the exit of the Happy Forest.If Su Xin went out,they would report immediately."

Dong Chengwu waved his hand,letting the gang member leave.He rubbed his chin,puzzled,"Could it really not be him?"

At this moment,Su Xin had already removed his clothes and the human skin mask,directly burning them.Su Xin was cautious;this identity had been used once,so it was better to get rid of it.

Huang Bingcheng came in,looking excited."Boss,the message has been released internally.Everyone is on full alert.We can attack the Qingzhu Gang at any time!"

"The plan succeeded.I didn't waste my efforts.How is the loot calculated?"

"Same as usual.Whoever captures the territory gets it.Monthly taxes should be submitted on time."

Su Xin nodded.Feiying Gang's rules were clear:no one would contest your achievements openly.If you captured a territory,it was yours.However,regardless of the monthly income from the territory,no matter how much,two-tenths had to be handed over to the higher-ups.

In the first month,Su Xin received nearly 180,000 taels of silver from the Happy Forest,giving almost half to Hu San Ye.It was unnecessary to give him so much,but it was just to shut up this adoptive father of his.

"Inform Li Huai to get ready.Assemble all our people.Tonight,we'll take action."

Although attacking now could seize the initiative,the rules didn't allow it.This was Changning Prefecture;even if the major factions fought fiercely,this was still the territory of the court.

So there was an unspoken rule in Changning Prefecture:large-scale gang battles had to wait until nightfall.At that time,all major businesses would close their doors.You could fight however you wanted.

If anyone dared to break the rules,the constables from the yamen would personally step in to teach them a lesson.

In the evening,as the sky gradually darkened,Su Xin's more than two hundred gang members had all gathered at the entrance.Holding weapons,they awaited Su Xin's command.

They already knew what they were going to do tonight.Their faces couldn't help but show a nervous expression;after all,most of them were participating in a gang battle for the first time.

Su Xin held a heavy sword and stood in front of the crowd,loudly proclaiming,"I've told you before:if you want to gain wealth and glory,you have to fight!Now the opportunity has come;it depends on whether you can seize it!Tonight,we'll attack Yongle Lane.For every person you kill,you'll be rewarded ten taels!"

Wealth and fame moved people's hearts.Su Xin didn't say much,only making a promise that caused many gang members'eyes to turn red.

With Changning Prefecture's prices,one or two taels of silver could be enough for a month's use.Now each gang member had ten taels per month,making their lives more comfortable,but still not enough!

Ten taels of silver for one person's life;if they could kill ten people tonight,they could immediately marry a wife!

As Happy Forest still glowed with lights,the opposite Yongle Lane was already pitch black.All the businesses had received the message and boarded up their doors,leaving only a lantern in front.

The dim light illuminated the long street,appearing eerie in the mist.It also reflected the cold light in the hands of the Qingzhu Gang members guarding the entrance.

Changning Prefecture had forty-nine blocks,and the Qingzhu Gang occupied three markets.Apart from Yongle Lane,there was only Changle Lane right next to it,which belonged to Hushan Ye.

So the gang members in Yongle Lane were divided into two groups—one guarding Changle Lane,and the other guarding the entrance to the Happy Forest.

The entire Yongle Lane had more than fifteen hundred Qingzhu Gang members.Only one-third were guarding the entrance to the Happy Forest,all under the command of Chen Laoda.

He was quite a unique character.Even at such a critical time for a gang battle,he still tried to be clever.He knew that Hushan Ye had nearly a thousand people under him and was not easy to provoke.However,there was only one long street in Changle Lane,and only one small leader with nearly two hundred people guarded it.

Could he not handle such a small number of people?So he requested the gang leader to transfer him here.

Wei Feng wasn't foolish either.He was afraid that Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong would use his direct subordinates as cannon fodder.So,he immediately agreed.

"Get your damn spirits up!Defeat those brats from the Feiying Gang,and each of you will be rewarded with a hundred silver coins tomorrow morning!"Chen Dao,holding a knife,shouted in the crowd,boosting morale a bit.

On the opposite side of the street,Su Xin,leading his people,walked slowly towards them.Faced with an enemy more than twice their number,he simply shouted,"Kill!"

In gang battles,it's not like war.The key on this narrow street was just one phrase:when paths cross,the brave win!

To boost morale,it was evident that Su Xin's young followers were much superior to the Qingzhu Gang.Even facing enemies more than twice their number,no one flinched.

Li Huai also wanted to charge,but Su Xin stopped him,"Not yet.This battle is a real test for them.Without bloodshed and without going all out,even if they learn internal skills and martial techniques,it's useless."

Life-and-death struggles were far more useful than sitting at home cultivating.Su Xin's strength before and after assassinating Dai Chong was like night and day.

At this moment,the gang members of both sides on the long street had already begun close combat.

As soon as they started,the advantage of the Qingzhu Gang,with more people,became evident.Two or three gang members besieged one from the Feiying Gang,and their knives came down with great force.At this moment,the disadvantages of those without life-and-death combat experience became apparent.

Most gang members were in chaos,even forgetting the Dog-Beating Staff technique they had learned,and even forgetting to form defensive formations with three people together.In an instant,several of them were killed!

"Boss,let's go in!"Huang Bingcheng urged anxiously.

"Wait a little longer.If they can't get through even this stage,what's the use of me training them?"Su Xin remained unmoved.

Huang Bingcheng once said that meeting Su Xin was the good fortune they accumulated from past lives,but Su Xin said it might also be their karma.

Those who survived naturally had good fortune.

And those who died could consider it paying off their past-life debts.

Su Xin spared no effort in training these subordinates not because he was exceptionally kind,but because he needed them to provide him with power.He needed these people to become sharp blades in his hands.

If they could show their value,Su Xin didn't mind spending more silver and putting in more effort.But if they couldn't rise,as Su Xin said,he didn't raise trash.

Fortunately,these people were quite tenacious.After the initial panic,they gradually found their rhythm.Some began forming defensive formations for self-preservation and started to counterattack.

In terms of individual quality,Su Xin's gang members,who had practiced internal skills and the Dog-Beating Staff technique,were much stronger.Once they stabilized their footing,the Qingzhu Gang began to panic.

Although the Qingzhu Gang had more than five hundred gang members,most were just a bunch of thugs who were good at fighting when things went smoothly.Once they encountered setbacks,their strength plummeted.

Chen Laoda,feeling puzzled,couldn't understand how this seemingly inexperienced kid from the Happy Forest had cultivated such elite subordinates.

Seeing that only ten people had died on his side,and there was already a trend of almost collapsing,Chen Laoda gritted his teeth,drew the waist knife from behind,and rushed into the battle.

Seeing Chen Laoda take action,Su Xin shouted,"Li Huai,clear the way for me!"

Li Huai drew two short swords from his hands,rushed directly into the crowd,and with swords flying up and down,immediately cut off the throats of several gang members.The gang members in front were startled and immediately opened up a path.

Su Xin followed closely behind,holding the heavy sword,and directly slashed at Chen Laoda!

A chilling wind roared as the sword descended.Chen Laoda resisted with his waist knife,feeling a tremendous force that made his hand numb.He took three or four steps backward before stopping.

Looking at his waist knife,there was already a thumb-sized gap!

"His strength is so strong!"Chen Laoda lamented secretly.He didn't expect that a seemingly inexperienced kid would have such great strength!

A sword sent Chen Laoda flying,and Su Xin didn't hesitate for a moment.Holding the sword,he attacked Chen Laoda once again!

The formidable sword shadow came from all directions,dense and unstoppable,directly locking Chen Laoda within it!

The original intention of the Great Vajra Sword Technique was to take the lesser to include the greater,using weakness to overcome strength,having an advantage in defense.However,Chen Laoda was too weak.Su Xin estimated that he hadn't opened up even ten acupoints.

This was not a case of taking the lesser to include the greater;it was including the greater to take the lesser!

The sword shadows fell from all directions,impenetrable.It seemed to enclose Chen Laoda completely!

At this moment,Chen Laoda remembered that this kid was the one who assassinated Dai Chong last month!

Thinking about this,Chen Laoda had no more will to fight.He threw the knife towards Su Xin and turned to run.

But before he could fully turn around,a cold light had already crossed the corner of his eye and pierced into his throat!

Su Xin,with a thin sword in his left hand,slowly pulled it out from Chen Laoda's throat,watching the unwillingness in his eyes slowly dissipate.

Indeed,his death was unwilling because,until the end,he hadn't seen how Su Xin had pierced him with that sword.