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Chapter 31 Framing and Plotting

9730words in this chapter2024-01-02

On the main street of Chengde District,Su Xin,dressed in the distinctive clothing of the Qingzhu Gang,walked towards the headquarters of the Qingzhu Gang.

Touching the human skin mask on his face,Su Xin felt the strangeness of the thing.After putting it on,even he couldn't recognize himself just by looking at his face.

This human skin mask was obtained from a flower thief,and he didn't expect it to come in handy so soon.

His disguise this time on the turf of the Qingzhu Gang was naturally aimed at stirring up some trouble.

Qingzhu Gang and Feiying Gang had some grudges,right?Well,he would add fuel to the fire.

In the Changning Prefecture,there were three gangs and four factions,totaling seven major forces,and among them,these three gangs were the weakest.

However,among these three gangs,Feiying Gang and another gang from Jiangyang had only risen in the past few decades,while the Qingzhu Gang had been in the hands of the Wei family for three generations.Moreover,when the Qingzhu Gang was first established,it was the largest gang in Changning Prefecture.

Unfortunately,with each generation,the successors were not as capable as the predecessors.By the time of Wei Feng,he couldn't even defeat the vice gang leaders under him,making him utterly useless.

Although the current Qingzhu Gang had declined,it still retained some of its former grandeur.At least,the headquarters was built impressively,occupying the entire street.

Arriving at the entrance,Su Xin,holding a box filled with stones,respectfully said to the gatekeeper gang member,"Brother,I'm from Boss Chen's side.He asked me to bring something to the gang leader.Could you please inform him?"

Boss Chen was one of the three leaders supporting Wei Feng.After Daichong's death,he took over Daichong's position to guard Yongle Lane.

However,Boss Chen's strength was much inferior to Daichong's.He was heavily suppressed by another leader,Ma Qingyuan,who belonged to the vice gang leader.Originally,Yongle Lane,which should have been divided equally between them,now had two-thirds belonging to Ma Qingyuan.

But Boss Chen had one advantage–he knew how to flatter.He often brought some strange and rare things to please Wei Feng,gaining more favor from him.

Since Boss Chen sent people frequently,the gatekeeper didn't pay much attention to whether the person delivering things had changed.With over seven thousand members in the Qingzhu Gang,not recognizing each other was normal.

"The gang leader is drinking at Chunxiang Tower.If he's not there,you can leave the stuff here,and I'll pass it on when he returns."

"Not there?"Su Xin chuckled inwardly.That was even better.It could be dangerous to take action in the headquarters,and in a noisy place like a brothel,it was easier to escape.

"Well,I'd rather not.This thing is quite private,and Boss Chen insisted on handing it to the gang leader personally.I'll go to Chunxiang Tower instead."

The gatekeeper showed a knowing look.

Wei Feng had a penchant for women,known throughout the Qingzhu Gang.Due to this,Boss Chen often brought him some exotic and lascivious things,which were inconvenient for others to see.

Su Xin turned and walked into an alley,casually throwing away the box,taking off the Qingzhu Gang's outerwear,revealing a brocade and magnificent outfit.He then took out a fan,instantly transforming into a refined young gentleman.

Exiting the alley,Su Xin arrived at the street corner where a group of sedan bearers was waiting with various types of sedan chairs for rent.

Su Xin tossed a piece of silver,and one sedan bearer's eyes lit up.He picked it up respectfully and asked,"Young master,where are you going?"

"Chunxiang Tower."

A brothel was an indispensable establishment in every district,but Chunxiang Tower in Chengde District was much inferior to Zuiyuelin.The decoration was shabby,and the service even worse.

As Su Xin entered,the gaudy red decor immediately gave him a vulgar feeling.

A fat,fifty-something madam,throwing flirtatious glances,giggled,"Young master,please come inside!"This scene left Su Xin speechless.

In establishments like Liu's Zuiyuelin,both the decor and service followed an elegant and refined style.

Chunxiang Tower,on the other hand,stuck to the clichéd routine of the madam smiling and enticing guests while the girls welcomed them with open legs.Even for Wei Feng,the dignified leader of a gang,this kind of play seemed tasteless.

"You can go about your business;I'll explore on my own."Su Xin directly threw a silver ingot,hitting the madam's lap.

Upon seeing the silver,the madam immediately turned and left.The customer was the deity;she understood this principle well.

On the second floor of Chunxiang Tower,Su Xin infused his ears with internal energy,instantly enhancing his hearing.The originally poorly soundproofed private rooms now sounded clear in Su Xin's ears.

Filtering out the noise,Su Xin pinched the hidden dagger in his folding fan and walked towards the innermost private room.

In that private room,a man in his thirties was holding a girl,drinking heavily.Several Qingzhu Gang members poured drinks and offered consoling words in low voices.

This man was Wei Feng,the current leader of the Qingzhu Gang.However,his current life was far less glorious than when he was the young master of the gang.

Back then,Wei Feng was truly formidable,with his father supporting him from above.Who in the Qingzhu Gang would dare to provoke him?

The previous major battle between Qingzhu Gang and Feiying Gang happened because Wei Feng and Sha Yuandong,the son of Sha Feiying,had a conflict in the brothel,leading to a violent confrontation.

At that time,Wei Feng didn't even fear Sha Yuandong,regardless of whether he was Sha Feiying's son or not.He just fought without hesitation.

And now?He had been slapped hard by Feiying Gang members and could only drown his sorrows in alcohol here.

"Damn it!Don't let me find an opportunity.Once I truly control the Qingzhu Gang,the first thing I'll do is deal with those two old bastards!"

The nearby gang members quickly poured him a glass of wine,wearing obsequious smiles."That's right,sooner or later,those two old turtles will know how formidable our gang leader is!"

With a creak,the door to the private room was pushed open,and Su Xin walked in.

Wei Feng immediately frowned."Who allowed you in?Get out!Is there no discipline left?"

"Are you Wei Feng?"Su Xin asked softly,but his eyes scanned everything in the room.

Apart from Wei Feng and the girl from the brothel in his arms,there were only five gang members,all seemingly weak,without any particularly strong figures.

Perhaps Wei Feng thought that in the Qingzhu Gang's stronghold,no one dared to attack him,so he only brought a few lackeys for entertainment.

"Bold!Can you just casually call our gang leader's name?"One gang member immediately stepped forward to rebuke.

Su Xin ignored him,walking forward and saying,"I'm here today just to tell you one thing:those who offend the Feiying Gang will be severely punished!"

As the last word fell,the folding fan in Su Xin's hand suddenly shattered,revealing a hidden dagger that he thrust towards Wei Feng!


The five gang members exclaimed,but not one of them stepped forward to stop Su Xin.They all dodged away,crying out in fear.

Wei Feng's eyes flashed with fear.In fact,he was also a martial artist,with internal strength not weaker than Su Xin's.He had also cultivated thirty-six acupoints,reaching the early stages of innate power.

But unfortunately,he had never experienced a life-and-death battle since childhood.Faced with such a sudden event,Wei Feng had long forgotten that he also possessed martial arts skills.

Su Xin furrowed his brow.He didn't expect Wei Feng to be such a waste,frightened to the point of not even knowing how to evade.

He hadn't intended to kill Wei Feng,but if he showed too much leniency,it would be too easy to see through.Fortunately,Wei Feng wasn't completely foolish.

As the dagger approached,Wei Feng suddenly pulled the girl from the brothel in front of him,trying to block the attack.

Intentionally deviating,Su Xin made the dagger pierce through the shoulder of the brothel girl,reaching Wei Feng's arm.

With a miss,Su Xin retreated in a moment,before Wei Feng could react,he leaped out of the window on the second floor.

"Boss,are you okay?"Seeing Su Xin escape,a few lackeys approached,expressing concern.

"Get lost!All you useless people,get out!Where were you just now?"Wei Feng,pushing the crying brothel girl aside,began to curse loudly at the gang members.

Awkwardly,the few men chuckled,not daring to talk back,allowing Wei Feng to scold them.

The commotion caused by Su Xin had already alerted the Qingzhu Gang.Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong had arrived at Chunxiang Tower in less than half a moment.

"Boss,what's going on?"Ma Qingyuan pretended to ask with concern.

"What's going on?I was almost killed by an assassin from the Feiying Gang!They dared to assassinate me right here in the Qingzhu Gang's headquarters.Feiying Gang is practically slapping my face swollen.Are you guys going to endure this?"Wei Feng angrily shouted.

"Is there some misunderstanding in this?"Chen Hong said.

He was small in stature and had a refined appearance,not looking like a martial artist but more like a tutor.

In fact,he used to be the strategist specifically advising the old leader of the Qingzhu Gang.All the fighting and killing matters were handled by Ma Qingyuan.

So when he heard about this incident,his first reaction was that someone was framing them.After all,Feiying Gang had always been restrained,and he couldn't believe they would suddenly go crazy and send someone to assassinate Wei Feng.

"Misunderstanding?The assassin admitted he's from the Feiying Gang.What misunderstanding can there be?"Wei Feng,with red eyes,glared at the two men."If you're not going to fight the Feiying Gang,then I will!I'll hand over the position of the gang leader to you!I quit!"

Chen Hong quickly grabbed Wei Feng's arm."Boss,calm down.I didn't say we wouldn't fight.I'll issue the order now to declare an all-out war against the Feiying Gang.We must make them give us an explanation!"


Satisfied with the answer,Wei Feng covered his arm and left with his people.

After Wei Feng's group left,Ma Qingyuan's expression darkened."Chen Hong,what are you doing?Starting a war now has no benefit for us!"

Chen Hong sighed."With such a big incident,what can we do if we don't go to war?Our boss was almost assassinated in our own headquarters.If we endure this,even if those big bosses listen to us,their underlings won't."

"This doesn't seem like something the Feiying Gang would do.I feel someone is manipulating this situation,maybe even Wei Feng himself!He might be trying to instigate a gang war to seize our power."

"That kid still has such scheming?"Ma Qingyuan didn't believe it.He had watched Wei Feng grow up since childhood.This playboy was nothing more than an embroidered pillow.

Chen Hong gave a mysterious smile."When people are driven to desperation,what can't they do?But if he wants to take our power,he's a bit too green.He wants a fight,so I'll let him have a good one.Once his men are beaten down,he'll obediently become a puppet gang leader!"