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Chapter 254: Frustration of the Three Major Forces

9107words in this chapter2024-01-29

Su Xin's words cornered three powerful experts in the Yuan Shen realm,leaving them speechless.

Now Su Xin made it clear that he was pressuring them with his identity.Since they had already mentioned risking their lives,what else could they do?Charge at Su Xin and try to kill him?

The three could only snort coldly,turn around,and leave.However,right before departing,Ji Wu Kong,who had been silent the whole time,left a parting remark,"Su Xin,don't be too complacent.This matter won't be resolved so easily."

As the three powerful experts in the Yuan Shen realm left,the surrounding warriors were stunned.

They were unsure whether to praise Su Xin for his boldness or his confident demeanor.Was he really not afraid that Sun Qian and the others might kill him on the spot?

Su Xin waved his hand,signaling for Li Huai and the others to return.Although he had pushed the situation to the extreme,he wasn't actually planning to risk his life against Sun Qian and the others.He wasn't loyal enough to sacrifice himself for the Great Zhou Dynasty.

If Sun Qian and the others were to attack,Su Xin would have no choice but to flee.After all,there was still Gu Dong Lai in Jiangnan Dao.If the other side attempted to assassinate the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,regardless of success,they would incur the wrath of the three major families.

Of course,by doing so,Su Xin's position as Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao would come to an end.

As Iron War had mentioned before,the assistance Six Gates Sect could provide to Su Xin was limited,and Gu Dong Lai was only responsible for keeping an eye on the Xiao family.Now,Su Xin couldn't handle the other sects in Jiangnan Dao,requiring the assistance of Gu Dong Lai.This clearly showed incompetence,and both Six Gates Sect and the Iron family would not allow Su Xin to continue in his current position.

In this situation,if the three from the Nine Profound Sword Sect were to take action against Su Xin,regardless of whether they could kill him or not,it would end up as a mutually destructive outcome.Neither side would benefit.

Although Su Xin wasn't risking his life,he was gambling on the fact that the representatives sent by the three families were not reckless individuals but rather intelligent people who considered the consequences.Because they were intelligent,they had more concerns and were less likely to take risky actions.

So,Su Xin's gamble paid off.Even Sun Qian,known for his somewhat impulsive nature,was not a fool.At this moment,Sun Qian and the others had dark and furious expressions.Being humiliated by a junior in front of everyone made them extremely angry.

Ji Wu Kong sneered,"I knew it.He dared to join forces with the Wen family to annihilate the Xunfeng Sword Sect.How could he not have a plan against us?"

Sun Qian said in a deep voice,"Even if you know he's pretending,what can we do?Do we dare to kill him?Using a tiger's skin as a banner is simple,but we truly dare not confront it.I have to admit,Su Xin picked a good time."

The incident with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom had just passed,and the court was vigilant about Jiangnan Dao.At this time,if they were to act against the Chief Constable appointed by the court,the consequences would undoubtedly be severe.

Gong Yang Wu Suan said coldly,"But even so,we absolutely cannot let him go easily.Otherwise,the rules of Jiangnan Dao might be completely broken."

Ji Wu Kong's eyes showed a hint of coldness."We can't take action,but can't we let other sects handle it?"

Sun Qian hesitated,"Do you mean,like Su Xin,instigating other sects with Yuan Shen realm experts to attack him?But if any sect takes action against Su Xin,they will face the furious wrath of the court.The result will be the annihilation of that sect."

Ji Wu Kong glanced at Sun Qian without saying anything.The Nine Profound Sword Sect was a righteous sect,but the Fallen Feather Villa was not entirely considered part of the righteous martial arts world.

The Ji family had established the Fallen Feather Villa several hundred years ago.It was more like a family with many followers,compared to the Nine Profound Sword Sect,which was a proper martial arts sect.Unlike the Nine Profound Sword Sect,the considerations of the Fallen Feather Villa were more about their own interests.

However,Ji Wu Kong didn't argue too much with Sun Qian.Now was not the time for internal conflicts.

Inside the Six Gates Sect,Huang Bing Cheng was somewhat shocked as he said to Su Xin,"Boss,you really dare to say that.Even though they left for now,I don't think they will let it go."

Su Xin looked at Huang Bing Cheng and others,saying,"It's not them you should be worried about.With my identity as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,they won't dare to touch me.But you guys are different.Be careful when you go out in the future;someone might shout about the imperial hound and try to assassinate you."

Huang Bing Cheng and the others immediately shrank their necks,awkwardly laughing one after another,"Boss,don't scare us."

Su Xin's expression became serious,"I'm not scaring you.You might not have heard of other Chief Constables being killed,but many deputy Chief Constables and regional Chief Constables under them have died.You guys have been safe because of the intentional indulgence of the Gold Martial Forest.The Six Gates Sect has had no influence on the martial arts world in Jiangnan Dao,and those martial arts sects are not foolish enough to attack a seemingly harmless Six Gates Sect."

And now we have begun to intervene in the martial arts world of Jiangnan Dao,and we even used such an extreme method as wiping out an entire sect.Do you think they will retaliate?"

The crowd felt a chill in their hearts.Even though they were in the Divine Palace realm,they couldn't live without constant vigilance.If they were to relax and be assassinated one day,that would truly be a pitiable situation.

Especially Huang Bing Cheng,he had already decided to stick closely to Li Huai at all times.Otherwise,with his meager strength,a casual sword strike could end his life.

"Of course,you don't need to be nervous.If they don't want to let it go,I also have no intention of letting it go."Su Xin squinted his eyes,revealing a hint of coldness.

The destruction of the Xunfeng Sword Sect was just the beginning.Whether it was to climb up with the backing of the Six Gates Sect or to complete the mission,Su Xin had to wipe out several more sects.

Last time,when he annihilated the Xunfeng Sword Sect,the system rewarded Su Xin with a one-time increase of 1200 points of villain value.After this mission,Su Xin's strength would increase significantly.

Su Xin returned to the Jiangnan Dao headquarters with his people,leaving Li Huai and others behind.He also had someone bring Wen Ming Yu over.

Wen Ming Yu knew that ever since he sided with Su Xin,he had completely severed ties with the martial arts world of Jiangnan Dao.Therefore,he had moved his entire family to Jiangnan Prefecture,leaving only some peripheral disciples and servants to manage the family's territories and industries in Ze Prefecture.

He had hidden in Jiangnan Prefecture,and even if other sects wanted to trouble him,they couldn't cause chaos in Jiangnan Prefecture.As for those who stayed in Ze Prefecture,even if they were unhappy,they wouldn't dare vent their anger on the ordinary disciples.Otherwise,wouldn't they be the same as the annihilated Wen family and Su Xin?

After Wen Ming Yu arrived,Su Xin knocked on the table and said,"Everyone,representatives from the three major top-tier forces in Jiangnan Dao have already come.They suffered a setback this time,but you can imagine that they will definitely take action next.It seems we've truly pushed them to a desperate situation."

Huang Bing Cheng scratched his head and said,"Honestly,I feel like the heads of these three families are a bit crazy.All three of them are top-tier forces with centuries of heritage,numerous experts in their sects.Even if we manage to wipe out those second-tier sects,we still won't pose a threat to them.Why are they so anxious?"

As Huang Bing Cheng said this,others also felt that something was off.The actions of the Nine Profound Sword Sect and other forces did seem too hasty,as if Su Xin had not destroyed the Xunfeng Sword Sect but one of their subordinate branches.

If these three sects were purely seeking justice for the Xunfeng Sword Sect,no one would believe it.After spending so much time in Jiangnan Dao,they knew the true nature of the Nine Profound Sword Sect and the other two forces.The people from these three sects were by no means noble.

"Simple,because we've touched their interests."Su Xin said lightly.

Seeing the puzzled looks of the crowd,Su Xin continued to tap the table,"Who established the rules of Jiangnan Dao?It was the Xiao family and the three top-tier forces like the Nine Profound Sword Sect.As the top martial forces in Jiangnan Dao,they play the role of mediators,preventing random killings among the martial forces.Whenever there is a conflict between two sects,they voluntarily step in to mediate,acting as peacekeepers.On the surface,they seem to be thinking about the stability of Jiangnan Dao,but in reality,they are thinking about their own interests."

This statement puzzled even Wen Ming Yu.Even he couldn't see what benefits the Xiao family and the three major top-tier forces had in this.

Although,each time the Xiao family and the three top-tier forces acted as peacemakers,the sect being mediated would offer some gifts as a token of gratitude.However,these gifts were merely expressions of gratitude and attempts to build better relations with the three major sects.The martial forces voluntarily offered them,and the gifts were not valuable enough to be considered as compensation.

Apart from these tokens of gratitude,the three major sects had not gained any substantial benefits from mediating martial disputes.

Su Xin shook his head,"You're thinking wrong.The Xiao family and the three major sects aim to stabilize the martial forces in Jiangnan Dao.The fundamental reason is that they don't want any sect to grow too large and threaten their positions.So the more stable and deadlocked Jiangnan Dao is,the better.All the forces should develop peacefully and steadily,securing the positions of these three sects."

Huang Bing Cheng and others still wore confused expressions.Their status and perspectives were limited,so they couldn't fully grasp it.However,Wen Ming Yu's eyes showed understanding.

He had been the head of the Wen family for over a decade.Although he naturally had a certain vision and insight,Su Xin's explanation immediately enlightened him.