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Chapter 255: Secrets of Jiangnan Dao

8573words in this chapter2024-01-29

Seeing Huang Bingcheng and others still puzzled,Su Xin explained in detail,"What does the development of a sect rely on?Accumulation over time,right?"

Huang Bingcheng and others nodded subconsciously.Without accumulation,what else could they rely on?

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Although accumulation can enhance the strength of a sect,the foundation of a sect has its limits.Unless a sect suddenly produces an extraordinary genius,the speed of improvement will be limited.The real means to rapidly enhance a sect's strength is through plundering!Major sects assimilate medium-sized sects,medium-sized sects assimilate small sects,absorbing the disciples,techniques,and various cultivation resources of the opponent to enhance their own strength.The head of the Wen family should be well aware of this."

Wen Mingyu nodded,"Indeed,the weakness of our Wen family lies in the mediocre internal cultivation techniques,resulting in slow progress.Now that we have obtained the internal technique of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,an authentic Daoist technique,it can completely compensate for our shortcomings."

Su Xin continued,"The case of the Wen family head is a good example.Each assimilation brings the sect one step closer to greater strength.Similarly,frequent battles elevate the combat power of the sect's disciples.In the current Jiangnan Dao,without rules,major martial arts sects and noble families are three times more numerous than in other regions.With this much power,cultivating a first-class sect three times more powerful than those in other regions is not a difficult task.This situation is what the Nine Profound Sword Sect fears the most.Having one more first-class force means one more competitor.Therefore,they prefer Jiangnan Dao to remain in a stagnant and peaceful state rather than welcoming another opponent."

Huang Bingcheng asked in confusion,"But with the strength of the Nine Profound Sword Sect,even if the martial arts in Jiangnan Dao attack each other and assimilate,shouldn't they become stronger?What's there to worry about?"

Su Xin shook his head,"It is possible for them to become stronger,but developing into a top force is extremely difficult.While other second-rate sects,if they are aggressive,can reach the same level in less than a dozen years.In short,once Jiangnan Dao becomes chaotic,everything becomes uncertain.Maintaining stability in Jiangnan Dao slows down the growth of the entire martial arts community,benefiting these first-class sects the most."

Upon hearing Su Xin's analysis,Wen Mingyu couldn't help but sigh in his heart.This Lord Su's perspective on the overall situation is indeed extraordinary.Despite being only in the Divine Palace Realm,his perspective on matters surpasses even the head of his family in the Nascent Soul Realm.

These issues Su Xin spoke of were considered by the influential figures in the martial arts community of Jiangnan Dao.Even Wen Mingyu had such doubts,but he didn't dare to think too deeply about them.Even if they thought about it,could they really defy the orders of the Xiao family and the three major first-class forces?

Now that Su Xin has laid everything bare,Wen Mingyu also knows some of the things he speculated about before.It seems to be more or less true.Although he feels resentful,there is nothing he can do.

If it weren't for Su Xin pushing him to a dead end this time,he wouldn't dare to confront the Xunfeng Sword Sect head-on.

Wen Mingyu touched the well-groomed beard on his jaw and asked in amazement,"Lord Su,do you really want to stir up chaos in Jiangnan Dao?"

A cold and sharp smile appeared on Su Xin's lips,"Why not?Some things have been sealed for too long.Once opened,they will become a disaster.Warriors should be brave and aggressive,but the Xiao family and the three major first-class forces have made numerous martial forces in Jiangnan Dao endure,intending to turn them into sheep.Do you think that's possible?If this continues,it's fine,but now that you,an unexpected variable,have appeared,if another unexpected event occurs,the rules they have set will probably be broken automatically."

Can so many martial forces in Jiangnan Dao coexist peacefully?Even ghosts wouldn't believe that.As long as there are martial forces,friction is inevitable.Small frictions can develop into conflicts,major conflicts,and eventually even battles.

However,before the conflicts between the two sects developed into major conflicts,the three major first-class forces would forcefully intervene to mediate.Although it seemed peaceful on the surface,it left a seed of hatred in the hearts of both sides.

With each passing conflict,the seed of hatred grew bigger.Take,for example,the Wen family and the Xunfeng Sword Sect.The two sects had been in mutual hostility for more than ten years,but during this period,disciples from both sides were seriously injured,but none died at the hands of the other.

In the eyes of practitioners from other sects,this was simply unbelievable.If it were them,they would probably have started fighting long ago,even to the point of shedding blood and brains.

Therefore,in the end,Wen Mingyu intentionally involved disciples from the Wen family in the battle against the Xunfeng Sword Sect.Although he claimed it was to hone the combat capabilities of the Wen family disciples,in reality,he might have harbored thoughts of seeking revenge.

With the Wen family having completely offended the Xiao family and the three major first-class forces,they had isolated themselves from the martial arts community of Jiangnan Dao.If Wen Mingyu didn't align closely with the Six Gates,the Wen family would have no place in the entire Jiangnan Dao.

Su Xin said,"Wen family head,we need you to take the lead in this matter."

Wen Mingyu nodded,"Whatever you need from me,Lord Su,just let me know."

Su Xin continued,"You should be more aware than I am of the deep-seated grudges between various martial arts forces in Jiangnan Dao.Let's start with them."

Wen Mingyu thought for a moment and said,"There is a deep-seated hatred between the Iron Sword Sect and the Cold Moon Hall in Xia Prefecture.Both factions are located near Xia Prefecture and frequently clash when recruiting disciples.Iron Sword Sect has suffered more losses,especially when they discovered a talented disciple.Cold Moon Hall directly injured Iron Sword Sect's disciple and snatched him away.Although the matter was settled with the intervention of the Luoyu Mountain Villa,Cold Moon Hall only compensated Iron Sword Sect with some healing medicine and cultivation resources.The disciple was not returned.Ten years later,that disciple has become the top figure among the young generation of Cold Moon Hall,dominating the younger generation of Iron Sword Sect.This has intensified the hatred of Iron Sword Sect towards Cold Moon Hall."

Hearing Wen Mingyu's explanation,Huang Bingcheng and others sighed and shook their heads,thinking that Iron Sword Sect had truly reached an unfortunate state.Although they were initially angry about their disciple being snatched,with Luoyu Mountain Villa's intervention and compensation,they probably thought the matter was settled.They couldn't have anticipated that the disciple taken away would turn out to be so strong,defeating the entire young generation of Iron Sword Sect a decade later.This kind of situation could make them resentful to the point of spitting blood.

Su Xin waved his hand and said,"Good,the next target is Iron Sword Sect.Everyone,mobilize and attack directly."

With this command,Huang Bingcheng and others immediately conveyed the orders.

Last time,they brought half of the Six Gates'chief constables to go,and those who didn't go were envious when they saw the significant gains.This time,Su Xin didn't show any favoritism.He instructed them to gather their forces outside Jiangnan Prefecture in advance,ready for direct action with just his command.

Within half a day,the formidable group of martial artists,all in the Nascent Soul Realm,reached the outskirts of Xia Prefecture.Guided by Wen Mingyu,they headed directly to the mountain gate of Iron Sword Sect.

With the elite Nascent Soul Realm practitioners of the Six Gates under Su Xin,combined with the disciples from the Wen family,their numbers reached over a thousand.This was almost equivalent to the total number of practitioners in Iron Sword Sect.

Unlike the Cold Moon Hall,which was a faction,Iron Sword Sect was a traditional sect with carefully selected disciples.At least,every disciple had the potential to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm.However,even with these criteria,Iron Sword Sect had barely a hundred Nascent Soul Realm practitioners,not even one-tenth the number Su Xin commanded.

With such a large number of Nascent Soul Realm practitioners blocking the mountain gate of Iron Sword Sect,the guards were immediately terrified.One of them hurriedly climbed up the mountain to report,leaving the massive mountain gate unguarded.

Upon receiving the news,the Sect Master of Iron Sword Sect,Guan Jiankong,was shocked.He couldn't help but reveal a bitter smile.Why did Su Xin come looking for Iron Sword Sect again?

In the morning,he heard that the three major first-class forces of Jiangnan Dao were seeking an explanation from Su Xin,and in the afternoon,Su Xin directly came to their door.With over a thousand Nascent Soul Realm practitioners,Iron Sword Sect had no chance of resisting.Even though Guan Jiankong had reached the Divine Transformation Realm,the opposing side also had the assistance of Wen Mingyu.As long as Wen Mingyu could delay him for a while,Iron Sword Sect was likely to cease to exist.

The attendants and elders of Iron Sword Sect around Guan Jiankong looked at their Sect Master.Guan Jiankong rubbed his head and said,"Misfortune is unavoidable.Go and welcome this Chief Constable of the Six Gates from Jiangnan Dao.If they haven't directly attacked us,it means there's still room for negotiation."