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Chapter 149: Handling Affairs After the Funeral

8134words in this chapter2024-01-07

Su Xin's face revealed a strange smile,and his muscles suddenly surged,with huge veins trembling continuously beneath his skin,appearing terrifying.

The fourth level of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was complete,enhancing not only Su Xin's physical strength but also his control over his own body.

Yan Huang Jiu's eyes widened instantly.Su Xin's current appearance clearly indicated that he had cultivated a powerful body refining technique.

However,the problem was that Zong Haoyang had never practiced a body refining technique before.Even if Zong Haoyang learned it overseas and taught it to Meng Qingze later,why hadn't Meng Qingze used it before?

Purple Mist Divine Art operated at full force within Su Xin,enveloping him in a faint purple mist.A small bulge appeared on his arm,and with the continuous movement of his muscles,intense true energy sprayed out.A small bug,carried by the gushing true energy,was squeezed out.

With a light step,Su Xin crushed the so-called Miao Region exotic insect,Qing Si Gu,into a pulpy mess.

"Lord Yan,hasn't anyone told you that the correct way to use poison is to be discreet?Throwing it out face to face like a hidden weapon is a waste of such a powerful poisonous insect,"Su Xin said calmly.

Indeed,this Qing Si Gu was quite peculiar,and at least Su Xin had never seen such a strange thing before.

Although the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art primarily focused on strength rather than physical toughness,Su Xin's defense was still more than ten times stronger than a martial artist of the same level.However,in front of this Qing Si Gu,Su Xin had no resistance and was penetrated through the skin.

Unfortunately,Yan Huang Jiu's use of Qing Si Gu was not in the right place.If the insect had entered Su Xin's stomach directly,it could have reached the heart and couldn't be forced out.

But now,the Qing Si Gu had only burrowed into Su Xin's muscles and was immediately expelled by Su Xin's powerful body control combined with the full force of the Purple Mist Divine Art.

Yan Huang Jiu's oversight was that Su Xin actually mastered a powerful body refining technique.

"Who...who are you?"Yan Huang Jiu pointed at Su Xin,trembling.

He couldn't believe that after secretly observing for nearly a year,choosing a person to co-manage Shangshan City with his daughter,it turned out to be a fraud,someone who came with a purpose from the beginning!

Su Xin gently lifted the skin mask on his face,revealing a face younger than his current'Meng Qingze'disguise.

"Apologies,Lord Yan.I am Su Xin,the current Wind Pursuit Inspector of the Six Gates.,"Su Xin said calmly.


Yan Huang Jiu spat out a mouthful of blood,eyes filled with unwillingness.He was actually infuriated to death!

Although Yan Huang Jiu was nearing the end of his life,he had almost reached the point of a dying candle.However,with the vitality of a Fusion Realm expert,he shouldn't have died so quickly.But when Su Xin revealed his identity,all of Yan Huang Jiu's calculations before his death were in vain.Filled with anger and urgency,his blood surged,leading to his direct death.

Watching Yan Huang Jiu's unyielding appearance in death,Su Xin sighed,"Ah,why bother?Despite all your calculations for the future of Shangshan City and your daughter,you miscalculated the most important factor."

Putting the skin mask back on,Su Xin closed Yan Huang Jiu's unseeing eyes,took a deep breath,and shouted,"Miss Yan!Lord Yan has gone!"

Yan Qingxue hurriedly ran in from outside,crying over Yan Huang Jiu's body.At this moment,Su Xin quietly stood aside,watching it all with indifference.

Yan Huang Jiu's death was a significant event for the entire southern region,especially in Shangshan City.Shangshan City didn't belong to the court or the martial arts sects of the southern region;it belonged solely to Yan Huang Jiu.With his death,the whole city draped in mourning.

Su Xin had neither the obligation nor the inclination to mourn Yan Huang Jiu.After all,Yan Huang Jiu was infuriated to death by his own actions.

As Su Xin prepared to leave,he intended to help Yan Qingxue resolve the final troubles–her brothers and sisters.

Yan Huang Jiu knew that they had deep connections with the martial arts sects of the southern region.After deciding to let Yan Qingxue become the city lord,he completely eliminated the martial artists around his children and detained them.

Although Yan Huang Jiu had cultivated his children like nurturing gu,he hadn't intended for them to kill each other.The result was unfortunate but expected.

However,Su Xin was not Yan Qingxue.He had no intention of keeping these individuals as potential threats.

Although Shangshan City now has Master Qian in charge,and Yan Qingxue has obtained the command token for all warriors in Shangshan City,they are still the biological descendants of Yan Huang Jiu.If someone wants to manipulate them,it will indeed bring some trouble to Shangshan City.

It is for this reason that Su Xin has decided to deal with them,considering it as the final favor for Yan Qingxue.

In the residence of the eldest,Yan Shuheng,Yan Shuheng is pacing anxiously inside,cursing under his breath,"Why did Father choose that wretched Yan Qingxue over me?Even in death,he paves the way for her!And this wretched woman Yan Qingxue even forbids us from attending Father's funeral.What does she mean?Does she not care about us,her elder brothers?"

All the warriors around Yan Shuheng have already withdrawn,leaving only a few servants to attend to their daily needs in their residence.<>Outside the door,there are two Innate Realm warriors,but they are here to monitor them.

"It's not that Yan Qingxue forbids it,but your father instructed that after his death,anyone who dares to leave their residence will be directly executed!"Su Xin walks in confidently from the doorway.

"Meng Qingze!What are you here for?"Yan Shuheng's eyes show a resentful color.

In his eyes,this man before him is the reason for their failure.If he hadn't suddenly appeared to help Yan Qingxue,that woman would never have become the current ruler of Shangshan City.

"What am I here for?What do you think I'm here for?"Su Xin draws the Dragon Roaming Sword from his waist,a strange smile on his face.

Yan Shuheng's eyes show a terrified expression."Do you want to kill me?Impossible!Yan Qingxue would never give such an order!"

Although he hadn't paid much attention to Yan Qingxue,he knew her character.Even if they had once wanted Yan Qingxue's life,she would never order their extermination.

Su Xin sighs and shakes his head,"Yan Qingxue's character is indeed too kind.For pests like you,killing you directly would save trouble in the future."

"Meng Qingze!Without Yan Qingxue's order,do you dare to kill me?"Yan Shuheng roars loudly.In fact,he wants to lure the two Innate Realm warriors outside into the residence,but unfortunately,it's of no use.

Now,all the warriors in Shangshan City know that Yan Qingxue became the ruler of Shangshan City with the help of Meng Qingze.Moreover,the only two people Yan Huang Jiu summoned before his death were his daughter Yan Qingxue and the outsider Meng Qingze.

In their eyes,Yan Huang Jiu obviously approved the relationship between the two,and in the future,the one in charge of Shangshan City wouldn't be just Yan Qingxue.

Miss Yan is kind-hearted,reluctant to deal with her brothers and sisters who once wanted to harm her.Still,Meng Qingze,taking action to help her eliminate these troubles,seems normal to those Innate Realm warriors.

So,even though they hear Yan Shuheng's screams,no one comes forward.Instead,they act as if they didn't hear anything.

Despair fills Yan Shuheng's eyes,and Su Xin is too lazy to waste more words with him,directly ending him with a sword.

After leaving the residence gate,Su Xin says to the two Innate Realm warriors,"You can disperse now.From now on,there's no need for anyone to guard here."

The two Innate Realm warriors quickly bow and say,"Yes,Young Master Meng."

In half a day,Su Xin deals with all twelve children of Yan Huang Jiu.The mission in Shangshan City is understood,and he can leave now.However,what he accomplished is only the task given by the Six Gates,not the system's task.

Returning to the Lord's mansion,Su Xin finds that Yan Qingxue is not there.After asking Green Hedge,he learns that after dealing with Yan Huang Jiu's funeral,Yan Qingxue went alone to the western cliff.

Shangshan City has cliffs on three sides,except for one side with the city gate.When Su Xin arrives at the western cliff,Yan Qingxue is sitting alone,hugging her knees and looking into the distance.

When she was unhappy as a child,Yan Qingxue used to come here,watching the vast scenery of the mountains and forests of southern Xiangnan.Her mood would always improve.But after the age of fifteen,she rarely came here,learning to hide her emotions even when facing unhappy things.

Su Xin sighs and softly says,"Miss Yan."

Hearing Su Xin's voice,Yan Qingxue's body trembles,and she stands up,forcing a smile,"Young Master Meng,why did you come?"

In fact,with Yan Qingxue's intelligence,she had long guessed the purpose of Su Xin coming to find her.She couldn't guess that Meng Qingze angered her father to death,but she could guess that her father called Meng Qingze in to discuss their marriage.

However,in the end,Meng Qingze didn't mention anything else to her.Yan Qingxue guessed that Meng Qingze ultimately chose to leave.