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Chapter Six: Mission Accomplished

9226words in this chapter2023-12-23

After Su Xin left,a middle-aged man in his forties,dressed like a scholar,walked out from behind the screen,sighing,"This young man is truly extraordinary.His cunning is terrifying.He's probably not even twenty yet,right?Third Uncle,are you really at ease handing over Kuaihuo Forest to him?Aren't you afraid he'll become another Chen Dao?"

"Afraid?I'm afraid he won't become another Chen Dao!"Third Uncle Hu smirked mysteriously."The kid said it right.I'm already old,can't move like before.If I stay in this position for another ten years,I'll be retiring.The current leader is also getting old;he has already started training the next leader.When the new leader takes over,things change.Do you think he will look kindly on us old guys?It's better to retire early,not to hinder certain people's views.By that time,Su Xin should have grown up.With him as my adopted son in charge,I won't worry about losing influence.At least,I can secure wealth and prosperity in my later years."

The middle-aged scholar hesitated,"But,Third Uncle,people may not reveal their true hearts.With his cunning,aren't you afraid he might turn against you in the future?"

"He's a smart guy.He won't do that.If he betrays me,he'll only bear the label of an ungrateful person,and in our circle,if your reputation stinks,who will associate with you?So,betraying me won't bring him any benefits.On the other hand,if I live well,with my years of reputation,I can help him suppress the old folks in the gang.After smoothly taking over my influence,he'll get the attention of the new leader.So,not only will he not betray me,but he'll also be respectful to me."

"You are truly calculating,Third Uncle.I am impressed."

The middle-aged scholar acknowledged,now understanding why Third Uncle Hu abruptly took Su Xin as his adopted son.It turned out he was thinking so far ahead.

Third Uncle Hu waved his hand,suppressing his smile,"Calculating?Yes,you have to be after all these years.Earlier,when I told Su Xin that our Flying Eagle Gang had over thirty members at the beginning,and now there are just a dozen of us old guys left,do you think those who died did so in gang fights?"

The middle-aged scholar was startled by the icy look in Third Uncle Hu's eyes,sensing that they were touching on some hidden secrets of the Flying Eagle Gang's past.He dared not inquire further.

Outside Third Uncle Hu's residence,Su Xin faced Ji Gang and Li Huai with a fist,saying,"It's my honor to have you both help me.From now on,we're all brothers."

Li Huai,with a cold expression,replied,"Third Uncle sent me to assist you in stabilizing your position within the Flying Eagle Gang.Don't expect me to treat you like the boss.I won't follow you blindly like those little lackeys!"

With that,Li Huai turned and left,completely disregarding Su Xin.

"Hey!What's wrong with you?Su Laoda is Third Uncle's newly adopted son!"

Seeing Li Huai's attitude,Huang Bingcheng was furious,whether because Li Huai disrespected Su Xin or because the term"little lackey"hit a nerve.

Ji Gang,smiling,bowed to Su Xin,"Su Laoda,that's just his way.Don't mind him.I'll go talk to him."

With that,Ji Gang went after Li Huai.

Huang Bingcheng muttered disdainfully,"What's with the attitude?Who does he think he is?Just because he can fight doesn't mean he's impressive.Now he's not even a little boss!Still looking down on lackeys,isn't he one himself?Look at Ji Gang;he has the same status but is more modest.Unlike Li Huai,acting like he's the boss's second in command."

Su Xin shook his head faintly,"You don't understand.Dogs that bark a lot usually don't bite."

Huang Bingcheng scratched his head,puzzled,not understanding what Su Xin meant.

Seeing Su Xin walking away,he quickly followed.

Back at Kuaihuo Forest,Su Xin's return with two influential enforcers immediately changed the attitudes of the original gang members.With Third Uncle Hu's approval,Su Xin had firmly established his position within the Flying Eagle Gang.

In gangs,unlike sects,as long as the higher-ups don't object,overturning the leader is not a big deal.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the novice mission.Rewarding 10 points of antagonist value and one primary Qi-boosting pill."

As Su Xin entered Kuaihuo Forest,the system's voice echoed in his mind.

Su Xin stored the Qi-boosting pill in the system for now;it wasn't time to use it.

"Is Ji Gang and Li Huai all settled?"Su Xin asked.

Huang Bingcheng quickly replied,"Everything is arranged.They are staying in the best rooms at Dongsheng Inn,costing one or two silver coins per day."

Although nominally following Su Xin,these two were essentially Third Uncle Hu's men.Before Su Xin fully established himself,he needed to maintain appearances.

"Laoda,I've also prepared your room.You can move in anytime."

Huang Bingcheng wore a fawning smile.Now,he admired the boss greatly.

In just one day,Su Xin transformed from a gang member who killed the leader and had an uncertain future into the youngest gang leader in the Flying Eagle Gang,and Third Uncle Hu's adopted son.Huang Bingcheng had never seen such a thing in his half-century of life.

"I have my room?"

Huang Bingcheng explained,"This was left by those people from the Green Bamboo Gang.Now that Kuaihuo Forest is ours,this place naturally belongs to you,Laoda."

Su Xin nodded.

Kuaihuo Forest had always belonged to the Green Bamboo Gang.It was only recently that the Flying Eagle Gang,for some unknown reason,suddenly started a war with the Green Bamboo Gang,leading to the takeover of Kuaihuo Forest.

Thinking about his dilapidated home,Su Xin didn't waste words with Huang Bingcheng and left Kuaihuo Forest directly.

Xiner was still at Aunt Wang's food stall.

"Big brother!You're back!"

Seeing Su Xin's figure,Xiner immediately ran over,hanging on Su Xin like a sloth.

"Alright,alright,you're a big girl now,no need to be shy."Su Xin patted Xiner's little head."Come,let big brother take you to our new home."

Su Xin lifted Xiner up and,before leaving,left a silver coin on Aunt Wang's stall.Just one or two.

It's not that Su Xin didn't want to give more,but in places like Changle Alley,being wealthy was a crime in itself.If Su Xin gave too much money,it would harm Aunt Wang.

Although it was called moving,Su Xin's original home had nothing much to move.The most valuable thing in the entire house was probably the piece of land.

So,Su Xin only took a few pieces of clothing and considered it done.

"By the way,Xiner,where is the bracelet left by Aunt Mother?"

Su Xin remembered that his mother seemed to have left a bracelet,and he had always entrusted it to Xiner.

It was the only valuable thing left in his family.Even in the most difficult times,he never thought of selling the bracelet.

"The bracelet...the bracelet..."Xiner's small face showed a fearful look,unable to speak.

Su Xin rubbed her head and whispered,"Xiner,don't be afraid.Tell big brother where the bracelet is.Did you lose it?"

Xiner,pursing her small mouth,eyes teary,said,"I didn't lose the bracelet.Before,when big brother got hurt,I wanted to steal some medicine from the pharmacy,but I was caught by the old shopkeeper.He said I had to compensate him for his loss and took away the bracelet.Big brother,am I useless?"

Seeing Xiner like this,a killing intent surged in Su Xin's heart.

But he spoke softly,"Don't worry,big brother will get the bracelet back for you tomorrow.Now,let's go see our new home."

Over at Kuaihuo Forest,Huang Bingcheng had arranged everything,and Su Xin could move in directly.

The courtyard was right next to Kuaihuo Forest.Although not a grand mansion,it was a sizable quadrangle courtyard.

Living in such a"luxurious"place made Xiner,who had always lived in the slums,incredibly happy.Her small eyes were closed like crescent moons for the whole afternoon.

After settling Xiner for rest,Su Xin returned to his room and took out the primary Qi-boosting pill.

Compared to the last-grade Qi-boosting pill,this primary one looked much better,and its rating was one star.

Swallowing it,Su Xin immediately felt a warm flow circulating in his dantian.

As Third Uncle Hu said,in the postnatal stage,the most crucial thing for a martial artist is refining their acupoints.

The human body has one hundred and eight acupoints,corresponding to the numbers of heaven and earth.

Each breakthrough enhances the body's strength,vitality,and true Qi.

Third Uncle Hu mentioned that refining acupoints was extremely difficult,a statement Su Xin both agreed and disagreed with.

Compared to some ordinary people,even with internal energy,refining acupoints was indeed challenging.

Third Uncle Hu,without a master's guidance and with his internal energy not being very advanced,plus his mediocre martial aptitude,could only focus on external skills like Iron Sand Palm.It took him forty years to refine thirteen acupoints,which was normal.

However,Su Xin had the support of the Grand Antagonist System.Resources were abundant,and numerous powerful martial arts were available.If he was still stuck at the postnatal stage,it wouldn't be worth playing;he might as well hang himself with a strand of hair.

Using the power from the Qi-boosting pill,Su Xin swiftly began attacking his first acupoint.

Under the influence of the Qi-boosting pill,the acupoint quickly merged with true Qi.Blood flowing through it became thick and abundant,and true Qi passing through was unobstructed,without any sense of obscurity.

Opening just one acupoint brought such a significant change to Su Xin.He looked forward to how powerful his vitality and true Qi would become after refining all one hundred and eight acupoints when he reached the postnatal perfection.


The door was pushed open,and Xiner timidly walked in.

"What's wrong?"Seeing Xiner entering,Su Xin stopped his cultivation pose.

"I'm scared when I'm alone in the room.Big brother,can I sleep with you?"

Xiner looked at Su Xin with big eyes,a look that said she would cry if he refused.

Su Xin raised his head and glanced outside,realizing it was already dark.

"Alright,but be good when sleeping.No bedwetting,okay?"

In the past,Su Xin's family had only one room and one bed.Of course,Xiner slept with Su Xin.

The little girl lacked a sense of security and was not used to being alone in a room.

"Big brother,you're mean!"

Xiner's face instantly turned red.

When she was younger,her mother had to work to support the family,and Su Xin always took care of her.So whenever she didn't listen,Su Xin would tease her about wetting the bed when she was little.

After settling Xiner,Su Xin also went to sleep.