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Chapter 201: I Am Angry

8315words in this chapter2024-01-19

Looking at Sun Jiuchen and the others,Su Xin casually said,"Seeking justice?What kind of justice do you want?"

Sun Jiuchen replied,"It's simple.We don't want your life;we don't have that capability.But you have to kneel and apologize sincerely at Brother Liu's grave!"

Kneeling and apologizing?The onlookers shook their heads in disbelief.For Su Xin,this was almost impossible.Generally,for a normal warrior,kneeling and apologizing would be the most humiliating act.

Su Xin squinted at Sun Jiuchen,"I'm curious.Who gave you the courage to say such things to me?Do you know why I killed Liu Tianyuan back then?It was because he delayed my meal,and I was angry.Now you guys have provoked my anger as well.What do you think will happen?"

Su Xin,at the moment,showed no hint of killing intent.Even his speech was slow and gentle.However,to Sun Jiuchen and the others,it sent a chilling sensation from the depths of their hearts,a horrifying feeling.

If Li Chenfeng hadn't promised to protect them earlier,they might have fled long ago.Sun Jiuchen boldly sneered,"Su Xin,do you still want to kill us?There are so many martial artists watching.If you commit more murders..."

Before he could finish speaking,a blood-red radiance rose in front of him.Four slender blood lines,seemingly filled with life,twisted towards them,exuding a magnificent yet threatening aura.

Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger was quick,but more importantly,it was eerie.The blood lines,as if alive,directly locked onto the movements of Sun Jiuchen and the others.As soon as they moved,the blood lines followed suit.

In an instant,the blood lines were in front of them!Hidden in the shadows,Hu Jingyan and Li Chenfeng were also startled.They were prepared for Su Xin's attack,but they didn't expect it to be so fast and sudden.

Fortunately,they were not slow to react.Li Chenfeng roared and unleashed the Chaos Heaven and Earth Technique,rushing forward like a demon,punching and shattering one blood line.

Hu Jingyan acted even faster.His nickname was'Shadow Flow Dao Sword,'derived from his martial arts.With an inconspicuous long sword,he instantly created hundreds of illusory sword shadows from all directions.These illusions,seemingly unreal,turned real at the moment of attack,directly shattering the remaining three blood lines.

Su Xin squinted at Li Chenfeng,"Heh,you brought reinforcements,huh."

Hu Jingyan sheathed his sword,coldly saying,"Su Xin!This is the Jiangnan Society.You can't act recklessly here.Killing Liu Tianyuan was bad enough,and now you want to attack these four.What are you trying to do?"

Su Xin calmly replied,"I might as well ask you,what are you trying to do?The Qingcheng Sword Sect's Dao Sword Secret Technique is quite mysterious.But from what I know,in this generation of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,apart from that useless Fang Dongting,no one seems to be on the ranking lists,right?"

As soon as these words were spoken,the gazes of the martial artists watching Su Xin turned strange.He dared to say such things.How did Su Xin initially make it to the rankings?Wasn't it by killing Fang Dongting?Killing Fang Dongting aside,now he openly mocked the disciples of the Qingcheng Sword Sect.This was seriously offending the sect.

Hu Jingyan's face darkened,"I am from the previous generation's ranking lists.However,Su Xin,your actions are too outrageous.You have disrupted the rules of the Jiangnan Society.This place is for young martial artists from the Central Plains to exchange skills.But now,you are indiscriminately killing.If everyone acts like you,this Jiangnan Society will become a battlefield.What's the point?"

"Exciting!Indeed,it's exciting,"Su Xin clapped his hands and sneered,"But unfortunately,it's useless.I kill one person,and you accuse me of indiscriminate killing.You really use this quantifier well.Jiangnan Society has its rules,and I,Su Xin,have my rules.My rule is simple:whoever I want to kill,no one can stop me!"

As he finished speaking,Su Xin's figure had disappeared on the spot,appearing next to Sun Jiuchen.Hu Jingyan's eyes flashed with a hint of horror;Su Xin's speed was simply unprecedented.Such explosive speed in lightness technique was something he had never heard of before!

Before Hu Jingyan could draw his sword,Su Xin had already unleashed his Astonishing Divine Finger.The combination of the swift Wind God Legs and the Thunderous Divine Finger created a terrifying speed.

In almost an instant,just as Hu Jingyan pulled out his sword,Sun Jiuchen's head suddenly exploded,and blood and brain matter splattered instantly.Li Chenfeng roared and threw a punch,but he didn't even touch the edge of Su Xin.

At this moment,Su Xin had already reached the remaining three warriors.The Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger consecutively pointed out,incorporating the mysteries of the heavens and the earth into each strike.The three warriors couldn't even make a move before being killed by Su Xin.

At this moment,Hu Jingyan finally drew his own sword,the Shadow Flow Dao Sword!Transforming illusions into reality,between the dull grey sword,countless sword shadows rained down in an instant.The surrounding world instantly darkened,as if Hu Jingyan's sword had devoured the light of this entire realm!

Simultaneously,Li Chenfeng activated the Chaos Heaven and Earth Technique,and like a demonic god descending,he threw a punch at Su Xin from behind.

Su Xin remained unfazed.The Blood River Divine Sword tore through the air,a blood-colored sword,a blood-colored figure.In mid-air,the Blood River rolled upside down,devouring the light around it.Hu Jingyan's sword swallowed the brightness,and Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword was about to tear through this darkness!

In the splattering of blood,Hu Jingyan's sword shadows shattered one after another.Even on his yellow-ranked weapon,the Floating Shadow Sword,cracks appeared.He spat out blood and flew backward.

As Li Chenfeng attacked from behind,Su Xin turned around and kicked with the Wind God Legs,a furious hurricane that no one could withstand.Despite the support of the Chaos Heaven and Earth Technique,Li Chenfeng couldn't endure the immense force.Both his arms emitted a crisp cracking sound,and he was sent flying.

He was also shocked.Although Su Xin was unstoppable on the Flower Boat,today's Su Xin seemed even more monstrous.Despite the collaboration of a God Palace expert and a Spirit Aperture expert,they couldn't resist Su Xin.

It had only been a few days,and Su Xin's strength couldn't have skyrocketed to this extent.Did Su Xin hide his true strength on the Flower Boat?

Actually,Li Chenfeng's guess was not far off.Su Xin did experience a significant surge in strength during these few days.While he didn't successfully break through to the God Palace realm,he had touched that realm and gained a subtle understanding.

The Divine Palace at the center of the eyebrows was the closest part of the human body to heaven and earth.By refining the Divine Palace,one could comprehend the mysteries of heaven and earth.Although Su Xin hadn't truly comprehended the power of heaven and earth,during the rare moments he entered the ethereal state,he sensed this power.When he attacked,the surrounding elemental energy involuntarily gathered around him,significantly increasing the power of his strikes.

In an instant,defeating two ranked martial artists,especially the 18th on the previous generation's ranking,'Shadow Flow Dao Sword'Hu Jingyan,gave everyone a more direct understanding of Su Xin's strength.

Although Hu Jingyan hadn't mentioned his identity before,there was only one person from the previous generation on the ranking—him.As soon as he used the Dao Sword,everyone knew he was Hu Jingyan.

Typically,there was a gap of around ten to fifteen years between generations on the ranking list.Although the previous generation was generally considered weaker than the current one,Hu Jingyan's 18th position in the previous generation demonstrated his strength.

However,even with his God Palace realm peak,Hu Jingyan couldn't overcome Su Xin.It was unimaginable.After all,on the Flower Boat,even with the joint efforts of a God Palace expert and a Spirit Aperture expert,they couldn't defeat Su Xin.

Wiping blood from his mouth,Hu Jingyan helped up Li Chenfeng,expressing his hatred,"Let's go!"

This time,the two of them suffered a big loss.They joined forces against Su Xin and still ended up defeated.Especially for Hu Jingyan,as a ranked 18th martial artist from the previous generation,losing to the 22nd in this generation was a significant blow to his reputation.

The two left in a sorry state.Su Xin,disturbed by their interference,no longer had the mood to enjoy the scenery and prepared to turn back to the inn to continue resting.

However,as he pushed open the door,he was surprised to find a young woman sitting in the room,dressed in a black short warrior suit.

The black warrior suit was sharp and neat,a style Su Xin usually liked to wear.However,this was a standard male attire,and now it looked heroic and fitting on the young woman.She tied her long hair into a ponytail behind her head,and her plain face revealed a clear and beautiful countenance.

This woman's first impression was far from the usual descriptions of women as charming or cute.Instead,she exuded a vigorous and peculiar aura,giving a distinct impression.

Su Xin initially thought he had entered the wrong room,but upon closer inspection of the furnishings,he confirmed that this was indeed his room.So,who was this woman with such a strong presence?