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Chapter 200: Seeking Justice

7402words in this chapter2024-01-14

In a small tavern,dozens of martial artists were sitting there,drinking and making a lot of noise,creating a lively atmosphere.The upcoming Jiangnan Gathering was about to begin,and the central large taverns and courtesan houses within Jiangnan Prefecture were either open only to renowned martial artists or reserved by major sects.These wandering martial artists could only squeeze into small taverns like this one.

When Li Chenfeng appeared,the scattered martial artists were surprised.This was the 23rd-ranked expert on the People's List,although recently criticized,he was still a direct disciple of the Li family in Longxi and a martial flower of the Great Zhou Dynasty.His relationship with these wandering martial artists was distant,so why was he here?

"Sūn Jiǔchén is who?"Li Chenfeng asked with a frown.

At one table,a burly man with a long knife on his back stood up,bowed to Li Chenfeng,and respectfully said,"I am Sūn Jiǔchén.May I ask,what brings Master Li here?"

"You and your friends,come out.I have something to say to you."

Sūn Jiǔchén was a bit puzzled,but he led the other three people at his table to follow Li Chenfeng outside.It was the time of the Jiangnan Gathering,and with so many young martial artists gathered,they weren't worried that Li Chenfeng would harm them openly.

Once in a small alley,Li Chenfeng asked,"Is Liu Tianyuan,who was killed by Su Xin,your friend?"

Sūn Jiǔchén answered cautiously,"He can't be considered a friend,just a fellow martial artist with similar ideals."

Li Chenfeng waved his hand,"Don't be so nervous.I have no relation to Liu Tianyuan.I just want to ask you,since Liu Tianyuan died at the hands of Su Xin,as his friends,don't you want to seek revenge for him?"

Sūn Jiǔchén and the others exchanged glances,and finally,Sūn Jiǔchén smiled bitterly,"Su Xin is the 22nd-ranked expert on the People's List,formidable and notorious.If we go after him,it's not seeking revenge;it's just throwing our lives away."

Actually,Sūn Jiǔchén had another unspoken thought:even if Su Xin wasn't on the People's List,they wouldn't seek revenge for Liu Tianyuan.While they had some friendship as wandering martial artists,it wasn't a bond strong enough to risk their lives for.

Li Chenfeng calmly said,"You may be afraid to confront Su Xin,but I'm not.As long as you cooperate with me,I can disable Su Xin this time."

Sūn Jiǔchén asked,"How does Master Li want us to cooperate?"

Li Chenfeng replied,"It's simple.Tomorrow,go find Su Xin and claim justice for Liu Tianyuan.The more provocative,the better.Make sure to provoke Su Xin into attacking you."

The faces of Sūn Jiǔchén and the others turned pale.Sūn Jiǔchén hurriedly said,"Master Li,your plan is as good as killing us directly!Su Xin is a formidable figure.Challenging him with our strength is asking for death."

"Don't be afraid!"Li Chenfeng scolded,"Did I say I want you to sacrifice yourselves?As long as you make Su Xin take action,I and other experts will be there to ensure your safety."

Although Li Chenfeng said so,Sūn Jiǔchén and the others were still hesitant.Su Xin's attack on Liu Tianyuan was swift and merciless.Even without witnessing it,they could imagine the consequences if they confronted Su Xin.

Seeing their hesitation,Li Chenfeng said lightly,"Wandering around in this Jiangnan Gathering,aren't you looking for fame?If you agree to this,I will immediately recommend you as guests of my Li family.You will have a worry-free life from then on,much better than being elders in some small sect.How about it?"

Sūn Jiǔchén and the others showed a hint of joy on their faces.Li Chenfeng's promise had touched them.As wandering martial artists with no fixed residence and lacking cultivation resources,reaching the Innate Realm was already challenging.Going further was even more difficult.

Now,with Li Chenfeng promising them a guest status in the prestigious Li family,they had no reason to refuse.While the Li family wasn't one of the top six noble families,it still held a significant position in the martial world.Joining such a family as guests far surpassed being elders in a small sect.

After some contemplation,Sūn Jiǔchén and the others gritted their teeth and agreed.After all,the identity of a guest of the Li family was enough to embolden them to take risks.

Li Chenfeng and Hu Jingyan's plot against Su Xin was unknown to Su Xin himself.At this moment,he was in seclusion within an inn,attempting to break through to the Divine Palace Realm once again.

Unfortunately,since the last attempt,Su Xin couldn't find that ethereal feeling anymore.It seemed as if there was a barrier between his Divine Palace and the heavens and earth.No matter how hard Su Xin tried to break through,he couldn't shatter it.

Su Xin considered checking the system's marketplace,but the breakthrough to the Divine Palace Realm required not internal energy or true qi,but rather,opportunity.So far,there were no elixirs that could effectively and quickly aid him in breaking through.

Frustrated by the lack of progress,Su Xin decided not to waste his efforts and left the inn to clear his mind.However,as soon as he stepped out,he felt like someone was watching him.

Ignoring it with a cold sneer in his heart,Su Xin knew that the only person in Jiangnan Prefecture with a grudge against him was Li Chenfeng.However,he wasn't concerned.While the Li family was indeed powerful,ranking just below the top six noble families,they wouldn't intervene on behalf of Li Chenfeng against him during this time.The reason was simple:rules.

What's the difference between righteous sects and the demonic path?

Nine out of ten martial artists would say that righteous sects uphold justice and righteousness,while the demonic path is cruel and ruthless.However,since Su Xin entered the martial world,he found that very few disciples of righteous sects truly acted justly and righteously.Most of their actions were driven by sect struggles or a desire for superiority.

In Su Xin's view,the main difference between righteous sects and the demonic path was adherence to rules.Righteous sects,when they wanted to kill someone,would arrange a dignified excuse.Killing you,or even wiping out your whole family,would be justified,standing on the side of righteousness to rid the people of harm.

On the other hand,the demonic path didn't have as many concerns about killing.They acted recklessly and ruthlessly,with methods often more brutal than those of righteous individuals.This led them to be labeled as part of the demonic path.

Because of these rules,during the Jiangnan Gathering,senior martial artists refrained from taking action.It was a grand event for the younger generation of martial artists.If the older generation interfered,it would be considered suppressing the younger disciples,something that would be frowned upon by the martial world.

Su Xin had a trump card even if the Li family decided to act against him.Don't forget,Su Xin was also a Wind Chaser Patrol of the Six Fan School,directly under the jurisdiction of the school's headquarters.Although the Li family was influential in the martial world,they wouldn't dare to offend the Six Fan School.

As Su Xin pondered these matters,he was suddenly interrupted by the splitting crowd on the street.Four martial artists with a fierce aura approached,and Su Xin narrowed his eyes–they were coming for him.

It was none other than Sun Jiuchen and his three companions.Su Xin had stayed in the inn for two days,and Sun Jiuchen's group had been waiting outside all that time.Li Chenfeng had even sent people to keep watch until they finally managed to catch Su Xin outside.

As Sun Jiuchen and the others approached,they wore expressions of grief and indignation."Su Xin,even though you're a People's List expert,your actions this time are too much!My brother Liu Tianyuan sincerely wanted to learn from you,but you ruthlessly killed him without any reason.Where is the justice in that?Today,we must seek justice for my brother!"

The people around heard that Sun Jiuchen and his group had come to demand justice for Liu Tianyuan,who had been killed by Su Xin.They were momentarily stunned.These wandering martial artists'strength was worlds apart from Su Xin's.Yet,they dared to challenge Su Xin–had they grown tired of living?

Of course,some secretly admired the four for their loyalty,daring to confront Su Xin for the sake of a brother who had been killed.However,in Su Xin's eyes,their claim to seek justice for Liu Tianyuan was nothing but foolishness.

For the sake of seeking justice for Liu Tianyuan?Only a fool would believe such a thing.