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Chapter 252: Insatiable Greed

7987words in this chapter2024-01-29

Su Xin,in alliance with the Wen family,eradicated the Xun Feng Sword Sect.This news spread throughout the entire Jiangnan region in just one day,causing a stir in the martial arts community.Naturally,most people felt a sense of impending danger.

Although the Xun Feng Sword Sect was formidable in the Jiangnan region,it was annihilated by the joint forces of the Wen family and the Six Fan Sect within a day.This display of power sent shockwaves through the martial arts forces in Jiangnan.People were now more cautious than ever.

Su Xin's ability to eliminate the Xun Feng Sword Sect today raised concerns about whether he could do the same to other sects in the future.It's worth noting that Su Xin had sent invitations to all third-rate and above powers in Jiangnan initially,but none had responded.

Now,those sects were regretting their decisions,especially the third-rate smaller sects.If they had known that Su Xin's actions would be so unpredictable and ruthless,they would have attended the meeting at the Six Fan Sect when invited.

Initially,these small sects were insignificant to the larger ones,and their opinions were disregarded.However,offending Su Xin now posed the risk of being annihilated at any time.

After this incident,the various martial arts forces in Jiangnan became uneasy,especially the top three first-rate sects—Jiangnan Xiaoshi,Luoyu Mountain Villa,Jiuxuan Sword Sect,and Quzhou Gongyang Clan.These three were among the most powerful forces in Jiangnan,each having a transcendent realm expert and multiple martial artists at the Divine Transformation realm.

In the past,Xiaoshi and the other three houses were the rule-makers of the entire Jiangnan region.Now,someone had broken the rules,and the first to feel anger were these three houses.

At the entrance of the Xun Feng Sword Sect,representatives from Luoyu Mountain Villa,Jiuxuan Sword Sect,and Quzhou Gongyang Clan each sent a Divine Transformation realm martial artist.Seeing the tragic situation of the Xun Feng Sword Sect,the expressions of these three individuals became extremely grim.

After a moment,the middle-aged man from Jiuxuan Sword Sect sighed and said,"I underestimated Su Xin.Being chosen by the Iron Family of the Six Fan Sect and appointed as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan is proof that he is no ordinary person."

The representative from Luoyu Mountain Villa,a young man in his thirties,appeared young but had a hint of weariness in his eyes.He shook his head and said,"Brother Sun,it's not your fault.It's just the way things are.Even if Su Xin recruited all the bandits in Jiangnan,we still wouldn't have taken him seriously because he's not in the Transcendent Realm.We thought that without a Transcendent Realm expert,Su Xin,even with many Divine Transformation realm martial artists,would be of no use.But he unexpectedly used the conflict between the Wen family and the Xun Feng Sword Sect as a breakthrough point,manipulating them into becoming mortal enemies and wiping out the Xun Feng Sword Sect."

The representative from Quzhou Gongyang Clan was an old man with a fierce temper.He snorted,"We miscalculated,that's all.What's the use of finding so many excuses now?The problem is,what should we do next?"

The young man from Luoyu Mountain Villa flashed a hint of coldness in his eyes."Of course,we need Su Xin to give us an explanation.A second-rate sect with over a thousand people,and he decides to wipe it out just like that.Even if he's the Chief Constable of Jiangnan,he still owes us an explanation!"


Inside the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan,after the battle with the Xun Feng Sword Sect,Su Xin instructed Huang Bingcheng and two others to count the confiscated resources from the constables.Meanwhile,Liu Hao and Zhao Yiming secretly investigated to see if anyone had kept anything for themselves.

Ninety percent turned in,and ten percent kept,this was already considered a generous reward.If someone was still greedy,they couldn't blame Su Xin for being ruthless.

However,Su Xin also knew that human greed was insatiable.Give them one,and they would fantasize about getting two.If you didn't give them more,they would resort to stealing or robbing.

After half a day of investigation,Liu Hao and Zhao Yiming walked into the hall with slightly grim expressions.

Su Xin asked indifferently,"How many people were not honest?"

Liu Hao replied with a stern face,"Twenty-three."

Li Huai and the others coldly snorted.It was indeed too greedy.Twenty-three people had dishonest intentions,secretly taking more than their share.

Su Xin raised an eyebrow;it was fewer than he had expected,but it was still acceptable.After all,these people were originally bandits,and Su Xin didn't expect them to have high moral standards.

"Is there the Chief Constable of the Prefectural Capital among them?"Su Xin asked.

Liu Hao shook his head,"No."

Su Xin nodded,quite satisfied.Those who could serve as the Chief Constable of the Prefectural Capital were martial artists at the Divine Transformation realm.They had seen the world and were more experienced.

Now,as members of the Six Fan Sect,they see their future and benefits.As long as they follow Su Xin sincerely,they can eventually rise to prominence,perhaps even standing shoulder to shoulder with the leaders of those major sects.Only a fool would risk their future for petty gains.

"All right,gather the people who participated in this operation,and those twenty-three unscrupulous individuals,bind them and bring them to the martial arts arena,"Su Xin ordered.

The headquarters of the Six Fan Sect is spacious,accommodating around five thousand constables besides office spaces.There is also a massive martial arts arena at the rear,capable of hosting several hundred people.

In the arena,hundreds of constables who participated in the operation gathered.After training with Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,they no longer appeared as undisciplined as when they first joined the Six Fan Sect;they now carried themselves with a certain degree of discipline.

Seeing Su Xin and others entering the martial arts arena,the demeanor of the crowd immediately became solemn,with expressions of respect mixed with awe in their eyes.

After the benefits they gained from this battle,these former uneasy bandits had completely settled their hearts.They had wholeheartedly accepted their roles as henchmen of the Six Fan Sect and the court.

Because of this,they now held deep respect for Su Xin.Following someone who could bring them benefits–wasn't that worthy of respect?

As for the awe,it stemmed from Su Xin's ruthless actions against the Xun Feng Sword Sect,annihilating a sect of over a thousand people without mercy.Even these bandits,who were used to seeking wealth rather than killing,shivered at such decisiveness.

Su Xin,seeing everyone gathered,spoke in a deep voice,"When you joined the Six Fan Sect,I promised you opportunities for cultivation,wealth,and prosperity.If you want to climb higher,I will give you that chance.You all did well this time,and I am satisfied.However,some people let greed cloud their judgment,secretly keeping my belongings and not following my orders.For such individuals,don't blame me,Su Xin,for being merciless."

As Su Xin spoke,the people in the arena felt that something big was about to happen.

Indeed,with a wave of Su Xin's hand,Liu Hao and Zhao Yiming brought the twenty-three constables who had secretly taken extra belongings to the center of the martial arts arena.They had been deprived of their internal energy,tightly bound with iron chains,appearing pitiful.

Upon entering the arena,these constables immediately shouted,"Boss,save us!"

Their"boss"referred to the former leader they had in the bandit camp.

"Shut up!"Liu Hao coldly snorted,and with a few slaps,he directly made the mouths of those constables bleed,preventing them from speaking further.The former leaders of these constables had somewhat unsightly expressions.

Su Xin spoke sternly,"When we attacked the Xun Feng Sword Sect,I said that ninety percent of the gains would be yours,and ten percent would be handed over to the headquarters.Do you think this distribution is unfair?"

The constables and their leaders shook their heads;a nine-to-one split was considered a generous arrangement.

Su Xin smiled coldly,"Since it's not unfair,why are some still not satisfied,secretly withholding things?I warned before that if anyone is found secretly withholding or doing anything underhanded,don't blame me,Su Xin,for being merciless!According to the rules of the Six Fan Sect,those who disrespect the law,embezzle,or act corruptly will be killed!"

At this point,the former leaders of the troublesome constables exchanged glances and stepped forward,saying,"Master,they were just greedy momentarily,having never seen so many treasures.We are willing to compensate double what they previously took.Master,punish them as you see fit,but please spare their lives."

These troublemaking constables were once under their command,and even though they had been dispersed under Su Xin's arrangements,there might still be a chance for them to meet again in the future.The former leaders wanted to display loyalty and nostalgia,hoping to secure their positions as trusted subordinates under Su Xin.

However,Su Xin would never allow such a plan to succeed.