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Chapter 251: Complete Annihilation

8808words in this chapter2024-01-29

Wu Yuanting looked at the catchers from Jiangnan Dao rushing towards him like hungry wolves,his eyes turning bloodshot.Su Xin was about to destroy the foundation of Xunfeng Sword Sect,which had stood for over a hundred years!

With a roar,Wu Yuanting immediately attacked Su Xin with his sword.The endless fierce wind roared and surged,transforming into a cyan dragon sweeping towards Su Xin.

At this moment,Wen Mingyu standing beside Su Xin made a move.He clapped his hands,and although the force seemed soft,it crushed the roaring cyan dragon.Then,Wen Mingyu waved his hands continuously,and the surging true energy turned into countless threads,trapping Wu Yuanting within.

Su Xin narrowed his eyes.The Great Thread Hand of the Wen family was indeed interesting.It made internal energy unusually resilient.Although it seemed soft when used,it could entangle the opponent's body,weapon,and even true energy,slowly wearing them down.

This martial art was mysterious,but not necessarily powerful.In one-on-one combat,it might be strong,capable of grinding down the opponent with a lot of effort.However,in group battles,its usefulness was significantly diminished.

Wen Mingyu and Wu Yuanting fought evenly.Although Wen Mingyu's martial art had the advantage,both were at the same level,in the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm.For a moment,it seemed that the outcome could not be determined.

Then Su Xin narrowed his eyes.Swiftly,he appeared behind Wu Yuanting,and with a pointed finger,thunder surged with unparalleled momentum.

"Daring to be arrogant before reaching the Nascent Soul realm!Seeking death!"

Wu Yuanting turned around and swung his sword,startling Wen Mingyu.Su Xin was indeed audacious,intervening even in battles between Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

However,to Wen Mingyu's surprise,when Wu Yuanting's sword struck,it only shattered the force of Su Xin's pointed finger,sending him flying.Yet,Su Xin suffered only minor injuries,which was somewhat terrifying.

Nonetheless,Wen Mingyu didn't overthink it.As a seasoned Nascent Soul realm warrior,he wouldn't be distracted in the midst of battle.Taking advantage of the moment when Wu Yuanting turned to attack Su Xin,Wen Mingyu acted.He fully utilized the Great Thread Hand,blocking the space around Wu Yuanting,severely restricting his movements.

Meanwhile,Su Xin,who had been knocked away,adjusted his slightly obstructed true energy and charged back into the fray.

Up to this point,Su Xin had only fought against two Nascent Soul realm cultivators:the renowned"Evil Slayer"Jue Yan and the famous"Nine-Mountain God"Dong Buyi.Both posed significant challenges,and Su Xin hadn't even used consumables in those battles.Now,facing Wu Yuanting,who seemed weaker compared to the previous opponents,Su Xin was confident in coordinating with Wen Mingyu to deal with him.

Su Xin charged forward again,occasionally ambushing Wu Yuanting.Whenever Wu Yuanting got distracted,Wen Mingyu's Great Thread Hand would tighten its grip.

Wu Yuanting became increasingly anxious.It had been over fifteen minutes,and by now,the Xunfeng Sword Sect was probably completely destroyed.However,Wu Yuanting didn't want to be buried with his sect.Making a decisive decision,he swept his sword horizontally,unleashing a fierce wind,and turned to escape.

However,neither Wen Mingyu nor Su Xin would let him go.Su Xin swung the Blood River Divine Sword and used the"Mountain Scripture,"causing a dazzling blood moon to rise into the sky,illuminating the ages.

"Get lost!"

Wu Yuanting roared,shattering the blood moon.The violent sword energy tore through the sky,heading straight for Su Xin,unparalleled in sharpness.

Unable to be blocked,Su Xin immediately executed the Wind God's Leg technique to evade the sword energy.Seizing this opportunity while Su Xin delayed,Wen Mingyu swung both hands like plucking stars and seizing the moon.The long sword in Wu Yuanting's hand broke directly under the increasing force,and even Wu Yuanting himself was pulled to Wen Mingyu's side.

Wen Mingyu,who had always been calm and composed in his actions,now exploded with extreme force.Pointing his finger,a brilliant energy burst forth,infusing Wu Yuanting's meridians.Suddenly,one of the meridians in his body burst open with a resounding boom!

This was Wen family's inherited martial art–the Meridian-Severing Divine Finger!

In the innate realm,the Meridian-Severing Divine Finger could sever the opponent's meridians,hindering the flow of their true energy and weakening them over time.

In Wen Mingyu's hands,this technique could not only block the severed meridians but also inject his own energy into them,causing a direct explosion!

Wu Yuanting roared,attempting to struggle,but Wen Mingyu's Great Thread Hand had reached its peak.The true energy around him seemed substantial,entwining Wu Yuanting tightly,preventing him from making even the slightest move.

The Meridian-Severing Divine Finger continued to strike.Meridians all over Wu Yuanting's body burst open in a terrifying manner.After a dozen strikes,Wu Yuanting looked like a person made of blood.

Finally,Wen Mingyu's finger landed on Wu Yuanting's heart meridian,causing it to burst.This Nascent Soul realm powerhouse,the sect master of Xunfeng Sword Sect,died at the doorstep of his sect.

Having killed Wu Yuanting,Wen Mingyu himself found it somewhat unbelievable.After all,the conflicts between the Wen family and the Xunfeng Sword Sect had lasted for decades.Wen Mingyu had fought Wu Yuanting more than once and knew that it wasn't easy to kill him with his own strength.

This time,being able to kill him was thanks to Su Xin's assistance.Su Xin laughed,"Master Wen,how does it feel to have avenged your grievances?"

Wen Mingyu smiled bitterly and shook his head,"Not great.After this incident,my Wen family will completely break ties with the martial forces of Jiangnan Dao."

Su Xin sneered,"The martial forces of Jiangnan Dao?Just a stagnant pool of decayed water.Do you think they can last much longer?Besides,do you think I'm satisfied with just taking down the Xunfeng Sword Sect?"

Wen Mingyu was suddenly alarmed.Was Su Xin out of his mind?Destroying one Xunfeng Sword Sect wasn't enough;he wanted to go after other sects as well.Su Xin had launched a surprise attack with the help of Wen family,catching the top martial forces of Jiangnan Dao off guard.Now that Su Xin had directly annihilated the Xunfeng Sword Sect,the top forces in Jiangnan Dao would certainly not accept it quietly.

Wen Mingyu wanted to say more,but the battle within the Xunfeng Sword Sect had already concluded.Li Huai,along with his men,had practically emptied the entire sect.Meanwhile,Lu Xu,Liu Hao,and Zhao Yiming had brought down hundreds of Xunfeng Sword Sect disciples.

Seeing this scene,Su Xin shook his head.Li Huai had been with him the longest and understood him the best.Su Xin looked at Lu Xu and the others and said coldly,"Who allowed you to bring these people down?Didn't I make it clear just now?I want the Xunfeng Sword Sect wiped out completely!Do you not understand the meaning of these four words?Do I need to demonstrate it for you?"

Lu Xu and the others swallowed nervously.Kill hundreds of people just like that?

Su Xin said indifferently,"Compassion has no place here.I said I wanted to exterminate the Xunfeng Sword Sect completely.That means not sparing even a single mouse from their sect!"

Hearing Su Xin's cold yet bloody words,Wen Mingyu and others shivered.Liu Hao was fine;he had a background as a bandit and had killed people before.Moreover,he had a criminal record with Su Xin,so he had to perform well.

Following Su Xin's instructions,Liu Hao immediately acted,killing the Xunfeng Sword Sect warriors around him with a single palm each.

Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming,however,felt uneasy.Especially Lu Xu,who grew up in the Six Doors organization.His father was the chief catcher of the Six Doors,and with decades of peace in the world,he had never experienced such a brutal massacre.

But seeing Su Xin's cold eyes,he had no choice but to grit his teeth and swing his knife at the defenseless Xunfeng Sword Sect warriors beside him.

These hundreds of people were not idiots.Facing the sudden extermination,they immediately wanted to resist.However,the power gap was too great.In less than half an hour,all the people were slaughtered.

The main gate of the entire Xunfeng Sword Sect was now filled with blood and corpses.Watching the sect that had opposed him for decades being completely wiped out,Wen Mingyu sighed inwardly,feeling a sudden chill in his heart.

Su Xin spoke softly to Wen Mingyu,"Master Wen,do you think I'm being too ruthless?"

Wen Mingyu wasn't a subordinate of Su Xin;they had a cooperative relationship.He nodded truthfully.

Su Xin smiled,"Master Wen,don't blame me for being heartless.Before this,I sent them three invitations,but what happened?Not a single person paid attention to me.They slapped me in the face three times.Moreover,Xunfeng Sword Sect was the most aggressive.They even beat up the messengers I sent.If I don't wipe them out completely,wouldn't it make me,Su Xin,seem useless?"

Wen Mingyu's heart suddenly chilled.After all,the Wen family was also one of the martial forces that had slapped Su Xin three times.Seeing Wen Mingyu's reaction,Su Xin couldn't help but smile,"Master Wen,there's no need to be so nervous.We are in a cooperative relationship now.Those were just minor matters before.Speaking of which,you're lucky.I wanted to deal with the Xunfeng Sword Sect,and your Wen family happened to be against them.Now that the Xunfeng Sword Sect is completely wiped out,your Wen family can send someone to take over their territory and influence.Oh,and the Xunfeng Sword Sect's main gate is also yours now.The place has excellent Feng Shui,surrounded by beautiful mountains and water."

Upon hearing this,Wen Mingyu immediately shook his head.He had no interest in the Xunfeng Sword Sect's main gate.Even if the Feng Shui was good,who would dare to set foot on a mountain road stained with the blood of hundreds of people?In a few years,this place would no longer be a treasure of Feng Shui,but a haunted ground.