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Chapter 134: Kicking an Iron Plate

9008words in this chapter2024-01-07

Lao Daobazi's mouth revealed a hint of a cold smile;this time,their move was almost foolproof.

Yan Shengheng had already provided them with detailed information about the Yan Qingxue caravan.To deal with the ranked powerhouse Meng Qingze,they brought out twenty innate warriors.

Even though ranked powerhouses were formidable,they were still innate warriors.Lao Daobazi didn't believe there could be any mistakes with this lineup.

Unfortunately,he was wrong,and quite ridiculously so.

Since ascending to the innate realm,Su Xin had been familiarizing himself with the power within his body.Although Su Xin's cultivation level had not changed,his combat strength kept increasing.

The battles within Shangshan City did not showcase Su Xin's true strength.There were too many restrictions in the city,and he dared not openly use the Blood River Divine Sword.

For the sake of his plan,Su Xin had always restrained the force of his attacks,at most inflicting severe injuries without taking lives.

But facing these countless murderers,Su Xin finally had a legitimate reason to unleash a massacre.

"Tao Guanzhu and Liang Bo,protect Miss Yan.Nie Xiong and Hong Xiong,follow me!"Su Xin advanced,drawing his sword.

Tao Qian and Liang Bo were calm and composed,entrusted with protecting Yan Qingxue.They wouldn't let those only at the acquired realm harm her.

Seeing Su Xin draw his sword,Hong Lietao and Nie Fang gritted their teeth and followed suit.

Although facing twenty opponents with just three people seemed suicidal to them,they had committed to joining Yan Qingxue's side.Running away at the first sign of danger would be embarrassing.

Moreover,considering Su Xin's conversation with Lao Daobazi earlier,there seemed to be some shady secrets involved.Lao Daobazi had brought seven mountain bandits and twenty innate warriors to ambush them,and these individuals were clearly prepared for Su Xin.

Su Xin remained indifferent,his eyes void of emotion.Lao Daobazi,the first to approach,was startled when he looked into Su Xin's eyes.

A strange feeling arose,but considering they had twenty innate realm warriors on their side,Lao Daobazi gritted his teeth and charged forward.

Lao Daobazi earned his name because he had used a Miao ethnic short knife for decades,reaching a state of perfection.His short knife was small and nimble,but when unleashed,it poured down like a torrential rain,showcasing an unparalleled fierceness.

Most people who used short knives pursued a fierce and ruthless style,but Lao Daobazi unexpectedly displayed a bold and majestic side,making him a remarkable expert.

Unfortunately,all of this was useless against Su Xin.

Su Xin's Youlong Sword unsheathed,a faint blood glow accompanying it,almost invisible up close.

The Blood River Divine Sword was cultivated with blood,and Su Xin hadn't fully unleashed its power until now.His sword should have tasted blood!

In an instant,a powerful sword aura erupted.Despite Lao Daobazi's vigorous and unmatched knife technique,Su Xin's sword pointed directly at the heart,breaking through all defenses!

The sword energy tore through the air.Lao Daobazi felt his blood boiling as if it involuntarily rushed towards Su Xin's sword.

In that moment,Lao Daobazi made a decision.


Sheath the knife and step back!

"What are you still dawdling for?Why aren't you attacking?!"Lao Daobazi shouted angrily,almost unable to withstand the annihilating sword intent!

The others,standing farther away and not feeling the immense pressure Lao Daobazi was under,sensed that something was amiss after his shout.However,it was too late!

The sword energy roared,and Su Xin seemed to merge with his sword.In an instant,the long sword turned blood-red,dripping with fresh blood.The sword aura resembled flying blood,blossoming in an instant!

In the last moment of his life,all Lao Daobazi could see was a red color—the color of blood!

With a loud crash,Lao Daobazi fell to the ground.The dazzling moment just now was only witnessed by him alone.

After killing Lao Daobazi,Su Xin's Youlong Sword immediately dissipated the thick blood aura,leaving only a faint bloodstain.

Lao Daobazi had calculated everything.He thought that by killing Su Xin and Yan Qingxue,he could easily wash away his sins and become a formidable figure under the Yan family in Shangshan City.However,Su Xin used only one sword to bury all his plans.

The other bandits were shocked.

Their strongest member,Lao Daobazi,had been taken down with just one sword.Was the strength of a ranked powerhouse truly this formidable?Was Su Xin still only at the acquired sea realm?

Despite their shock,they had already committed to this fight.If they were scared off by Su Xin's sword,not only would this operation be a huge loss,but it might also attract retaliation from Shangshan City,making it not worth the risk.

Therefore,they continued to charge forward.In an instant,more than ten types of true energy burst out,and a powerful aura instantly enveloped Su Xin.Despite the tremendous pressure,it only fueled Su Xin to unleash even greater strength within that pressure!

The Youlong Sword in Su Xin's hand emitted a long,resonant hum.

Unlike the usual vibrational sound when the Youlong Sword defended,this time the sword itself,driven by Su Xin's true qi,began to tremble continuously,producing an excited sword hum.

The sword followed the heart's desire.Su Xin lifted his long sword,executing the magnificent and imposing royal sword technique of the Duan family.In an instant,he flicked away the weapons of three individuals,and the powerful sword aura sent them flying.

With a reverse finger point,he directly caused one person,who had sneaked behind him for a surprise attack,to spit blood instead.

The simultaneous attack of over ten people increased the pressure on Su Xin.However,it was precisely because of this pressure that Su Xin continuously familiarized himself with high-intensity combat in this environment.The long sword in his hand seemed to truly transform into a wandering dragon.Flying up and down,it actually managed to resist the attacks of more than ten people in a short time.

By this time,Nie Fang and Hong Lietao had also arrived.

Nie Fang's Iron Refining Hands were a nemesis for weapon-type warriors.With consecutive palm strikes,no one dared to directly confront his sharpness.

Hong Lietao,on the other hand,was domineering.His fierce knife intent erupted,specifically targeting one person to kill.He dodged the attacks of others,never counterattacked,focusing only on one person until they were eliminated!

With the addition of these two,Su Xin's pressure greatly reduced.Even without fully utilizing the power of the Blood River Divine Sword,he was more than enough to deal with them.

Compared to the warriors in Shangshan City,these formidable individuals who established their strongholds in the dense forests of Xiangnan were mostly weaker.Those who gained fame in Shangshan City,like Nie Fang and Tao Qian,were not much different in strength from disciples of major sects.Hong Lietao's strength far surpassed many of them.

Su Xin initially thought these bandit powerhouses would have strong combat experience and killing intent.However,it turned out not to be the case.

These bandit powerhouses robbed merchants from various roads for wealth,not seeking death.They would investigate the details of their opponents in advance and,normally,showing their face and extorting some silver would be enough.

If they encountered opponents whose strength was too weak,they would resort to robbing and killing.However,such opponents were usually weak,and there was nothing to boast about in defeating them.

But when they encountered real powerhouses,unfortunately,that was when they approached death.

So,among these twenty people,only Lao Daobazi was considered decent.The rest were quite mediocre.In less than half a moment,half of them died at the hands of Su Xin and the others.

This formidable strength finally made the remaining ones terrified.They finally understood that they had kicked the iron plate this time!

They wanted to blame Lao Daobazi,but unfortunately,he was already dead.They could only escape in panic.

But while they wanted to run,Su Xin wouldn't let them off.A Shocking Spirit Pointing was released,and countless finger forces descended like a thunderstorm,forcing them to defend themselves.

Taking a step forward,Su Xin lightly pointed with his right pinky,like a gentle spring rain bringing everything back to life.However,hidden within was endless killing intent!

The person in front,who had just experienced a thunderstorm,suddenly faced a soft and gentle finger,but it shattered all the meridians in his body,causing him to die on the spot!

Twenty Solar Terms Shocking Spirit Finger,twenty-four variations.While White Choufei in the original book most commonly used Shocking Thunder,Su Xin preferred using it too.However,it did not mean that the other more than twenty variations were weaker.

Nie Fang and Hong Lietao followed Su Xin,finally killing nineteen people.As for the last person,Su Xin deliberately left him alive,prepared to extract the truth about the situation.

As for the small fries they brought along,although they suffered a few injuries from stray arrows,it wasn't a big deal.However,seeing their boss being killed or captured,they lost their courage and scattered in all directions.

Su Xin didn't bother to pursue them.After all,they were just small fries.Chasing and killing them wouldn't make much difference.

Moreover,with only five hundred people in the caravan now,protecting the goods was crucial.There was no time to relentlessly pursue a bunch of defeated dogs.

Returning to the caravan with the unfortunate guy who was captured alive,everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

In this battle,they only lost some non-martial members of the caravan.Those innate warriors they recruited suffered only minor injuries from stray arrows,nothing serious.

Of course,the gaze towards Su Xin now carried a sense of reverence.

When they were in Shangshan City before,they always heard about how strong this ranked powerhouse was.However,unless they saw Su Xin in action,they didn't have a clear impression of him.

Today,witnessing Su Xin's actions,they finally understood why some innate realm warriors could be on the ranking list,gaining fame in the martial world,while others remained unknown.

Ranked powerhouses and non-ranked warriors were truly in two different worlds.