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Chapter 135: Massacre

7832words in this chapter2024-01-07

The unfortunate fellow captured by Su Xin turned out to be the cautious fox spirit.Unfortunately,despite his years of caution,he thought there wouldn't be much trouble joining the group this time.However,it turned out to be a complete disaster.

"Speak up,who sent you?I don't believe that bandits who have been lurking in the Xiangnan dense forest for over a decade are a bunch of brainless individuals who dare to move recklessly,"Su Xin asked indifferently.

The fox spirit,realizing he was at the mercy of others,smartly spilled everything like pouring beans from a bamboo tube.Hearing that they were hired by Yan Sheng at a high cost,Yan Qingsnow's face turned pale.While she knew her brothers had no fondness for her,she never expected them to resort to such ruthless actions.

Su Xin sighed,and the others remained silent.This was a matter that couldn't be persuaded;Yan Qingsnow would have to overcome it on her own.

Fighting against her own blood brothers,who shared the same blood running through their veins,wanting her life was a significant blow to Yan Qingsnow.Green Hedge tugged at the Miss's sleeve,expressing concern.Yan Qingsnow forced a reluctant smile,"Don't worry,I'm fine."

Turning her gaze to Su Xin,she asked,"Young Master Meng,what should we do now?"

Su Xin spoke in a deep voice,"This matter is far from over.If Yan Shengheng dares to send Old Dao Bazi and his men after us,who knows if he has other tricks up his sleeve?We've barely covered one-tenth of the journey back.To be cautious,I plan to give these bandits a taste of something fierce and,at the same time,warn them that although five million taels of silver is a lot,they should assess if they are worthy of taking it."

Liǎng Bówas surprised,"Young Master Meng,what do you mean?"

Su Xin replied calmly,"Old Dao Bazi and his men surely won't all mobilize.There must be a part of them staying back in their stronghold.I'll go and wipe out their stronghold,give a warning to other bandits,and eliminate some threats for the people."

"But these bandits'strongholds are hidden deep in the dense forest,extremely secretive.Even if the imperial army comes to search,they won't easily find them,"Liǎng Bópointed out.

Su Xin kicked the fox spirit at his feet,"With someone familiar guiding the way,it should be easy to find,right?"

Looking at the leader of the fox spirits,Su Xin asked casually,"Mr.Guihu,do you happen to be willing to guide me?"

Guihu asked cautiously,"If I agree to guide you,can Young Master Meng spare my life?"

"No problem,but I'll spare only your life.I'll wipe out all seven strongholds,including yours,"Su Xin nodded.

Guihu nodded repeatedly,"No problem,I'm willing to guide you."

"Good,I'll take him to visit those strongholds.You all wait here,"Su Xin said.

Hong Lietao suggested,"Young Master Meng,maybe I should accompany you."

Su Xin shook his head,"No need,I can handle it alone.This is the Xiangnan dense forest,after all.Who knows if Yan Shengheng has other tricks besides these seven strongholds?You all just stay here and protect the caravan."

Considering Su Xin's unmatched combat strength among their peers,everyone nodded without insisting on joining him.The bandit strongholds had a few innate martial artists and dozens of post-innate martial artists left behind,posing no threat to Su Xin.

With Guihu as his guide,Su Xin maneuvered through the dense forest until they reached the entrance of a cave.Guihu hurriedly said,"This is where Old Dao Bazi's stronghold is."

Su Xin was surprised,"With so many people under Old Dao Bazi,they stay inside a cave?"

"Young Master Meng,don't be deceived by the cave's appearance.It connects to a valley inside.The valley is surrounded on all sides,and the cave is the only route,making it easily defensible,"Guihu explained.

Su Xin gave a cold smile.Such places were easy to block if facing an opponent much stronger than them.Walking through the cave,a vast rift appeared in front of Su Xin.In front of the rift was a considerable stronghold,but the gates were tightly shut,and a few bandits were patrolling on top.

Seeing Su Xin and Guihu emerging from the cave,the patrolling bandits were instantly shocked.Given the secrecy of their location,they couldn't believe that these two had accidentally intruded.

One of the bandits shouted harshly,"Who are you?Do you know this is Old Dao Bazi's territory?"

Su Xin couldn't be bothered with these bandits'nonsense.He looked at the mountain stronghold gate,several zhangs high,wrapped in logs and iron.His hand gripped the hilt of his sword.

In an instant,a dense aura of blood appeared in Su Xin's hand.The long sword unsheathed,its blade seemed as if it were forged from blood,dripping with crimson.

A blood-red sword aura,several zhangs long,slashed out.The stronghold gate instantly shattered into splinters of wood and iron under the impact of this sword.

The fox spirit behind Su Xin widened his eyes in astonishment.The power of this sword was incredible.Could it be that Su Xin hadn't used his full strength earlier?

Su Xin said indifferently,"Follow behind me.If you dare to run,I'll kill you."

The fox spirit nodded quickly.Even if he had two guts,he wouldn't dare to run now.

Su Xin directly entered the stronghold.Old Dao Bazi's stronghold had only one innate martial artist and nearly a hundred post-innate martial artists left behind.Su Xin's entrance turned it into a one-sided slaughter.

The blood aura shrouded Su Xin's Dragon Roaming Sword,giving it a sinister appearance.The Blood River Divine Sword practiced by Fang Yingkan in the original work was enveloped in a scarlet blood aura,as if it had truly transformed into a vast river of blood.

For Su Xin,with each kill,the blood aura on the sword became richer.After wiping out everyone,the dense blood aura on Su Xin's sword disappeared,turning into blood lines attached to the blade.

Su Xin observed the blood lines with a thoughtful expression.The system had mentioned that the Blood River Divine Sword had three components.One was the cultivation method,not exactly a sword technique but a way of using the sword.The second was the weapon itself,the Divine Sword:Blood River,inherited from Fang Juxia,which formed the foundation for the Blood River Divine Sword.The third was the Blood River Divine Finger derived by Fang Yingkan.

In Su Xin's view,these blood lines attached to the long sword were probably crucial for practicing the Blood River Divine Finger.However,since the Blood River Divine Finger evolved from the Blood River Divine Sword,Su Xin needed to cultivate the sword to perfection before being able to use the finger technique without exchanging for it.

After slaughtering the entire Old Dao Bazi's stronghold,Su Xin searched for valuables but found nothing except for some gold and silver treasures.

Su Xin turned to Guihu and asked,"Isn't Old Dao Bazi considered one of the strongest factions among the Xiangnan bandits?Why is his stronghold so poor,lacking even some elixirs?"

Guihu smiled wryly,"Elixirs are not that easy to come by.They are valuable items that money can't easily buy.Those large sects'caravans from the Central Plains may have elixirs,but we dare not rob them.Even if we occasionally get a pill,it's used immediately;who would keep it?"

Su Xin nodded.The lives of these bandits were not much better.Their only advantage was the speed at which they earned money compared to ordinary wandering martial artists.

Guided by Guihu,Su Xin consecutively wiped out all seven strongholds.After killing so many people,the proficiency of Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword rose to 30%.However,Su Xin also noticed that the higher the level of a martial art technique,the more challenging it was to increase proficiency.

Once proficiency reached 50%,mere practice would not be sufficient.Understanding the true martial intent within the technique was necessary.

Putting away his long sword,the dense blood aura in Su Xin's hand dissipated.Even the faint blood lines on the Dragon Roaming Sword became almost invisible without careful inspection.

Seeing this scene,a trace of doubt flashed in Guihu's mind.

Su Xin's sword technique,Blood Slaughter Qi,was exceptionally fierce.The more people he killed,the more concentrated his blood aura became.Although this technique was different from the eerie and ghostly demonic arts,it didn't seem like a virtuous cultivation method.

Guihu pondered for a long time,and in the end,he could only conclude that Su Xin's technique was'sinister';a cultivation method with a dark nature.

What puzzled him was that,although they were bandits in the Xiangnan dense forest,they still had connections with the outside world.They carefully observed each issue of the rankings.The rankings stated that Meng Qingze was a disciple of the'Four Absolute Solitaries'sect's Zong Haoyang,but this martial art style didn't seem like something Zong Haoyang would practice.

Even if Zong Haoyang learned this technique overseas,given his character,he shouldn't be cultivating such a sinister martial art.