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Chapter 37: Li Huai's Secret

8497words in this chapter2024-01-02

For some people,reasoning with them is obviously less effective than using fists.

These merchants in Yongle Lane are exactly that kind of people.

Having learned from past experience,they dared not complain and readily agreed to the demand for fifty taels of silver as an example fee.

As for the stern punishment promised by Su Xin for extortion and profiteering by the gang members,many merchants secretly rolled their eyes.

People don't change easily,especially when it comes to their bad habits.

After sending away these merchants,Su Xin estimated the amount of example fees he could receive,possibly reaching over a million taels!

Yongle Lane had over twenty thousand merchants.Even if you excluded some that were too small to pay the fee,the income would still easily exceed a million taels.

Back when the Green Bamboo Gang was in charge,these guys were quite ruthless in their extortion.Even a small breakfast stall wouldn't escape a few coins being squeezed out of them.

However,after Su Xin took over Yongle Lane,he abolished these practices,much to the relief of the local populace.

"Old Huang,bring all my old brothers here.Now that we have more people under us,it's time to appoint some to manage the others."

Su Xin's subordinates had already exceeded a thousand.Although he wasn't a big boss,he had more followers than some big bosses.It was necessary to promote some grassroots managers.

Over two hundred of Su Xin's original followers gathered,and excitement gleamed in their eyes.They had apparently received the news that the boss wanted to promote some of them.

"Before we attacked Yongle Lane,I told you all that if you want to enjoy the good life,you have to risk your lives for it!You did well in this battle,and now it's time to reap the rewards.Starting today,I will promote ten individuals to the rank of'Bo Zhang,'each overseeing a hundred people.And under each Bo Zhang,there will be ten'Shi Zhang,'managing ten people."

Actually,the titles Bo Zhang and Shi Zhang were military terms,but Su Xin,being a gang leader,had to adapt to the situation.Currently,Su Xin's status was only that of a small boss.Did he want to promote his followers to small bosses too?That would be too confusing.

However,the subordinates didn't care much about the titles;they just wanted the actual power.

Following Su Xin's distribution,at least half of them could be promoted to Bo Zhang or Shi Zhang.

Huang Bingcheng eagerly awaited Su Xin's announcement.With everyone else having positions,was it finally his turn?

Su Xin continued,"Huang Bingcheng will be in charge of logistics within the hall,and promotions below the rank of Bo Zhang will be handled by him.As for Li Huai,he will be responsible for administering punishments.The rules of Kuaile Forest also apply in Yongle Lane.You've all followed me,Su Xin,for a while now,and I believe you won't make such low-level mistakes.With you keeping the newcomers in check,I can rest assured."

The subordinates felt a chill in their hearts as they recalled the beating they received from Li Huai when Su Xin took over Kuaile Forest.

This guy wasn't easy to deal with.In his hands,the consequences were self-evident.

"Alright,I'll stop here.Now,Old Huang will announce the individuals appointed as Bo Zhang and Shi Zhang."

The selection of Bo Zhang had been decided between Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng beforehand.

Among the ten selected,one was Li Qing,a person Su Xin planned to cultivate.Li Qing's strength might not be in the top three among the gang members,but he was smart and loyal.Su Xin was more than willing to train such a person.

As for the selection of Shi Zhang,Su Xin didn't interfere,leaving it entirely to Huang Bingcheng.

After the power distribution was completed,Su Xin declared,"To celebrate our victory in taking over Yongle Lane,today I have booked the Drunken Moon Tower in Kuaile Forest.All expenses will be covered by the hall.Just enjoy yourselves!"


The subordinates below erupted in excitement.The Drunken Moon Tower in Kuaile Forest used to be a place they could only look up to.Even with the ten taels of silver Su Xin later provided them monthly,it wouldn't be enough to get a good bottle of wine there,let alone touch the girls.

They used to struggle to keep hold of their money.Even with the monthly allowance,they could only afford a visit to a small brothel.Unexpectedly,today they were going to the Drunken Moon Tower.It was indeed a worthwhile experience in their lives.

Huang Bingcheng secretly pulled Su Xin aside and whispered,"Boss,booking the Drunken Moon Tower for a day would cost nearly a hundred thousand taels of silver.Aren't we being a bit extravagant?"

He was currently in charge of the hall's finances and,being quite thrifty,found it a bit painful to witness Su Xin spending so recklessly.

Su Xin chuckled,"Don't worry,we won't spend a dime.This is a voluntary sponsorship from Liu,the owner of the Drunken Moon Tower."

"He's that generous?"Huang Bingcheng was puzzled.

These merchants were all tight-fisted,and even extracting fifty taels from them felt like pulling teeth.Now,they were allowed to visit the brothel for free?

"Don't underestimate these merchants.Anyone who can build a business from scratch isn't a fool.Liu,the owner,is a smart man,"Su Xin said with a playful smile.

Yesterday,Liu had personally approached Su Xin with this proposal,but he didn't demand anything in return.

Both being astute individuals,Su Xin could roughly guess Liu's intentions.He probably wanted to open a branch of the Drunken Moon Tower in Yongle Lane.

Establishments like brothels didn't compete based on quantity but on quality.The Drunken Moon Tower,once the largest brothel in Changning Prefecture,and with Su Xin's suggestions,undoubtedly maintained high standards.

However,opening in Yongle Lane would surely attract the jealousy and sabotage of many competitors.After all,no one liked someone else grabbing a share of their pie.

In this situation,Liu would rely on Su Xin.With this favor in place,if Liu ever encountered trouble,Su Xin's word would be enough to resolve it.

In the long run,spending a considerable sum to befriend Su Xin was definitely a profitable investment.

While the subordinates below eagerly rushed to Kuaile Forest,fearing they might miss out on attractive girls,Su Xin had no intention of joining them.He planned to head home directly.

Su Xin wasn't averse to indulging in pleasure,but he had high standards in this regard.Even in his past life,when he had ample money,he never spent it to satisfy his physical desires.Even if he visited nightclubs,he'd decide based on the appearance of the other person.

However,as he turned around,he noticed that Li Huai,Su Xin's trusted follower,wasn't heading to the Drunken Moon Tower either.

"Why aren't you going to have some fun?If you go to the Drunken Moon Tower,Liu,the owner,will surely arrange the best girls for you,"Su Xin half-jokingly remarked.

"Sorry,boss,I'm a bit tired,"Li Huai said with a grim expression and left without further explanation.

Su Xin furrowed his brow,feeling somewhat surprised.

Li Huai's current state was peculiar.While he usually had a cold and silent demeanor,today he seemed particularly troubled.

Grabbing Huang Bingcheng,who was about to rush to the Drunken Moon Tower,Su Xin asked,"What's going on with Li Huai lately?Did something happen?He seems heavily burdened."

Huang Bingcheng scratched his head,puzzled."Nothing happened recently.He's been quite normal these days."

As Huang Bingcheng spoke,he suddenly remembered something and whispered,"I think I know the reason.Today's event probably touched a sensitive spot for Li Huai."

"What sensitive spot?Don't keep me in suspense."

Leading Su Xin to a corner,Huang Bingcheng explained in a low voice,"I heard from others that Li Huai suffered an injury to his lower body during a fight in the past,rendering him incapable.Before that incident,although he was still introverted,he wasn't as aggressive and bloodthirsty as he is now.Since that event,he turned into the person you see today.Although he was never particularly interested in women,as a man,encountering such a thing can be maddening.Yet,Li Huai managed to channel that pain into a fervent desire for martial arts.So,even though it's a significant blow for him,Su Xin,it's not something you can console.He has transformed this pain into a deep passion and a crazy fighting spirit.Compared to Lin Pingzhi,Li Huai is more suitable to possess this'Pi Xie Sword Manual.'"

"Alright,go have fun,"Su Xin said.

"Aren't you going,boss?"

Su Xin shook his head.Huang Bingcheng's eyes discreetly glanced at Su Xin's lower region—was the boss the same way?

"What are you looking at?Get lost!"Su Xin scolded with a laugh,kicking Huang Bingcheng away.He then suddenly remembered something.

Pushing open the door to the private room in the hall,Li Huai was sitting on the bed,meditating.

Seeing Su Xin come in,Li Huai said,"Boss,you guys go have fun.I'm not interested in women.I'd rather spend my time practicing here.I feel like I'm about to break through the thirtieth acupoint."

Su Xin didn't say anything but handed a book to Li Huai.

"I think this sword technique suits you better."

The book only had four large characters:'Pi Xie Sword Manual.'

Su Xin said nothing more and left.

Although the injury to Li Huai's lower body was a significant blow,it hadn't destroyed him.Su Xin didn't try to console him,as such matters were beyond comfort.

Li Huai managed to turn that pain into an intense longing for martial arts.His ability to transform such suffering into a fervent passion and a wild fighting spirit demonstrated that he wasn't a weak person.Compared to Lin Pingzhi,Li Huai was more suited to possess the'Pi Xie Sword Manual.'