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Chapter 36: My Words, That's the Rule!

3210words in this chapter2024-01-02

Disposed of Tang Taihe,Su Xin had no worries at all.

In fact,from the moment he saw Li Shiyeh,he knew that Tang Taihe must have received approval from Tiger Third Master;otherwise,he wouldn't have the audacity to provoke him.

Precisely because he knew that Tang Taihe had Tiger Third Master backing him up,he decisively dealt with Tang Taihe.Doing so was to assert his firm stance to Tiger Third Master.

If there's anything to discuss openly,fine.But if someone wants to play some tricks behind the scenes,extending a hand means I'll cut off that hand!

After this gang war,Su Xin's achievements and reputation had reached their peak.Not to mention Tiger Third Master,even the gang leader would have to consider the feelings of the gang's brothers before making a move against him.

After capturing Yongle Alley,Su Xin didn't continue to expand.Instead,he informed Huang Bingcheng to openly recruit underlings—regardless of their past affiliations with the Green Bamboo Gang.It was an open invitation to all.

However,the treatment for these new recruits couldn't match that of Su Xin's old comrades.Their monthly pay was only two taels,and they wouldn't be taught advanced martial arts,just some basic skills.

Every organization needs different classes for easy management,and it also adds vitality.The old members,knowing that the treatment for new recruits wasn't as good as theirs,felt a sense of superiority and cherished their current positions even more.

On the other hand,the new recruits were envious of the treatment the old members received,working hard to climb up,hoping for a day when they could be on equal footing.

Three days after the ceasefire on Su Xin's side,the gang war between the two factions came to a complete end.

The results were evident—Green Bamboo Gang suffered a major defeat,directly losing one and a half blocks of the market.Three big bosses died,including two loyal to the gang leader Wei Feng.

It could be said that the unfortunate Wei Feng had become a commander without an army.Whether his orders could still control the headquarters was uncertain.

The most dazzling and rewarded person in this gang war was undoubtedly Su Xin.

As a small leader,he led fewer than two hundred people and forcefully took over the entire Yongle Alley.This achievement was significant enough for Su Xin to be directly promoted to a big boss.

However,Su Xin was too young.Allowing such a young person to become a big boss and sit on the same level as themselves made the higher-ups of the Flying Eagle Gang feel somewhat awkward.

So,no one brought up this matter,not even the gang leader.Therefore,Su Xin still held the position of a small leader.Nevertheless,he managed a district with more territories than some big bosses.

Although his status didn't change,the hidden benefits increased.

After this battle,Su Xin's popularity among the young members of the Flying Eagle Gang reached its peak.Almost all the young people considered him an idol.

As a result,many young members of other small and big leaders came over to join Su Xin.Combined with the new recruits he gathered in Yongle Alley,his subordinates surged to over a thousand people.

While the Flying Eagle Gang didn't restrict members from switching bosses,it didn't look good for other bosses'reputations.They all had some complaints,but seeing that those who left were young newcomers and not skilled individuals,the other bosses didn't want to cause trouble.

The impact of the gang war was only on a few people.

Ordinary people still had to live their lives,and in a short three days,Yongle Alley had already returned to normal.In this bustling world,Su Xin entered the meeting hall,which was crowded with over a hundred people,looking somewhat cramped.