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Chapter 181 Lingzhou Prefecture

7163words in this chapter2024-01-10

The shock on the ranking list did not concern Su Xin,and he had no interest in knowing.His sole focus now was to heal his injuries.

Although Su Xin emerged victorious in this battle,it was far from easy.External injuries were manageable for someone with Su Xin's current physical strength;they would heal in a few days.However,internal injuries posed a more significant challenge.Nearly half of Su Xin's meridians were shattered.The true qi he could currently harness was comparable to that of an early-stage practitioner.Exceeding this limit would result in immediate meridian ruptures,bringing him dangerously close to death.

Su Xin,in essence,had become a half-crippled individual.With almost half of his meridians severed,even with the healing medicine obtained from the'Sword Sovereign'Luo Yun,it would take months for him to fully recover.

Acknowledging his lapse in judgment during the ambush,Su Xin admitted to underestimating Zhe Ze Fang's strength but more significantly underestimating Zhe Ze Fang's determination to kill him.Hiring two secular disciples from the Shaolin Temple wasn't a concern,but including a killer from the Blood-Clad Tower caught Su Xin off guard,putting him on the defensive from the start.This led to the fierce battle.

If given another chance,Su Xin would still choose to lure Zhe Ze Fang out.He believed in the proverb"better to be safe than sorry."Having someone secretly plotting to kill you was an unsettling feeling.If the situation repeated,Su Xin would proactively strategize,ensuring the tables were turned.

With severe injuries,Su Xin did not venture far.He spent two days in the wilderness near Mount Song,efficiently treating his external wounds to appear somewhat normal.Donning spare clothes,he found a mask resembling a refined young man's face from Wang Lianhua's collection.He stowed the Wandering Dragon Sword in a pouch,concealing any visible connection between him and Su Xin.

Given the abundance of martial practitioners in Mount Song,it wasn't suitable for recovery.Su Xin decided to temporarily retreat to Lingzhou Prefecture,an adjacent region.

Lingzhou Prefecture,part of the Hannan Circuit,was an ordinary small prefecture with no prominent sects around—ideal for healing.Although Hannan Circuit was subordinate to the Central Plains,it was not particularly prosperous.However,compared to the densely forested Southern Xiangnan Circuit,Hannan Circuit's prefectures,even small ones like Lingzhou,felt spacious.Lingzhou Prefecture's size was comparable to Changning Prefecture.

Su Xin inconspicuously entered Lingzhou Prefecture,planning to find a quiet place for recovery.However,he noticed a crowd gathered in front of a large mansion,attracting attention.

Patting the shoulder of a middle-aged man with a sword,dressed like a wandering martial artist,Su Xin asked,"Excuse me,what's happening here?"

The man turned and,seeing a refined young man,asked in surprise,"You're not from Lingzhou Prefecture?"

Su Xin smiled and shook his head.

The man mysteriously pointed to the mansion ahead,saying,"This mansion belongs to the Lin family,a major clan in Lingzhou Prefecture.Today,so many people are gathered here because they are looking for a martial arts instructor for Lin Qing,the son of the Lin family's patriarch.They're offering ten taels per month."

Su Xin was stunned.Was the Lin family joking?Did they think martial practitioners were available on every street corner,priced by weight?

Seeing Su Xin's thoughts,the man sighed and explained,"It's not a joke;they're compelled to do this.Although the Lin family is a major clan in Lingzhou Prefecture,their population is sparse.The current family head,Lin Wanzhe,might not be powerful,only having achieved a mid-level cultivation,but he is a good person with a decent reputation.After marrying three times,his wives all passed away prematurely.Rumor has it that he brings ill fortune to his wives.Eventually,the renowned beauty from the East Street,Fang Qiaohua,married him to bury her father.Surprisingly,Fang Qiaohua bore him a son named Lin Qing."

Originally,everything was fine.However,Lin Wanzhe,who was practicing cultivation,met with an accident,failed to break through the Qi Sea realm,and died,leaving behind an orphan and a widow.

The current head of the Lin family is Lin Wanzhe's brother,Lin Wancheng.He is not a good person."The middle-aged man had an expression of disdain and sneered,"Once Lin Wancheng became the head of the family,he tried to harass the beautiful widow.However,Fang Qiaohua resisted fiercely,and the scandal became widely known,tarnishing the reputation of the Lin family."

As the people around him heard this,the residents of Lingzhou Prefecture,they all showed signs of agreement,condemning Lin Wancheng's behavior.Many of them were martial artists,although most hadn't reached the early stages of the innate realm.They still considered themselves people of the martial world,expressing indignation towards Lin Wancheng's actions.

The middle-aged man continued,"But that's not the worst part.The worst is Lin Wancheng's wife,Nie Hanmei.When her husband had foolish thoughts about harassing his sister-in-law,she believed it was Fang Qiaohua seducing him and started targeting her in every way.Nie Hanmei's father is Nie Yuan,the owner of our Lingzhou Prefecture's Zhenwei Martial Arts Hall,a genuine innate martial artist.While Lin Wanzhe was alive,Nie Hanmei didn't dare to act recklessly.Now that Lin Wanzhe is gone,Nie Hanmei has become more influential in the Lin family."

"After that,Fang Qiaohua's life became miserable.The monthly stipend for her and her son is only ten taels of silver,enough for basic needs but insufficient for martial arts training.Even the Lin family's inherited martial arts are beyond her reach.Lin Qing,now ten years old,has not officially started practicing martial arts,missing the optimal age for cultivation.While other Lin family members are learning martial arts at the Zhenwei Martial Arts Hall,Lin Qing can only watch.If Fang Qiaohua doesn't find a solution soon,this promising child will be wasted.She's offering ten taels of silver per month to hire a martial arts instructor for her son,out of desperation."

A notice was posted on the gate of the Lin residence,stating that anyone who took it down could become Lin Qing's teacher.Many martial artists present sympathized with Fang Qiaohua and despised the behavior of Lin Wancheng and his wife.However,no one dared to take down the notice openly.Sympathy and contempt were one thing,but openly opposing the Lin family could bring trouble.

The gate of the Lin residence opened,and an attractive woman in her thirties led a ten-year-old boy out.She looked at the surrounding martial artists with hopeful eyes,but everyone lowered their heads in shame.Two guards dressed as servants stood behind her,their faces showing mocking expressions.

With his interest piqued,Su Xin's eyes showed curiosity.He planned to spend a few months recovering in Lingzhou Prefecture,and healing was different from cultivating.Finding a secluded room,he could rest and allow his meridians to heal automatically.Yet,the Lin family's situation caught his attention,offering a way to spend his time.

Su Xin also wanted to see if he had the talent to teach martial arts to others.Teaching true martial arts was different from passing on skills to gang members.The latter was rudimentary,essentially forcing techniques into their heads.This opportunity might let him explore his potential.

Thinking this way,amid the surprised gazes of onlookers,Su Xin stepped forward,removed the notice,and casually said,"I'll take this job."

Everyone present was stunned.Where did this person come from?How dare he get involved in the Lin family's affairs?The middle-aged martial artist who explained the Lin family's situation earlier slapped his thigh,regretfully sighing.This person doesn't seem too young;why is he so impulsive?Getting involved in this matter might not be easy to extricate from,especially with Nie Hanmei's deep hatred for Fang Qiaohua and her son.Lin Wancheng is no saint either.Helping this mother and son now might lead to complications in the future.