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Chapter 180: Absolute Kill

7241words in this chapter2024-01-09

Duan Tianya suddenly erupted with a sinister and icy palm force,clearly belonging to the demonic path.It was definitely not something he learned from Shaolin Temple.If the current situation wasn't so dangerous,he wouldn't have revealed this trump card of his.

Cultivation techniques and martial arts from the demonic path have always been scorned by the righteous martial arts community.Even though Duan Tianya is no longer a disciple of Shaolin Temple,if he were to use these demonic techniques in front of everyone,Shaolin Temple would undoubtedly not spare him.

Zhu Zefang is on the brink of death at the moment,and Duan Tianya doesn't know if he can escape.In this situation,he decides to reveal all his cards,gambling on life and death.Moreover,as long as he can kill Su Xin,he isn't worried that Zhu Zefang,his life-and-death friend,will reveal the details of his demonic cultivation.

Su Xin turns around and unleashes a punch,embodying the arrival of the Vajrapani,shattering the void and sending Duan Tianya flying.

Although Duan Tianya is injured,Su Xin is not in a good state either.The sinister and icy power infiltrates Su Xin's body,freezing and destroying his meridians.Su Xin's face shows signs of purple energy rising,and the power of the Purple Haze Divine Art quickly starts pushing the sinister cold force out of his body.


Seeing Su Xin severely injured by Duan Tianya's palm force,even the attack comes to a halt.Zhu Zefang discards his broken sword,and his entire true energy erupts in an instant.A punch is aimed at Su Xin's dantian and sea of qi,resembling a powerful Arhat subduing a tiger,with boundless momentum.

As a lay disciple of Shaolin Temple,Zhu Zefang knows more than just the Damo Sword.He utilizes the foundational Shaolin martial art,the Arhat Fist,and its formidable power is equally astonishing.

Although Su Xin's Purple Haze Divine Art has the effect of dispelling foreign true energy,it takes time.Zhu Zefang's attack comes at the perfect moment,catching Su Xin off guard.

A cold glint flashes in Su Xin's eyes as he channels all his true energy,pushing the sinister cold force to his throat and then forcefully exhales it towards Zhu Zefang.

Crimson blood mixed with frigid shattered ice sprays out from Su Xin,and propelled by his true energy,it instantly pierces through Zhu Zefang's head,leaving a mess of red and white fluids on the ground.

Su Xin's figure sways,and blood begins to ooze from his body—a sign of ruptured meridians.

Meanwhile,Duan Tianya,with red eyes,roars and charges back.Dark palm shadows descend as Su Xin,without dodging or evading,retaliates with the Vajrapani staff,striking multiple punches in an instant.

Although Duan Tianya is already severely wounded by Su Xin's Vajrapani staff,Su Xin is also reaching the end of his strength.The earlier burst of all his true energy,meant to expel the sinister force,has shattered over half of Su Xin's meridians.

Consuming a three-and-a-half-star-grade healing pill from his pouch,Su Xin presses on.His condition is now close to depletion.Even an ordinary postnatal warrior could easily kill him.

After Su Xin leaves,a black vortex emerges at the scene,and a person steps out.Cloaked in a black-golden robe and wearing a mask resembling the judge from the underworld,it's Judge Cui!

Watching Su Xin depart,the mysterious figure mutters,"Shaolin Temple's Vajrapani staff?It's even more orthodox than that bald donkey Xuantong.Quite strange.Tsk tsk,fighting four Divine Palace realm experts with Spiritual Wisdom realm cultivation.I underestimated you.The previous rating is void;let's add another level."

As the words fall,a black mist shrouds the mysterious figure,and he vanishes once again.

Half an hour later,the warriors from Mount Song who chased after them finally arrived at the scene.Upon seeing the situation,they gasped in shock.While no one dared to claim Su Xin would definitely die,no one had imagined he would actually be able to kill four experts in the Divine Palace realm!

The ranking of a warrior's cultivation level doesn't necessarily represent their true strength.Su Xin,with the fifty-fourth position on the Human Ranking List,killing a Divine Palace realm warrior is quite normal.However,Su Xin has now killed four warriors in the Divine Palace realm,including three lay disciples from Shaolin Temple and an assassin from the Blood Garment Tower.None of them are insignificant figures!

With a mix of shock and horror,the onlookers examine the bodies of the four individuals.Through the appearance of their corpses and the traces around them,they can deduce the intensity of the battle.

The most miserable among the four is Zhu Zefang.His head was shattered by the icy fragments formed by the sinister cold force squeezed out by Su Xin's true energy,leaving a mess of red and white on the ground.Duan Tianya,using some unknown demonic technique,added a corrosive feature to the sinister cold force.

Zhu Zefang received the brunt of Su Xin's breath infused with this sinister cold force.Not only did he acquire an extra hole in his head,but his entire face was corroded to the point of being unrecognizable.

By examining the bodies of the other four individuals,they confirm that this one was Zhu Zefang.Someone murmurs,"The Human Ranking List is about to change again!With such terrifying achievements,Su Xin's ranking is bound to skyrocket."


Three days later,in Shengjing City,it's time for the Human Ranking List to be released again.A large crowd of warriors gathers in front of the Six Gates,eagerly awaiting the list.During this period,everything seemed calm in the martial world,and people copied down the list absentmindedly.Suddenly,a familiar name catches everyone's attention,causing a commotion.

"Oh my god!Someone has entered the top thirty of the Human Ranking List!"

"It's Su Xin,the'Blood Sword Divine Finger'!Last time,he jumped from the bottom of the list to the fifty-fourth position.This time,he has reached the twenty-third position!"

At the entrance of the Six Gates,a collective gasp resounds,and people scrutinize the list,afraid they might have misread it.But Su Xin's ranking remains unchanged.The inscription on the list reads:

"Name:Su Xin

Alias:Blood Sword Divine Finger


Martial Arts:Blood River Divine Sword(Used to defeat Di Yunfei's dragon transformation),Blood River Divine Finger(An extension of the Blood River Divine Sword,versatile and mysterious),Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger(Incorporates changes from the Twenty-Four Solar Terms,extremely profound)

Cultivation Level:Innate Spiritual Wisdom Realm(Opened the eyes and ears to the four knocks)

Achievements:Inside Xiangnan,defeated'Sword Master'Luo Yunling in his burial chamber,defeated Di Yunfei,Xiao Moyun,and Shangguan Yanqing,killed the leader of the Huayin Mountain bandits,'Smiling Night Yaksha'Cao Zheng'an.

Three days ago,outside Hannan Dao in Songyang Prefecture,was ambushed and besieged by four Divine Palace realm warriors,killed lay disciple Zhu Zefang,'Moonblade Daoist'Duan Tianya,and'Red Flame Thunder Spear'Zhou Changxin,as well as the Blood Garment Tower assassin.

Note:The person has not been seen after the incident,suspected to have hidden after severe injuries.


As the ranking goes higher,promotions become more difficult,especially within the top thirty,where changes may not occur for several months or even a year.Su Xin,however,breaks this norm,leaping dozens of places each time,making his ascension extraordinary.

With such achievements,no one dares to question the fairness of the Human Ranking List.Facing three lay disciples from Shaolin Temple and an assassin from the Blood Garment Tower,who among the Spiritual Wisdom realm warriors on the list would dare to confront them?

This time,Su Xin not only surprised everyone but also stepped on the faces of these lay disciples from Shaolin Temple.The martial world holds little goodwill toward them,considering their tendency to act like mad dogs,attacking anyone they see.However,they are not only arrogant but also afraid of strong adversaries.When faced with weaker independent cultivators,they swarm them.When encountering top sects,they retreat without saying a word.Now,they've picked on Su Xin and paid the price–well-deserved.