The strongest villain system
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Chapter 183: Lottery

8632words in this chapter2024-01-11

Su Xin's knowledge was diverse,and while teaching Lin Qing,he also contemplated his own martial arts foundation.Numerous martial arts,even dozens,converged into one.What Su Xin sought was his own ultimate'Dao,'regardless of his future cultivation path.His'Dao'would remain unique to him,never deviating.

The instruction Su Xin provided to Lin Qing was simple.He didn't teach any specific techniques;instead,he guided Lin Qing to forget any swordsmanship he had learned.Lin Qing had to defend against Su Xin's attacks using any means necessary.

Lin Qing's somewhat dull personality made him oblivious to the unconventional teaching style that seemed like mere antics to others.Instead,he found joy in the process.On the other hand,Fang Qiaohua,being an ordinary person,couldn't discern much.Seeing her son happily learning swordsmanship from Su Xin every day was enough for her.

In the past at the Lin family,Lin Qing could only watch other Lin disciples practice martial arts,harboring deep envy.Now,he finally had a teacher personally guiding him.During this time,Lin Wancheng sent people to monitor them,even personally inspecting them,but found nothing amiss.

He began to doubt his own judgment,thinking that perhaps he lacked discernment.After inviting a martial arts instructor from Zhenwei Martial Arts Hall to observe Su Xin teaching Lin Qing,the instructor dismissively commented:"Nonsense!"With this assurance,Lin Wancheng withdrew all surveillance.

Su Xin thus peacefully stayed in the Lin residence for a full seven months.During this time,he not only healed but also broke through his cultivation realm.With the healing medicine obtained from'Sword Sovereign'Luo Yunling,Su Xin's injuries completely healed after three months.

For the remaining time,Su Xin focused on breaking through acupoints.Using the voice-opening grass he brought from Songyang Prefecture,he broke through the vocal acupoint in just a month.The rest of the time was dedicated to breaking through the nasal acupoint.

Having previous experience with acupoint breakthroughs,Su Xin opted not to use spirit-enhancing pills this time.Instead,he relied on his own strength to break through the nasal acupoint,achieving perfection in three months.

With all seven acupoints perfected,Su Xin felt a surge of clear energy circulating above his head.With just one catalyst,he could activate the power of heaven and earth,refining his brow's spiritual palace.

However,Su Xin didn't rush this step,understanding the importance of patience.After seven months,he not only accumulated numerous basic lottery draws but also felt it was time for a substantial harvest.

Upon entering the system space,Su Xin inquired,"System,how much villain value and how many lottery chances do I have now?"

The system replied,"Host currently has 800 villain value points and 242 basic lottery chances."

With half a year of accumulation and rewards from completing the last side mission,Su Xin now had a considerable amount of villain value and lottery chances.He pondered for a while and decided to try an advanced lottery.

The uncertainty of the advanced lottery lay in two aspects.First,advanced characters might carry lower-level techniques.Without specified selection,if a lower-level technique was drawn,the opportunity would be wasted.Second,if a character carried a four-and-a-half-star or higher technique,there was a chance the lottery might come up empty.

Su Xin had 242 lottery chances,and after converting 100 basic draws into one advanced draw,he had 142 left.By converting all these to villain value,he would have 1600 points.Su Xin decided to take a chance.If he drew a character below four and a half stars and they didn't carry a lower-level technique,he could save some villain value.If they did,he would use 1600 villain value points for a specific selection.

"One hundred basic lottery chances exchanged for one advanced lottery chance,specifying the category for technique selection.Begin the draw,"Su Xin commanded.

The roulette on the large screen started spinning.Perhaps due to the different draw category,the advanced lottery was noticeably faster than the intermediate and basic draws.When the pointer finally stopped,a tall figure appeared on the screen,exuding a dominating aura.

Purple-clothed,black-robed,three strands of long beard flowing beneath the jaw,with eyebrows arched to the extreme,concealing a pair of sharp,eagle-like eyes radiating an unparalleled dominance.

Xiong Ba!

The leader of the Tianxia Society,the biggest antagonist in"Wind and Clouds,"Xiong Ba,who dominated the world!

Su Xin's eyes widened in astonishment;he hadn't expected to draw Xiong Ba on his first advanced lottery attempt.However,a sense of unease lingered in his heart.Indeed,the system's voice continued,"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Xiong Ba,who possesses the Tianfrost Fist,Cloud Expelling Palm,Wind God Leg,Three-Point Divine Finger,and Three-Point Returning Origin Qi,all at the five-star level.The character is rated at four and a half stars,with techniques ranging from three and a half to four and a half stars.Note:As the character comes with two techniques rated four and a half stars or above,this lottery does not support specified selection using villain value and has a 40%chance of coming up empty.Increasing villain value by 1000 points can add 10%to the winning chance.Would the host like to increase?"

Su Xin wore a wry smile;starting at such a high point wasn't necessarily a good thing.A 40%empty draw rate was practically a coin flip,a gamble on luck.However,since it was a gamble,he decided to take a bigger risk.If he could draw Three-Point Returning Origin Qi or Three-Point Divine Finger,Su Xin would hit the jackpot.

"Increase the success rate by 10%,"Su Xin declared.

"Success rate increased by 10%.Commencing draw now."

The pointer rotated over the five techniques,finally stopping on one.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the martial skill'Wind God Leg,'rated at three and a half stars."

Su Xin breathed a sigh of relief;not bad,he didn't lose out this time.A three and a half-star martial skill like Wind God Leg required 3600 villain value points for exchange in the store.With just 2000 villain value points spent,Su Xin had obtained this technique.With some remaining lottery chances,Su Xin wisely exchanged them all for villain value,leaving him with 652 points.

Wind God Leg would be enough for Su Xin to digest for a while.Although he could try his luck with intermediate draws,Su Xin chose the safer option of converting them to villain value.Having a backup plan was always good,and 652 villain value points could exchange for two three-and-a-half-star consumables.

Moreover,the system had some quick-healing medicines that could temporarily restore combat strength to the maximum,at a considerable price.If Su Xin didn't emerge victorious in the upcoming battle with Zhu Zefang and the others,he was willing to spend several hundred villain value points on such a pill and take a desperate gamble.

After exchanging for these items,Su Xin picked up the martial skill book for Wind God Leg,ready to study it thoroughly.Although the system granted him 5%proficiency,it only ensured he could perform the technique.To unleash the full power,Su Xin needed to understand and master the martial principles of this skill.

Upon close examination,Su Xin felt that the power of Wind God Leg wasn't as formidable as he had imagined.In terms of pure attack power,the three-and-a-half-star Wind God Leg was similar to the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger but fell short of the complete version of the Blood River Divine Sword,also rated at three and a half stars to four and a half stars.The real value of Wind God Leg lay in the agility it brought.

The leg technique was swift and fierce,especially the first move,'Capturing the Wind and Seizing the Shadow,'specifically designed to cultivate agility.The importance of speed for Wind God Leg was evident.Only by pushing the speed to the extreme could the true power of Wind God Leg be justified with its three-and-a-half-star rating.

For Su Xin,however,the value of Wind God Leg even rivaled a four-star skill.With Wind God Leg,Su Xin addressed his only deficiency-the lack of a speed-oriented martial art.The appearance of Wind God Leg came at the right time;speed was crucial in certain situations and could impact the course of a battle.

While Su Xin was in seclusion,Lingzhou Prefecture was about to witness a grand event–the joint martial arts competition involving all martial arts schools and prominent families in the prefecture.The competition was rich in resources,and the competition wasn't as intense and brutal as in some cities in Southern Hunan.There were no factions in Lingzhou Prefecture,with the most influential martial forces being several martial arts schools and a few prominent families.

Although the martial forces in Lingzhou Prefecture were not as confrontational as those in Changning Prefecture,there were still numerous subtle conflicts.However,everyone maintained a civilized demeanor since it was a friendly martial arts exchange.The event,held every three years,was an opportunity for everyone to showcase their martial prowess.

Each faction sent young disciples under the age of fifteen to participate.Each faction offered the same prizes,and the winner could take home all the prizes.It was also a matter of face for their respective forces.It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Since the participants were all under fifteen and most were not even at the postnatal stage,the destructive power was limited.Even with a few innate martial artists watching,major incidents were unlikely to occur.This kind of competition was well-received by martial forces in Lingzhou Prefecture.

As the three-year period approached,the host of this joint martial arts competition was the largest Zhenwei Martial Arts Hall in Lingzhou Prefecture,and the Lin family would naturally participate.