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Chapter 184: Martial Arts Competition

8912words in this chapter2024-01-11

The joint martial arts competition in Lingzhou Prefecture is about to begin,and the Lin family naturally intends to participate.However,the number of people from the Lin family is too few.The younger generation consists of only five disciples.Compared to other martial arts schools or prestigious families that can field over a dozen disciples,they appear somewhat withered.

Moreover,during the competition,it is required that each family's disciples must be in even numbers to avoid having a bye,which could lead to an empty slot.To prevent this situation,they established a rule that participating disciples must be in pairs.

With the Lin family already having a small number of members,should they decrease it further?Lin Wancheng is also troubled.A servant suggests,"Master,why not let Young Master Lin Qing join as well?Adding him would make it six,and it would be a complete team."

Lin Wancheng instinctively furrows his brow,considering refusal.However,when he thinks about Lin Qing following that reckless teacher for half a year without learning much,letting him join for the sake of numbers seems acceptable.After all,it wouldn't cause much trouble.

Thinking this way,Lin Wancheng instructs a servant to inform Lin Qing about participating in the martial arts competition.

Upon receiving the news,Fang Qiaohua can't hide her joy.Being an ordinary woman,she doesn't calculate much.In her view,having Lin Qing participate in the joint martial arts competition in Lingzhou Prefecture is an honor for the family.

"Ah Qing,go and tell your teacher about this news.Ask him to give you more guidance before the competition,"Fang Qiaohua instructs.

Lin Qing nods absentmindedly and then shakes his head."No,the teacher is currently in seclusion.We shouldn't disturb him.But it's okay;even if he's not around,I can win."

Fang Qiaohua lovingly pats Lin Qing's head.She doesn't expect him to achieve a high rank in the competition;she just hopes he won't embarrass the Lin family.A little recognition would make their lives in the Lin family easier.

The next day,the joint martial arts competition in Lingzhou Prefecture officially begins.Despite being a competition organized by a small prefecture,it attracts a considerable crowd of five to six thousand people.The central street of Lingzhou Prefecture is adorned with constructed arenas,surrounded by warriors from various influential forces.

At the highest point,only three people sit.One of them is Nie Yuan,a martial artist from the Zhenwei Martial Arts School,a pre-Heaven stage cultivator known as"Thunderous Sword."The other two are Qiu Ming,the head of the Shengyuan Escort Agency,and Li Hesheng,the patriarch of the Li family.These three are the only pre-Heaven realm martial artists in Lingzhou Prefecture and have the qualification to sit at the top.

Watching the young warriors from various forces,Qiu Ming strokes his beard and says,"Brother Nie and Brother Li,this competition will surely showcase the talents of your respective families.Brother Nie,your grandson is only thirteen years old but has already broken through to the early stages of the post-Heaven realm.Brother Li,the young one in your family,not yet twelve,has already slain a fierce bandit.Truly remarkable."

Among the three major forces in Lingzhou Prefecture,Qiu Ming's Shengyuan Escort Agency is the most low-profile,as it only recruits adult escorts.He doesn't have much interest in the conflicts among these young disciples and has come to observe the competition purely for entertainment,not sending any participants.

Listening to Qiu Ming's compliments,both Nie Yuan and Li Hesheng smile without speaking.However,they are secretly eager to see which family has cultivated the stronger disciples this year.

The participants from various forces draw lots randomly.Lin Qing joins the other Lin family disciples in drawing their order of appearance.The main force for the Lin family this time consists of Lin Wancheng's son,Lin Sheng.

At the age of thirteen,Lin Sheng has already broken through to the early stages of the post-Heaven realm.With Nie Yuan having no biological children,he put considerable effort into cultivating his grandson,making Lin Sheng outstanding among the young generation of the Lin family.

The other Lin family disciples are distant relatives of Lin Wancheng's brothers and are not highly regarded.Their strength is average,and at this moment,they gather around Lin Sheng,complimenting him endlessly.

Although they are not very old,these Lin family disciples understand that in the future,Lin Sheng will undoubtedly lead the Lin family.Building a good relationship with him now is a wise move.

One of the Lin family disciples sees Lin Qing,who is somewhat absent-minded,following them to draw lots and can't help but sneer,"Lin Qing,you haven't even mastered the complete set of sword techniques from the Lin family,and you dare to participate in this competition?"

Lin Qing responds dully,"I've mastered them."

The other Lin family disciples burst into laughter,mocking him mercilessly.

At this point,everyone in the Lin family knows that Lin Wancheng is in charge,and both Lin Sheng and Lin Qing are thorns in his side.Even these young Lin family disciples understand how to treat the brothers Lin Sheng and Lin Qing.

Lin Sheng waves his hand,saying,"Enough,stop laughing.Let's start drawing lots."

He wears a proud expression,not taking Lin Qing seriously at all.If Lin Qing's father,Lin Wanzhe,were still alive,he would likely be the next head of the Lin family.But now,Lin Qing is essentially useless,holding the title of the legitimate son without any real purpose.

Such a non-threatening person is not worth Lin Sheng's effort to suppress.

A group of young warriors reached into a box to draw lots,and a warrior from the Zhenwei Martial Arts School stepped to the center of the stage,loudly announcing,"Warriors number twenty-three,step forward for battle!"The two who drew the number twenty-three lots immediately ascended the stage and began their match.

The battles among these low-level warriors weren't particularly exciting.They were all under fifteen years old,and in Lingzhou Prefecture,breaking through to the early stages of the post-Heaven realm at this age was rare.Those watching from the stands found it rather dull,but the younger warriors were thoroughly enjoying it,cheering for their own.

"Warriors number thirty-seven,step forward for battle."

On the Lin family's side,both Lin Sheng and Lin Qing took a step forward simultaneously.Everyone was stunned;these two kinsmen had drawn each other.However,considering the number of warriors each faction sent,with Lin's family having at least six participants,it wasn't unusual to draw someone from the same group.

Lin Sheng casually said,"Lin Qing,don't waste time.Just forfeit."

His words lacked arrogance but carried an air of certainty.In such situations,it was common for warriors from the same faction to voluntarily forfeit to avoid a pointless battle that would only drain their energy and potentially weaken them for subsequent matches.However,Lin Qing,still considering his mother's encouragement to bring honor to the family,shook his head firmly and refused.

The expressions of Lin Sheng and other Lin family disciples changed.They hadn't expected Lin Qing to be so uncooperative.

"Lin Qing!This concerns the reputation of our Lin family.Don't be foolish;go back!"Lin Sheng sternly warned.

Lin Qing continued to shake his head,saying,"No,I won't forfeit."

The commotion they caused drew Lin Wancheng over.He scolded Lin Qing,"What are you doing,Lin Qing?Do you understand the bigger picture?You're a disciple of the Lin family,and Lin Sheng is also a disciple.What's the difference if one of you steps on the stage?If you don't forfeit and insist on fighting Lin Sheng,you'll only waste his energy and allow other factions to take advantage!"

The last sentence was spoken with severity,as Lin Wancheng tried to intimidate Lin Qing.However,although fear appeared on Lin Qing's face,he remained stubborn,shaking his head in refusal.

Seeing his son's attitude,Lin Wancheng was infuriated.He felt like he was dealing with a stone-headed person.If he hadn't decided to include Lin Qing in the list of participants,this wouldn't have happened.Lin Wancheng also believed that Lin Qing was intentionally causing trouble,perhaps seeking revenge for the unfair treatment his mother and he had endured in the Lin family over the years.

On the elevated platform,Li Hesheng smirked,"Brother Nie,what's going on here?Shouldn't the battle be on the stage?Why do I feel like your good son-in-law wants to start a fight right beneath it?"

Nie Yuan's face turned grim.He coldly ordered,"Come back!Let them fight on the stage!"

Lin Wancheng reluctantly withdrew his hand,allowing Lin Sheng and Lin Qing to ascend the stage.

Nie Yuan gave Lin Wancheng a fierce stare.His son-in-law had always been troublesome,lacking in accomplishments and excessive in failures.Initially,Nie Yuan had considered marrying his daughter to Lin Wancheng's elder brother,Lin Wanzhe.However,due to Lin Wanzhe's advanced age and multiple ill-fated marriages,Nie Yuan decided to marry his daughter to Lin Wancheng instead.

Regrettably,Lin Wancheng fell far short of his elder brother in strength and character.He was like a pile of unmanageable mud.Lin Sheng ascended the stage,his tone ominous,"Lin Qing,since you don't know your place,don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Originally,Lin Sheng didn't want to compete with Lin Qing,but since Lin Qing insisted on the stage,wasting his energy and causing harm to himself,Lin Sheng felt no obligation to spare him.

As the referee from the Zhenwei Martial Arts School shouted"begin,"Lin Sheng swiftly attacked with a long sword.His swordsmanship was precise and powerful,like a rainbow piercing through the sky,directly aiming for Lin Qing's chest!

The audience erupted into murmurs.Although Lin Sheng was only using the entry-level sword techniques of the Lin family,there were still deadly moves within.Now,he employed one of those lethal moves,showing no mercy.

Such heavy-handedness between kinsmen in a competition was considered quite excessive,causing a stir among the spectators.