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Chapter 195: "Martial Flower" Li Chenfeng

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In the midst of the flower boat,almost everyone could see that this person was clearly targeting Su Xin.

Pei Yankun quickly pulled him and said,"Brother Li,this is just a misunderstanding.We've all moved past it,no need to take it seriously."

Pei Yankun immediately turned to Su Xin and said,"Brother Su,this is Li Chenfeng,a disciple of the Li family in Longxi,and also the Martial Flower of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Speaking of which,Brother Li and Brother Su,you have a connection.Brother Su is ranked twenty-second on the People's List,while Brother Li is twenty-third."

Midway through the conversation,Pei Yankun immediately stopped talking and an awkward expression appeared on his face.

Now he realized why Li Chenfeng,despite not having any contact with Su Xin,had been targeting him all along.The struggle for the People's List has always been cruel,and stepping on others to rise is undoubtedly the best method.

Pei Yankun was ranked seventy-eightth on the People's List,belonging to the lower end.Whether compared to Su Xin or Li Chenfeng,the gap was significant,so he didn't expect to rise by defeating these two.Therefore,he remained indifferent.

But Li Chenfeng was different;he was only one position away from Su Xin.Moreover,Su Xin's current position used to belong to Li Chenfeng.When Su Xin escaped the pursuit of Yuan Shen Realm experts last time,he unexpectedly rose one position on the People's List,directly pushing Li Chenfeng down.This made Li Chenfeng very resentful.

Furthermore,Li Chenfeng felt even more aggrieved.Although he originally ranked twenty-second on the People's List,he had been ridiculed for having inflated rankings multiple times.

Li Chenfeng,a disciple of the Li family in Longxi,although not one of the six major families,was still one of the top families in the Central Plains.The relationship between the Li family in Longxi and the Great Zhou Dynasty was good,and they were a martial family,not offending either side.

The Great Zhou Dynasty held martial and literary examinations every three years,similar to the imperial examinations,with titles like Champion,Second,and Third Blossom for the martial examination.

Originally,the martial examination only targeted descendants of the Great Zhou Dynasty's nobility and some independent martial artists.However,in the last martial examination,the Great Zhou Dynasty decided to include martial families and sects with close ties to them,creating a spectacular event.Li Chenfeng emerged victorious in that battle,winning the position of Martial Flower.

Because the People's List belonged to the martial world,the martial examination's top scorers,including the Champion and Second Blossom,didn't appear on the list.However,Li Chenfeng,from the Longxi Li family,entered the People's List based on his performance in the martial examination,securing the twenty-second position.

Many people disputed this,claiming that Li Chenfeng's ranking was purely due to his identity as the Martial Flower.They believed he was merely a figure created by the Great Zhou Dynasty.If Li Chenfeng,with his strength,could rank twenty-second,then shouldn't the Second and Third Blossoms rank within the top twenty or even top ten?This was seen as a display of the Great Zhou Dynasty's military power.

Therefore,Li Chenfeng had been called the most inflated martial artist in the history of the People's List,and he was extremely angry about it.

This time,Su Xin had only escaped from a pursuit by a Yuan Shen Realm expert and managed to climb one position on the list,pushing Li Chenfeng down.This made Li Chenfeng even more dissatisfied.

Originally,Pei Yankun invited him to take a lake tour to ease his mood,and Li Chenfeng agreed,thinking it would be a good opportunity to relax.Unexpectedly,halfway through,they encountered Su Xin,and he couldn't let this opportunity slip away.

Li Chenfeng pushed Pei Yankun away and sneered,"People's List twenty-second?Is he even worthy?Escaping a pursuit makes him rise on the People's List,like a joke!I don't know if those people from the Six Gates have had their heads kicked by a donkey.Such things can actually happen."

Su Xin's eyes turned cold."Escaping a pursuit?Haha,saying so much,aren't you just unwilling to be stepped on by me?Well,today I'll give you a chance to see if you can beat this'escaping'dog of mine!"

Li Chenfeng burst into laughter.He was waiting for Su Xin to say these words!

His true qi burst out,and Li Chenfeng's body suddenly enlarged,emitting a fierce aura like a demonic god descending.Someone whispered,"Is this the Li family's Universal Universe Secret Art?Why does it look like a body refining technique?"

Su Xin squinted at Li Chenfeng.

The strength of the Li family was second only to the six major families,and their inherited techniques were quite interesting.This Universal Universe Secret Art could absorb all the true qi in the world and integrate it into one's body,turning the world upside down,merging all methods without extinguishing them.

The most peculiar aspect was that if other people's true qi struck them,a portion of it could be assimilated or even absorbed.The more they fought,the stronger they became.

In Su Xin's view,this so-called Universal Universe Secret Art was a passive version of the Star Absorption Great Technique or the North Sea Divine Art.

But such martial arts all had a weakness.If the opponent's strength was much higher,how would you absorb it?

Li Chenfeng roared as his fist came crashing down,ferocious like a demonic god descending.

The punch was straightforward,possessing pure power that unleashed the entire body's true qi.For an ordinary person,performing such a move would likely deplete their internal energy after a few attempts.However,for the Li family,who practiced the Universal Universe Secret Art,they became stronger with each strike,with no worry about energy depletion.

Su Xin neither dodged nor evaded,enveloped entirely in a blood-red aura.The sword in his hand and the hand holding it were both blood-red,and his eyes glowed with a crimson hue.

In an instant,sword energy soared,and a blood river appeared.The blood-red sword aura,like a surging giant wave,clashed with Li Chenfeng's fist,creating a tremendous shockwave!

A loud rumble echoed,and the wooden flower boat had long been unable to withstand the intense fluctuations of their clash,breaking apart at the bow!The songstresses on the boat screamed as the heavily damaged boat was on the verge of sinking.

Pei Yankun shouted,and other martial artists had no choice but to carry the songstresses and jump off the boat.Fortunately,being in the river,not far from the shore,even those without lightness skills could step on the water with inner energy and reach the bank.No one fell into the water.

However,the battle on the flower boat was far from over.Su Xin,shrouded in a blood river,swung the Blood River Divine Sword.Li Chenfeng,shocked,discovered that his Universal Universe Secret Art couldn't absorb the opponent's sword qi.Instead,it weakened his own true qi,causing his demonic-like figure to shrink.

Su Xin,wielding the sword in his right hand,unleashed three Blood River Divine Fingers with his left hand,simultaneously sending out a torrential blood river-like sword aura that instantly enveloped Li Chenfeng.The endless sword qi tore through the protective true qi around Li Chenfeng.

Indeed,the Universal Universe Secret Art was troublesome,absorbing only half of Su Xin's true qi.But what if I use twenty percent of my true qi?Can your Universal Universe Secret Art still absorb it?

Unfortunately for Li Chenfeng,Su Xin excelled in powerful and explosive techniques.Swinging his sword with his right hand and unleashing finger strength with his left,Su Xin's attacks overwhelmed the protective true qi shield formed by Li Chenfeng's Universal Universe Secret Art.It was like a bucket filled with water but continuously being filled even more.The shield burst!


Li Chenfeng formed a shield-shaped seal with both hands,blocking the Blood River Divine Sword's sword aura.Although most of the force was neutralized,the seal collapsed,and Li Chenfeng took three steps back,blood flowing from his mouth.

But before he could resume his defense,Su Xin moved like the wind.In the next moment,he was already in front of Li Chenfeng,kicking fiercely.In an instant,a series of more than ten violent kicks directly sent Li Chenfeng into the lake.

Their series of clashes had already alarmed the martial artists on the shore and around.Seeing Su Xin effortlessly defeating Li Chenfeng,many began to exclaim.

A small portion praised Su Xin's formidable strength,while the majority criticized Li Chenfeng as a waste.Indeed,he seemed to be the most inflated martial artist in the history of the People's List,easily defeated by Su Xin.

Li Chenfeng emerged from the lake,showing only his head,and without saying a word,he turned and walked away.Although Su Xin had injured him earlier,Li Chenfeng,who cultivated his physical body while practicing the Universal Universe Secret Art,only suffered minor injuries despite taking over ten of Su Xin's Wind God Kicks.It didn't look as severe as it seemed.

But his face,Li Chenfeng couldn't afford to lose it.Previously ridiculed for having an inflated People's List ranking,now being easily defeated by Su Xin seemed to further confirm that claim.

Su Xin lightly jumped into the lake,and before the flower boat sank,he had already leaped onto the shore,almost without getting his feet wet.

After the series of clashes,Su Xin also felt that Li Chenfeng's strength was indeed overrated.With his current strength,he couldn't even rank in the top thirty on the People's List.

Perhaps,as some had speculated,Li Chenfeng was just a figure created by the Great Zhou Dynasty,designed to highlight the strength of the Martial Champion and the Martial Second.His title as the"Martial Flower"seemed more mocking now.

Pei Yankun nodded towards Su Xin and said,"Brother Su,please don't take this matter to heart.Brother Li was just momentarily angered.If Brother Su is willing to forgive,how about joining me and others for a drink at Tianfeng Tower in Jiangnan Prefecture?"

Su Xin looked at Pei Yankun,sneering inwardly.This person appeared benevolent but was actually double-dealing.Those who deeply associated with him would probably end up counting their money for him.

Earlier,Su Xin avoided close contact with him due to his identity,but now,after seeing his strength,Pei Yankun was inviting him for a drink.Su Xin couldn't help but wonder what he was plotting.