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Chapter 194: Conflict

6936words in this chapter2024-01-14

Su Xin,with the powerful Wind God Leg,forcefully intercepted a flower boat moving forward.This scene not only stunned the old man and the boat girl but also left some warriors on the shore wide-eyed,showing an expression of disbelief.

"Could this guy be from the Shaolin Temple?His strength is unbelievable."

It's important to note that the large flower boat weighs tens of thousands of kilograms,and it carries various decorations,people,and more.Moreover,the flower boat was moving at full speed.To cut it off forcefully requires an immense amount of strength.

The lucky wooden boat came to a halt,and the boat girl looked at Su Xin with admiration as he ascended step by step,her eyes filled with reverence.

She hadn't interacted with many people from the martial world before.Most were either arrogant young masters from prominent families who wouldn't even bother looking at someone like her,or rough martial wanderers who acted like they owned the world.Genuine martial artists who were young,handsome,powerful,and approachable were rare.

Before today,the boat girl had no aspirations for the martial world.However,seeing Su Xin today sparked a sudden impulse to learn martial arts and venture into the martial world.

On the flower boat,there was a burst of exclamation as well.Apparently,they hadn't expected someone to forcefully stop the flower boat and even make it retreat.

Su Xin stepped onto the flower boat,looking coldly at the people on board.There were about a dozen warriors on the flower boat,all dressed in luxurious silk.

In addition to these warriors,there were more than twenty singing girls,each a graceful beauty from the southern regions.Their elegance surpassed that of ordinary brothels;such singing girls couldn't be found easily.

Standing at the bow of the boat,Su Xin,dressed in black,holding a sword,brought a chilly atmosphere to this somewhat extravagant flower boat.

A young nobleman on the boat sternly shouted,"Bold!Who are you?You dare to board the flower boat without our permission?Get off now!"

Su Xin sneered,"You almost collided with my boat just now.Who am I?And by the way,keep your mouth clean next time!"

As he spoke,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger pointed out.The blood line,like a sharp blade,instantly reached the young nobleman.This caused the singing girls to scream in surprise.

Although the young nobleman had the cultivation of the Innate Sea Realm,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger was too fast and fierce.He couldn't even evade it.When he finally reacted,the blood line was already in front of him.

At this moment,a young warrior next to him slashed with his sword,intercepting the blood line.However,he was still sent flying several steps by the force of the Blood River Divine Finger.

Witnessing this scene,the onlookers'eyes were filled with horror,and their perception of Su Xin changed.

These people were the young generation of local families and sects in the Jiangnan region.They had gathered for the Jiangnan Association and also to host fellow martial artists from the martial world.

The one who had spoken arrogantly earlier was Han Cheng from the Han family in the Liangqiu region.The person who blocked Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger was extraordinary as well.

His name was Pei Yanjun,a disciple of the prominent Star-Moon Sect in Jiangnan.His master was the head of the Star-Moon Sect,the only Martial Dao Grandmaster in the Nascent Divinity Realm in the sect.

Pei Yanjun himself had the strength of the Spiritual Aperture Realm and was ranked 87th on the Human Ranking List.Among these people,Pei Yanjun's strength was the strongest,and his status was the highest.He had initiated this gathering to welcome other martial artists.

Now,ranked 78th on the Human Ranking List,Pei Yanjun was pushed back several steps with just one casual strike from Su Xin.How strong was Su Xin?

Pei Yanjun's expression turned serious.With just one exchange,he had a clear understanding of Su Xin's strength.

This man was definitely a Human Ranking martial artist,and his ranking was undoubtedly much higher than Pei Yanjun's!The previous attack was just a casual move,yet Pei Yanjun had to use his full strength to block it.Now,his arm felt a bit numb.

Seeing Su Xin's strength,Han Cheng from the Liangqiu Han family and others fell silent.Some even glared at Han Cheng.

Just because he had picked a fight,trying to overturn the wooden boat to please a singing girl,they now found themselves in trouble.

Pei Yanjun took a deep breath,sheathed his long sword,and bowed to Su Xin,"Brother,I apologize.We didn't intend to overturn that wooden boat.If there's any offense,please forgive us.May I ask for your distinguished name?Would you grace us with your presence and have a drink to make amends?"

Take,for example,the Han family from the Liangqiu region,boasting three Nascent Divinity Realm martial artists,surpassing even the Star-Moon Sect's Pei Yanjun.However,despite having many forces behind them stronger than Pei Yanjun,they all rely on Pei Yanjun's skillful social connections.

Now that Pei Yanjun knows Su Xin's strength is unpredictable and he ranks higher on the Human Ranking List,the outcome of a conflict is uncertain.Moreover,their collective purpose for this boating trip was to welcome fellow martial artists and build connections.With this goodwill,there might be future opportunities.

Given Su Xin's formidable strength,he is the perfect guest they invited.Pei Yanjun couldn't afford to let go.In one sentence,he turned a potential enemy into a friend,using the excuse of their gathering for future cooperation.

Su Xin revealed a mocking smile.Did they really think he didn't hear the laughter from the flower boat when it was about to collide?

However,Su Xin didn't bother addressing these matters.He directly stated,"I am Su Xin.I won't drink this wine.As for making amends,I'll accept it from anyone willing."

Su Xin's gaze swept over these people,infuriating them.Did this man not understand his situation at all?

But at this moment,Pei Yanjun had no time for indignation.It seemed like he remembered something and exclaimed,"Su Xin!You are Su Xin,the'Blood Sword Divine Finger,'ranked 22nd on the Human Ranking List!"

This revelation shocked everyone.No one expected this black-clad man to be among the top 30 martial artists on the Human Ranking List.The top 30 were in a league of their own compared to the rest.

Su Xin smirked,"What's the matter,Brother Pei?Still want to invite me for a drink?"

Pei Yanjun awkwardly shook his head,no longer daring to play his clever tricks.Even if Su Xin wanted to join them for a drink and boating,Pei Yanjun would probably decline.Su Xin's reputation was not favorable,especially for someone considered dangerous.

Su Xin laughed inwardly.It seemed his reputation in the martial world was indeed lacking.He had no intention of mingling with disciples from major sects,so he turned to leave.

But at this moment,a cold voice spoke,"Truly a martial artist from the uncivilized south,lacking in manners.Brother Pei was extending a courtesy by inviting you for a drink,yet you reject it.You truly don't know how to appreciate kindness!"

As soon as this voice sounded,Pei Yanjun was stunned.They finally managed to drive away this jinx,and now someone else was stirring up trouble?

Turning to look,a young man in white martial attire emerged from the flower boat's cabin.With sword-like eyebrows and a cold demeanor,he glared at Su Xin with hostility.

Su Xin,who was about to leave,halted.He looked at the young man with some confusion.He was certain he didn't know this person.Why the animosity?

"Apologies,I may not understand etiquette,but suddenly having someone barking here is even more discourteous,"Su Xin retorted.

The young man spoke with a cold tone,"Su Xin!This isn't the uncivilized land of the south where you can act arrogantly.This is the Central Plains martial world,Jiangnan region!Even if you're ranked 22nd on the Human Ranking List,you don't have the qualifications to be arrogant here!"