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Chapter 25: Martial Techniques with No Absolute Waste

7610words in this chapter2023-12-30

Teaching internal skills to his subordinates was a decision Su Xin had made yesterday.Despite successfully assassinating Dai Chong,Su Xin acknowledged that his current strength was still insufficient.His victory was attributed to the element of surprise,and in a different scenario,the outcome would remain uncertain.

Observing the three hall masters and the enigmatic gang leader at the main hall,Su Xin realized the vast gap in strength between them.Martial arts cultivation required gradual progression;the system could assist,but it couldn't instantly turn one into a master.With the main quest having a one-year time limit,enhancing both personal and subordinates'strength concurrently was crucial for mission completion.

Concerns were raised by Huang Bingcheng,"What if others manage to secretly learn the internal skills we teach?Except for a few trustworthy brothers,some might not keep it confidential."

Su Xin waved off the worry,"Don't think of these internal skills as some extraordinary secret techniques.The dissemination of such common skills is inconsequential.Others might have already taught similar skills;maybe even the gang leader's internal skills are superior.Let them learn;it's nothing significant."

"The'Basic Internal Skills of the Quanzhen Sect'is just an entry-level technique,perhaps the lowest tier even in this world,"Su Xin added,dismissing any apprehension.He was aware that once the news spread,others might try to coerce his subordinates into revealing the skills.Su Xin,however,wasn't concerned.His focus was on increasing his subordinates'strength.Whether the gang leader and others passed it on or not wasn't his concern.

Su Xin's assurance stemmed from his understanding that those with no money couldn't make use of even basic internal skills effectively.Internal skills,at the primary level,were just a supplementary means of cultivation.Most martial artists ate heartily to convert the essence from food into vital energy,strengthening their bodies.The impoverished condition of the average gang member made any meaningful practice of internal skills nearly impossible.

Li Huai raised another concern,"Having internal skills alone isn't enough.What martial techniques will they practice?"

Su Xin realized he had overlooked this crucial point.Even if one advanced to the acquired realm,the increase in strength was minimal without corresponding martial techniques.Su Xin turned to Li Huai,"Can you teach your sword techniques to our brothers?"

Li Huai hesitated,"I can teach,but I don't have any formal sword techniques.What I do in fights is just an accumulation of experience."

Su Xin tapped the table with his index finger,acknowledging that Li Huai's swordsmanship was indeed unconventional.It was swift,precise,and ruthless,reflecting only practical combat experience.

Su Xin then remembered something and entered the system space,retrieving the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique,'thrown into a corner yesterday.As he perused the manual,a sense of amusement washed over him.

Just now,Su Xin was still troubled by the lack of suitable martial techniques for ordinary gang members to practice.In fact,he had drawn a manual yesterday that could address this concern.

After drawing the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'yesterday,he hadn't carefully examined it.Today,upon closer inspection,he realized that as long as it was used in the right context,there were no absolutely useless martial techniques.

The'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'didn't include powerful moves like'World Without Dogs'found in the authentic Dog-Beating Staff Technique.It consisted only of the basic applications of the eight characters:trip,cleave,entangle,thrust,lift,guide,seal,and turn.

With eight variations using a bamboo staff,it was sufficient to handle most situations.Additionally,the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'came with a coordinated combat method.Thirty-six people could form a Small Celestial Circulation Dog-Beating Formation,which could be split into eighteen-person and nine-person formations.A minimum of three people could collaborate to establish the formation,with the effectiveness increasing as more people joined.

The beggars of the Beggar's Sect often went out in groups for alms,and in case of unexpected events,they could swiftly form this formation to resist external threats.

More importantly,the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'had very low requirements for cultivation,so low that as long as one wasn't disabled and had eyes,they could practice it without literacy.

Apart from the cover,the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'didn't have a single extra word;it was filled with vivid illustrations that even children could understand.This technique was specifically designed for ordinary disciples of the Beggar's Sect,with the most basic requirement being:simplicity and ease of understanding.

The Beggar's Sect was the largest martial arts sect in the world,and naturally,its disciples had the lowest qualifications.Being beggars,how could their quality be high?Therefore,the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'was created with the principle that simpler was better,aligning perfectly with Su Xin's intentions.

His subordinates without any martial foundation could find this technique suitable.Su Xin,with a slight movement of his mind,had already left the system.In an instant,neither Huang Bingcheng nor Li Huai noticed Su Xin's distraction.

"Take a look at this martial technique."Su Xin pulled out the'Damaged Dog-Beating Staff Technique'from his pocket and tossed it in front of the two.

"Dog-Beating Staff Technique?What kind of lousy name is that?"Huang Bingcheng sneered,expressing some disdain.The name didn't sound like anything high-end.

After flipping through it for a while,Li Huai concluded,"Not powerful,but very practical."

"Practical is enough.If this Dog-Beating Staff Technique were given to you,how long do you think it would take for you to learn it?And how long would it take for others with no martial foundation to get the hang of it?"Su Xin,with his inherent 5%proficiency,could grasp the basics with just a glance.He wanted to know how others would fare.

Li Huai thought for a moment and said,"With only eight basic moves,I could get a basic understanding in a day.For others with no martial foundation,it might take two to five days."

Su Xin nodded;the time frame wasn't too long.

"Old Huang,go find someone to make two hundred four-foot short staffs.One end should have a double-edged spearhead,and I need them by tomorrow morning,"Su Xin instructed.

Huang Bingcheng nodded,"Boss,are you planning to use this as a weapon?But the illustration clearly shows wooden staffs."

"Wooden staffs are for beating dogs.If you want to fight people,you need something real."The basic Dog-Beating Staff Technique was meant for ordinary gang members.A group of beggars,where would they get the money to buy weapons?They could easily pick up a wooden staff as an improvised weapon.

Besides,this martial technique was designed for their self-defense,not with the expectation of formidable combat abilities.

Su Xin deviously added spearheads to the iron staffs.When the fighting started,using thrusts and jabs,they could create a bloodbath with those stabbing injuries.

"Alright,that's settled.Tomorrow morning,Old Huang,gather everyone at the hall entrance.I'll teach everyone the Dog-Beating Staff Technique,and Li Huai,you're responsible for teaching practical combat."Su Xin tapped the table,making a decision.

Li Huai nodded and walked out,but Huang Bingcheng hesitated,smiling as he asked,"Boss,can I skip learning this?Look,I'm at this age,and even if I practice,I won't achieve anything extraordinary."

Huang Bingcheng had a clear understanding of his current role—he was an executor.He flawlessly executed orders given by Su Xin,and that was enough.As for getting involved in battles,he was truly incompetent.

In the past,when he was in the Flying Eagle Gang,he had experienced dozens of large and small gang battles,always hiding at the back,fearing injury.

Su Xin knew Huang Bingcheng's disposition and didn't force him.He just patted his shoulder and said,"Old Huang,it's okay not to learn martial techniques for combat,but you must learn internal skills.I don't expect you to become powerful,but at least it'll contribute to keeping you healthy and fit."

Huang Bingcheng understood that this was Su Xin's bottom line.He reluctantly agreed.As long as he wasn't required to wield blades and swords in fights,he,Huang Bingcheng,who prided himself on using his brain,would be content.