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Chapter 26: The Bitterness of Bottom-Tier Gang Members

9842words in this chapter2023-12-30

After discussing the matter of imparting martial arts to his younger brothers,Su Xin took a turn and,finding nothing else to attend to,prepared to return.

There were people guarding the entrance of the hall,and his small courtyard was close to the Happy Forest.If anything happened,someone would immediately come to report.

Moreover,given Su Xin's current reputation,few would dare to cause trouble.Even Tiger Third Master and the head of the Xingtang,Dong Chengwu,who might not like him,wouldn't come to provoke him at this time.

Seeing that it was almost noon,Su Xin bought a pound of sauced beef and a lotus leaf chicken on his way back.

There were still two gang members guarding the gate of his small courtyard.

In fact,Su Xin had wanted them to withdraw after his strength greatly increased.However,considering that his sister Xiner was still at home,he decided against it.He had offended quite a few people now,and while disaster might not strike one's family,it was better to be cautious in case he encountered someone crazed enough to target them.

Seeing Su Xin return,the two gang members immediately said respectfully,"Boss."

Su Xin tossed them a couple of silver coins."Well done.Go have a meal and a drink in the middle of the day,take a rest."

The two gang members took the silver coins,excitedly saying,"Thanks,Boss."

Their excitement wasn't just because Su Xin had rewarded them with a couple of silver coins,but because they felt something in Su Xin's actions—a thing called respect.

Pushing the door open,Xiner was swinging the small wooden sword that Su Xin had carved for her,displaying a lively and realistic style.

Seeing this scene,Su Xin suddenly remembered that it was time to let Xiner practice some internal skills.

Although Xiner was young,she had a natural talent for understanding martial arts.At least,for the complex sword technique like the Great Vajra Sword Style,Su Xin only taught her a few times,and she could perform it quite well.

This talent was even better than Su Xin's.He believed that she would quickly excel in practicing internal skills.

Su Xin didn't intend to train Xiner into a martial arts heroine.In this lifetime,he would protect her.If Xiner suffered any harm,he,as her brother,would directly go and commit suicide.

But even if she didn't engage in battles,she still needed to cultivate internal skills.As he told Huang Bingcheng,it was good for maintaining physical health.

Moreover,Xiner's personality was suitable for cultivating internal skills.She could endure loneliness and preferred tranquility over activity.

Although she was still young,she didn't like running around like other children her age.Instead,give her something,and she could quietly play with it all day.

"Sister,why did you come back so early today?"Seeing Su Xin return,Xiner immediately dropped the wooden sword and ran over,taking the sauced beef and lotus leaf chicken from his hands.

"Of course,it's because I miss our Xiner."Su Xin rubbed Xiner's little head."Wash your hands and get ready for dinner.Cut the sauced beef,and remember not to sneak a bite."

Xiner,with a joyful smile,ran to the kitchen to cut the sauced beef,completely forgetting the instruction to wash her hands first.

After dinner,Su Xin took out a piece of paper and transcribed a copy of"Basic Internal Skills of the Quanzhen Sect"for Xiner.

The book he obtained from the system was given to Li Huai,and he didn't ask him to transcribe it.When it was time to impart internal skills,he would read it directly to everyone.

Most of his subordinates were local kids from Changle Lane,all raised in the slums.How many of them could read?Transcribing it wouldn't be of much use.

"Come here,Xiner.Today,I'll teach you something new.Remember to learn well;you can't be lazy with this."

Handing the manual to Xiner,Su Xin said,"Memorize the manual first."


With a frowning face,Xiner struggled to recite,"Close your still..."

She stumbled through a paragraph,making mistakes with two words.

"Don't you recognize these words,Xiner?"Su Xin asked in surprise.

With a pouting face,Xiner looked aggrieved."Mom only taught me to read for a year before she passed away.I've almost forgotten everything."

The integration of memories from two lives caused Su Xin to bury some things deep in his memory.It was only when Xiner mentioned it that he remembered she hadn't really studied much.

In his childhood memories,his mother began teaching him to read when he was young.So,even though Su Xin grew up in the slums,he could write decently,and he had some exposure to classical literature.

Xiner's mother also taught her when she was young,but she was only four or five years old at the time.Her mother taught her for less than a year before passing away.Plus,she was still very young then,so she probably forgot what she had learned.

"Alright,I'll recite it for you to listen to.Close your eyes and focus,sit still,grasp firmly,contemplate the divine.Tap your teeth thirty-six times,and hold Kunlun with both hands..."

After reciting a not-too-long set of techniques,Xiner was already on the verge of falling asleep.It seemed that she wasn't interested in this kind of thing compared to sword techniques.

Su Xin patted her little head."Don't be lazy.Tomorrow,I'll find you a teacher to teach you to read.Then,you can memorize the manual yourself."

"No!Xiner doesn't want to read or learn words!"Xiner immediately refused,her big watery eyes showing a distressed look.

Every day,studying is so annoying;practicing swordsmanship is much more interesting.

"No,pretending to be pitiful won't work.I don't intend to turn you into a refined lady,but at the very least,you should know how to read and be sensible,"Su Xin waved his hand,making it clear that there was no room for negotiation.

After protesting for a while with no result,Xiner could only reluctantly accept it,wearing a hundred unwilling expressions.

The next morning,Su Xin had Huang Bingcheng gather all his brothers under him at the entrance,not missing a single one.

After more than a month of development,he now had a total of 190 people under him,nearly three times more than when he first took over Happy Forest.

Due to Su Xin's reputation in the Flying Eagle Gang,not only locals from Changle Lane but even members within the Flying Eagle Gang wanted to switch to his side.Of course,the ten taels of silver monthly salary were the main attraction.

Huang Bingcheng had a good eye for people.The 190 people he selected were those who stayed behind after filtering out some cunning ones trying to freeload for a monthly salary.They were generally trustworthy.

Happy Forest wasn't large,and usually,only a third of these nearly two hundred gang members patrolled various places in Happy Forest.The rest either rested or practiced their martial arts in the training ground behind the entrance.

This time,gathering everyone was a clear sign to the gang members that something significant was about to happen.

Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,walked out from the backyard.Seeing the boss had arrived,everyone straightened their chests and lifted their heads.Some young people even showed eyes filled with admiration.

Most of these young people had emerged from the slums in Changle Lane,joining the Flying Eagle Gang for one reason—to make a living.

However,after witnessing Su Xin's achievements,the mindset of simply getting by suddenly turned into admiration.

Born from the same slums in Changle Lane,Su Xin and these poor kids,in just over a month,witnessed him transform from a low-level gang member into the leader guarding this area.

Such legendary stories held the greatest attraction for these young people.

Standing in front of the crowd,Su Xin spoke loudly,"Before discussing matters,let me ask you all a question:Why did you join the Flying Eagle Gang?

Do you know that once you step into the rivers and lakes,it's as deep as the sea?Even though our Flying Eagle Gang is just a small faction in Changning Prefecture,this is still the martial world,where life and death are beyond our control!

One moment you might be toasting with your brothers,the next you could end up as a stepping stone for someone else in a gang fight!"

Su Xin's words caused a stir among the crowd;they didn't understand what the boss meant.

The new young recruits might not understand,but several older members of the Flying Eagle Gang sighed deeply.

In the mass graves outside the city,hundreds of people were buried every year.

Among these hundreds of people,there were very few commoners,and most of them were people from these factions,the lowest-level'martial artists.'

"Have you figured it out?You,come forward and speak first,"Su Xin pointed to someone.

This person was quite familiar to Su Xin;he was Li Qing,the brother of Chen San,who was killed by the Green Bamboo Gang.Both Li Qing and the deceased Chen San had recently joined the Flying Eagle Gang,but Li Qing left a strong impression on Su Xin.He was a man with spirit and loyalty,yet not reckless and quite sensible.

After being pointed out by Su Xin,Li Qing was stunned for a moment,then smiled bitterly,"Boss,forgive me for being vulgar in my speech.Please don't take offense.I joined the gang for money.

My parents passed away early in my life.They worked hard to raise me,but they never got to see me marry.I,Li Qing,am also quite useless.I work in the East City,carrying big loads for people,and I only earn ten big coins a day,with two taken by those tooth shops.Living like this,not to mention marrying,it's a struggle not to starve to death.

So,I couldn't accept it.I wanted to take advantage of my youth and strength to try my luck!

If I don't die in a few years,I'll save some money to find a wife.At least then,I can leave a descendant for my old Li family.Otherwise,even if I die,I won't have the face to meet my parents!"

After Li Qing finished speaking,the gang members present fell silent,feeling quite uncomfortable,especially those who also came from Changle Lane.Li Qing had spoken out their inner thoughts.

In the earlier years,when Changning Prefecture was still the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty,it was relatively prosperous.However,since the capital moved,Changning Prefecture had been declining year by year.

Located in the southern part of the Xiangnan region,Changning Prefecture was close to the Southern Barbarians.Although the land was not barren,it was rich in highlands and forests,unsuitable for farming.

Originally prosperous due to being the capital,after the move,even the few merchants left.The only advantage Changning Prefecture had was its proximity to the Southern Barbarians,allowing them to purchase some special local products for trade.

As a result,merchants in Changning Prefecture could still manage to make a profit.Still,for the common people,it was a different story.Without farmland,opportunities for labor were extremely scarce.

People like Li Qing,who carried heavy loads and moved goods at the city gate,barely managed to earn enough for a meal each day,considered a good job.At least,it was better than those who had no work and went hungry.

In the past,when Su Xin joined the Flying Eagle Gang,he also did it for money.Being young and with some strength,people didn't want him even when he went to find work in others'homes.

Moreover,even if they wanted him,the meager wages were not enough to support him and Xiner.So,in the end,Su Xin chose the Flying Eagle Gang.