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Chapter 35: May I Ask, Who Gave You Confidence and Courage?

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Morning had broken,and the sky was already bright.

Ordinarily,at this time,the businesses and shops in Yongle Alley,except for establishments like brothels and gambling dens that thrived at night,should have been open for business.However,due to the recent gang wars,many small merchants had delayed their opening hours by an hour.

One exception was the owner of a breakfast stall who,in an attempt to earn a few extra coins,had set up his stall early.

As he was about to fry the freshly stretched dough sticks in the hot oil,he saw several members of the Flying Eagle Gang approaching in their black short warrior attire.

The stall owner stood still as if petrified,regretting his decision to set up the stall early just for a couple of extra coins.

"Boss,if you don't flip those dough sticks,they'll burn."

A gentle voice reached him,and the stall owner hurriedly flipped the dough sticks in the pan,cursing himself for being greedy for those two extra coins.

"Give me two dough sticks,"Su Xin said,turning to Huang Bingcheng and the others,"Do you guys want any?"

They shook their heads,and Huang Bingcheng wore a wry smile.In such circumstances,Su Xin,are you really thinking about breakfast?

The freshly fried dough sticks,wrapped in oil paper,were handed to Su Xin by the stall owner.After taking a bite,Su Xin commented,"Boss,your craftsmanship is good.I forgot to bring money this morning.Old Huang,you pay."

The breakfast stall owner quickly waved his hands,"No need,no need,really no need."

Huang Bingcheng,without bothering with the breakfast stall owner's refusal,threw a broken silver coin to follow Su Xin.

Holding the silver coin,equivalent to what he used to earn in ten days,the breakfast stall owner secretly thought that the boss of the Flying Eagle Gang was much better than Chen Lao Da,who used to smash shops when he was in a bad mood.


The one who dared to detain Su Xin's men,Tang Taihe,looked quite ordinary,probably in his thirties,with a somewhat slick appearance.

When Su Xin arrived with his men,Tang Taihe was standing still as if waiting for Su Xin in that spot.

There were six people detained by Tang Taihe,and they were being held down by his men,looking extremely miserable.

Although Su Xin's current strength was not bad,dealing with Tang Taihe and his men,at least taking on three or four,was not a problem.However,facing a larger group,more than ten rushing at once,no matter how strong one was,it wouldn't be enough.

Seeing his brothers beaten up like this,the members of Happy Forest were suddenly filled with excitement.If it weren't for Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng restraining them,they might have rushed out by now.

Huang Bingcheng knew it was not the time to act recklessly.

It was fine to deal with outsiders,but if the internal members took matters into their own hands,they would face punishment according to the gang rules.Brawls were one thing,but if these kids caused a fatality,it would be hard to handle.

Moreover,looking at Tang Taihe's appearance,he obviously felt fearless and even suspected that he dared to do this because he had support from Third Uncle Tiger.

"Tang Taihe?"Su Xin gave him a disdainful look,a look that made Tang Taihe uncomfortable,as if Su Xin regarded him as a dog,not even treating him as a person.It was more uncomfortable than being directly scolded.

"Su Xin,right?"Tang Taihe walked in front of Su Xin,smiling,"I didn't intentionally detain your people.They just don't know the rules."

Tang Taihe glanced at the six people kneeling on the ground,"In a gang war,whoever conquers the territory first owns it.I've been guarding this place for two days,ready to fight Luo Zhen to the death.I didn't expect him to run away.

Where Luo Zhen has gone,I don't care,but I've occupied half of Yongle Alley.Your six people came and claimed this Yongle Alley was all theirs,asking me to take my people and leave.What kind of logic is that?"

"Who told you to beat them?"Su Xin asked.

"Huh?"Tang Taihe's head suddenly couldn't keep up.

Wasn't the discussion supposed to be about the ownership of half of Yongle Alley?Why did it suddenly shift to these six little gang members?

"I can discipline my people.Why do you have the right to beat them?"Su Xin took a step forward,looking at Tang Taihe with disdain,as if he were looking at garbage.

As if stung by Su Xin's gaze,Tang Taihe pointed at Su Xin's nose and shouted,"Su Xin,what do you mean..."

A'slap'interrupted Tang Taihe's words.Before he could finish,Su Xin slapped him across the face,and blood mixed with broken teeth sprayed out.

Tang Taihe's subordinates were all dumbfounded.They had just been talking peacefully,so how did it escalate into a fight?

Su Xin kicked him in the stomach,and Tang Taihe,who had never practiced any martial arts,was immediately kicked to the ground,clutching his stomach and groaning in pain.

His subordinates pulled out their weapons,aiming at Su Xin,but none dared to make a rash move.

With a track record of assassinating Qingzhu Gang's leader Dai Chong,these small gang members only dared to brandish their weapons in front of Su Xin,relying on their numbers.Who would dare to be the first to throw themselves into death?

Su Xin slowly walked to Tang Taihe,extending his foot to step on Tang Taihe's head.The pressure increased gradually,making Tang Taihe scream in terror,as if Su Xin was about to crush his head with a single kick.

"I don't care if you occupy Yongle Alley,but why did you have to attack my people?Are you trying to intimidate me?"Su Xin asked.His words were barely finished when he delivered another kick,not giving Tang Taihe a chance to answer.

Though he didn't use any internal force,the kick made Tang Taihe feel as if his head had exploded.

"You've hit my people,which means you've hit my face.We have no grievances in the past,no conflicts in recent days.Why did you have to hit my face?"Another kick landed.

"Boss Tang,who gave you the courage?Who gave you the confidence to hit my face?"Two more kicks followed.Tang Taihe's consciousness was already unclear,and he could only groan reluctantly.

"Why won't you answer me?You have the courage to hit my face,but why don't you have the courage to face it to the end?"Su Xin's foot didn't stop,and Tang Taihe's eyeballs seemed ready to pop out.

Everyone present,whether Tang Taihe's men or Su Xin's,was shocked by his current state.

The continuous questioning did not provide Tang Taihe with a chance to answer,making it seem like a neurotic self-interrogation.

One ruthless kick after another,it seemed like Su Xin intended to trample Tang Taihe to death!

In their eyes,Su Xin had turned into a lunatic!Someone beyond rational comprehension!

"Show mercy!Show mercy!"A middle-aged man in scholar's robes squeezed through the crowd.He was none other than Li Shiyeh,Tiger Third's subordinate.

Seeing Tang Taihe,who was almost out of breath,Li Shiyeh smiled bitterly,"Su Xin,we're all brothers in the gang.Let's talk it out.Why resort to such brutality?"

Su Xin pointed at Tang Taihe beneath his foot and then at his own face."He took my territory.That's hitting my left face.He also beat my brothers,hitting my right face.Am I,Su Xin,so easy to bully?If someone smacks me twice,should I go over smiling and ask,'Buddy,why did you hit my face?'"

Li Shiyeh forced a smile,feeling uncomfortable with Su Xin's insinuations.He thought of the first time he met Su Xin,the young man who convinced Tiger Third with his clever arguments,the one who knelt down and called Tiger Third his adoptive father without hesitation for the sake of advancement.

Was this expressionless yet seemingly crazy Su Xin the same person?

Li Shiyeh swallowed his saliva."Well,Su Xin.What Tang Taihe did was indeed wrong.Yongle Alley was conquered by your strength,and no one can take that away.If Tang Taihe hit your people,there are gang rules for that.You taking action yourself is against the rules,isn't it?Release him first,and there will be consequences according to gang rules."

"Gang rules?Haha."Su Xin chuckled inexplicably,making Li Shiyeh feel uneasy.Finally,Su Xin lifted his foot from Tang Taihe's head.

Seeing this,Li Shiyeh heaved a sigh of relief,but before he could finish exhaling,Su Xin stomped on Tang Taihe's hand,directly crushing it!Tang Taihe,who was already unconscious,was forcefully awakened by the intense pain.

"Su Xin,you..."Li Shiyeh angrily pointed at Su Xin.

However,Su Xin seemed not to notice,proceeding systematically to crush Tang Taihe's other hand and both legs.

Not breaking them but crushing them,as if using a giant iron hammer.

"When you're in the mix,admit your mistakes.Stand straight when taking a hit.If you've done something wrong,you have to pay the price."

Leaving behind these casually spoken words,Su Xin,along with the six beaten gang members,turned around and left.

Li Shiyeh wanted to say something,but in the end,he could only sigh helplessly.

"Oh,Third Uncle,this time,I'm afraid you've taken another wrong step!"