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Chapter 72: No Loss in This Move

9205words in this chapter2024-01-03

Su Xin likes to accumulate intermediate draws and then draw them all at once.The chances of getting good things are higher that way.However,Su Xin urgently needs something to enhance his combat power.Although four draws are not many,he has no other choice.

"System,exchange all my basic draws for intermediate draws,exclude the empty draws,and perform all the draws."

The roulette on the big screen started spinning,passing through martial arts techniques,elixirs,and landing on miscellaneous items.

"Congratulations,Host,you've drawn the fake beard that Yue Buqun uses to conceal his identity after castrating himself.Rating:Half a star."

Su Xin's eyes twitched.He knew that the miscellaneous items section had nothing good;it was almost equivalent to an empty draw.

The second draw began,and this time,the pointer landed on the weapons category.A peculiar-looking long sword appeared on the big screen.

The blade was brass-colored with a hint of crimson,and the hilt had a spherical guard with a ball inside that vibrated with the sword's movement,producing a strange frequency and sound.

"Congratulations,Host,you've successfully drawn the weapon:Wandering Dragon Sword.Rating:Two stars.

Weapon description:One of the Seven Swords,the personal weapon of Chu Zhaonan.Forged by Master Huiming with mysterious iron,it is invincible.The spherical guard allows flexible manipulation of the sword's direction.

Hidden attribute:Dragon Roar

Dragon Roar:The Wandering Dragon Sword,crafted from refined mysterious iron,has a sharp blade.Striking enemy weapons can create a strong shock effect,directly shattering the opponent's weapon.The counterforce on one's side can be offset through the vibrations in the guard."

Seeing the description of the Wandering Dragon Sword,Su Xin's eyes lit up.In a low martial world like the Seven Swords under Heaven,the most outstanding aspects were the seven divine swords crafted by Master Huiming.

The attributes of the Wandering Dragon Sword were excellent.The sharp blade and the flexible angle of attack,combined with Su Xin's swift swordsmanship,made it a perfect match.Additionally,the hidden attribute that could shatter enemy weapons was a rare and valuable feature.

Su Xin felt a significant increase in his combat power with this sword,making his fight against Sha Feiying much easier if he had possessed it at that time.

"Using this sword against enemies head-on is good,but it's not suitable for covert attacks."

The sword emitted a clear shockwave sound even with a gentle pull,making it unsuitable for stealthy assaults.

"Let's continue with the draws."

Su Xin was in a very good mood.Even if the following two items were useless,the Wandering Dragon Sword alone made it worthwhile.With this sword,his combat power increased by at least 30%.

As the roulette spun rapidly on the big screen,the pointer unexpectedly landed on the miscellaneous items again.

Su Xin sighed immediately,wasting another opportunity.

However,the item displayed on the big screen surprised Su Xin.It was a box containing a stack of human skin masks,representing various ages and genders,totaling around several dozen.

"Congratulations,Host,you've drawn the'Thousand Faces Gentleman'Wang Lianhua's set of human skin masks.Rating:Two and a half stars."

Wang Lianhua was an important character in the martial arts novel,Wulin Waishi(武林外史),known for his versatility between good and evil.His popularity even surpassed the protagonist,Shen Lang.

As for the human skin masks left behind by Wang Lianhua,they were incredibly realistic.

Su Xin put on one of them,instantly transforming from a handsome youth into a middle-aged man in his thirties.Although the difference in physique was too great,the disguise was flawless.

"This thing is not bad.I don't need it now,but I'll definitely find it useful in the future."

The human skin mask was just a prop for disguise,not actual transformation.It could only change the face,not the body.Therefore,Su Xin's use of these masks was limited;he had to choose faces similar to his own.

"If you wear a mask of an old man but still have the body of a young man,with smooth and radiant skin,anyone can tell it's fake."

Su Xin placed the human skin masks in a corner of the system space.They were tools for disguise but not a real transformation.

This kind of mask could only change the face,not the body.Therefore,Su Xin's use of these masks was limited;he had to choose faces similar to his own.

Three draws,two of which were profitable,this round was definitely a gain.Su Xin was quite content.For the final draw,he was carefree,indifferent to whatever he might get.

As the roulette spun rapidly,the pointer landed on a category that had never appeared before:consumables.

"Congratulations,Host,you've drawn a disposable consumable:Flame Blade.Belongs to the character Jiumozhi.Rating:Three and a half stars."

Su Xin's eyes widened,"This round is more than just a profit;it's a huge gain!"

Jiumozhi,although not the strongest character in The Legend of the Condor Heroes,was still a top-tier martial artist.He was devious and cunning,willing to employ any means to achieve his goals.Despite that,he was passionate about martial arts and was considered a genius in that field.

This Flame Blade was Jiumozhi's signature skill,taught to him by his master from the Ningma sect.With this divine technique,Jiumozhi swept through the Western Region,unbeatable by anyone.

In Su Xin's view,the potential of the Flame Blade is no less than that of the Six-Meridian Divine Sword.However,Jiumozhi's diverse martial arts knowledge hasn't fully unleashed the power of this technique.

"By the way,the Flame Blade releases internal energy externally,but my current internal energy is far from reaching the point of external release.Only by entering the innate realm,condensing it into a Qi Sea,can I barely achieve the degree of releasing internal energy externally.If I use the Flame Blade now,won't all my strength be drained instantly?"

External release of internal energy is one of the dividing lines between innate and acquired realms.In the innate realm,there are three stages:Qi Sea,Spiritual Aperture,and Divine Palace.Only when the Qi Sea is condensed,and true Qi in the body increases several times,can one achieve the external release of internal energy.

The system defines disposable consumables as items that directly increase the proficiency of a martial art to one hundred percent,usable in a single instance but still consuming one's own strength.

For advanced martial arts like the Flame Blade,the consumption of internal energy is extremely high.If Su Xin were to use it now,he suspects he might be drained of all his strength.

The system explained,"That won't happen.One hundred percent proficiency means the host can reach the level of the founder of this martial art.Understanding of the martial art has reached its peak,and the body will perform the martial art to the extent possible based on the host's existing strength.External release of internal energy is just a form of manipulating true Qi.Even powerful warriors can achieve external release with only the true Qi of one acupoint left.After using the Flame Blade with your current strength,you'll still have more than half of your internal energy remaining."

Hearing the system's assurance,Su Xin felt relieved.

The esoteric skill Flame Blade is his trump card,sometimes even capable of turning the tables in critical moments.The internal restructuring of the Flying Eagle Gang took three days in the mortal world,but in that time,the outside world was in an uproar.

With the death of Sha Feiying,Su Xin took his place!

In the battle between Su Xin and Li Zhonghe,representatives from various factions had almost all participated.From that moment on,everyone recognized that this young man was not someone to be underestimated.

What no one expected was that this day would come so soon.

In just over a month,the young man who needed to step onto the arena and fight Li Zhonghe to survive had now risen to the position of one of the dominant forces in Changning Prefecture,sitting on an equal footing with them.

To achieve the position of the gang leader in such a short time required strength,cunning,and even luck—one missing element would render it impossible.

Moreover,Su Xin's ruthlessness did not escape their notice.The Flying Eagle Gang claimed that Sha Feiying died because of a sneak attack by the Green Bamboo Gang,but everyone knew it was just an excuse.

They were well aware of the character of the two deputy leaders of the Green Bamboo Gang.Even if they joined forces,they couldn't match Sha Feiying,and who would believe they could defeat him in a fair fight?

Among the Three Heroes,when Meng Changhe learned of this news,he suddenly crushed the teacup in his hand,his face showing a fierce expression.

His son was killed,and the other party got away with it.Not only did they become famous in Changning Prefecture by stepping on the Three Heroes'name,but now they had also become the gang leader of the Flying Eagle Gang,sitting on an equal footing with them.How could he endure it?

Ning Luo Jun,seeing Meng Changhe in such a state,couldn't help sighing,"Big brother,let go of what needs to be let go.Meng Chong is already dead,and you being like this is useless.Now Su Xin is the leader of the Flying Eagle Gang.If we provoke him,it's equivalent to a direct conflict with the Flying Eagle Gang.The current Flying Eagle Gang,compared to the old days under Sha Feiying,is at least twice as strong.Attacking them now,even if we destroy the Flying Eagle Gang,we'll lose a tooth in the process."

Duan Xiao also added,"He must have broken through,and his strength exceeds our imagination.I fought against that old dog Sha Feiying.Although his personal strength is not that great,his knife skills have received the true transmission of those great bandit knife masters from the Thirty-Six Forts in Taihang Road.Even I didn't have a guaranteed chance of winning.Su Xin could kill him;this kind of strength deserves our attention.If we go all out against him now,it won't be worth the loss."

"But he killed my son!The blood feud of killing one's child is intolerable!"Meng Changhe gritted his teeth.

"Big brother,consider the bigger picture."Both of them tried to persuade him.

The one with the blood feud with Su Xin was Meng Changhe,not the Three Heroes.If Su Xin was just an unknown pawn,they wouldn't mind selling a favor and trampling him underfoot.But now Su Xin was the gang leader of the Flying Eagle Gang,enough to sit on equal footing with them.Going against Su Xin now,not only did it not benefit the gang,but it also harmed their interests.