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Chapter 73: I Am Flying Eagle Gang!

8520words in this chapter2024-01-03

After the integration of the Flying Eagle Gang,it had become a force to be reckoned with,even causing apprehension among gangs of the Three Heroes level.Su Xin was ready to make a move.

In Changning Prefecture,all gangs considered territory crucial,except for the Blood Robe Society,a formidable force with a significant background.Su Xin's immediate target was the Green Bamboo Gang.

The current Flying Eagle Gang was far superior to the Green Bamboo Gang,and a full-scale gang war could easily defeat them.However,Su Xin chose not to openly engage but adopted a strategy of gradual encroachment.

While a full-scale war could crush the Green Bamboo Gang,Su Xin knew it wouldn't be without losses.He intended to use this opportunity to train his subordinates.After restructuring and recruiting,the Flying Eagle Gang now boasted over twelve thousand members.Among them,the Battle Hall alone had a formidable eight thousand members,surpassing the entire Green Bamboo Gang.

However,most of these members lacked combat experience.Su Xin decided to use small-scale battles to rotate the disciples of the Battle Hall,accumulating combat experience without focusing on victory or defeat.

Implementing this gradual encroachment strategy,the Flying Eagle Gang clashed with the Green Bamboo Gang on their respective territories multiple times every day.Although the scale was small,the Green Bamboo Gang didn't take it seriously.Since the Flying Eagle Gang hadn't declared an all-out war,they even had the upper hand in some of these skirmishes.

The Green Bamboo Gang chose to turn a blind eye to these frictions,not wanting to engage in a direct conflict with the Flying Eagle Gang.However,they would come to regret it in the end.

Su Xin didn't need to personally intervene in this strategy.Even Li Huai hadn't stepped in;everything was managed by the Battle Hall itself.Su Xin appointed Li Qing as the head of the Battle Hall,with his experience and the assistance of Liu Shengming,handling small-scale gang wars posed no problem.

In his free time,Su Xin,after his cultivation,was preparing to pick up Xiner from the private school.Previously,Su Xin had sent Xiner to a private school in Yongle Lane.However,after Yongle Lane was occupied by the Green Bamboo Gang,he moved her to a private school in Jin Yue Lane.

As the largest district in the eastern twelve lanes,the private school in Jin Yue Lane was much better than the one in Yongle Lane.

Accompanied by Huang Bingcheng,who had nothing better to do,Su Xin made his way to the private school.However,as soon as they reached the school's entrance,they saw a crowd gathered,seemingly watching something.

Su Xin pushed through the crowd,only to witness a scene that ignited his fury.Several children were fighting at the entrance of the private school.While such fights were common among children,this time,four boys around the age of ten were ganging up on a petite girl–Xiner.

Xiner,who had learned internal skills and swordsmanship from Su Xin,was still just a seven-year-old with limited strength.Without a sword,she could only defend herself with her small school bag,forced to step back under the relentless attacks of the four boys.

One chubby boy sneered,"You,little girl,dare to hit me.Today,I'll teach you a lesson and let you know who's the boss here!"

Defiantly,Xiner glared at him,"You insulted my parents,so I hit you!"

"Haha!I did insult them.You're just a parentless wild child.If you have the guts,bring your ghost parents here to hit me!"

The chubby boy's arrogant laughter caused displeasure among the onlookers.This was a place of education,and his lack of manners was evident.Despite these thoughts,no one stepped forward to intervene.Four burly men stood behind the chubby boy,casting threatening glances at anyone thinking of interfering.

Ignoring the situation wasn't an option for some.

Huang Bingcheng,seeing his boss's precious sister being bullied,was furious.He immediately rushed forward,pushing away the troublesome children,and scolded them,"You bunch of boys,attacking a girl like this,have you no shame?Is this how your parents taught you?Believe me,if you don't apologize to her today,I'll spank each of you until your bottoms bloom like flowers and teach you a lesson for your parents!"

The chubby boy,facing an angry adult,still wore a smug expression,"Who do you think you are?You're nothing!Uncle Liu,someone is bullying me here!"

The four burly men walked over,and one of them disdainfully pushed Huang Bingcheng,"What are you?You think you can lecture us?This little girl is from your family?If she doesn't apologize today,you can forget about leaving!"With immense strength,the man,despite Huang Bingcheng's cultivation,pushed him several steps back,almost causing him to fall.


Huang Bingcheng's anger soared.As the most influential figure in the Flying Eagle Gang below Su Xin,he was used to being treated with respect.Now,he was almost pushed over by a minor thug.He was about to charge forward for a fight when Su Xin stopped him.

"Lost your temper?Can't handle it yourself,so you have to call others?"Su Xin walked out,speaking casually.

Only then did Huang Bingcheng realize he had indeed lost his temper.With his status,was it necessary for him to personally intervene?Moreover,his small physique wasn't suitable for direct confrontation.

Seeing Su Xin approaching,Xiner immediately rushed into his arms,calling him brother.Her big eyes,which had been defiant just moments ago,were now filled with tears.

The stout man named Liu,witnessing this scene,sneered,"So,you're this little girl's family?"

Su Xin ignored him,simply patting Xiner's head to comfort her.

Observing Su Xin's indifferent attitude,Liu,the stout man,suddenly got angry.However,Su Xin's next words made him calm down.

"Daring to cause trouble in Jin Yue Lane,who are you associating with?"

Hearing Su Xin's tone,Liu suddenly realized the situation.The other party was also from the same circle.

Although Su Xin didn't look like a big shot,this wasn't his territory.If things escalated,it could lead to gang conflicts.

So,Liu,the stout man,chuckled and said,"It seems I didn't recognize you.Turns out,we're all part of the same world.If that's the case,let's forget about this.It's just kids fighting,not a big deal."

Liu,dragging the chubby boy,was about to leave,but Su Xin coldly said,"Did I say you can leave?"

Liu turned around abruptly,his expression turning cold."Brother,leaving a way out for each other is a human principle.We might meet again in the future.It's just a child's fight;there's no need to make a big deal out of it."

"Does a child's fight require the presence of four adults?"Su Xin's emotionless voice continued,"If you don't give an explanation today,none of you will leave Jin Yue Lane."


Liu shouted coldly,"I am a minor leader under Jiangyang Gang's boss Jiang He.This child is also Boss Jiang's son.Dare to touch us,and you'll see!"

"You dare to threaten me with Jiangyang Gang on Flying Eagle Gang's turf?"Su Xin almost laughed at the absurdity.

Liu sneered,"You are you,and Flying Eagle Gang is Flying Eagle Gang.If this matter escalates,your boss won't spare you!"

Su Xin rubbed his chin,"Sorry,you got one thing wrong.I am Flying Eagle Gang,and Flying Eagle Gang is me."

Liu was about to say something,but suddenly,members of the Flying Eagle Gang started pouring in from all directions.In a matter of moments,hundreds of people had gathered!

The onlookers quickly moved aside.

Well,this was a big shot indeed!

"Pay respects to the gang leader!"The gang members around all said in unison.

Su Xin walked calmly to Liu,"Let me reintroduce myself.I am Su Xin,the current leader of Flying Eagle Gang.Trustworthy and true to my word.I told you that you wouldn't leave Jin Yue Lane.Do you believe it now?"

Liu was dumbfounded,looking at Su Xin shivering,he stammered,"Su...Su Gang Leader,I was confused.Please spare me!"

At this moment,Liu had even thought about dying.

Who in Changning Prefecture hadn't heard about Su Xin's deeds in the gang world?Many even idolized him.

However,most people only knew Su Xin as a young man.His appearance was unknown to many.

He never expected that,just because he followed the boss's order to pick up his son from school,he would provoke Su Xin,the leader of a gang.

Su Xin spoke calmly,"Explain.What's going on?Why is the son of Jiangyang Gang's boss studying in private school in Jin Yue Lane?"

Liu stammered,"This is the child born from my boss's extramarital affair.Because his wife is jealous,he doesn't dare to keep the child near Jiangyang Gang's territory.So,he sent him to study in Jin Yue Lane and also brought along the sons of three of his subordinates to accompany him."

"Hmm,not daring to keep his own son around,your boss is truly a useless man."

Su Xin turned his head and said to the chubby boy,"Bullying girls is not a good habit.It's wrong.So,you need to apologize."

Although surrounded by the intimidating Flying Eagle Gang members,the chubby boy,accustomed to being arrogant,didn't know Su Xin's identity.He pouted stubbornly,"I won't apologize!"

Beside him,Liu,the stout man,was almost in tears.

My little ancestor,do you know that even if your father comes here and this person tells him to apologize,he can only obediently admit his mistake and apologize.

Su Xin chuckled softly,"Not apologizing,huh?Don't worry,as a grown man,I won't hit a child.But when you do something wrong,someone has to be punished.If you won't apologize,let others take the punishment for you."

Su Xin casually pointed to a member of Jiangyang Gang,"Go,break his left leg for me.If he doesn't apologize,break his right leg.If he still doesn't apologize,break his arm.After all,a person has many parts on their body."