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Chapter 207: 'Peerless Benevolence' Jiang Heliu

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Ren Yi Manor's Lord Jiang Heliu is approximately in his fifties,with a dignified appearance and a square face.Three strands of beautiful beard hang below his chin,giving him a remarkable demeanor.

Upon seeing Jiang Heliu,the martial artists immediately burst into laughter,offering respectful greetings.

"Long time no see,Lord Jiang,you still carry the same charisma as before."

"The feud between my Chen family and the Sea Shark Gang was resolved thanks to your mediation a few years ago.This prevented a major battle between our two families.I am deeply grateful,Lord Jiang."

"Uncle Jiang,when my sect's master came,he specifically instructed me to bring you a pot of hundred-year-old green pot wine to express gratitude for your assistance last year."

Greetings and expressions of gratitude continued,and Jiang Heliu reciprocated each one before taking his seat at the main position.

With a light cough,Jiang Heliu spoke in a gentle voice,"Today,you all gathering at Ren Yi Manor is fate.We are all fellow martial artists in the martial world.No need for formalities;everyone,please take a seat."

The group of people exchanged greetings and sat down in the hall.

Jiang Heliu smiled,"As the annual Jiangnan Gathering approaches,the young generation of the martial world gathers.This generation of young talents surpasses the past.Although watching them grow makes me feel another year older,seeing these outstanding young martial artists assures me that they are the future pillars of the righteous martial world."

Among the martial artists present,many were at the Divine Palace Realm like Jiang Heliu.Speaking in his senior role,his words carried weight and were unquestioned.

Below Jiang Heliu,a middle-aged man with a sword sighed,"The strength of this generation's martial talents is indeed formidable.Unfortunately,in recent years,there seems to be a resurgence of the demonic forces.Our Tianfeng Sword Sect is located near the Seven Evils Demon Palace.Those disciples from the demonic path are ruthless,killing without hesitation.The number of our Tianfeng Sword Sect members killed by them is not less than eighty.The sect master is considering relocating;if we can't provoke them,can't we avoid them?"

Others chimed in,"Yes,in recent years,the world has been peaceful,and strong figures have emerged in the righteous martial world.However,those in the demonic path are not idle.I heard that the White Lotus Sect,which disappeared for more than a decade,has resurfaced.This is not a good sign.The decline of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the past was closely related to the disturbances caused by the White Lotus Sect.If the White Lotus Sect resurfaces,it's not a fortunate event for us in the righteous martial world."

Compared to the righteous martial world,what they detested most about those in the demonic path was their disregard for rules and wanton killings.However,demonic forces have existed since ancient times,and when they were at their strongest,even the righteous martial world couldn't lift their heads.Although demonic forces had waned in recent years,the Nine Prison Evil Demons would never disappear.After more than a decade of peace,these demonic figures were stirring again.

Seeing the conversation getting heavy,Jiang Heliu smiled,"As long as we,the righteous martial world,stand united,no matter how rampant those demonic and evil forces are,it will be in vain.Today,while we have a large gathering,let me introduce two outstanding young talents of the martial world.In the future,it will be up to you,the younger generation,to support the righteous martial world."

Curious gazes turned towards Jiang Heliu as he clapped his hands.Two young martial artists walked out from the back hall—one at the Divine Palace Realm,the other at the Spirit Aperture Realm.

The young martial artist at the Spirit Aperture Realm wore luxurious brocade,holding a folding fan.He had a handsome appearance,with a faint mischievous smile playing on his lips.

The young martial artist at the Divine Palace Realm appeared ordinary,dressed in plain blue clothes,with a simple and plain appearance.However,he carried a long sword and a long knife strapped to his back,both carefully wrapped in high-quality silk.

Jiang Heliu pointed at the young martial artist at the Spirit Aperture Realm and said,"This is Liu Xiao,the son of Liu Qianfang,the head of the Gold Jade Tower—one of the seven major sects.He is ranked 43rd on the People List,known as'Night Flowing Hand.'"

Upon hearing Jiang Heliu's introduction,the crowd was instantly astonished.This young man's background was indeed remarkable.The Gold Jade Tower,as one of the seven major sects,had Liu Qianfang,a strong practitioner in the Divine Palace Realm,as its leader.Liu Xiao,born when Liu Qianfang was nearly sixty,was his only son.

However,he didn't indulge him in the slightest.Just after he turned fifteen,he concealed his identity and threw him into the lowest branch of the Gold Jade Tower for training.It wasn't until he advanced to the Spirit Aperture Realm through his own strength,claimed the position of branch master in the Gold Jade Tower,and earned the nickname'Night Flowing Hand'that he revealed his true identity.

At this moment,Jiang Heliu pointed to the seemingly ordinary martial artist at the Divine Palace Realm and said,"This is Shen Jin,ranked 18th on the People List."

Upon hearing that this person was Shen Jin,known as the'Double Excellence of Sword and Blade,'the crowd immediately gave him a closer look.Among the martial artists attending the Jiangnan Gathering,it wasn't uncommon to see strong figures from the People List,and sometimes even those from the top ten.However,Shen Jin was somewhat special.He was a martial artist from the People List who originated from the world of wandering cultivators.

Among the top twenty of the People List,there were only two martial artists who started as wandering cultivators.One was Yue Qingping,ranked ninth and known as'Broken Jade Hand.'The other was Shen Jin,the'Double Excellence of Sword and Blade,'ranked 18th.

Shen Jin's background was more complex than Yue Qingping's,attracting more interest from the martial world.While Yue Qingping,despite being a wandering cultivator,was taken as a disciple by a Divine Palace Realm martial arts master in his early years and received careful guidance,Shen Jin was a true wandering cultivator.It was said that he came from an ordinary family,faced tragedy at home,was sold into slavery,escaped from mistreatment,and stumbled upon a tomb left by a Divine Palace Realm powerhouse.Inside,there were no traps or hidden weapons,but he unexpectedly obtained a sword technique and some cultivation resources.

Shen Jin had never learned martial arts.Everything was based on his own comprehension and practice.Later,through a series of fortuitous events,he obtained a formidable knife technique.Despite lacking much martial knowledge,he surprisingly excelled in both sword and blade,earning him the title'Double Excellence of Sword and Blade'and the 18th position on the People List.

This kind of inspirational story was particularly favored by young martial artists entering the martial world.Some even regarded Shen Jin as their idol.

In the hall,some young martial artists who came with their elders to meet Jiang Heliu also observed Shen Jin.In their eyes,Shen Jin's plain and expressionless face had turned into a calm and composed demeanor.

The martial artists in the hall immediately greeted Shen Jin and Liu Xiao.They also marveled at the increasing influence of Ren Yi Manor.Even the heir of the Gold Jade Tower and the 18th-ranked martial artist on the People List came to visit.

While the martial artists inside Ren Yi Manor were engaged in lively conversation,a gatekeeper suddenly entered and reported,"Lord,Su Xin from the Six Fans Agency and Tie Yaohua are seeking an audience."

Upon hearing this,the entire hall fell silent,and everyone's faces showed a strange expression.Why would people from the Six Fans Agency come to Ren Yi Manor?Su Xin was known;he was the 22nd-ranked'Blood Sword Divine Finger,'with formidable strength and ruthless methods.As for Tie Yaohua,although they hadn't heard of her,judging from her surname,she was definitely from the Iron family of the Six Fans Agency.Why would these two suddenly come here?

Jiang Heliu coughed and said,"Invite them in."

One was a detective from the Six Fans Agency,and the other was from the Iron family of the Six Fans Agency.Since they had personally come,even if the people in Ren Yi Manor didn't like them,there was no one foolish enough to utter words like'imperial hounds.'

The gatekeeper personally welcomed Su Xin and Tie Yaohua into the hall.Seeing the grand gathering in the hall,Su Xin showed a slight surprise,while Tie Yaohua seemed surprisingly calm,indicating that she had seen much of the world.

Jiang Heliu laughed and greeted them,"Su Junior,Miss Tie,your presence at Ren Yi Manor truly adds brilliance to my humble abode.With Su Junior joining,today Ren Yi Manor boasts the presence of three martial talents on the People List.This is truly a rare sight."

Su Xin's lips curled into a faint smile as he looked at Jiang Heliu.He had to admit that Jiang Heliu,regardless of his sense of justice,was at least someone hard to dislike.While the others in the hall weren't particularly fond of Su Xin and Tie Yaohua,Jiang Heliu didn't show any signs of abnormality.

Moreover,as soon as Jiang Heliu spoke,he directly addressed Su Xin as'Su Junior,'only mentioning the People List and never mentioning the Six Fans Agency.It was clear that he wanted to integrate Su Xin into the group of martial artists in the hall,eliminating some awkwardness.

Unfortunately,Su Xin came with an unfriendly purpose today.Even if the other party was polite,Su Xin wouldn't reciprocate with kindness.