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Chapter 208: Benevolence and Righteousness, I Have the Final Say

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"If this renowned righteous manor in Jiangnan is considered a small force,I estimate that there are few factions in the entire Jiangnan region that can stand on the stage,"Su Xin said with a faint smile.

Jiang Heliu gestured a welcome to Su Xin,saying,"Young Master Su,there's no need to flatter me.Today's gathering is a result of fate for everyone.Please have a seat first,and I'll arrange a feast.Later,the young martial talents of your generation can get to know each other."

However,Su Xin waved his hand and said,"No hurry to eat.I came this time with a task from the Six Fan Sect.

It's a matter of taking money to eliminate disasters.Holding the court's salary,I can't just remember to eat and drink without doing anything else."

The people present immediately had a change in expression.These two clearly came for the righteous manor!

Su Xin and the other person chose to come during the Jiangnan gathering of martial artists,indicating malicious intentions and a desire to cause trouble.

Jiang Heliu forced a smile and said,"Oh?I wonder what task Young Master Su wants to accomplish?As long as it's within the capabilities of our righteous manor,I won't refuse."

Su Xin took out a fragment and said,"Last night,Li Chenfeng was killed in the secret base of the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan.This fragment was found on Li Chenfeng's body.

If I'm not mistaken,this fragment is part of the first-generation righteous token of your righteous manor.So,I suspect that the person who killed Li Chenfeng is related to your righteous manor!"

As soon as this statement was made,the entire hall's occupants were visibly shaken.Su Xin was here to question and accuse,and it involved the righteous manor of Jiangnan!

They were well aware of the incident where Li Chenfeng,the disciple of the Li family in Longxi and known as the'Wu Investigator,'was killed last night.Some even knew the details.Among them,the most suspicious person was the one standing before them.

However,when Su Xin revealed his identity from the Six Fan Sect,the suspicion disappeared.

With the background of the Six Fan Sect,Su Xin had no reason to kill Li Chenfeng.Even if he did,the Li family would deal with the Six Fan Sect,and others wouldn't have a say.

But what they never expected was that Su Xin would use this incident as an excuse to come to the righteous manor and question them.

Jiang Heliu's smile froze,but he still adhered to courtesy and said gently,"People from our righteous manor in Jiangnan may not be unparalleled heroes in chivalry,but we absolutely wouldn't commit such deeds.

Indeed,the fragment is part of the righteous token,but it's just a token.I simply had it carved by a few ordinary craftsmen hired locally in Jiangnan,using ivory.Anyone could replicate it easily.Is someone intentionally framing our righteous manor?"

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Whether the people of your righteous manor are chivalrous is not for you to decide;it's for the Six Fan Sect to decide.

Jiang Manor Master,if you are truly innocent,then hand over all those carrying the first-generation righteous token from your righteous manor,and we'll compare each one to see if there are any discrepancies.

As for the other righteous tokens you distributed,please provide me with a list.I will investigate on my own."

As soon as these words were spoken,the martial artists in the entire hall exploded.

One old man in Daoist robes coldly snorted,"Impudent youngster!How dare you be so audacious!What do you think the righteous manor is?Can you act recklessly?

Even if the Chief Constable Jin Wulin of Jiangnan came to the righteous manor,he would still have to be polite to Jiang Manor Master.Who are you to interfere?"

These words echoed the thoughts of many present.

The strength of the righteous manor in Jiangnan now wasn't just the martial prowess of the current manor residents;it was the network and reputation of the righteous manor.

As long as Jiang Heliu,the current manor master,raised his arm,at least five transcendental realm martial artists and hundreds of innate realm martial artists would step forward to help.

This network was not inferior to some top-tier forces and might even be stronger.

Su Xin's smile remained unchanged."May I ask who you are?"

The old Daoist sneered,"I am Qingmu,the Observer of the Upper Clear Sect.What about it?Do you also want to investigate me?"

Su Xin said,'Oh,'maintaining that faint smile on his face.However,his words were shocking.

"Since you are not from the righteous manor,why are you meddling here?A dog has no business interfering with rat affairs."

Qingmu was furious,pointing at Su Xin and shouting,"Daring scoundrel!You dare insult me like this!I won't let it slide today..."

Before he could finish his words,Su Xin's left hand moved,and a blood-colored sword aura slashed out.Everyone saw a flash of blood,and the sword was already in front of Qingmu.

Liu Xiao and Shen Jin were both surprised.The speed of this sword was incredible,so fast that even they,as martial artists on the rankings,couldn't clearly see Su Xin's sword movement.

Some people suddenly remembered that Su Xin was once known as the'Blood Sword Divine Finger'but later changed his title to the'Swift Sword.'

Being famous for the Swift Sword on the rankings indicated how fast his sword was.Within three steps,no one's movements could surpass Su Xin's sword.It was as if the enemy was already within reach,a threat from a hair's breadth away!

No one had time to rescue,so Qingmu,the Observer of the Upper Clear Sect,had to fend for himself.His Upper Clear Sect was considered a significant second-tier force in Xiangnan Dao,with several martial artists in the Divine Palace realm and an Elder in the Nascent Divinity realm supporting the scene,despite being elderly,still exerting formidable power.As the master of the Upper Clear Sect,Qingmu's personal strength was relatively strong among martial artists in the Divine Palace realm.

Facing Su Xin's slashing sword,a surging aura formed a seven-star shield around Qingmu.The seven stars circulated,creating a continuous loop—a genuine Taoist defensive technique.On Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword,a rhythmic blood-colored pattern pulsated,concentrating the destructive intent.The blood-colored sword aura effortlessly shattered Qingmu's seven-star shield,breaking through his protective qi,and causing Qingmu to spit out a mouthful of blood.As Su Xin's sword was about to pierce Qingmu's chest,Liu Xiao,who had regained his senses,intervened.

His hands,slender and delicate,seemed more like those of a delicate woman than a man.However,he held a seal in his hands,and black qi condensed into a delicate flower as he made his move.Gently touching Su Xin's sword edge,an explosion of intertwining black and blood-colored qi occurred.Liu Xiao's expression changed,retreating three steps,but Su Xin's sword momentum remained unchanged!Liu Xiao quickly intervened again,his hands moving like fluttering flowers.Black six-petal flowers blossomed one after another,exploding on Su Xin's sword edge like death flowers in the night,carrying a severe killing intent.This was Liu Xiao's famous'Night Flow Hand,'based on his father Liu Qianfang's'Myriad Blossoms Technique.'However,Liu Qianfang could bloom countless flowers,each with different attributes,creating a magnificent and powerful spectacle.In contrast,Liu Xiao's skill was just the beginning,and the most convenient for him was the imprint of the night-flowing flowers.

Dozens of night-flowing flowers barely managed to dissipate the force of Su Xin's sword.Liu Xiao quickly withdrew,concealing the fact that his tiger's mouth had been shattered."Haha,Brother Su's strength is indeed formidable.I admire you,"Liu Xiao laughed,but he refrained from advancing further.His previous intervention was only to win favor with the people of the righteous manor.After all,the righteous manor had significant influence in Jiangnan,and Liu Xiao's Golden Pavilion was planning to expand into Jiangnan,making good relations necessary.However,he wouldn't engage in a futile battle with someone clearly stronger to win over the righteous manor.

But just because Liu Xiao refrained didn't mean others wouldn't act.Seeing Su Xin attacking without restraint,all the martial artists in the hall were furious.They pounded the tables,shouting angrily."Arrogant youngster!""This is outrageous.Is the righteous manor a place for you to be unruly?"Su Xin scanned the surroundings with a cold eye."Under the sky,isn't everywhere the territory of the Great Zhou?Can't my Six Fan Sect intervene here?I'll leave my words here today;I must investigate the righteous manor.Anyone who obstructs will be hindering official duties.Take the old man with the big nose earlier as a lesson!"As he spoke,several martial artists rushed forward,attacking while sneering."Arrogant!Even Chief Constable Jin Wulin of Jiangnan wouldn't dare say such things!"Su Xin coldly scanned those who attacked.All of them were in the Divine Palace realm and not weak,likely experts or leaders of their respective factions.Tie Yaohua was about to draw her sword,but Su Xin stopped her.In the past,facing four martial artists in the Divine Palace realm,Su Xin had to use all his trump cards to achieve a mutual defeat.Now,against six opponents,he was at ease.Sword energy swept,finger winds shot out,and the entire hall was filled with chaotic qi.Su Xin's Wind God Kick,combined with his Swift Sword technique,suppressed the six innate realm martial artists to the point where they couldn't even lift their heads.Watching the unfolding battle,the people in the hall wore grim expressions.These six were all seniors in the martial world,and Su Xin was just a junior.Yet,facing six attackers,he not only held his ground but also overwhelmed them,causing them to retreat step by step and gain the upper hand.