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Chapter 279:Picking Peaches

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During this period,Su Xin,besides instructing the constables,spent the rest of his time contemplating the path he should take after entering the Divine Palace realm.He pondered over what should serve as the basis for his spiritual transformation.

To ascend to the Divine Palace and refine the primordial spirit,one needed to choose a sacred object known as the foundation for spiritual transformation.This was commonly referred to as the"foundation for spiritual transformation."While one's spirit was originally formless and intangible,combining it with this foundation allowed communication with the elemental forces of heaven and earth,transforming one's spirit into a primordial spirit.

The foundation for spiritual transformation could be various things,such as wind,rain,thunder,or even weapons like swords and spears.As long as the image existed in the practitioner's mind,it would become their foundation for spiritual transformation,shaping their future path in martial arts.This step was exceptionally crucial.

Take,for example,Dong Buyi,the'Nine Mountains God,'from the previous year.His foundation for spiritual transformation was a mountain,and the core of his primordial spirit was also a mountain.Similarly,Lin Xiao's choice was undoubtedly a sword.

For practitioners like them with a singular focus on martial arts,the choice of foundation for spiritual transformation was straightforward.They had no room for alternatives.However,what should Su Xin choose?Another sword?

Su Xin had mastered various sword techniques,including the innate formless body-piercing sword energy and the Blood River Divine Sword.However,during his confrontation with Lin Xiao on the arena,Su Xin had mentioned that although he practiced the way of the sword,it was not his sole martial path.Therefore,choosing a sword as the foundation for spiritual transformation seemed inappropriate.

After much contemplation,Su Xin hadn't found a suitable choice yet.However,he wasn't in a hurry.While other martial artists would choose their foundation for spiritual transformation at this stage,Su Xin planned to achieve the unity of heaven and man first,reaching perfection within himself before advancing to the primordial spirit.

The unity of heaven and man was not easily attainable.Among the ten peak-level Divine Palace realm warriors,having one reach this state was considered remarkable.However,achieving the unity of heaven and man before breaking through to the primordial spirit stage brought significant benefits for future cultivation.

Some warriors had glimpsed the opportunity for the primordial spirit but chose not to break through immediately.Instead,they opted to re-cultivate until reaching perfection within themselves before advancing to the primordial spirit stage.So,Su Xin had ample time to contemplate his choice for the foundation for spiritual transformation.

After a month of training constables,Su Xin returned to his quarters,only to find someone sitting there,enjoying tea.

"Do you always enjoy entering other people's rooms without permission?"Su Xin looked at the enchanting woman before him with a wry smile.This woman exuded a bewitching aura and was none other than the'Thousand Faces Witch,'Yin Xue.

Yin Xue rolled her eyes playfully."Big man,don't be so petty.Besides,I purposely took a detour to deliver a message to you without the owner's permission."

Su Xin frowned."Is there a problem at the headquarters of the Six Gates?"

When Su Xin left the Jiangnan Association,Yin Xue followed Iron War back to Shengjing City to handle some matters.Her presence here now indicated a connection with the Six Gates.

Yin Xue nodded."Adoptive father said you're doing well in the Jiangnan Province,but some people can't stand our good fortune and want to create trouble."

As she spoke,a cold smile appeared on Yin Xue's face."This time,the headquarters of the Six Gates has decided to send an inspector to Jiangnan Province for supervision.The pretext is that remnants of the Wu Kingdom are still not eradicated,fearing that you alone might be inadequate,so they're sending someone to'assist'you."

Upon hearing Yin Xue's words,Su Xin instantly understood her implications."Assist me?They're probably here to pluck peaches,right?"

Su Xin said coldly,"When the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province was at its weakest,they didn't lend a helping hand.Now that the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province has stabilized,they remember to send someone to help.Do they really think I'm that naive?"

Yin Xue shrugged."That's exactly what happened."

"But I remember the Six Gates doesn't seem to have a position like an inspector,right?When he arrives,who will have the higher authority between us,me or this inspector sent from above?"Su Xin's eyes flashed with a cold light.

Being on par with the head of the Six Gates,an inspector's position was unprecedented.When Su Xin arrived at the Six Gates,who would everyone listen to–him or this inspector sent by higher-ups?

"Don't the Iron family have anyone speaking up for you?When Lord Iron War asked if I dared to take this position,I accepted it and restored the prestige of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province.But the reward from above is to send someone down to pluck peaches?"Su Xin's face grew colder,and the glint in his eyes made Yin Xue slightly uneasy.

After a moment of silence,Yin Xue finally spoke."Lord Iron Ao has been injured."

With this statement,Su Xin instantly understood everything.The crux of the matter lay here.

In theory,his position was recommended by Iron War and approved by Iron Ao,making him the representative of the Iron family in Jiangnan Province.If Su Xin failed to achieve success,it would undoubtedly become an opportunity for others to attack him,shifting the blame onto the Iron family.

The problem now was that Su Xin had efficiently managed the Six Gates in Jiangnan Province,earning a formidable reputation in the martial world.Yet,at this moment,they sent someone to pick peaches.Wasn't this blatantly disrespecting the Iron family?

Not to mention Iron War,but Iron Ao was the Chief Constable of the Six Gates.Did they dare to be so audacious without fearing Iron Ao's wrath?

Now,with Yin Xue's revelation,Su Xin understood the situation.It was because of Iron Ao's injury that certain individuals harbored ulterior motives,attempting to challenge the Iron family's bottom line.

The Six Gates were not exclusively dominated by the Iron family.Among the Four Great Divine Constables,three were not affiliated with the Iron family.Su Xin was curious about who could have harmed Iron Ao.

Back when the Great Zhou Dynasty was established,Iron Ao was already a presence in the Yang Spirit realm.Although his name wasn't on the Earth Ranking,he could confidently compete among the top ten at that time.

Now,Iron Ao likely held a stable position in the top three of the Earth Ranking,reaching the semi-True Martial realm.Just one step away,he could achieve the legendary realm comparable to the land immortals,standing shoulder to shoulder with those legendary old monsters.

Judging by the attitudes of the other Divine Constables,Iron Ao's injuries were probably severe.Who in the world could have inflicted such harm on Iron Ao?Could it be the intervention of those legendary old monsters?

However,such matters were of a high level,not something Su Xin needed to consider now,so he didn't ask.

Yin Xue said,"The inspector sent to Jiangnan Province this time is one of the Four Great Divine Constables,'Nine-Winged Fire Phoenix'Liu Fengwu's disciple,'Plucking Stars Hand'Yin Ji.He used to be an experienced Pursuit Wind Constable in the Six Gates,achieving many merits.He is one of Liu Fengwu's strongest disciples,possessing the strength of the unity of heaven and man and the semi-Divine Palace realm.If everything goes as expected,he will likely break through to the primordial spirit realm in a few years and may even become the Chief Constable in other provinces."

Su Xin glanced at Yin Xue."His last name is also Yin?"

Yin Xue casually replied,"Nothing strange about it.My adoptive father told you that the Iron family annually selects talented orphans for training.I carry the surname Yin because our martial arts instructor at the time was also surnamed Yin.Only those adopted as sons and daughters by the Iron family are qualified to be bestowed the surname Iron.Yin Ji graduated ahead of me,but we shared the same instructor,so he also carries the surname Yin.Nothing unusual."

"People nurtured by the Iron family end up becoming someone else's disciples."

Su Xin looked deeply at Yin Xue,realizing that the situation within the Six Gates was not as smooth as it seemed for the Iron family.Furthermore,Su Xin maliciously speculated whether the other three Divine Constables had additional support behind them.Could the Imperial Court of the Great Zhou be involved?

In the Great Zhou Dynasty,the two most crucial martial power departments were the military and the Six Gates.If the Iron family was dominating the Six Gates internally,it was probably a situation no emperor would want to see,especially since the Six Gates often handled secretive affairs behind the scenes.

"Alright,I've told you everything you need to know.I'm heading back to the Illusion Demon Sect now.Dealing with the peach-picker is all yours."

Saying this,Yin Xue transformed into a stream of light and drifted towards the window.At that moment,a peculiar rhythm emanated from Su Xin's mental power,as if his heart was beating,but not a sound could be heard.

Under the influence of this mental power rhythm,Yin Xue,who had just turned into a stream of light,reappeared.Instead of being at the window,she was now at the door,looking back at Su Xin in surprise as her hand touched the door.

"I've had enough of playing tricks like this.Is this really useful when just stepping out of the door?"Su Xin remarked calmly.

The surprise on Yin Xue's face vanished,replaced by a charming smile."Indeed,you've grown wiser after only three days.With such a short time,you've mastered a formidable mental secret technique.I'm afraid I can't beat you now."

Su Xin said indifferently,"It's just learning from experience.After the last time,I realized the terror of illusions.If I don't take precautions,I might be sold and someone else would be counting the money."

"Rest assured,with Lord Su's strength,who would dare to sell you?"Yin Xue jested,turning around and leaving.However,just as she stepped out of the door,the smile on her face disappeared.

Mental secret techniques were their nemesis in the Illusion Demon Sect.Apart from illusions,the strength of disciples in the Illusion Demon Sect would decrease by at least sixty percent.

She knew that Su Xin was retaliating against her.It meant he was still angry about her transforming into Iron Yao Flower to confuse him earlier.

Initially,Yin Xue could disregard Su Xin due to her mastery of illusions.However,now that Su Xin had the mental secret technique,he could completely ignore her illusions.Even if she used the secret techniques of the Illusion Demon Sect,it would probably be severely discounted in front of Su Xin.

Thinking of Su Xin's insanely strong combat power,Yin Xue had no confidence in defeating him once the effect of illusions wore off.

"Tsk,a petty man."

Muttering to herself,Yin Xue turned and left.