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Chapter 278:Victory

9982words in this chapter2024-02-06

Lin Xia has his own way of the sword,while Su Xin has his own.Lin Xia is a lifelong devotee to the sword,but Su Xin holds strength in the highest regard.

Any martial arts that can enhance combat,whether it's Daoist mysticism or demonic arts,Su Xin is willing to learn.However,Lin Xia's proclamation of the supremacy of the sword in the previous discussion did not sit well with the others present.

There are indeed many warriors in the martial world who wield swords,but does that mean other martial arts are worthless just because there are more sword users?At this moment,many people actually hope that Su Xin can teach Lin Xia a lesson with a different martial art,making him realize that swordsmanship is not the only formidable martial art in the world.

Lin Xia's expression becomes solemn,and his long sword dances in the wind,instantly displaying four different sword intents.Spring,summer,autumn,winter—the flourishing flowers fall,leaving only endless withered pines.The cycles of the four seasons,everything will eventually dissolve!

Under Lin Xia's powerful sword intent,even the power of heaven and earth is dissipated.Su Xin,immersed in the sword intent,remains unfazed,with his hands supporting the sun and moon,endless splendor and magnificence within.

Boom!A loud noise,the sun and moon disperse,and invisible sword energy erupts from it.The sudden release of power is terrifying,as if the sword energy had been suppressed in the scabbard for millennia.Once it erupts,its might is earth-shattering.

Lin Xia's long sword swirls in his hand,and an overwhelming sword intent bursts out,making the sword energy of Su Xin dissipate as the four seasons revolve.

However,at this moment,a white-as-jade finger suddenly emerges,and in an instant,with a momentum like thunder,endless lightning surges within the finger.The power that erupts in an instant makes Lin Xia momentarily stunned.Can his sword intent even dissolve such violent thunderous power?

Lin Xia's Frost Snow Long Sword moves,and a yellowish flower formed by condensed sword energy appears on the tip of his sword.It hides the appearance of withering and blooming and forcefully dissipates the thunderous power,advancing toward Su Xin.

A flash of brilliance in Su Xin's eyes,as the sword energy flower approaches him,he also strikes.A flower imbued with the power of withering and blooming appears on the tip of his sword,causing Lin Xia to widen his eyes in astonishment!

Changing Stars and Moving Constellations!After exchanging a few moves with Lin Xia,under the influence of Changing Stars and Moving Constellations,Su Xin's sword has at least seventy percent of the power of Lin Xia's sword intent,with the addition of his own strength.

Two flowers of withering and blooming collide,and the sword energy scatters,but the shock in Lin Xia's eyes is still not concealed.Although Su Xin's sword intent is not his own,it resembles seventy percent of his own.He doesn't believe that Su Xin learned it in just a few moves.

If that were true,Su Xin's talent would be almost terrifying compared to the ancestors of their Sword God Mountain.It's simply an impossible thing.The only explanation is that Su Xin is proficient in some kind of leveraging force technique,which can rebound most or even more of his own sword energy.

Lin Xia's combat intuition is sharp.After just one exchange,he sensed the existence of Changing Stars and Moving Constellations.However,he doesn't stop thinking about Su Xin.

In an instant,waves of blood surge,and a blood moon rises from the blood waves.Countless blood-colored sword energy rushes towards Lin Xia.

Su Xin exhibits a somewhat eerie sword technique,but its unparalleled power makes Lin Xia cautious.However,at this moment,the blood moon shatters.Su Xin's hand plunges into it,and the innate invisible sword energy erupts.Dozens of sword energies circulate,followed by the fully mastered Twenty-Four Solar Terms Shocking Deity Finger,spreading out.The overwhelming finger force directly envelops Lin Xia.

Under the influence of the Mountain Scripture,these attacks appear dreamlike,seeming real and unreal.The ferocious and unreasonable offensive instantly overwhelms Lin Xia.

It's often said that mastering one art is better than dabbling in many.Lin Xia had previously been confident that Su Xin's lack of focus on swordsmanship was a mistake.

Now,Su Xin has demonstrated to Lin Xia what a storm-like and violent offensive really means.

Many warriors below have twitching corners of their mouths,especially those in the Divine Palace Realm.If they were in Lin Xia's place,how many moves could they withstand under such a violent attack?

Lin Xia angrily shouts,and the Frost Snow Long Sword bursts with a blue light.A chilling sword energy approaches,breaking through Su Xin's assault and heading towards Su Xin.

However,Su Xin's aura flashes,and Changing Stars and Moving Constellations is unleashed.Although it is a delayed attack,it can still control the situation.Everyone sees a similar sword aura shining out,also attacking Lin Xia.

Thus,on the arena,it seems as if they are exchanging moves like fellow disciples,with whatever sword technique Lin Xia uses,Su Xin can respond with a countermove.The only difference is that Su Xin has other hidden cards,while Lin Xia has already exhausted his skills.

Some warriors in the Nascent Soul Realm look at Su Xin with a bit of fear.Although he is only in the Divine Palace Realm,based on his current cultivation,facing several moves from a Nascent Soul Realm warrior is not an exaggeration.

Especially with his strange ability to rebound attacks,if a Nascent Soul Realm powerhouse were to attack him,and he used this technique without the opponent's guard up,it's possible that the opponent would fall victim to his own attacks.

They were unaware of the fatal flaw of Changing Stars and Moving Constellations:when facing anyone with a higher strength than Su Xin,the technique would fail.Moreover,if the opponent's strength far surpassed Su Xin's,using Changing Stars and Moving Constellations could even lead to a backfire of the technique,equivalent to suicide.

At this moment,in the arena,Lin Xia had already been forced into a corner by Su Xin.

Objectively speaking,Lin Xia was three ranks lower than Su Xin on the ranking of martial practitioners,but their basic strengths were comparable.However,Lin Xia's life was solely dedicated to the sword,making his repertoire much narrower than Su Xin's.

Under the suppression of Su Xin's various martial skills,Lin Xia finally revealed a vulnerability.Although it was just a slight one,Su Xin seized the opportunity.

Su Xin's footsteps roared in the wind,and with a Thunder Shocking Finger,a thunderstorm emerged in his hand.The momentum of wind and thunder flashed,as Su Xin rapidly pointed three fingers,the violent power of thunder forcing Lin Xia to step back.

With a slash of his left-hand sword,the Rose Sword shimmered with a dazzling blood-colored light,roaring towards Lin Xia like an endless wave.A misstep and Lin Xia revealed a flaw,allowing Su Xin to corner him,leaving him with no choice but to defend.

In the midst of the blood river,a sinister Blood Rose blossomed,a seemingly poisonous flower that devoured the true qi on Lin Xia's body.In an instant,most of Lin Xia's protective true qi was devoured,and if he didn't act soon,it would start consuming his vitality.

Holding his sword in his right hand,Lin Xia resisted Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword,and with his left hand,he pointed out a sword intent,the Withered Prosperity Sword Intent condensing into a flower,directly shattering the Blood Rose.

But he was not Su Xin;multitasking was not his forte.As he slowed down,Su Xin found an opportunity.

In an instant,Su Xin's internal power erupted,and over a hundred invisible sword energies burst out,creating a small sword domain that shattered Lin Xia's sword intent and protective aura.He directly blasted Lin Xia out of the arena,sending even his ever-present Frost Snow Sword flying.

Everyone was stunned—did Lin Xia just lose like this?

Although some present were slightly surprised,it wasn't entirely unexpected.Perhaps subconsciously,they were convinced that Su Xin would win.After all,judging by the record,Su Xin had never lost in the Jiangnan region and had even clashed with Nascent Soul Realm warriors twice,a much more tangible achievement compared to the legendary status of Lin Xia.

Seeing Su Xin win this battle,Huang Bingcheng and others breathed a sigh of relief.This victory would probably deter anyone in Jiangnan from causing trouble again.Su Xin's or even the Six Gates'reputation in Jiangnan was now firmly established.

Taking back his long sword,Lin Xia used his internal energy to adjust his somewhat disrupted internal organs.With a hoarse voice,he said to Su Xin,"I lost this time,but it wasn't in your swordsmanship.I lost as a person,but my swordsmanship didn't."

Su Xin shook his head,"What I was comparing with you was not just swordsmanship."

After a moment of silence,Lin Xia said,"Your innate invisible body-piercing sword energy is definitely more powerful than this.I'm going back to Sword God Mountain to comprehend the sword scriptures in seclusion.When I breakthrough to Nascent Soul in the future,I will fight you again."

"I'll be waiting."

After Lin Xia left,the arena dispersed.Su Xin had just descended from the stage when Huang Bingcheng handed him a letter,whispering,"This was sent by Lord Gu Donglai just now."

Su Xin opened the envelope,and the words on it were simple:"Xiao Huang has entered seclusion."

These six words might be confusing to someone else,but Su Xin understood Gu Donglai's meaning almost instantly.His own innate invisible body-piercing sword energy had only been displayed a few times in Jiangnan.It definitely wouldn't have reached Lin Xia's ears.So when Lin Xia came to challenge him this time,someone must have leaked the information.And that person was none other than Xiao Huang.

Since Gu Donglai was responsible for overseeing the Xiao family,he probably felt somewhat guilty for Xiao Huang's underhanded move.Hence,he sent Su Xin this letter.Of course,as a powerhouse in the Fusion Realm,Gu Donglai would not apologize or anything like that.He simply informed Su Xin of Xiao Huang's outcome—entering seclusion.Naturally,he couldn't engage in any more covert actions.

Back in Jiangnan,Su Xin began training the elite constables he had personally selected.Although Six Gates had an abundance of techniques and martial skills,Su Xin primarily focused on instilling the concept of combat.Strength and realm did not equate to combat ability,and Su Xin aimed to cultivate a force similar to the iron-blooded guards around Gu Donglai,rather than a bunch of useless individuals.Therefore,during training,Su Xin did not hold back.

However,the treatment Su Xin provided to these constables was second only to that of the chief constables in the various prefectures.This was also a reason why they willingly endured the harsh training.Though such actions went against the rules—Six Gates explicitly stated that embezzling resources sent from above would be heavily punished—Su Xin's current influence within Six Gates in Jiangnan was so formidable that no one dared to report him for fear of severe consequences.Besides,as long as the actions weren't too extreme and fairness was maintained among subordinates,nobody would be foolish enough to report the chief constable for exaggerating personnel numbers or withholding resources.