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Chapter 130: Poisonous Scheme

8873words in this chapter2024-01-06

Mo Chentao is not just a subordinate of Yan Shuheng;he is also a member of the Mo family from the Canglan Valley.

Yan Shuheng's mother is the daughter of an elder in the Mo family of the Canglan Valley,which is why he can receive support from the Mo family.However,this support is limited.Now that Mo Chentao is injured while by Yan Shuheng's side,he surely has to give an explanation to the Mo family.This is causing Yan Shuheng a great deal of anxiety.

Yan Zhongheng has always looked down on his elder brother,thinking he is indecisive.However,this time Yan Shuheng is unusually decisive.Since he has to explain things to the Canglan Valley,he wonders if sacrificing the lives of Yan Qingxue and others,including Meng Qingze,would be enough.

Yan Shuheng secretly summons a trusted aide,disguises himself,and goes to the residence of his ninth brother,Yan Shengheng.Seeing his elder brother in disguise,Yan Shengheng is surprised and asks,"Big brother,what kind of act are you playing?"

Yan Shuheng doesn't have time for small talk;he gets straight to the point,"Ninth brother,forget the useless talk.I'll ask you directly:Do you want Yan Qingxue and the others dead or not?"

Yan Shengheng sighs,"Big brother,this is where you're wrong.No matter what,she is our half-sister.Can you really bear to kill her?"

Yan Shuheng sneers,"Ninth brother,don't bother with your hypocritical act in front of me.Is it even meaningful?Look at Yan Qingxue's situation now.With the support of Meng Qingze,she has recruited Hong Lietao and three others.Without the help of the martial forces behind us,we wouldn't even be her match!"

Yan Shengheng lazily says,"So what?Each of us has several trade routes for this business trip,while she only has one.She can't win."

"Do you really think that among us,only the one who secures the first place in this business trip can inherit the position?Naive!"Yan Shuheng coldly says,"Indeed,getting the first place in this business trip secures the inheritance position.But have you considered if others will accept it?Second brother also has only one trade route,but his force is the strongest.Moreover,his mother is the saint of the Fire Sect,and their support is much stronger than the forces behind us.Second brother is already destined to lose this time,but do you see any worry on his face?Being the heir doesn't mean being the lord of the city.As long as the dust hasn't settled,anyone has a chance to become the master of this Commerce Mountain City,including Yan Qingxue!"

Yan Shengheng looks at his elder brother,whom he has always underestimated,with surprise,as if he's seeing him for the first time.Even Yan Shengheng himself didn't realize this until Yan Shuheng pointed it out.Even if they secure the first place in this business trip and the inheritance position,so what?Each of them has their own forces,and there will be a future struggle for power.In this case,with Yan Qingxue having the support of Meng Qingze and Hong Lietao,she becomes a formidable enemy.

Yan Shengheng breathes a sigh of relief and asks,"So what do you suggest?"

Yan Shuheng coldly smiles,"Since they are heading to Changning Prefecture,there are quite a few bandits and robbers on the way.Ninth brother,with your wide connections,I know you've dealt with those strongmen who establish strongholds in the dense forests of southern Hunan.Here's the plan:I'll provide the money,you go contact them.When they return,ambush them,loot the goods,and kill them!"

Yan Shengheng has to admit that Yan Shuheng's plan is ruthless.There are indeed many bandits and robbers in the dense forests of southern Hunan,ranging from the weak to the strong.These people can easily hide in the dense forest,making it difficult for the imperial court and the major martial forces in southern Hunan to completely eradicate them.Asking them to act is the safest and least noticeable.

Yan Shengheng says in a deep voice,"It's not a problem to ask those people for help.However,considering the strength of Yan Qingxue and her group,it's useless to find small mountain strongholds with only acquired martial artists.We must find large strongholds with innate martial artists.But the cost will increase several times."

Yan Shuheng directly says,"Five million taels!"

"Not enough,"Yan Shengheng shakes his head,"To deal with them,we need several large strongholds to join forces.With five million taels,there won't be much left.To take the risk of offending Commerce Mountain City for such a small amount,those people won't do it."

"I'm offering five million taels per person!As long as it's within ten strongholds,I can afford this money!"

Yan Shengheng inhales sharply;his elder brother's background is indeed not that simple.Up to ten strongholds means fifty million taels.Commerce Mountain City can afford this money,but it's not theirs.Yan Shuheng easily takes out fifty million taels;Yan Shengheng can't believe it's accumulated from monthly allowances.

With money,things become easier.Yan Shengheng coldly declared,"As long as there's money,there won't be a shortage of mountain strongholds willing to take on this job.Rest assured,once Yan Qingxue and her group leave Commerce Mountain City,they won't be coming back!"

Three days later,most of the other teams had set off,and Yan Qingxue's side was also ready,leading the convoy towards Changning Prefecture.

If it were just Su Xin traveling alone,he could have reached Changning Prefecture within ten days by riding hard and fast from Commerce Mountain City.However,with a whole convoy,including many ordinary people,the speed naturally slowed down.

Liang Bo had traversed this trade route before,and he analyzed that,at their current pace,it would take approximately a month and a half,or even more,to reach Changning Prefecture.

Fortunately,the journey was uneventful,and there were no incidents along the way.It was reasonable to think about it;although there were many bandits in the dense forests of southern Hunan,their goal was wealth,not murder.The merchants from the Central Plains wouldn't carry large amounts of gold and silver to southern Hunan.Most of them preferred the official money houses'registered silver notes.Even if robbed,these notes were useless without the owner's signature.

So,they generally targeted those merchants who had finished purchasing goods in Changning Prefecture and would directly swallow them up.

After fifty days of travel,when they saw the gates of Changning Prefecture again,Su Xin couldn't help but feel emotional.Just over two months ago,he had escaped Changning Prefecture like a dog with its tail between its legs,and now,he was back.

Upon entering the city,Liang Bo arranged for everyone to settle down.Any necessary purchases could be dealt with later.After all,everyone had been traveling through the dense forests of southern Hunan for almost two months,and their bodies were exhausted;they needed a day or two to rest.

Late at night,Su Xin put on night clothes,removed the facial mask,and infiltrated the Flying Eagle Gang.

Seeing that everything in the Flying Eagle Gang was normal,Su Xin was relieved.It seemed that Xie Zhiyan had kept her promise.Even though the Qingcheng Sword Sect was so angry that they wanted to blacklist him,it didn't implicate the Flying Eagle Gang.

There were many Flying Eagle Gang members patrolling outside the main hall,but with Su Xin's current strength,they couldn't detect him.

Behind the main hall was a courtyard where Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng used to live.Su Xin had just pushed open Li Huai's door when a figure on the bed swiftly shot out,and a sharp edge with a fierce killing intent came stabbing towards Su Xin!

A slight smile appeared on Su Xin's lips.Without using too much internal force,he swiftly pointed with his Astonishing Spirit Finger,thunderously quick.In an instant,he tapped the long sword three times,sending it flying.

Just as Li Huai was about to make a move,Su Xin pulled down the face mask,whispering,"Li Huai,it's me."

"Boss!You're okay!?"Li Huai's stiff face instantly revealed ecstatic joy.

"Shh,keep it down.Go call Huang Bingcheng too,"Su Xin whispered.

Li Huai nodded,went to the next room to call Huang Bingcheng,and then locked the door.

Seeing that Su Xin was fine,Huang Bingcheng was equally excited.

For them,managing the Flying Eagle Gang on their own and not being able to join in when Su Xin was taking action was not satisfying.

Li Huai was the kind of person who focused only on cultivation.If he had to manage the Flying Eagle Gang,he wouldn't even know where to start.He hoped that Su Xin would still be like before–a sword in Su Xin's hand;Su Xin told him who to kill,and he killed.That way,things would be much simpler.

Although Huang Bingcheng was familiar with handling gang affairs,he knew that he could only handle administrative matters and wasn't a decision-maker.When Su Xin was around,he could just report anything he was uncertain about to Su Xin,who would make a decision.

"Boss,the people from the Qingcheng Sword Sect didn't do anything to you.Are you planning to stay in Changning Prefecture?"Huang Bingcheng asked.

Su Xin shook his head,"Although the Qingcheng Sword Sect didn't harm me,they have put a reward on my name on the blacklist.At least for half a year,I can't reveal my true identity.But I've joined the Six Catchers now.My current identity is Meng Qingze from the People List.Currently,I'm conducting business in Changning Prefecture with Miss Yan Qingxue of the Yan family.When you see my other identity tomorrow,pay attention and don't reveal anything."

Huang Bingcheng understood,"Boss,so you've joined the Six Catchers.Did Iron Head recommend you?After you left,Iron Head immediately stepped down from his position as Chief Catcher of Dong Twelve District."

Su Xin nodded,"Now that I've joined the Six Catchers,who is in charge of Dong Twelve District?"

Huang Bingcheng chuckled,"Boss,do you remember Xiao Zhang,the patrol constable from Yongle Alley before?His older brother used to be a patrol constable in Changde Alley,and he recently broke through to the late innate stage,so he was directly appointed as Chief Catcher of Dong Twelve District.With this connection,we're doing quite well in official circles."