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Chapter 131: Courting Death

8973words in this chapter2024-01-07

Suxin inquired about the recent situation in Changning Prefecture and found that there were not many significant changes.The Divine Wind Society,since the last incident,had disintegrated,and its territory had been absorbed by the Three Heroes Society,the Flying Eagle Gang,and the Iron Knife Society.

The Blood Cloth Society remained unchanged,as they had never been interested in territorial disputes.Suxin asked,"Since I left,has the Three Heroes Society made any moves against you?"

Huang Bingcheng replied,"Certainly,they did try.However,first,Li Huai made a breakthrough to the Great Perfection of the Day after Tomorrow,gaining the strength to defend himself.Second,because HèTiān from the Iron Knife Society was grateful for your rescue in the underground palace,he formed an alliance with us.Even if the Three Heroes Society wanted to act forcefully,they are currently incapable,especially with Meng Changhe still recovering from severe injuries."

Suxin looked at Li Huai and said,"You've made quite a fast breakthrough recently.It's only been a little over two months,and you've already reached the Great Perfection of the Day after Tomorrow."

Li Huai replied,"It's thanks to the medicinal pills you left behind,and also,to prevent trouble from the Qingcheng Sword Sect,Miss Xie stayed in the Flying Eagle Gang for a few days,providing me with valuable guidance."

Suxin nodded,acknowledging that with the combination of medicinal pills,guidance from Xie Zhiyan of a major sect,and Li Huai's innate talent,his progress was reasonable.

After some casual conversation,Suxin informed Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng about the situation in Shangshan City.He then spoke with a serious tone,"This time,I came here to monopolize all the special products in southern Hunan,but not permanently,just for this year.In four months,when it's time to trade with the southern barbarian tribes,I want you to send people in advance to make it clear to them.We will buy their goods at twice the market price,on the condition that when the trading time comes,they stay hidden in the southern barbarian forest and don't show themselves.Also,make the leaders of those tribes swear to their gods;otherwise,I'm afraid some may be driven by greed and violate the agreement."

This strategy was not new for Suxin;he had employed it in Changning Prefecture before.It was just adapted to the situation in Shangshan City this time.

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"Dealing with those southern barbarians is relatively easy.As long as they swear to their own gods,they won't break the agreement.However,the gangs in Changning Prefecture usually stockpile some of the southern barbarian resources,waiting for merchants from the Central Plains to come and trade.Now,the Iron Knife Society and the Three Heroes Society have accumulated quite a bit,but the Blood Cloth Hall hasn't.They only need those poisons."

Suxin tapped the table,emphasizing that he must obtain those southern barbarian special products from the gangs.Otherwise,if he took all the resources from the southern barbarians,the prices would rise,and the Three Heroes Society and others would profit by selling their hoarded goods.

"In that case,tomorrow,send someone to inform them.Offer to purchase their goods at a price 20%higher than the market value.If they agree,that's good;if not,I will personally negotiate with them!"

Suxin's eyes showed a hint of coldness.With his cultivation at the Innate Realm,he was virtually invincible in Changning Prefecture.If the other parties were not cooperative,Suxin did not mind resorting to force.

The next day,following Suxin's instructions,Huang Bingcheng sent people to notify the southern barbarian tribes in the forest about the early purchase of their products.Simultaneously,messengers were dispatched to the Iron Knife Society and the Three Heroes Society,proposing to buy their accumulated goods at a price 20%higher than the market value.

Upon receiving the message,HèTiān of the Iron Knife Society promptly had his people tally the faction's resources and handed them over to the Flying Eagle Gang.However,he insisted on receiving only the standard market price.He did this not only because of Suxin's previous assistance but also due to the current situation in Changning Prefecture,where forming an alliance with the Flying Eagle Gang was crucial for their survival.

On the other hand,when the Three Heroes Society received the news from the Flying Eagle Gang,Meng Changhe sneered,"Does the Flying Eagle Gang want to buy our hoarded goods?Dream on!"

His complexion was still pale from the injuries inflicted by Gong Qingfeng in the previous turmoil.Although he had been healing for quite some time,he had not fully recovered.

Ning Luojun frowned and said,"Wait a moment.If the Flying Eagle Gang wants to purchase our hoarded goods and is willing to pay 20%more than the market price,could there be some hidden agenda?"

Meng Changhe sneered,"Even if there is,we can just refuse.There's no need to overthink this."

Duan Xiao nodded in agreement,saying,"Now that Suxin has left,that kid Li Huai can't cause much trouble."

Since the previous upheaval,Changning Prefecture had undergone a significant reshuffle,with the Divine Wind Society collapsing,HèTiān of the Iron Knife Society severely injured,and Suxin leaving Changning Prefecture after offending the Qingcheng Sword Sect.

After this series of events,Ning Luojun discovered that,aside from the Blood Cloth Hall,which had always kept a low profile,the Three Heroes Society,surprisingly,suffered the least losses in all of Changning Prefecture.Only Meng Changhe was injured.

If it weren't for the timely alliance between the Flying Eagle Gang and the Iron Knife Society,they could have dominated the entire Changning Prefecture long ago.Meng Changhe sneered,"Break the legs of the messenger and throw him out!Daring to play tricks with us is simply seeking death!"

Ning Luojun frowned slightly.Although such actions seemed petty,he didn't say much.Meng Changhe harbored resentment due to the death of his son at the hands of Suxin,who had now escaped,leaving him without a chance for revenge.

Inside the Flying Eagle Gang,Huang Bingcheng learned about the actions of the Three Heroes Society and angrily exclaimed,"They're going too far!"Since the Three Heroes Society refused to give face,the only option was to bring in their leader.

Huang Bingcheng called a trusted member,gave him a note,and instructed him to take it to the inn.Upon receiving the message,Suxin coldly smiled.If the Three Heroes Society wanted trouble,it was their own fault.Initially,Suxin didn't want to take action in Changning Prefecture due to the deep enmity with the Three Heroes Society.But now,with them provoking trouble,Suxin had no choice but to intervene.

If necessary,he could eliminate them and have the Flying Eagle Gang,along with the Iron Knife Society,jointly seize and divide the Three Heroes Society,eliminating all evidence.Late at night,Meng Changhe and the other two had not rested yet.Instead,they were discussing the future plans of the Three Heroes Society in the meeting hall.

Today's events made them realize the necessity of dealing with the Flying Eagle Gang and the Iron Knife Society as soon as possible.Once they became the dominant force in Changning Prefecture,all resources would be under their control.

During trades with outside merchants,they could ignore Suxin's set prices and set their own exorbitant rates,ensuring substantial profits.Currently,both the Flying Eagle Gang and the Iron Knife Society were at their weakest,and if given a chance to recuperate,seizing this opportunity might not come again.

Ning Luojun frowned,"Getting rid of the Flying Eagle Gang and the Iron Knife Society is not impossible,but our losses will be significant.Leaving the Iron Knife Society aside,the Flying Eagle Gang has the foundation laid down by Suxin.Even without him,they won't be easy to deal with.If we forcefully attack,it might result in considerable damage to ourselves."

Meng Changhe said in a deep voice,"Old Third,you're overly concerned.Yes,attacking these two factions now will cause some harm,but once we become the top gang in Changning Prefecture,will the Blood Cloth Hall care about these minor issues?Our territory and income will increase exponentially.Sacrificing a few lives now will be nothing compared to the gains.After a year or two of recovery,we'll have both people and money,and we can easily make up for the losses."

"Haha,Master Meng is indeed a master.To swallow the entire Changning Prefecture,even if it means sacrificing the entire Three Heroes Society,you wouldn't bat an eye,"a voice suddenly echoed.


Duan Xiao's expression changed instantly,quickly drawing the long sword by his side and standing up.This was their Three Heroes Society's main hall.Yet,someone had infiltrated it openly.If this person hadn't spoken,they might not have noticed.How terrifying must this person's strength be?

At this moment,Meng Changhe turned pale.He couldn't forget this voice;he had wanted to tear this person apart for revenge.But now,seeing the person standing before him,fear dominated his heart.

The three turned their heads simultaneously,seeing Suxin standing at the door in black clothes,hands behind his back,staring at them as if they were already dead.

"Suxin!You dare to come back!"

Meng Changhe shouted,"You killed disciples of the Qingcheng Sword Sect.Now the sect is chasing you all over the world.Your name is even on the blacklist.Aren't you afraid of falling into the hands of the Qingcheng Sword Sect now that you've returned?"

"Hehe,trying to use the Qingcheng Sword Sect to pressure me?"

Suxin's lips curled into a disdainful smile,"So what if I killed disciples of the Qingcheng Sword Sect?I'm still alive and well.Don't forget,not only am I famous on the blacklist,but I also rank among the strong on the People List!"

The faces of Meng Changhe and his companions changed drastically.Suxin was right.He wasn't just infamous on the blacklist;he was also a formidable figure who could kill Innate Realm warriors.If he could kill someone like Fang Dongting at the Innate level,what would stop him from dealing with the three of them?

Moments ago,they were discussing how to eliminate the Flying Eagle Gang,and now,they needed to consider how to escape from Suxin's hands.