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Chapter 213: Remnants of Wu Kingdom

7991words in this chapter2024-01-23

When Jiang Heliu was in Renyizhuang,he remained extremely restrained.He was aware of the sensitivity of his identity,so no matter how Su Xin provoked him,he didn't retaliate.However,when Yue Fang arrived,Jiang Heliu seemed unusually nervous.When Su Xin was about to attack Yue Fang,Jiang Heliu couldn't help but intervene.

It's evident that Yue Fang's identity must be crucial,likely closely related to an important figure within the White Lotus Sect,possibly the 9th ranked"Broken Jade Hand,"Yue Qingping.After Yin Xixue finished speaking,she turned her gaze towards Zhuge Qingtian,implying that it was his turn to speak.

Zhuge Qingtian smiled and said,"Listening to Miss Yin,things are much clearer now.I came here because some people want to cause trouble.Do you happen to know about the Wu Kingdom?"

Both Su Xin and Yin Xixue shook their heads.Being martial artists,their knowledge was limited to the martial world,and they weren't interested in the history of the Central Kingdom.

Zhuge Qingtian explained,"In the past,the powerful Eastern Jin dominated the Central Plains for centuries.However,due to the incompetence of the Eastern Jin emperor,various forces rose,and the realm fell into chaos.The current Da Zhou is just a small and inconspicuous state among the once powerful contenders.Wu Kingdom was one of these small states,rising in the Jiangnan region and expanding its influence over several regions.

Before Wu Kingdom could overthrow the Eastern Jin,Da Zhou emerged from the south and conquered the entire realm,turning the once mighty Eastern Jin into the present-day Eastern Jin.Wu Kingdom was also annexed by Da Zhou.However,remnants of Wu Kingdom still exist,feeling bitter about their downfall.Now,seeing the instability in Da Zhou with the emperor's impending demise and the power struggle among princes,these remnants are planning to create some trouble during the Jiangnan gathering."

Su Xin asked,"How do you know all this?If these Wu remnants are like hidden mice,planning in secret,how come you know their plans?Isn't that a bit of a joke?"

Zhuge Qingtian pointed to himself and said,"It's normal for me to know because these Wu remnants are affiliated with the Zhuge family.You must have heard of our Zhuge family's tradition–we always support the dominant power in each dynasty.When Wu Kingdom was rising,we supported them.Our people even held high positions in the Wu Kingdom's court.However,when Da Zhou became the dominant force,we naturally distanced ourselves from Wu Kingdom.Now,these Wu remnants want to revive their state and are leveraging some secrets about our family to force us to help them.If our family head disagrees,it will be a lose-lose situation."

Yin Xixue expressed surprise,"If you're here,it means your Zhuge family has agreed to help these Wu remnants.But I don't think your family would be so foolish.The current Da Zhou may be weakened,but those who once followed the Da Zhou Emperor in conquering the realm are still alive.It's unrealistic to shake the foundation of Da Zhou now."

Zhuge Qingtian shrugged and said,"We are well aware of that,but our involvement with Wu Kingdom in the past has left us with some embarrassing secrets.If these Wu remnants reveal them,it could ruin our family's reputation.So,even if it's not in our best interest,our family head might agree to avoid potential disgrace."

Having revealed that his family committed deeds that could jeopardize the Zhuge family's standing,Zhuge Qingtian seemed indifferent.Su Xin and Yin Xixue,being familiar with the ways of martial families,didn't find it surprising.Martial families often prioritized their own interests,and immoral actions were not uncommon.

Zhuge Qingtian continued,"Initially,I wondered why these Wu remnants,like hidden mice,stayed in the dark for over a decade and now dare to show themselves.Now,it's clear that the White Lotus Sect must be colluding with them.Two forces emerging simultaneously at this time–I won't believe there's no collaboration between them."

Su Xin nodded,understanding the situation.The fundamental reason was that the remnants of Wu Kingdom,in alliance with the White Lotus Sect,aimed to create chaos during the Jiangnan gathering,with the ultimate target being Da Zhou.

Moreover,they have already taken action.All the secret bases of the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao have been cleared,turning the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao into a blind organization.This is the evidence.

Of course,these things have nothing to do with Su Xin.The matters involved are too extensive,and while there may be some benefits,given Su Xin's current strength,if he wants to get involved,the only result will be death.

One should consider their own capabilities when attempting to seize opportunities.Be satisfied with what one can handle,as excessive greed leads to ruin.

However,with Su Xin's current status,he can gain considerable benefits,and one of them is the reward from the Six Fan Sect.

Combining the information from Yin Xixue and Zhuge Qingtian,Su Xin has roughly understood the ins and outs of the situation.This achievement is not insignificant.

Although there is not much time left before the start of the Jiangnan gathering,it is still better than facing sudden challenges from the White Lotus Sect and the remnants of Wu Kingdom.

Moreover,Su Xin's discoveries go beyond this.He has deduced some other issues from the clues.

Both the Jiangnan Xiao Clan and the local headquarters of the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao are definitely suspicious.

Wu Kingdom rose in Jiangnan,and its remnants have not been completely eradicated for decades.Now,these remnants are targeting the Jiangnan gathering.Su Xin finds it hard to believe that the Xiao Clan hasn't noticed.

The Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao is also under suspicion.It's unlikely that all branches of the Six Fan Sect are useless.The White Lotus Sect and the remnants of Wu Kingdom have been causing such a disturbance in Jiangnan Dao for so long–Su Xin refuses to believe that the local headquarters of the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao are completely unaware.

Moreover,these secret bases in Jiangnan Dao are likely leaked from the headquarters of the Six Fan Sect.Looking at the chief constable Lei Yuan,it seems that the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao is deeply involved with the local sect forces.

While Su Xin doesn't have evidence for these two points,he has documented them and will report them directly.

Since it's speculation,being wrong is inconsequential.If correct,the rewards from the Six Fan Sect won't be meager.

After communicating with Yin Xixue and Zhuge Qingtian,it was already late at night.Both Yin Xixue and Su Xin decided to stay overnight on Zhuge Qingtian's luxurious flower boat.There were several well-appointed guest rooms.

Su Xin stayed up late to write reports for the Six Fan Sect,making two copies.One copy would be submitted to the Six Fan Sect,and the other would be handed over to the military governor of Jiangnan Dao,Gu Donglai.

In theory,Su Xin's actions were somewhat overstepping,as the military and the Six Fan Sect are separate entities.However,firstly,Su Xin had no other means to send the information out except through the military.All the secret bases of the Six Fan Sect had been cleared,and the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan Dao was under suspicion.Secondly,Su Xin believed that the military governor of Jiangnan Dao,Gu Donglai,should have a good relationship with the Six Fan Sect,belonging to the same side.

The reason for this was when he was invited,it was Gu Donglai who had the people from the Six Fan Sect send the invitation.At that time,news of Su Xin joining the Six Fan Sect was kept confidential.Except for Iron Ruthlessness and others,even other members of the Six Fan Sect were unaware of Su Xin's identity.However,Gu Donglai knew that Su Xin was a Wind Chaser constable of the Six Fan Sect.He specifically used the Six Fan Sect's channels to deliver the invitation to Su Xin.The amount of information he obtained was enough to prove that Gu Donglai had a close relationship with the Six Fan Sect.

Zhuge Qingtian and Yin Xixue went back to rest.Zhuge Qingtian was contemplating how to deal with the situation.Although the remnants of Wu Kingdom held the Zhuge family's vulnerabilities,the Zhuge family was unwilling to be manipulated by them.How to resolve this matter was not something Su Xin needed to worry about.

As for Yin Xixue,her plan was simple.Since she had already been exposed,she decided to stay here and wait until the end of the Jiangnan gathering.Regardless of what the White Lotus Sect planned,she would be responsible for disrupting it.

After completing the intelligence report overnight,Su Xin immediately went to the military base of the court in Jiangnan Prefecture.

Gu Donglai was not present,and even with Su Xin's current status,he might not have been able to meet him.Su Xin only used his identity as a Wind Chaser constable to ask a captain of the local garrison to help deliver the report to Gu Donglai.

These garrisons were once the core team of Gu Donglai.They had been fighting alongside Gu Donglai in the northern grasslands against the Golden Tent Khanate for years.Recently,they were transferred to Jiangnan Dao with Gu Donglai.Su Xin wasn't worried that they would be swayed by the White Lotus Sect.