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Chapter 212: Phantom Demon Sect and White Lotus Sect

8230words in this chapter2024-01-23

The seven-star sword on the ground made Yin Xixue very familiar.She exclaimed,"Zhuge Qingtian!What are you doing here?"

A young man in Chinese attire walked in from the alley,wearing a smile."Why can't I be here?"he said.

Su Xin also approached with the Youlong Sword in hand."Oh,I forgot to tell you.Although I noticed two flaws in you,someone reminded me before I went to Renyi Manor.That's why I've been keeping an eye on you all the time.Otherwise,I might not have noticed your two little flaws."

Before Su Xin left Zhuge Qingtian's flower boat,Zhuge Qingtian secretly threw a crumpled paper to him.It had only five words:Iron Yao Flower is fake.

Su Xin had only encountered Zhuge Qingtian once,so he wouldn't easily believe what Zhuge Qingtian said.

Not believing is one thing,but not paying attention is another.Under his careful observation,Yin Xixue still revealed some flaws.

Zhuge Qingtian's arrival annoyed Yin Xixue.The smile on her face disappeared,and she coldly said,"Zhuge Qingtian,there is no feud between my Phantom Demon Sect and your Zhuge family.Why are you here to disrupt my plans?And do you really think you can stop me?"

Zhuge Qingtian's face still carried that faint smile.He moved his right hand,and the seven-star sword immediately returned to his hand,emitting a brilliant starlight.

The power of the Big Dipper was concentrated on Zhuge Qingtian's sword,with one star shining the brightest–the Yao Guang Star,also known as the Breaker of Armies.

The Zhuge family's inherited martial art was called the"Zhou Tian Star Technique."This technique was extremely peculiar,considered both strong and weak.Practitioners didn't rely on their effort and talent but on their destiny.

The first step in practicing the Zhou Tian Star Technique was to comprehend the power of the stars.The star you comprehended became your main star,determining your martial path.

Zhuge Qingtian,with his exceptional talent,comprehended seven main stars,precisely the Big Dipper.

He could harness the power of all seven stars,and the Breaker of Armies had the most formidable attack.When he made a move,the power revealed was no less than Yin Xixue's.

Yin Xixue's expression gradually became serious.Although her ranking on the leaderboard was much higher than Zhuge Qingtian's,rankings didn't always tell the whole story.

People in the martial world knew that Zhuge Qingtian rarely fought.It didn't mean he wasn't good at combat;he just preferred solving problems with his intellect.

Su Xin,holding a sword,walked behind Yin Xixue,surrounded by swirling true energy,ready to strike.

After exchanging a few moves with Su Xin,Yin Xixue left.Although it was just a brief encounter,coupled with her observation of Su Xin's previous actions,she could roughly estimate his strength.Although she could win,it would be a strenuous effort.

Now,with both Su Xin and Zhuge Qingtian blocking her way in the alley,Yin Xixue had no absolute certainty of leaving calmly.

So,her anger disappeared from her face,and she quickly changed her expression,putting on a charming smile.

"Two big men ganging up on a weak girl.Do you have no shame?Won't people in the martial world laugh at you?"Yin Xixue sneered.

Su Xin shook his head."Of course not afraid.I guess those martial world people would applaud."

Zhuge Qingtian's face still carried a faint smile."Miss Yin,don't falsely accuse.I haven't made a move yet."

Although Zhuge Qingtian claimed not to have made a move,he never let go of the seven-star sword.He remained vigilant,expecting Yin Xixue to suddenly attack.

Yin Xixue coldly snorted,"Fine,I admit defeat this time.What do you want?"

Zhuge Qingtian didn't speak.Su Xin turned his head towards Zhuge Qingtian."And you,Brother Zhuge,you've hidden quite a few things from me."

Zhuge Qingtian smiled but didn't deny it.Since the information Zhuge Qingtian passed to Su Xin,Su Xin had suspicions.Zhuge Qingtian must also know something.

They had no close relationship,and their connection with Wang Shifeng was minimal.Moreover,their identities in the court were different–Zhuge Qingtian being military and Su Xin being from Liu Shan Men.Therefore,Su Xin didn't believe that Zhuge Qingtian kindly reminded him about the Iron Yao Flower's authenticity.Zhuge Qingtian had deliberately helped block Yin Xixue here.

Yin Xixue snorted,indicating her agreement.Zhuge Qingtian then smiled and said,"This isn't the place to talk.Let's go to my place first."

The three of them arrived on Zhuge Qingtian's luxurious flower boat.Jin'er had prepared tea for them and quietly retreated.

Su Xin spread his hands and said,"Who wants to go first?I know the least,so I'm just here to listen."

Yin Xixue gave Zhuge Qingtian a glance and said,"I'll go first.Actually,I don't know much.I came here mainly to disrupt the plans of the White Lotus Sect.You both should be aware of the grudges between my Phantom Demon Sect and the White Lotus Sect."

Su Xin and Zhuge Qingtian nodded.Such significant matters were well-known to them.

In the martial world,the righteous sects and martial clans were not on good terms,let alone the demonic sects.There were several mortal enemies among the demonic sects,and one such enmity was between the White Lotus Sect and the Phantom Demon Sect.

Thousands of years ago,the Phantom Demon Sect and the White Lotus Sect were actually one.

However,a powerful lunatic emerged in the Phantom Demon Sect.

This lunatic was once the saintess of the Phantom Demon Sect,exceptionally talented,almost designated as the next sect master.However,she faked her death,used illusions to enter the Shaolin Temple,stole Buddhist scriptures,and deceived a disciple of the Taiyi Sect,obtaining the secret book"Taiyi Returning to the Origin Great Dao."

She changed her identity multiple times,stirring up trouble in the Central Plains martial world.She even didn't spare other demonic sects.Eventually,she combined the secret treasures of Dao,Buddha,and Demon,creating a formidable technique called the"White Lotus Descent to the World,Salvation and Resolution True Solution."

She self-proclaimed herself as the'Mother of Emptiness'and wreaked havoc in the martial world.This led to a joint effort by all the top forces in the martial world to expel her.

This was the only time that the righteous and demonic paths joined forces against a common enemy,ultimately killing the Mother of Emptiness.

However,the Phantom Demon Sect suffered greatly in that battle.

Although they expelled the Mother of Emptiness in time,the martial world's united attack,even if it just grazed them,was enough to seriously harm the Phantom Demon Sect.It took them over a decade to recover.

The situation got worse for them.

Even though they killed the Mother of Emptiness,they didn't know what means she used.She retained a trace of true spirit hidden in a broken white lotus,obtained by a disciple of the Phantom Demon Sect.This disciple,not a lunatic like the Mother of Emptiness,secretly cultivated the"White Lotus Descent to the World,Salvation and Resolution True Solution,"using its mesmerizing abilities to influence followers within the Phantom Demon Sect.

When the Phantom Demon Sect discovered her plot,it was already too late.This disciple,known as the'White Lotus Saintess,'led her bewitched followers to leave the Phantom Demon Sect and established a new sect called the White Lotus Sect.

The White Lotus Sect operated covertly,and even when the martial world attempted to eradicate them,they could never be completely eliminated.Every time there was turmoil in the Central Plains or a change in the ruling dynasty,disciples of the White Lotus Sect would emerge and cause chaos.

The Phantom Demon Sect,on the other hand,suffered a tragic fate.Just as they managed to heal from the previous battle,they fell victim to the schemes of the White Lotus Saintess.This resulted in a significant loss of disciples,reducing the Phantom Demon Sect to an ordinary demonic sect.

Fortunately,with the deep heritage of the Phantom Demon Sect and the efforts of successive sect masters over hundreds of years,they eventually regained their position among the demonic sects.Nevertheless,they now harbored an undying hatred for the White Lotus Sect.

It was rumored that the first rule in the sect's code was:Encounter a disciple of the White Lotus Sect,kill without mercy!

Both Su Xin and Zhuge Qingtian were aware of this history,and Yin Xixue continued,"Recently,my Phantom Demon Sect received information that members of the White Lotus Sect seem to be planning something in Jiangnan.Coincidentally,Liu Shan Men's secret base in Jiangnan has also encountered trouble.So,I suspect there might be some White Lotus Sect involvement.Regardless of what the White Lotus Sect wants to do,my role is to disrupt their plans.After the incident at Renyi Manor,I was already able to confirm that Jiang Heliu is definitely associated with the White Lotus Sect.With their secretive nature and their ability to bewitch people,whether Jiang Heliu joined the White Lotus Sect halfway or was always part of it,Renyi Manor is undoubtedly linked to the White Lotus Sect."

Su Xin smirked,"So when we were at Renyi Manor,you bewitched me to continue investigating,causing a commotion and exposing Jiang Heliu's identity.Now,by killing Yue Fang,you're trying to lure the White Lotus Sect to make a move,right?"

Su Xin had suspicions about Yue Fang's identity.He or his elder brother,Yue Qingping,were definitely not ordinary wandering martial artists.