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Chapter 199: Retaliation

8724words in this chapter2024-01-14

Wang Shifeng was left speechless by Su Xin's rejection,while Su Xin raised the wine pot and waved his hand,saying,"Brother Wang,if you have nothing else,I'll be on my way."

Wang Shifeng could only smile bitterly,arching his hand,"Alright then,Brother Su,until we meet again."

Watching Su Xin's departing figure,Wang Shifeng couldn't help but feel that Su Xin wasn't as cunning and ruthless as the rumors among the martial arts community suggested.It seemed his actions were just a bit extreme.

Although Wang Shifeng didn't agree with what Su Xin said,he couldn't find a good reason to refute him.

After bidding farewell to Wang Shifeng,Su Xin returned to his residence.Despite having taken a life today,he still didn't feel completely at ease.The great opportunity for a breakthrough was disrupted by those two idiots.If Su Xin were truly proficient in the Lingchi technique,he would make those two regret being alive.This statement was not a joke.

As Su Xin was already asleep,in the Drunken Phoenix Tower,the largest brothel in Jiangnan Mansion,'Wu Investigator Flower'Li Chenfeng was drinking alone.The charming courtesans beside him were all pushed aside.

These days,Li Chenfeng felt the bitterness of human nature.Just because he was defeated by Su Xin once,many people claimed he was unworthy of his ranking.His position as the twenty-second on the ranking list was indeed manipulated,and Su Xin easily trampled him down.

Some wandering martial artists,like flies,swarmed in to challenge him,thinking that if Su Xin couldn't beat him,they could.Though Li Chenfeng understood the need to maintain his family's reputation and his own,he didn't want to follow Su Xin's path of openly killing challengers.

However,these annoying challengers irritated him.In a fit of anger,Li Chenfeng seriously injured one of them,only to be criticized for having a narrow-minded temperament.

At that time,Li Chenfeng wished he were Su Xin,just going on a killing spree without caring about consequences.Thankfully,he restrained himself and ended up drinking alone that night.But deep inside,he harbored intense hatred towards Su Xin,blaming him for everything.If Su Xin hadn't knocked him down a rank on the ranking list,none of this would have happened.

Though he knew this mindset was extreme,Li Chenfeng couldn't control the growing resentment.The more he thought about it,the more he hated Su Xin.

While he was gritting his teeth in frustration,a voice suddenly sounded,"Brother Li,why are you drinking alone here?That's not like you."

Li Chenfeng raised his head to see a Daoist in his thirties,handsome and elegant."Brother Hu?Why are you here?"Li Chenfeng asked in surprise.

This Daoist was none other than Hu Jingyan,also known as'Shadow Stream Dao Sword.'He was a disciple of the Qingcheng Sword Sect and had once held the eighteenth position on the ranking list.However,due to his age,he dropped out of the list a few years ago.

Hu Jingyan had been cultivating in the Qingcheng Sword Sect recently,rarely seen in the martial arts world.Li Chenfeng recognized him because before joining the Qingcheng Sword Sect,Hu Jingyan was from the Hu family in Longxi,just like Li Chenfeng.

Hu Jingyan didn't stand on ceremony.He directly sat down in front of Li Chenfeng,poured himself a cup of wine,and drank contentedly.Then he said,"I was doing well in seclusion at Qingcheng Sword Sect.However,you know,our generation in the Qingcheng Sword Sect lacks notable disciples.But the invitation from Jiangnan Club has arrived,so the sect leader had no choice but to call me out to participate in this Jiangnan Club event."

Li Chenfeng nodded,but his expression darkened as he thought of Su Xin.In this generation of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,although there were no outstanding figures,at least there was Fang Dongting who had entered the ranking list.However,two years ago,Su Xin killed Fang Dongting,leading to Hu Jingyan being sent down from the mountain.This small matter was once again linked to Su Xin,making Li Chenfeng extremely unhappy.

Seeing Li Chenfeng's troubled expression,Hu Jingyan couldn't help but smile,"Brother Li,in the past,you were known as the top figure among the young generation in Longxi.You competed with the young nobles of the Great Zhou Dynasty and,although you lost,you earned the title of the top scholar.But now,you seem to have lost your spirit.If there's anything bothering you,just tell me.Don't keep it inside;otherwise,it will only become more unbearable."

Having known each other since childhood,Li Chenfeng didn't hide anything.He recounted the whole incident to Hu Jingyan in detail.

However,after listening to the story,Hu Jingyan shook his head,"Brother Li,you've been too reckless this time."

The battle for the ranking list is not as simple as you might imagine.It's a delicate situation where a small move can have a significant impact.Losing means stepping down,and the winner takes the position.

Therefore,every strong contender on the ranking list practices tirelessly,not just to climb higher but at least to maintain their current position.If you aspire to challenge higher positions,you must be cautious and then even more cautious.As the saying goes,knowing oneself and the enemy ensures a hundred victories without danger.Charging into a challenge without even knowing the detailed information about your opponent is reckless.It's only natural to lose in such a case."

Li Chenfeng felt a bit embarrassed by Hu Jingyan's words.He hadn't considered all these aspects at the time.As soon as he saw Su Xin,who had pushed him down the ranking list,he immediately challenged him without much thought.Now,looking back,he realized he had been too impulsive.

But Li Chenfeng lacked experience in this regard.His ascent to the ranking list was a sudden and rapid process.Back in his days with the Li family,he focused solely on cultivation.It was only last year,during the martial arts competition,that he participated and made a name for himself,securing the position of the second rank on the ranking list.This sudden rise made others in the martial arts world,especially those who didn't acknowledge him,feel uneasy.

For a nameless individual to suddenly jump onto the ranking list without any prior recognition felt awkward to everyone.After the martial arts competition,Li Chenfeng had to prepare for the breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage and hadn't interacted or sparred with other ranking list warriors.Therefore,he didn't have a deep understanding of the ranking list,especially someone like Hu Jingyan,a'senior'who had been on the list for more than ten years.

Unable to bear it,Li Chenfeng asked,"Brother Hu,what should I do now?I can't swallow this humiliation!"

Hu Jingyan pondered for a moment and said,"Seeking revenge is,of course,simple,Brother Li.I'll be straightforward with you.Facing Su Xin,do you have any confidence in defeating him?"

Li Chenfeng wanted to say yes,but in the end,he could only shake his head,"No."Although he didn't want to admit it,Su Xin's strength exceeded his imagination.Even with all his abilities,he couldn't surpass the opponent.

"But Brother Hu,I may not have it,but you do.In the past,you were the eighteenth on the ranking list,the'Shadow Stream Dao Sword,'with countless variations and unpredictable tricks.Now you're at the peak of the Divine Palace Realm,right?Can't you defeat Su Xin?"Li Chenfeng asked with a hopeful expression.

Hu Jingyan shook his head,"Su Xin killed a disciple of my Qingcheng Sword Sect,creating enmity between us.I want to settle the score with him,but not in the context of the Jiangnan Club.Here,we represent the forces behind us.This is a gathering of the young generation in the martial arts world.If I openly make a move,it will be seen as suppressing the younger generation.This will have an impact on both me and the reputation of the Qingcheng Sword Sect."

"Does that mean we can't deal with Su Xin?"Li Chenfeng still felt unwilling.

Hu Jingyan's eyes lit up,and he whispered,"There is a way.I can't openly attack him,but if there's an excuse that allows me to act openly and even receive praise from other martial artists without causing criticism,then I can proceed without any reservations."

"How do we find such an excuse?"Li Chenfeng asked.

Hu Jingyan smirked,"Su Xin killed a wandering martial artist who challenged him a few days ago.We can use that as a starting point.These guys may be annoying,but they can be useful in situations like this."

Hu Jingyan then pulled Li Chenfeng aside and whispered a few words into his ear.Li Chenfeng suddenly enlightened and gave Hu Jingyan a thumbs-up.

After they finished their drinks,Hu Jingyan left directly,but Li Chenfeng headed towards the inn where the wandering martial artists were staying.

To be honest,Li Chenfeng didn't think highly of these wandering martial artists.In his eyes,they were like disgusting flies.Wandering martial artists in the martial arts world generally fell into two categories.Some were talented and powerful but chose to remain free,avoiding joining any martial arts factions.The second type had mediocre strength,and major martial arts factions didn't bother recruiting them.These individuals had to fend for themselves in the martial arts world.

Most of these wandering martial artists would honestly strive in the martial arts world.However,a small percentage,like Liu Tianyuan,who was killed by Su Xin,would pop up during events like the Jiangnan Club.They aimed to challenge a ranking list warrior,gain some recognition,and then deceive locals in a small area,becoming a guest elder for a minor sect or family.

These flies were the most detestable to Li Chenfeng.If they dared to act so arrogantly at any other time,he would surely end them with a single strike.However,at a crucial event like the Jiangnan Club,with numerous eyes watching,he couldn't afford to do anything too outrageous to avoid criticism.Only someone like Su Xin,who didn't care about his reputation,dared to kill Liu Tianyuan,ensuring that no one else dared to disturb him.