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Chapter 132: Return Journey

7652words in this chapter2024-01-07

In the face of Su Xin and others,Meng Changhe had no intention of resistance.They turned around and ran towards the inner hall.

Su Xin remained calm,pointing out with a sudden realization,"Spring startles the insects,like a thunderous charge!"

Even though there was a distance of several feet,the overwhelming force of his pointed energy crushed towards them.

Duan Xiao raised his sword to defend,but the powerful pointed energy pierced directly through his chest,causing him to fall on the spot.

Meng Changhe,still recovering from previous injuries,didn't even have a chance to use his powerful martial arts technique and was killed with a single finger.

The only one who escaped Su Xin's shocking finger was Ning Luojun.His agility allowed him to narrowly avoid the violent pointed energy.However,before he could catch his breath,a sharp blade had already cut across his throat,and Ning Luojun fell with a look of unwillingness.

Su Xin shrugged,took out a bottle of oil from his pocket,and poured it on the bodies of the three.He then lit a match,setting them ablaze.

Murder and arson,erasing all traces.Although this tactic had become somewhat cliché,it was still practical.

Wearing a mask,Su Xin disappeared back into the darkness.Huang Bingcheng and others,who were already prepared,saw the flames from the direction of San Ying Hui and immediately mobilized.Overnight,San Ying Hui was annihilated.

The next morning,Su Xin stretched lazily as he walked out of his guest room,coincidentally meeting Yan Qingsnow.

"Young Master Meng,rested for two days,shall we go and purchase the specialties of the Nanman?"Yan Qingsnow asked.

A slight smile appeared on Su Xin's lips."No need to hurry.I've already taken care of it.Someone will contact us soon."

Yan Qingsnow tilted her head,looking at Su Xin.Young Master Meng clearly hadn't left his room,when did he manage to handle everything?Since arriving at Changning Mansion,he had become somewhat mysterious.However,trusting Su Xin,Yan Qingsnow didn't inquire further;she just urged him to go downstairs for breakfast.

During breakfast,Hong Lietao,holding a bun in one hand,chuckled,"Did you all hear the commotion last night?Two small factions in Changning Mansion had a massive battle,involving over ten thousand people.It was quite a bloody scene,rarely seen."

Nie Fang curiously asked,"With such a disturbance,shouldn't the authorities do something about it?"

Tao Qian interjected,"You guys are just being amazed.The more powerful the factions,the fiercer the conflicts.Such things are normal not only in Changning Mansion but also in several provincial capitals on the southern edge.As for the imperial court,its influence in this southern region is weaker than that of the martial sects.As long as they don't cause too much trouble,the court won't interfere."

Although Nie Fang and Hong Lietao were wandering cultivators before,they hadn't mixed with the chaotic environment of small southern cities like Changning Mansion.Most of their time was spent in well-regulated large cities like Shangshan City.

As they discussed,Lao Liang sighed,"Those two small factions can fight all they want;I just hope it won't affect our purchases."

Listening to their gossip,Su Xin remained silent.When they were almost done eating,Fang Hao suddenly walked in and said,"A person claiming to be the leader of the Feiying Gang suddenly requested an audience,saying he was sent by Young Master Meng."

All eyes turned to Su Xin.They were just discussing the two factions,and now Su Xin had already made contact with them.

Old Liang was surprised,"Young Master Meng,why did you bring them here?"

Su Xin replied indifferently,"We are not familiar with Changning Mansion.Even if we disband our men,how much can we acquire?The Feiying Gang is the local power here.Asking for their help can save us a lot of trouble."

Everyone nodded in understanding.Indeed,Young Master Meng was considerate.

Fang Hao called Huang Bingcheng,who came in promptly.Smiling at everyone,he said,"Elders of Shangshan City,Young Master Meng has already discussed the trade with us.Now,all the specialties of the Nanman in Changning Mansion are gathered in our Feiying Gang.We've also sent people to notify the various tribes in the Nanman Jungle to sell their goods.In about three days,we'll be ready,and you can send people to load the goods."

Everyone was surprised at the efficiency of the Feiying Gang.Old Liang coughed and said,"Mr.Huang,let's talk about the price first.Why is your gang being so helpful?It almost seems like you're giving away the goods to those southern barbarians."

Huang Bingcheng chuckled,"Prices are negotiable.Here's the price list;take a look."

Handing over a rolled-up list,everyone was taken aback after reading it.Old Liang looked at Huang Bingcheng in confusion,"Master Huang,if we trade at these prices,your Feiying Gang will almost be at a loss,earning almost nothing.It's almost like you're offering the southern barbarians the purchase price."

Huang Bingcheng smiled,"Young Master Meng,as a renowned figure,personally asking for our help is giving face to our Feiying Gang.If we don't step forward,it would be disrespectful.The annual income is not a big deal;consider it a gift from our Feiying Gang to Young Master Meng."

Hearing Huang Bingcheng's explanation,Lao Liang's suspicion eased a bit.After all,Young Master Meng's reputation as a formidable figure carried weight,and it was not uncommon for small factions to try to please him.

Before finalizing the deal,Lao Liang carefully inspected the goods and,satisfied with their quality,allowed them to proceed with loading.In three days,all the goods were loaded,and the transaction concluded smoothly.After calculating the silver,they found out that they had spent less than half of one million taels,leaving Lao Liang extremely pleased.

Originally,selling goods from the southern regions to the Central Plains was a lucrative business,and with the purchase prices they secured,it was practically a steal.If they followed Young Master Meng's advice to monopolize and stockpile,the profits from selling these goods could reach an astonishing figure.

Before leaving Changning Mansion,Su Xin also gifted a bottle of elixir to Li Huai.Yanshanshui had provided him with ten bottles of two-and-a-half-star elixirs,enough for half a year.Giving one more bottle to Li Huai was not a big deal.

Once again on the road,Lao Liang gathered Su Xin and others.With a serious expression,he said,"Young Master Meng,the journey to Changning Mansion was smooth,but the return to Shangshan City won't be as easy.We will likely encounter bandits on the way."

Su Xin inquired,"Are these bandits a significant threat?"

Lao Liang nodded,"Exactly.These bandits are audacious.They don't hesitate to attack even the government's caravans.Almost every merchant convoy passing through is extorted.In general,we have to pay anywhere from a few thousand to over ten thousand taels each time we encounter a bandit attack.It's a toll we must pay.Usually,once they get the money,they retreat.However,there might be some crazy ones who might attack us for the valuable cargo.So,we should be cautious."

Su Xin and his team nodded in agreement.Carrying over a hundred carts of goods,caution was indeed necessary.

Meanwhile,in a lavishly decorated cave in the Xiangnan Dense Forest,emptied and refurbished,seven leaders of a major bandit stronghold gathered to discuss whether they should attack Yanshanshui's convoy.

Having a wide network of contacts,Yanshanshui might not recognize these bandits,but many people he knew had dealt with them.When they heard Yanshanshui's offer of five million taels per faction,the bandits were tempted.

However,one burly man with a shaved head and a fierce demeanor expressed some hesitation,"Boss Dao,this time we're not targeting ordinary merchants.It's the convoy of the Yanshan family from Shangshan City.If we anger Yanshan Jiu,a formidable Yuan Shen realm expert,he might retaliate.None of us would escape."

These bandits,although operating in the Xiangnan Dense Forest,adhered to some rules.They knew who they could rob and who they couldn't.If it was a Central Plains merchant,they would ruthlessly rob them and leave them with nothing.However,if the merchants had strong backing from the Central Plains martial arts world or were escorted by renowned cultivators,they would only demand a hefty ransom without resorting to killing.As for local forces,they rarely dared to touch them.If they infuriated these powerful entities,elite disciples would swarm out,and the bandits wouldn't stand a chance.

Although operating independently in the Xiangnan Dense Forest,these bandits were cautious and knew when to be discreet.The news of targeting Shangshan City's convoy made them hesitate,even if they were a bit arrogant.