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Chapter 268:Seeking Someone at the Door

8915words in this chapter2024-02-02

Although Lu Chen and the others were brought to the Six Fans Gate headquarters in Qingyang Prefecture by Shen Tianyao,they felt that something was not quite right.

Lu Chen couldn't help but hesitate,"Tianyao,should we first ask why Lian Yuehai wanted to assassinate Su Xin?Besides,rushing over in such a hurry may not be useful.What if he's already dead?"

"Shut up!"Shen Tianyao glared at Lu Chen angrily."If you curse Big Brother Lian again,you better leave!"

Seeing the young lady getting angry,everyone fell silent and followed Shen Tianyao to the Six Fans Gate in Qingyang Prefecture to demand the release of Lian Yuehai.

However,the Six Fans Gate in Qingyang Prefecture was already under martial law.The catchers of the Six Fans Gate in Qingyang Prefecture had been replaced by the elite brought by Su Xin and his group.

The fact that someone could assassinate the chief catcher of the Six Fans Gate in Jiangnan Road on the street was quite extraordinary.

Shen Tianyao,leading Lu Chen and others,arrived at the headquarters of the Six Fans Gate in Qingyang Prefecture,but they were stopped at the door.

"This is the sacred territory of the Six Fans Gate.No trespassing is allowed!"The leading catcher rebuked.

Shen Tianyao coldly snorted,"Bring Su Xin out and let him release Big Brother Lian!"

The catcher immediately shouted,"Bold!Do you have the qualifications to call Mister Su by name?"

Although Shen Tianyao and the others had the demeanor of disciples from a prestigious sect,the catcher still didn't take them seriously.

In the past,they wouldn't dare to act like this,but now things were different.

The current Six Fans Gate was not the same as before,where they had to endure humiliation and seek compromise.Even strong cultivators in the Nascent Soul Realm had to be polite to their own superiors.What about the three major forces?If their leader slapped them,they wouldn't even dare to fart.

These four young juniors,who were accustomed to being pampered,were not taken seriously by the catcher.Shen Tianyao's big eyes were filled with anger and grievance.Since childhood,she had been the little princess of the Seven Heroes Society.Who dared to rebuke her so loudly?

When Lu Chen and the others saw Shen Tianyao like this,they exploded.

Zhang Qi directly pointed at the catcher's nose and scolded,"You're the bold one!Dare to be arrogant as a lackey of the court?Quickly let Su Xin come out!"

"You ignorant little brat,seeking death!"

A trace of anger flashed in the catcher's eyes.He directly signaled three other guards stationed at the door to attack Shen Tianyao and the others.

Among these four,only Lu Chen was relatively cautious.He couldn't help but complain about Zhang Qi in his heart.They came to demand someone,not to seize someone.Why did they start a fight?

Of course,he could only blame Zhang Qi.He dared not say that it was because Shen Tianyao came forward aggressively,provoking the catcher.

Although it was four against four,Lu Chen and the others were not at a disadvantage.

Although their combat experience was somewhat lacking,they were all direct disciples of the Seven Heroes Society.Whether it was martial arts or weaponry,they were much stronger than these ordinary catchers.

The commotion at the entrance had already alerted Su Xin and his group.

Su Xin originally thought that the other party was from the Fallen Feather Villa,so he asked for someone.However,he didn't expect to encounter four seemingly inexperienced newcomers.

"Stop it all!"

Su Xin shouted,and the four catchers immediately stopped.However,Lu Chen and the others were still eager to fight.Faced with the catchers who had already stopped,they still wanted to attack.

A cold light flashed in Su Xin's eyes.He pointed his finger three times,and three blood lines shot out,accurately knocking the weapons out of the hands of three people.They shivered and retreated several steps.

Especially Chen Boyu,he had handed over his yellow-ranked weapon to Zhang Bosan.Now,he was only using an ordinary short sword usually used for decoration.It couldn't withstand the power of the Blood River Divine Finger at all.He was directly knocked back,blood flowing continuously,and he screamed in pain.

Lu Chen's expression changed.He pointed at Su Xin and coldly shouted,"Su Xin!What do you mean by this?Attacking people as soon as we arrive!"

Su Xin coldly glanced at him and said,"Didn't I tell you to stop just now?"

"We are not your subordinates.Why should we listen to you?"Zhang Qi couldn't help but interrupt.

Su Xin said coldly,"But my subordinates withdrew after hearing my command.You,on the other hand,continued to attack.If they had been injured just now,do you think you could still stand here unharmed?"

The four catchers felt touched by Su Xin's words.With such a great leader,they felt that they hadn't lost out.

At this moment,Shen Tianyao spoke,"Su Xin,release Big Brother Lian quickly!"

In their hearts,Lu Chen and others thought that what Zhang San said made sense.He said,"Well then,I will tell you about Lian Yuehai's appearance and strength.You better quickly let us know his whereabouts."

Zhang San chuckled,"Hold on,let's talk about the price first.After all,gathering information requires manpower and resources,right?You gentlemen and ladies can't let me make this trip for nothing."

Chen Boyu,among the three,threw out a substantial amount of gold,seemingly about ten taels.He waved his hand generously and said,"Alright,as long as you act quickly,this gold is all yours."

However,looking at the gold,Zhang San showed a hint of disdain,"Do you all think of me,Zhang,as a beggar?I,Zhang,have the strength of the mid-stage innate,and being a retainer for any small family pays more than this every month.Now,working hard to sell information,is it worth only this gold?"

Chen Boyu discontentedly said,"Then what do you want?"

Zhang San chuckled,"We in the martial world naturally want supplies for martial cultivation.Spiritual elixirs are acceptable,rare treasures are also fine,and precious armor and weapons are even more desirable.Do you have any of these?"

The four looked at each other,all stunned.Their fathers were high-ranking members of the Seven Heroes Society,and they were not lacking in such items.However,secretly following Shen Tianyao to Jiangnan Road,they were not cultivation enthusiasts,and with limited experience in the martial world,they hadn't brought any elixirs or top-notch healing medicines.

Seeing their expressions,Zhang San sneered,"Gentlemen,don't blame me for not reminding you.The information I provide is genuine and valuable,but it comes with a clear price tag.I don't do credit.If you can't come up with something useful,I won't give you any information."

Shen Tianyao gritted her teeth,"Chen Boyu,take out your sword!"

Chen Boyu's face changed immediately and said hurriedly,"No,this is a reward my father gave me when I advanced to the Innate Realm.It's a yellow-grade weapon.How can I use it to exchange for information?"

Even if Chen Boyu was naive,he knew the value of a yellow-grade weapon.Although his father was a high-ranking member of the Seven Heroes Society and had more than one yellow-grade weapon,if he actually used one to exchange for information,even if his father didn't kill him,he would be severely punished.

Shen Tianyao coldly snorted,"I'm asking you whether you will give it or not!If you won't,leave my sight now.I don't want to see you again!"

Chen Boyu struggled for a while,but in the end,he bit his teeth and took out his own sword,handing it to Zhang San with a fierce look,"If your information is wrong,I will definitely not spare you!"

Zhang San quickly took the sword and inspected it.A chilly and icy breath emanated from the sword,and there were two small characters on the hilt:"Chen Shuang."

He was delighted.It was genuine.Exchanging a piece of information for a yellow-grade weapon,Zhang San felt like he had hit the jackpot.

Putting away the sword,Zhang San said seriously,"Gentlemen,rest assured.You can inquire around.When has my information ever been wrong?If there's even a slight mistake,I'll return tenfold!"

With that,Zhang San took out paper and pen from his sleeve,wrote down the details of Lian Yuehai's strength and appearance as they described,and placed it in a small tube.From another sleeve,he took out a lively pigeon,attached the tube to its leg,and released it.

The entire process was as smooth as flowing clouds and water,exceptionally skilled.Shen Tianyao and the others,who were newcomers to the martial world,stared at Zhang San's sleeves,speculating about what else might be hidden there.

In less than a moment,the pigeon returned.Zhang San confidently took the information it brought back,but as soon as he glanced at it,his expression changed.He hastily tried to tear the paper apart.

However,Lu Chen,quick-witted,snatched the paper away relying on his strength in the innate realm.He coldly said,"What do you mean?We paid for this information,and it's ours.Do you want to conceal something?"

He lowered his head to read the contents of the paper,and his expression also changed.

Shen Tianyao,seeing his reaction,anxiously asked,"Speak quickly!What does the information say?"

After hesitating for a moment,Lu Chen said,"It says that a man resembling Lian Yuehai openly assassinated Su Xin,the chief constable of Jiangnan Road,and was severely injured by Su Xin before being brought back to Qingyang Mansion's Six Gates for interrogation."

"What!Big Brother Su is injured?"Shen Tianyao's face instantly showed anxiety.She grabbed Lu Chen and the others and rushed away.

Behind them,Zhang San was stomping his feet in anxiety,"It's over,it's over.I thought I could make a fortune from a few inexperienced fat sheep,but instead,I've stirred up such a fierce character.I've really suffered a big loss!"

Zhang San dealt in information on Jiangnan Road,so how could he not know Su Xin's current power?He dared to take action against Lu Chen and the others because he was the local big shot and had someone backing him up.If he got into trouble,he could hide.But when it involved Su Xin,who was right here in Jiangnan Road,how could he hide?

Although he didn't know if Su Xin would find out about today's events,Zhang San decided to leave Jiangnan Road first to avoid any trouble.Stability was the priority.